Fisher Price Seat For Baby

Let your baby sit comfortably—and safely—in a Fisher-Price Grow with Me High Chair. This infant seat-high chair transitions with your child, from an infant seat that attaches to a regular dining chair (when using the included tray) to a high chair that grows with baby, so you can use it from infancy through toddlerhood. On the tray, there are two cup holders for drinks—one for mom and one for dad; two deep dish plates for eating and playing; plus a third shallow dish for snacks. When not being used as an infant seat, remove the tray and insert the three height adjustments so baby can grow with this versatile highchair. Our Height Right Portable Feeding Seat offers a fun way to feed your baby or toddler at home or on the go. Designed to fit most strollers, high chairs, and other places where you need your child to sit, this seat teaches with various levels of height adjustment for flexibility as your child grows. The cute, brightly colored seat can be reclined for minimal neck strain and an enhanced napping experience, too.

If your baby can’t yet sit up on their own — and you’re looking to cross a few things off your to-do list — then you need to get a floor seat. By using one of these floor seats, your babe can hang out in a safe spot, giving you a few hands-free moments to mix up their formula.

There’s also a ton of variety to choose from. Some floor seats feature toys and rattles, in addition to full back support, while others include easy-to-clean trays for feeding sessions. Some baby floor seats are ideal for families that travel a lot, while others are better for use at home.


Check out these baby floor seats that’ll give your kiddo a whole new view of the world. Just note that your child should be able to hold their head up without support in order to use one, and make sure that the seat is safely placed flat on the floor. And of course, don’t leave them in it unattended.



Baby Chair Booster Seat with Tray

A singularly ergonomic model, the Upseat was designed to keep your baby in an erect position without them slouching. It’s surprisingly easy to clean, and the tray is on the larger end, helping to prevent more food from sliding over the edge.

It transitions well from baby seat to booster seat, and the leg spaces are large enough for toddlers with bigger thighs. This is important, especially since not all boosters accomplish it.



2-in-1 Booster Feeding and Floor Seat With Self-Storing Tray

Ingenuity’s floor seat comes equipped with a tray, making this sleek, all-in-one option a great bargain. Not to mention the fact that the tray slides under the chair for storage when your baby’s not using it, keeping all parts in one place.



Pop and Sit Portable Booster

This portable Summer Infant pop-and-sit floor seat can go from the playroom to the backyard in a snap! It’s durable enough to handle both indoor and outdoor fun.

The harness keeps your little one safe while sitting, and the removable tray creates the ideal snack spot.



Infant Sitting Chair

Give your lil’ bub a sweet seat to cozy up in. We love this mint and bubblegum-pink option by Hugaboo: The design of this seat will help your infant learn how to sit up on their own.

Plus, the attached seat bottom will prevent your little one from sliding.



Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

From play time to snack time, this floor seat is the perfect spot for your baby to hang out in, all while practicing holding their head up.

When your baby gets a little wild with their midday fruit puree pouch, you can slide the cushion out and pop it right in the wash. The brightly colored toys grab your tot’s attention and keep them engaged, all while they work on their fine motor skills.

You can also tote this seat from the downstairs playroom to the upstairs nursery, thanks to the easy fold-and-go setup.



3-in-1 Booster Seat

This is the seat you need if you have more than one child or are working from home. This seat is pure entertainment, but it’s also very practical.

All of the toys come right off for snack time, but can pop right back on when you just need a minute.



Infant Soft Foam Comfortable Wide Floor Seat

This popular floor seat is a parent-favorite pick for babies who are able to support their heads (at just around 4 months old). The high back and strap harness keeps your baby safe and secure, but it bears repeating — Bumbo seats should only be used on the floor.



3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island

Do you have a little ball of energy at home? Give that baby something with which they can keep themselves entertained. This sweet jungle-themed floor seat by Summer Infant was designed to give your little one a case of the giggles.



Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Seat & Booster

Bless the makers of this floor seat: It will keep your kids entertained for a very long time, thanks to the bells and whistles on the tray. And yes, we know there are times when baby toys that have a lot of lights and sounds can be profoundly irritating — but that’s exactly why the tray is removable!

However, if you just want a minute to make dinner and not have all the Tupperware dragged to the floor, this is exactly what you need.



Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat With Tray

Baby will love lounging in this classic lion floor seat while you fold the laundry or fit in a quick yoga session. The lion-paw footpads activate fun sounds, and the snack tray is both removable and easy to clean.



Silver Lining Cloud Baby Chair

Transitioning from snacktime to playtime can happen in one quick swirl with this Skip Hop baby chair.

Ideal for babies who are able to sit up on their own, this floor chair has a swivel feature that lets your baby switch between enjoying three interactive toys and chowing down with their snack tray.

Bonus? If your tot has an accident, the fabric lining can easily be removed and popped in the wash.



3-in-1 Multi Seat in Beige/Cool Grey

Your baby will sit in style in this modern seat from Bumbo. This model is a slightly upgraded version of the Bumbo mentioned earlier on this list: The seat has adjustable height positions for ease of use, and it’s really simple to maneuver.

The tray comes off easily, so it can even be used as a booster for older kids. You will get tons of mileage out of this one seat!



My First Seat Baby Infant Foam Cushion Floor Support Seat

This chair can take everything you throw at it. Honestly, this thing is nearly indestructible (and thank heavens for that).

It can be hosed off, wiped down with Lysol wipes, sprayed off in the shower, and left out (by accident, we swear) in the snow overnight, and still … it just survives. Your baby will love it, too.

Fisher-Price Baby Seat Rocker

Bring baby to the table! The Fisher-Price Baby Seat Rocker is a comfortable place for your little one to sit while you help put dinner on the table, talk to friends, or even just watch TV. With soft fabric seat pad and headrest, this versatile chair provides soothing movement to soothe baby while they dine with their family. As your child grows older and more mobile, the rocker converts into a swing that gently swings at a 20-degree angle for added comfort. Remarkably easy to assemble, this baby seat rocker is the perfect place for your new little one to spend time. The padded seat bounces in sync with the five melodies, so baby will be entertained as they are rocked. A removable toy bar features fun bright toys that dangle over the headrest and a tummy time pillow is included for extra stimulation.

Baby Sit Up Chair

The baby sit up chair is designed to help your child transition from laying on his or her stomach to sitting up. It supports your child’s back and head. The tray has 3 adjustable positions, so you can customize it as your child grows. provide your baby a safe and secure place to sit up at her ideal height. This seat gives you extra stability throughout the meal time and the high back will add another layer of protection for developing bones and muscles.

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