Fitted Sheets For Baby Cribs

Sleeping babies are so cute, but the tiny crib sheets we can buy for them are anything but cute. Enter: Our Plush Fitted Sheets for Baby Cribs. These fitted sheets banish those awkward wrinkles and are made from super soft, cozy bamboo fabric. They fit over most standard size crib mattresses, and they’re machine washable. There is nothing more precious than your baby resting peacefully in their crib. That is, until you nestle them into our Plush Fitted Sheets.

A safe sleep environment can feel like a bare sleep environment. Bumpers, blankets, pillows and quilts are all off-limits in baby’s crib. That leaves just the crib sheet, which should be tightly fitted to avoid loose fabric. And with only one safe decor element to work with, it’s no wonder parents and parents-to-be make a point of finding the cutest baby crib sheets around. If you’re torn between a set that’s stylish and ensuring baby is comfortable, we have you covered. These are the best crib sheets when it comes to style, softness and baby-friendly materials.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need?

When shopping for the best baby crib sheets, you’ll find that there are many cute, cozy options to choose from. With that in mind, it can be difficult to know what’s best for you and baby. You’re probably asking yourself: How many crib sheets do I need? For starters, we recommend that parents and parents-to-be have at least four fitted crib sheets on hand. This way, you can have one cozy crib sheet fit snugly on the crib mattress, one in the wash and two fresh ones tucked away in the closet as backups—chances are, you’ll be changing them pretty often. If you’re already a parent to a little one, are expecting multiples or simply like to be prepared, you may find that having a larger selection of baby crib sheets works best for you. Then comes the hard part—deciding which type of crib sheet will meet your nursery needs and preferences. Muslin crib sheets, flannel crib sheets and bamboo crib sheets are just a few options to consider—not to mention the whimsical illustrations, modern designs and even personalized prints they can be embellished with. Having a hard time narrowing down your crib sheet wishlist? Luckily, we’ve created a roundup of the best baby crib sheets on the market. This way, you can rest assured knowing baby is sleeping snuggly and safely—even if they may not be snoozing soundly.

Best Crib Sheets to Shop

Image: Burt’s Bees Baby

Best Crib Sheets Overall

Have your heart set on super-soft, hypoallergenic bedding for baby’s nursery that can endure many washes? Then these organic cotton crib sheets by Burt’s Bees Baby will be a dream come true. Made from organic cotton, the jersey-knit crib sheets have been thoughtfully created with restful slumber in mind. What’s more, we love the sweet sleepy sheep print on these baby crib sheets. If it doesn’t catch your eye, that’s no problem—graceful swanswatercolor lunar phases and timeless stripes are just a few of the other patterns available.

Image: Nestig

Best Mini Crib Sheets

If you’re working with limited space at home, a mini crib could be ideal. Once you’ve set the bed up, you’ll need the best mini crib sheets to top it off. This pack of two fitted crib sheets consists of a striped option and a solid white crib sheet, making them perfect for parents who love classic styles. With ocean-inspired printsboho-chic illustrations and simple solids available, Nestig’s organic crib sheets will help you achieve your desired nursery aesthetic with ease. Better yet, the jersey crib sheets are made with GOTS-certified cotton, so they’ll feel extra soft against baby’s skin—swoon.

Image: Aden + Anais

Best Muslin Crib Sheets

You know those super-soft, ultra-breathable muslin swaddles you were probably gifted at your baby shower? They come in crib-sheet form too—and the prints are equally as cute. Comfortable and secure, these muslin crib sheets have been carefully tailored to ensure that they snugly fit your little one’s mattress.

Image: buybuyBABY

Best Flannel Crib Sheets

On the hunt for cozy, warm bedding for baby? These flannel crib sheets are sure to check all of the boxes on your list. The gray-and-white color palette makes it a versatile, cute addition to any nursery. And if baby spits up on these crib sheets? No problem—the flannel crib sheets are machine-washable.

Image: Kyte Baby

Best Bamboo Crib Sheets

These bamboo crib sheets can be counted on to create a luxuriously soft sleep environment for your little one. The bedding’s gentle fabric is made from bamboo-rayon and comes in an array of tranquil colors, allowing you to curate a serene nursery aesthetic that’s sure to soothe baby and you. We can see why this parent-approved pick has more than 800 five-star reviews.

Image: Caden Lane

Best Personalized Crib Sheets

Turn baby’s nursery into a customized paradise with these personalized crib sheets. Thoughtfully designed with sensitive skin in mind, the personalized crib sheets are made from super-soft jersey-knit fabric. Add baby’s first—and even their middle and last—name for an adorably bespoke crib sheet that’s sure to spark joy. What’s more, this Instagram-worthy bedding creates an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for sweet photos.

Image: The Tot

Best Organic Crib Sheets

You can feel good about everything going into this crib sheet, from the 100 percent organic cotton to the handmade mother-and-baby animal-screen printing. And that ultra-soft knit feels pretty amazing to the touch too—what’s not to love? When this organic crib sheet gets a little messy, just toss it in the washing machine and then the dryer; it’ll be ready for sweet dreams again in no time.


Best Silk Crib Sheets

Silk crib sheets will add a touch of luxury to any nursery. Breathable, smooth and comfortable, this baby bedding has it all—not to mention its visual appeal. Better yet, silk crib sheets are known to help with baby hair loss. If your little one tends to wake up with a tangled bed head or a growing bald spot, then these crib sheets offer a soft potential solution.

Image: Newton Baby

Best Breathable Crib Sheets

Next up on our list of the best crib sheets? Breathable crib sheets from Newton Baby. If you’re searching for breathable crib sheets that will keep baby cool and comfy throughout the night, look no further than this organic cotton set. Plus, these crib sheets come in a convenient pack of two, so you’ll always have an extra on hand when one is inevitably in the wash.

Image: Target

Best Cotton Crib Sheets

Cotton crib sheets are a classic for a reason. Soft, durable and versatile, the material offers all the qualities that are paramount in the best crib sheet. Thanks to its elasticated band, this fitted crib sheet will stay snug as baby slumbers. Not a fan of florals? Check out these cute dino-printed cotton crib sheets.

Image: Pottery Barn Kids

Best Fleece Crib Sheets

Baby’s delicate skin deserves the best crib sheets, and this snuggly option from Pottery Barn Kids fits the bill. The plush crib sheets are made from recycled chamois, a material that’s heavier than flannel, so the bedding will maintain its shape and softness no matter how many times it goes in the wash. Since baby can’t be tucked into a cozy blanket on colder nights, this warm fitted crib sheet offers a safe alternative. These fleece crib sheets are so dreamy, you’ll wish you had them for your own bed.

Image: Amazon

Best Waterproof Crib Sheets

Does baby often leak through their diaper onto the crib sheets? Then these waterproof crib sheets have got you—and your crib mattress—covered. The eco-friendly option is made from high-quality, jersey-knit cotton and doubles as a mattress protector—score! And if an accident happens, no worries; these waterproof crib sheets can be popped into the washing machine. Just reach for the other fitted crib sheet in this pack for a cozy bed again in the blink of an eye.

How To Make A Fitted Baby Crib Sheet

DIY crib sheets are so quick and easy to make! Even if you’re a beginner, this fun sewing project is surely not beyond your skills. So, how to make a crib sheet? For instance, how much elastic for a fitted crib sheet? What is the best fabric for crib sheets? How many sets of crib sheets do you need? What is the size of a crib sheet? You’re going to find all the answers in this free sewing tutorial.

This is a super easy DIY project, perfect for beginners. The funny thing is that the most time-consuming part of this sewing project is feeding the elastic through the casing. 

how to make a fitted crib sheet for baby

Make your baby crib sheet in a beautiful fabric to complete the nursery of your dreams – there are so many prints and patterns to choose from! DIY crib sheets also make a great baby shower gift.

Or maybe you can turn some old sheets into crib sheets to save money.

Either way, why settle for the crib sheets they have in stores when you can have something better?

This tutorial will show how easy it is to make your own.

DIY crib sheet tutorial

How much fabric do you need for a crib sheet?

Standard size for a crib mattress is 51 5/8 inches long by 27 1/4 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches thick. In addition, the mattress should not be thicker than 6 inches.

So, 2 yards of 44” wide fabric will be just enough to make one that fits the standard size crib mattress.

What is the best fabric for DIY crib sheets?

Cotton bed sheets are the most common choice for a baby crib sheet. That’s because cotton is an all-natural breathable fabric, hypoallergenic and durable, which keeps your little one cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Polyester blends with cotton are also an option. Although not as breathable as 100% cotton fabric, these sheets tend to cost less, are soft and warm, and don’t wrinkle as much – therefore perfect for the cold season, but not great during the summer.

Flannel crib sheets are the best choice for the winter if you want to keep your baby warm and comfy.

How many sets of crib sheets do you need?

Certainly, they are a necessity and it’s always handy to have a good few of them, as things tend to get messy pretty quick with babies.

In theory, baby sheets should be changed 1-2 times per week, including the mattress pad. In practice, crib sheets get soiled almost every day, as most babies throw up small amounts of milk from time to time, or after a messy diaper.

So, how many sets of sheets does a new parent need? The answer is at least two crib sheets. But, to be safe, you should have three to four pieces of crib sheets, so that you can be able to change the bedding whenever needed.

Looking for some other fun stuff to sew for kids?
Here are some ideas for you:

How much elastic for a fitted crib sheet?

We aim to make a crib sheet tight enough that it doesn’t pose a safety concern and at the same time, it’s still easy to get on and off the mattress.

First, make sure to only use elastic that recovers to its original length after stretching. A good elastic length for baby crib sheets can be anywhere from 60” to 70” of 1/4″ wide elastic, but that usually depends on how snug you want the sheet to fit on your mattress and, of course, the elasticity of your elastic.

Keep in mind there is no single right answer on how long to cut the elastic. Some elastics stretch more than others, so make sure to adjust your elastic length accordingly.

How to make a crib sheet

I love flannel sheets, they are so soft and cozy – perfect for keeping the little ones warm on chilly winter nights. And we do have some rough winters here, I can tell you.

Here’s how I made my fitted crib sheet. The directions are super easy to follow, as you’ll see for yourself.

These dimensions fit standard U.S. crib mattresses – 27-28″ wide, 51-52″ long, and 3-6″ deep.

Note: It’s important to pre-shrink the fabric by washing and drying before you start sewing!

Sewing supplies

Step 1

Cut your fabric so that you get a piece measuring 68” long x 44” wide. 

how to make DIY crib sheet
DIY crib sheet tutorial
For a standard crib mattress, your fabric piece should measure 44” x 68”.

Step 2

Cut 8 inch squares out of all four corners.

As a result, your piece of fabric should now look like this:

DIY crib sheet tutorial

Step 3

Pin the edges of your cut corners, right sides together. Sew with a 5/8″ seam allowance to create corner seams. Use a backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam. Repeat for all other corners.

how to make DIY crib sheet

Finish the edges of each of the four corners with a serger or a zig-zag stitch.

Step 4

Hem the edge of the sheet. You can use a serger, a zig-zag stitch, or you can fold the edge under 1/4″ and press with an iron.

As you can see, I serged all the way around. That’s by far the easiest and fastest method to finish the 224″ long edge of the crib sheet.

Step 5

Make a small casing for the elastic. Then, fold the edge under 1/2 inch and sew it with a straight stitch. Leave a 1” opening, so you can insert the elastic.

DIY crib sheet

Step 6

Cut your elastic 60-70” long and attach safety pins to both ends. Feed the elastic through the entire casing.

Next, overlap your elastic ends and sew them together.

Finally, sew the small opening shut.

DIY crib sheet

Best Crib Sheets For Baby

A crib sheet is a fitted piece of cloth used as baby bedding that is placed on top of the crib mattress protector. However, it is more than just a covering to your little one’s mattress. A crib sheet fits tightly and has elastic around it for a snug fit because loose bedding may increase the baby’s chances of suffocating.

The best crib sheets for baby are premium and comfortable like our American-made brand. Made of the highest quality 100% cotton percale, our fitted crib sheets are sized to fit snugly on your baby’s mattress. They stay in place when your little one moves around, so you can rest easy knowing that they won’t come off when he rolls over or kicks around at night. We carefully craft each set using two different weights of fabric so they’re perfectly cozy year-round. These sheets also feature advanced wrinkle resistance technology that helps keep them looking sharp longer, even after repeat washings.

Most crib sheets are meant to fit all standard-size cribs and usually come with deep corner pockets to wrap the baby mattress perfectly. Hence, bassinet or mini-crib mattresses must be chosen carefully and their sheets must not be confused with fitted crib sheets.

Furthermore, choosing the best crib sheets is as important as choosing the best crib mattress as it not just creates a safe sleeping environment for your baby but also binds together the whole decor of your nursery as per its theme.


Different Types of Crib Mattress Sheets

If you head out to purchase some soft crib sheets for your baby nursery, you are very likely to get overwhelmed by the plenty of choices available out there. It is hence important to understand the types of crib sheets before purchasing or adding them to your baby registry.

1. Organic Crib Sheets (Cotton)

Organic crib sheets are typically made of 100% organic cotton and are the easiest to clean and maintain. Hypoallergenic and soft enough for the baby’s delicate skin, these sheets have optimal breathability and are one of the best types of crib sheets you can invest in.

2. Bamboo Crib Sheets

For people looking for a more absorbent and stronger fabric than cotton, there is no better choice than bamboo sheets. These sheets are made using 100% organic bamboo viscose without any other blended fabrics. Although they may feel a little rough and scratchy at first, these sheets soften once they are washed and are quite breathable to help your baby sleep cool.

3. Linen Crib Sheets

Another great option if you are looking for a natural, highly durable and hypoallergenic crib sheet except for cotton or bamboo, linen crib sheets regulate the mattress temperature very well and excel in their breathability. However, these sheets tend to shrink very quickly and must be preshrunk.

4. Polyester Crib Sheets

Cheaper as compared to organic cotton or bamboo crib sheets, polyester sheets do not wrinkle or shrink. However, we do not recommend purchasing them as they are neither very breathable nor hypoallergenic for the baby’s sensitive skin.

5. Flannel Crib Sheets

Usually crafted using soft woven organic wool, flannel crib sheets are a great choice if you live in colder areas as these sheets will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Crib Sheets

Picking the right crib sheet is an integral part of ensuring your baby’s comfort, safety and deep sleep. Before you purchase some baby crib sheets, here are some important things you must consider:

1. Choose the Fabric

Depending upon your requirement and preference, carefully analyze the various types of crib sheets and choose the fabric you want to purchase. Ideally, 100% organic cotton crib sheets are the most common and the safest choice. While organic crib sheets are not essential, they make a worthwhile purchase due to their safety, breathability, and durability.

2. Ensure it is 100% Safe for the Baby’s Skin

  • Do not quickly get carried away as soon as you read “organic” on any packaging.
  • Verify the same by carefully looking for the certifications the crib sheet holds to be 100% sure of its safety for your child’s skin.
  • The sheet you are interested in purchasing must comply with CPSC requirements. Also, it is better to purchase GOTS certified sheets as they are certified to meet the processing standard as per the ecological and social criteria for organic fibres.

3. Look for Softness

It is very important to purchase buttery soft crib sheets to make sure your baby is comfortable in their crib all the time. Since babies have sensitive skin, crib sheets that aren’t soft can quickly cause itchy rashes which you wouldn’t want at all.

4. Check for Proper Fit & Pockets

The availability of deep pockets in a crib sheet gives a perfect fit which further ensures your baby’s safety against suffocation or entanglement risk. Hence, you must look for a crib sheet that features elastic bands around its edge to stay put on the mattress.

5. Don’t Neglect Breathability

Breathable crib sheets are extremely important as they allow proper air circulation into and out of the baby’s crib mattress. Thus, they help in reducing excessive heat build-up, sweat, and suffocation. Furthermore, a breathable crib sheet is very likely to avoid accidents just in case the baby’s face somehow gets obstructed by it.

6. Look for a Higher Thread Count

You can consider thread count as GSM that helps you understand the thickness of a paper. The more the thread count, the heavier, thicker and more durable the crib sheet is. As a rule of thumb, the crib sheet must at least have a thread count of 200.

7. Other Factors

Apart from the important factors listed above, some additional features you can look for include the design, colour, pattern and print of the sheet so that they complement the theme of your nursery. Moreover, you must also look for warranty, care instructions, price, etc.

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