What’s the Best Baby Monitor Uk

You can always keep an eye on your baby with a video monitor, and the best ones offer crystal clear images – even at night – and are very user-friendly.

Sometimes your baby sleeps in a dreamy state, but times could be as terrifying as a nightmare. With our best baby monitor which features sky-high clarity and crystal audio, you could put your heart at rest and enjoy that beautiful moment when the most significant person in the world falls into a deep sleep.

Mum of two Nancy says: ‘I found the whole idea of a baby monitor with a video function terrifying at first, thinking it would end up being this big, intrusive thing that I would constantly stare at – and everyone knows that sleep deprivation makes you paranoid! But using one on a daily basis has been fine.’

You want to give your child the best care possible, and having a baby monitor will allow you to do that. We’re here to help you find the best one for your needs, so read on for everything you need to know about buying a baby monitor and our top picks.

Our picks for the best baby monitors in 2020 include the best high-tech smart baby monitors, the best audio-only baby monitors, and the best video baby monitor.

Finding the best baby monitor is just as much about finding the one that suits your family as it is about watching out for the nanny (child’s name) so you can get on with other things. And with so many options out there these days, that can be a difficult feat.

A baby monitor can offer amazing peace of mind when your baby or toddler is sleeping, allowing you to check in on them and listen for cries when they’re napping or sleeping at night. There are a number of different types on the market, and they range from simple audio monitors that let you know when your little one is crying, to state-of-the-art wearables that track their heart rate and breathing to give you more data than you could ever imagine.

There truly is a baby monitor to suit every family, and we’ve rounded up some of the very best across each category.

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How we tested

We’ve tested nine of the highest-performing baby monitors you can buy. Prices range from £24.99 all the way up to £389, and all were tested over the course of a week so we could get a real feel for how it works and what kind of parent and child it would suit.

The best baby monitors for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Cubo Ai plus: £289, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best for active toddlers – Babymoov Yoo Moov 360: £199.99, Babymoov.co.uk
  • Best for on-the-go – Kami baby smart monitor: £99.99, Maplin.co.uk
  • Best budget buy – VTech BM1000 digital: £28.38, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best for sleep stats – Nanit pro complete monitoring system: £379, Nanit.com
  • Best for additional features – VTech pan and tilt video monitor with night light and projection: £100, Argos.co.uk
  • Best wearable monitor – Owlet monitor duo smart sock 3+ cam: £389, Owletbabycare.co.uk
  • Best for movement tracking – Angelcare AC327 baby movement monitor with sound: £159.99, Mamasandpapas.com
  • Best audio-only monitor – Babymoov premium care 1400m: £80.99, Amazon.co.uk

Cubo Ai plus

Best: Overall

  • Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Night vision: Yes 
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Battery required: Yes

Pros: Brilliant image quality and audio, covered face alerts, easy set up, stylish design

Cons: Some features require a subscription after the first year, no parent unit 

How easy this monitor was to set up was one of its biggest selling points – so even if you’ve not had time to do it before baby arrives, it’s straightforward enough to not send sleep-deprived parents into meltdown. Attached to either the wall mount or a weighted floor stand, the Sony wide-angle rotatable lens will give you a bird’s-eye view of baby’s cot, which means you’ll never be worrying about where to balance it.

It’s definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing styles, too – the glossy white camera is shaped like a baby bird with a faux-wood finish. There’s a night light on the top and a built-in speaker at the back for soothing lullabies and two-way audio.

And speaking of audio, the sound is crystal-clear. As is the HD image quality, both in the day and night. The monitor connects to an app on your smartphone, which could be a pro or a con. The cry-detection feature worked well, too, alerting our tester with a little chirp. There’s also the option to record and take photos, and the monitor will integrate with smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa. The temperature and humidity sensor dongle clips into the power port, which our tester found to be pretty accurate. All in all, this is a solid choice for parents who want crisp video and sound, and to monitor their baby’s sleeping habits.Buy now £289, Amazon.co.uk

Babymoov YOO moov 360 motorised baby monitor

Best: For active toddlers

  • Resolution: 720p HD
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Battery required: No

Pros: 360 camera, silent remote pan and tilt, easy set-up 

Cons: No app connectivity, higher price point for traditional monitor

Great news for tech-phobes: our tester managed to set up this model without even looking at the instructions – so in terms of getting this up and running with a newborn in tow, it couldn’t be easier. It also comes with a wall-mounting kit if you’d prefer it up in the air, rather than on a flat surface.

Operating it also couldn’t be simpler. It’s essentially operated by four buttons and the silent, motorised camera allows you to pan, tilt and zoom remotely via the parent unit to get the best view of your baby. It has a whole host of features, including seven different night-light shades, five lullabies (that don’t at all sound tinny) and a temperature sensor. The talk-back audio was really clear and the signal strength remained strong wherever in the house our tester was. Though if you do go out of range, a little beep on the parent monitor will let you know.

The screen is also a good size and the picture quality high. The battery life of the touchscreen parent unit is also good compared to some others we’ve tried before. The overall look and feel is neat and compact, and there’s no reason it would feel out of place in a little one’s nursery.  You can also link it to additional cameras if you need to monitor multiple rooms.Buy now £199.99, Babymoov.co.uk

Kami baby smart monitor

Best: For on the go

  • Resolution: 1920p x 1080p HD
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Battery required: No

Pros: Playful design, two-way audio, live share and multi-view

Cons: No parent unit and sound had a slight delay upon testing

After discovering that more than a quarter of its customers used its home security cameras as baby monitors, Kami made its foray into the baby world with this playful bunny-eared model made using safety-grade silicon and non-toxic rubber. And aside from the cool design, it’s also a pretty good, well-rounded monitor.

To start, it’s easy to set up. In fact, our tester was good to go in less than five minutes. It connects to your smartphone via an app, as well as to home devices like Alexa and Google Home. The camera is of a decent quality – though perhaps not as vibrant and colourful as some of the other smart monitors we tried – and the audio is clear. Parents can even record their own singing or storytelling and replay it to baby. It’s portable and compact, which means it’s great for moving around the room, but it does need to be plugged into the mains at all times. The adjustable built-in night-light is another handy feature for those bleary-eyed nappy changes.

As with most of the AI-based monitors out there, this product is designed to monitor baby’s sleep and surroundings, too. So there are some helpful features like temperature and humidity measurements, and you’ll get a basic sleep summary too. Plus, if you have other Kami products (such as cameras in other parts of the house), you can connect them and view up to four at a time from your phone and nine from the Kami desktop app.

It is currently out of stock, but you can sign up by email to be notified when it’s back.Buy now £99.99, Maplin.co.uk

VTech BM1000 digital audio baby monitor

Best: Budget buy

  • Resolution: N/A
  • Night vision: N/A
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Battery required: Yes, 4 x AAA batteries

Pros: Budget-friendly, sound-sensitive lights, out of range alerts

Cons: No camera, basic functionality 

Though it’s pretty basic compared to the other monitors we tested, this audio-only monitor does the job. It might be budget, but the sound quality is clear and consistent. It also has sound-sensitive lights to alert you of crying or movement when you have the audio kept low.

The addition of the belt clip for when you’re moving around the house is a nice touch. The nursery unit is a little top heavy and cumbersome, so make sure you have somewhere safe to place it, where it’s far enough out of reach from baby and not at risk of toppling over. The battery life is great – around seven hours in total – which makes it great for travelling.Buy now £28.38, Amazon.co.uk

Nanit pro complete monitoring system

Best: For sleep stats

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Battery required: No

Pros: Crystal-clear view, sleek design, super intuitive 

Cons: Subscription features and extras can add up, no parent unit 

This is Nanit’s newest and most comprehensive smart monitor to date, and despite all the various parts that come with the complete monitoring system, our tester found it simple to set up – even down to details like including the drill-bit size required and pre-measured tape to ensure the correct mounting height. Trivial for some, maybe, but it’s one less thing for new parents to worry about.

It can either be mounted on the wall or on the floor stand – place over baby’s cot for a complete bird’s-eye view in and around the crib. The sound and video quality is exceptional and super-sensitive, as is the night vision, which is sure to reassure any new parent.

In addition to the two-way audio, parents can play soothing nature sounds over the speaker, including birds, waves, white noise and wind. Our tester also liked that the app has a night mode that dims your phone screen – definitely a godsend if you’re planning on keeping your phone next to your bed for monitoring through the night.

What makes this system really complete (and more expensive than many others) is that it also allows you to monitor baby’s breathing motions in real time via a breathing band (which comes in two sizes) and a swaddle. Though if your baby decides it’s not one to be swaddled or is particularly wriggly through the night, it could prove difficult to use. For others, it might not even be a necessary feature. Essentially though, this system really does cover everything and is particularly helpful for new or anxious parents who just want to rest easy at night.Buy now £379, Nanit.com

VTech pan and tilt video monitor with night light and projection

Best: For additional features

  • Resolution: Unknown
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Connectivity: Not required 
  • Battery required: Yes, 1 x NiMH

Pros: Excellent video quality, two-way audio, pan and tilt camera remotely 

Cons: Some settings take practice to figure out, no app connectivity 

As a more budget-friendly buy, the sound and picture quality on this camera was brilliant. And if you’re looking for a more traditional monitor with a portable parent unit, this one comes with a sleek, five-inch colour screen.

The monitor can be freestanding or very handily mounted onto the wall, and our tester found it easy to pan and tilt the camera in order to get a clear view of the whole room. The two-way audio means you can chat to and soothe baby without having to set foot in the nursery, and our tester’s child loved the range of lullabies and soothing white noise sounds. The temperature sensor also tells you the exact temperature of baby’s room.

The standout feature for this monitor, though, is the night light and night-show projection, which can be controlled via the parent unit. The whole product feels lightweight yet durable – all in all, a great piece of kit for a great price.Buy now £100, Argos.co.uk

Owlet monitor duo smart sock 3 + cam

Best: Wearable monitor

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Battery required: Yes, 1 Lithium ion batteries

Pros: Impressive battery life, comfortable to wear, helpful for new or anxious parents

Cons: No parent unit, doesn’t necessarily offer longevity

This is the third generation of Owlet’s award-winning smart sock monitor, a system that’s totally unique in its offering. Its main goal is to track baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, with this latest version designed to fit a greater range of little ones, from 5lb to 30lb (or 18 months).

It certainly looks the part – the monitor is sleek and can be mounted onto the nursery wall using the kit included. Our tester found it a little overwhelming to set up though, so it might be one to organise before baby arrives, rather than after. Like all the high-end smart monitors out there right now, there’s no parent unit and everything connects to your smartphone or tablet via an app. The sound and video quality is really excellent and there are plenty of features like the temperature sensor which tells you if baby’s room is too cold, too hot, or just right.

The sock is what sets this monitor apart though, and of course, as with all wearable tech, some babies won’t mind wearing it, others will. It’s soft, light, and a particularly young baby shouldn’t even notice it, but it might prove tricky trying to make a 12-month-old wear it, for example. The sock uses an infrared pulse to monitor baby’s pulse, sending the information over Wi-Fi to your phone, meaning you can check baby’s heart rate wherever you are. Enhanced wireless charging also means you can charge the sock in 90 minutes and its battery life lasts 16 hours, so it easily lasts the night.Buy now £399, Owletbabycare.co.uk

Angelcare AC327 baby movement monitor with sound

Best: For movement tracking

  • Resolution: 480p x 272p 
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Battery required: Yes, lithium CR2450 battery

Pros: Great picture quality, motion detector, stylish and portable 

Cons: Pricey if you don’t see the sensor pad as worthwhile, no lullabies or sounds 

A more traditional monitor with the addition of advanced motion-detector software, Angelcare’s AC327 model is a popular choice among first-time parents. As well as a nursery and parent unit, it comes with a sensor pad that’s designed to sit underneath baby’s mattress to track the rise and fall movement of your little one’s chest, as well as every wriggle. Our tester definitely found the sensor to work well (if not a little too sensitive at times), alerting them when there was no movement for 20 seconds. It’s sleek and slim, and sat seamlessly underneath their toddler’s mattress without disturbing them. And if you find over time that you’re feeling more relaxed about baby’s sleep, you can easily turn this feature off.

Elsewhere, the quality of the colour monitor is really clear – even in night mode – as is the sound. Our tester found that mounting the nursery unit on the wall was the best way to get a good view of baby’s cot, rather than angling it on a tabletop. Unlike some other traditional monitors, the nursery and parent unit come pre-paired, so set-up is as straightforward as it gets.Buy now £159.99, Mamasandpapas.com

Babymoov premium care 1400m

Best: Audio-only monitor

  • Resolution: N/A
  • Night vision: N/A
  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Battery required: Yes, 3 AAA batteries required

Pros: High-quality sound, has more features than other audio-only monitors, clean, simple aesthetic, low electromagnetic emissions promise 

Cons: No camera

As audio-only monitors go, our tester loved this. Set-up is really easy, with both devices requiring about three hours of charging before use. We also loved the subtlety of the product – the aesthetic is clean, sleek and really neatly sized (no bigger than a computer mouse). It could easily fit into a pocket for when you’re moving around the house.

The features include a temperature sensor (you can even set an alarm to warn you when the room exceeds a certain temperature, which impressed our tester), as well as a night light, lullabies and two-way speaker. We were also impressed by the “low electromagnetic emissions” promise – something parents might not even realise is a thing until reading more about it in the manual.

The audio is super quality – and if you’re looking for a standard monitor that will detect a young baby crying or babbling, as opposed to an older child who might be more on the move, this is a great option.Buy now £80.99, Amazon.co.uk

Price comparison

Baby monitor FAQs

Do you need a baby monitor?

While you do not necessarily need a baby monitor, the gadgets can help to give you peace of mind that your little one is safe and sound when you’re not in the same room.

You’ll most likely need one when your baby moves into their own room or if they nap in a different room to where you are during the day.

Audio vs video: What type of baby monitor is best?

There are many different types of baby monitor on the market, but the two most popular are audio and video. So, which one should you buy?

Audio monitors allow you to listen in on your baby when you’re not in the room and some models also have a visual representation of the level of volume too. This type of monitor usually comes with two separate units: one that stays in the room that your baby sleeps and another that stays with the parent. These can be either wired or battery-powered, depending on how much flexibility you need.

Alternatively, video monitors allow you to both see and hear what your baby is up to for greater peace of mind. Just like an audio monitor, they feature two units: one with a camera that stays in the room your baby is sleeping and another for the parent which has a screen for easy viewing. Some cameras can be mounted to the wall, while others will need to be placed on a flat surface.

Other features that can be found on both audio and video models include a night light, “two-way talk” –which allows your baby to hear you so you can comfort them from a different room – and the ability to play songs to soothe your restless baby.

The verdict: Baby monitors

Of course, choosing a baby monitor ultimately comes down to your personal needs, but of the ones we tested, our favourite was the Cubo Ai plus. Not only did we love the nursery-friendly design and no-fuss set-up, but it has some incredible features similar to other brands that were indeed more expensive, so we felt it was well worth the money. If you’re someone who wants to keep track of more than baby’s crying, this is a great option.

That said, we were also really impressed by the quality of the VTech pan and tilt video monitor with night light and projection, and felt it was great value for the price.

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Best Baby Monitor UK 2022

baby or toddler is secure when you’re not in the same room. As well as having the ability to listen in, watch and even monitor your baby’s breathing or temperature, there’s a whole range of models out there to suit different needs and parenting styles.

With their limited functionality, audio models tend to be the more affordable option. And if you’re happy with just being able to hear your baby instead of seeing them, there are some great options out there with features such as lullabies and two-way talkback.

Next in line are the more traditional video monitors that come in two parts: a nursery and a parent unit. There’s such a variety now with features that include high-quality colour imagery, a night light and the option to move the camera around remotely via the parent unit.

Finally, if budget isn’t an issue, smart cameras are on the up. These connect through Wi-Fi via an app on your smartphone or tablet, which means you can check in on your baby even when you’re not in the house. This does mean no parent unit though, so if you’re someone who likes to turn off your devices in the evening, it might be that you opt for something more traditional. It’s also vital that you secure your Wi-Fi monitor with a unique password to prevent it potentially being accessed by hackers.

Wearable elements – like wraps or socks – will allow you to monitor more than just your baby’s crying or movements, including their breathing, oxygen levels or temperature. And while they’re a handy addition for new or anxious parents, keep in mind they’re not 100 per cent accurate.

What are the different types of baby monitor?

Audio monitors tend to be the most affordable option, but they only allow you to hear your baby, not see them. They generally come in 2 parts: a unit with an audio sensor goes in the baby’s room, and a parent unit that you keep with you to listen out for cries. Many of these operate wirelessly: some require batteries, others can be charged when not in use.

Video monitors consist of a camera with sound to capture both video and audio of your baby, and some way of viewing that video feed (either a parent unit with a screen, an app for your phone, or both). You’ll need to mount the camera in the child’s room so you can see the whole cot (some may come with a stand, clip or wall mount for this). Most cameras are wired, so you’ll also need a plug socket within easy reach.

Movement monitors come with an additional unit (usually a thin mat that goes under the cot mattress) which track the tiny movements your child makes as they sleep. These are essentially breathing monitors, and the idea is to give extra reassurance that your child is safe and well: if no movement is detected after a short period, you get an alert). You may find that a high-end video monitor has its own built-in movement sensor, too. These tend to work in the opposite way: they alert you when your child makes a large movement (such as rolling over, sitting, or standing up) to let you know they are awake / unsettled.

Wearable monitors make use of similar technology to fitness trackers or heart rate monitors to take an even closer look at what your baby is doing while they sleep. You put your baby to sleep wearing the smart item (either a piece of clothing or a clip-on monitor) and it tracks their movement and breathing to deliver data to an app. They often work in conjunction with a video monitor, so you get sound and picture too. Tracking this data can help reassure anxious parents during overnight sleep, and also help to learn more about the baby’s sleep habits and patterns to create a better routine. The UK government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has recently determined that some of these products are are borderline with medical devices, so it’s likely we’ll see more regulations in future.

Best baby monitors at a glance

  • Best baby monitor for reliability: BT Video Monitor 6000, £116.99
  • Best baby monitor for all-round performance: VTech Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor, £159.99
  • Best baby monitor for sleep tracking: Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor, £300
  • Best baby monitor for movement tracking: Angelcare AC527 Baby Movement Monitor, £249.99
  • Best baby monitor for sensing cries: Tommee Tippee Dreamee Sound, Motion and Video Baby Monitor, £159.99
  • Best baby monitor for heart rate tracking: Owlet Smart Sock, £269
  • Best baby monitor for travel: Babymoov Yoo Travel Video Monitor, £125.99
  • Best baby monitor for peace of mind: Snuza HeroMD Portable Breathing Monitor, £89.99
  • Best baby monitor for audio monitoring: BT Audio Baby Monitor 450, £49.99
  • Best baby monitor for affordability: VTtech BM1000, £24.99

What to look for when buying a baby monitor

Power supply – Some monitors (particularly video ones) will need to be plugged in at all times, so you’ll need to ensure you can mount the baby unit safely with all wires out of the way of tiny hands. Audio or “wireless” monitors may take batteries, or come with a mains charger. For those that need charging, check the battery life: most last 8-12 hours max, so will need recharging every day.

Range – Many baby monitors have their own analog or digital signal built into the units: digital is now the norm but do check before you buy. The product specs will list the maximum range of this signal: this is how far you can take the parent unit from the cot or crib. However, the stated range doesn’t take into account walls, floors, furniture, or anything else that could interfere with the signal. If you have a large house, you may find that you can’t go too far from the baby’s room.

Wi-Fi connection – Although most monitors will have their own signal built in, some will also connect to your home Wi-Fi, and have an app you can add to your phone. This opens up lots of new options, including increased range, the ability to record and save videos, and perhaps the ability to view the live feed from multiple devices (such as a parent unit and a smartphone). It may also mean you can view the feed using your phone’s data if you’re away from home (although we don’t condone spying on the babysitter!). If you’re adding your baby monitor to your home Wi-Fi it’s important to ensure your home WiFi is secure and your devices are password protected.

Camera and video quality – Most decent video monitors now have HD video, and you’ll want something with good night vision as you’re likely to be watching a dark room. Also consider the lens in the camera: more expensive models may have a wide angle lens to view the entire cot, a zoom function, or be able to track movement and automatically pan and tilt. Others may need to be mounted higher up for the same visibility.

Crying and movement alerts – Movement monitors and wearables offer the most in terms of movement alerts and tracking, keeping an eye on your child’s breathing throughout the night. But many of the more high-end video monitors can also be set to wake – and even record video – if your baby stirs or makes a sound. This feature and comes in particularly handy as your child gets older and is able to climb out of their cot: at least you’ll be able to watch back and see how they did it!

Features to soothe your baby – A lot of monitors have 2-way audio so you can talk to your child through the audio or camera unit. Some will even play light shows, lullabies, soothing sounds, or white noise. Do look into these options as they’re often overlooked, but could mean you don’t need to buy a separate sleep aid. On the flip side, they can push up the price of the overall unit considerably, and some families end up not using them.

Ease of expansion – Do you have more than one child, or are you considering extending your family in the future? If so, you may wish to look for a unit that you can extend with added cameras. Some people use monitors until their children are pre-school age, and being able to see all your children on one screen is far easier than plugging in, charging, and keeping an eye on two or more separate systems.

Mount or stand – Video monitors will need to be placed on a shelf, fastened to a wall or placed on a stand to give you a good view of your baby. Some come with stands, others have mounts that need to be screwed into the wall. Do look into this when you purchase, especially if you live in rented accommodation and can’t put holes in the walls. You can buy universal stands (such as the Flexi Air 360, £54.99) or flexible camera holders that fasten onto the cot like the FlexxiCam, £16.85) or you could consider damage-free options like Command hooks or strips.

How much does a baby monitor cost?

Baby monitors range from around £20 for a simple audio monitor to over £300 for a wearable and camera unit combined. Somewhere in the middle, you’ll find an ever-increasing range of video monitors, which can vary from about £60 to £200. More expensive models will generally have more features, larger and better quality screens, and better cameras.

How we test and choose these products

Our Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

When testing baby monitors we look at range, picture quality and screen size, battery life, tracking / sensor options, alerts, fitting options, value for money plus extra features such as lullabies or 2-way sound. 

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

Here is our pick of the best baby monitors to buy in 2021

1. BT Video Monitor 6000, £116.99

Best for reliability

BT Smart Video Baby Monitor

Type: Video | Frequency type: Digital | Range: up to 250m | Screen size: 5 inch | Talkback function: Yes | Night vision: Yes | Alerts: Sound | Control with app: No | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.4 stars

A perennial favourite with our community, no baby monitor is mentioned more than the BT 6000 when we ask for recommendations. Consider this your best in class standard video monitor: it offers everything most families need at a competitive price, but it doesn’t come with any added extras like Wi-Fi capability, video recording, or extended tracking and monitoring.

What you do get is a decent quality camera and a large screen, with a range of up to 250m (although it may be as little as 50m indoors). The camera has pan, tilt and zoom functions so you can keep track of a more mobile toddler, but these aren’t on a motion sensor, so you’ll need to do it manually from the parent unit. There’s also 2-way talk, 5 lullabies, and a temperature sensor too.

MFM reviewer Hayley did find that the display is slightly grainy, but said: “The fact that the screen size is large means the graininess isn’t really an issue, as you can still clearly see whether your baby’s chest rising as they breathe and whether they are asleep or awake, depending of course on the position of the camera.”

Overall, this is a parent-approved option that removes all unnecessary extras to do one thing well: allow you to see and hear your baby when they’re in another room. You don’t need to worry about your home Wi-Fi going down or being hacked, and the generously-sized screen gives a great view of your child day or night.

Pros: Good value, reliable, decent range without Wi-Fi, remote pan and tilt
Cons: Display is not HD, no motion sensor or tracking

Read our full MadeForMums review of the BT Video Monitor 6000

Available from: John LewisMamas & Papas and Amazon 

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2. V-Tech Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor, £159.99

Best for all-round performance

V tech smart baby monitor

Type: Video | Frequency type: Digital | Range: up to 300m (plus Wi-Fi capability) | Screen size: 5 or 7 inches | Talkback function: Yes | Night vision: Yes | Alerts: Sound and motion | Control with app: Yes | Award: MadeForMums Award 2021, Baby monitor – Gold 

If you’re looking for a video monitor that does it all, this monitor packs a punch, with a wide angle pan and tilt camera, a 5 inch or 7 inch high definition screen, a good built-in range, plus the option to connect using Wi-Fi and download the (free) vtech app on your phone. Do this, and you can record video and take photos, thanks to the camera’s motion sensor and tracking capabilities.

Home tester Cathryn loved these features, saying: “I’ve a child that suffers night terrors so this camera is perfect for what the doctors and consultants need. It records, and I am able to show them how many episodes she has a night. Its motion detectors move to the movement.”

The camera is easy to set up (although the power cable is quite short) and once it’s fitted and connected via its own signal or Wi-Fi you get clear picture and good zoom functionality, plus a decent range (one tester found she could go out into their garden with the parent unit). There’s a 2-way talk option, a temperature sensor, plus soothing sounds, lullabies and white noise built in. Our testers found the parent unit lasted around 4 hours when the screen was on, and up to 8 hours in power saver mode. It’s not completely faultless: it does have a tendency to disconnect occasionally and you may need to turn the camera on and off to fix this, but overall it represents great value for money with all the functionality most families need and a great parent unit with lots of settings to personalise how you use it.

Pros: Pan and tilt camera remotely, connects with free app, large display
Cons: camera unit not rechargeable, sometimes loses connection, short power cable

Available from: VeryArgos and Uber Kids

Latest deals from trusted retailers



3. Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor, from £300

Best for sleep tracking

Nanit HD baby monitor

Type: Video | Frequency type: Digital | Range: Wi-Fi | Talkback function: Yes | Night vision: Yes | Alerts: Sound and motion | Control with app: Yes | Award: MadeForMums Award 2021, Technology products for babies and families – Silver

The Nanit HD Baby Monitor is a hybrid video monitor, sleep tracker and wearable. The camera itself has in-depth tracking options of its own, but by adding a wearable element (a swaddle, pyjamas or a chest band – sold separately or in bundles from £329) you’ll be able to find out even more about your baby’s sleep habits. The app will then give you expert guidance and tips to help your baby to sleep better. Unlike some smart monitors, the wearable is not a sensor in itself, it’s printed with a pattern that the camera tracks to “see” your child breathing, so there are no electronic parts on or near your baby.

MFM tester Rovenna said, “There are so many pros to the Nanit Plus: outstanding camera and quality of sound, and so much information. I would say this is a dream for first time parents especially.” All our testers raved about the app’s sleep tracking and guidance, although they did point out the added expense of using this monitor over time: you’ll need to buy more wearables in larger sizes, and the app is only free for the first year.

Along with its smart capabilities the Nanit is also aesthetically pleasing and well-designed, with multiple mounting options for a clear view. Both the wall mount and stand have built-in cable tidies which are a huge bonus where safety is concerned. The wide-angle lens offers a clear picture, although like anything that connects to your home Wi-Fi, our testers did report that it would occasionally disconnect or lag slightly. The monitor also has two-way sound, sleep aids like white noise and lullabies built in, a temperature sensor, and the ability to connect to Alexa smart devices.

Pros: Sleep tracking, cable cover attachments included, great quality camera
Cons: High price point, sleep tracking costs extra after first year

Available from: Amazon

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4. Angelcare AC527 Baby Movement Monitor, £249.99

Best for movement tracking

angel care

Type: Video and movement | Frequency type: Digital | Range: 250m | Screen size: 5 inches | Talkback function: Yes | Night vision: Yes | Alerts: Sound and motion | Control with app: No | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.2 stars

Another does-it-all monitor that offers extra peace of mind, this video monitor comes with a movement sensor pad that you slip under the baby’s mattress. It tracks the tiny movements that come with the child’s breathing, and sounds an alert if there’s no movement for 20 seconds. Our MFM reviewer, Carla, found the “sleek and slim” sensor to be barely detectable under her daughter’s mattress, and was impressed at how it picked up her movements.

While this may not be a feature every parent is after, some of our MFM users said they found it to be reassuring. One mum whose son was born prematurely and had apneas in hospital said it helped to calm her anxiety when bringing him home: “I don’t think I would have relaxed without it. Since being in his cot it has also never false alarmed so is accurate.”

This monitor also benefits from being expandable, something that is not always the case with smart monitors. You can connect a second sensor pad and camera and see two children on the screen at once, making it a great option for parents of twins or young children close in age.

Our testers found it easy to use from the get-go, with a “self-explanatory” set-up where the monitor, camera and sensor pad all pair up automatically. Parents also praised the touch-screen parent unit, with its ability to adjust the camera remotely. This was a big selling point for our MFM reviewer Carla, “My favourite feature was how clear and crisp the picture quality was and how wide the camera lens was – it really was brilliant.”

The camera unit operates via battery, which mum, Carla, found to last up to 5 hours if on and 6 hours in sleep mode. Although this is fairly standard, it does mean it works better plugged in at night if possible. There is also a bright light on the camera that could be distracting, but is necessary for night vision.

Pros: Movement sensor, easy set-up, clear picture
Cons: Expensive, short battery life on camera, bright light on camera, high price point

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Angelcare AC527 Baby Movement Monitor

Available from: Amazon and John Lewis

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5. Tommee Tippee Dreamee Sound, Motion and Video Baby Monitor, £159.99

Best for sensing cries

Tommee Tippee Dreamee Baby Monitor

Type: Video and movement | Frequency type: Digital | Range: 300m | Talkback function: Yes | Night vision: Yes | Alerts: Sound and motion | Control with app: No | Award: MadeForMums Award 2021, Baby monitor – Gold

Offering an impressive range, a pan and tilt camera and a large, high definition screen, Tommee Tippee’s flagship baby monitor delivers well purely as a high-end video monitor, but it packs a lot more features into the box along with that.

The “CrySensor” listens out for your baby’s cries during the night, and the monitor can then play lullabies or sounds to soothe them. You can even add your own music or recordings via SD card if you prefer.

It also comes with a well-designed movement sensing mat that our home testers found performed really well. Kim, mum of 7, said, “I absolutely love the movement function…the sensitivity on the mat is really good too.” The camera can be set to automatically track motion, so if you’re unable to place it high enough to see the whole cot, you can still keep an eye on your wriggly baby.

Tommee Tippee is a brand many parents turn to for reliable baby products that are easy to use, and home tester Emma, mum of a 9-month-old praised this monitor for being “High tech, yet simple in design.”

Available fromAmazonVeryArgos and Tommee Tippee

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6. Owlet Smart Sock, £269

Best for heart rate tracking

Owlet Smart Sock

Type: Heart rate | Frequency type: Digital | Range: Wi-Fi | Talkback function: No | Night vision: No | Alerts: Pulse | Control with app: Yes | Award: MadeForMums Award 2021, Baby monitor – Silver 

The Owlet features a wearable “sock”, designed to provide more precise information than traditional video monitors. It uses an infrared light to measure the child’s pulse. This is then connected to a base which sends information over Wi-Fi to a connected smartphone, meaning you can check your baby’s pulse wherever you are.

While it may be useful to have these statistics at hand, you should remember it will not be 100% accurate at detecting low oxygen levels in the blood. Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found it to have an 88% sensitivity rating in detecting oxygen levels in the blood, so it’s best viewed as a device to provide some extra reassurance, and not a medical device.

Our testers found the smart sock easy to put on their babies, with mum Paulina saying: “The sock is comfortable for my daughter. She didn’t even notice she was wearing something on her feet.” However there were concerns babies wouldn’t keep the it on for the full 12 months Owlet has designed for. They also found the app easy to use but mum Zoe did experience some connectivity issues.

The standard Owlet set-up doesn’t feature a camera, instead letting the app alert you to your baby’s movement. However, if you do prefer to have a visual too, you can purchase a bundle featuring an impressive HD camera, but at £389 this makes it the most expensive offering in our list.

Pros: Comfortable to wear, easy to set up and use app
Cons: Connectivity issues, doesn’t have longevity, high price point

Available from: JojomamanbebeOwlet and Natural Baby Shower

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7. Babymoov Yoo Travel Video Monitor, £125.99

Best for travel

Babymoov Yoo Travel Baby Monitor

Type: Video | Frequency type: Digital | Range: 250m | Screen size: 2.4 inches | Talkback function: Yes | Night vision: Yes | Alerts: Sound and visual | Control with app: No | Award: MadeForMums Award 2021, Baby monitor – Bronze 

Designed for wire-free use, this travel baby monitor is perfect for holidays and trips to visit family, but it also comes in handy if your child sleeps in different rooms around the house. Battery life is the key feature here: it can last up to 8 hours before it needs charging, so it should easily stay on overnight if you switch on the voice activation mode to save power.

It comes with most of the features of a standard video monitor, including 2-way talk, a zoom function, sound and visual alerts, and a temperature function. It’s also designed to be expandable, with the ability to connect up to 4 cameras if needed. On the downside, the camera stand is not suited to all rooms and some of our testers found it difficult to angle the camera perfectly to see the cot, so you may wish to buy a bendy stand or mount to help with it. It’s also not got the best screen or night vision compared to some on this list, but that is likely due to the need to conserve battery life.

Home tester Rosanna said, “This is an excellent monitor for the family on the go or as a back-up in the home. The entirely wireless travel element to the camera is a big plus point, making it easy to set up and you aren’t restricted to plug sockets.”

Pros: Wire free, good battery life, perfect for travel
Cons: Small screen, night vision isn’t as good as some, stand is not very flexible

Available from: John LewisBoots and Babymoov

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8. Snuza HeroMD Portable Breathing Monitor, £89.99

Best for peace of mind

Snuza HeroMD Portable Breathing Monitor

Type: Breathing | Frequency type: Digital | Range: 250m | Talkback function: No | Night vision: No | Alerts: Sound | Control with app: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars

Although the wearables market is growing quickly, the Snuza Hero MD is the only one on this list that comes with medical certification. Snuza also partnered with the Lullaby Trust to donate devices for the CONI programme, which provides support for bereaved parents who go on to have another baby.

The monitor works by clipping on to your baby’s nappy, tracking their breathing through their abdominal movements. It then gently vibrates after 15 seconds to rouse your baby if they haven’t taken any breaths in that time, and a sharp audible alarm sounds after a further 5 seconds if breathing is weak or has not resumed. In order to gain EU medical certification, Snuza has said that it had to prove it could detect the slightest breath. MFM reviewer, Steve, could attest to this: “It even managed to pick up breathing when worn on top of a vest, clipped onto the waistband of our son’s trousers.”

Steve found the set-up to be straightforward with the device “ready to use in seconds”. Once clipped on to the nappy our testers also found it to be very secure “with no visible small pieces”, in the words of MFM tester Zowie.

You won’t find an app to go alongside the Snuza Hero MD, which is an element that some of its competitors do have, and you may find that you want to use it in conjunction with a video monitor for the full package. However, coming in at under £100, it is a simple but reliable buy for parents who are looking for extra reassurance.

Pros: Medically certified breathing monitor, secure fastening, comfortable for baby
Cons: No video monitoring, no app connectivity

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Snuza Hero MD

Available from: Currys Argos and Amazon

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9. BT Audio Baby Monitor 450, £49.99

Best for audio monitoring

BT Audio Baby Monitor 450

Type: Audio | Frequency type: Digital | Range: 50m indoor/300m outdoor | Talkback function: Yes | Night vision: No | Alerts: Sound and lights | Control with app: No

Although it’s an audio only monitor, the BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 offers some great features, including the highest quality HD sound and a wide 50m indoor and 300m outdoor range.

Ideal for soothing your child to sleep, it features 2-way talkback, 18 different lullabies and even a star and moon light show. For more subtle light features, there’s an adjustable nightlight which is also ideal for older babies. The parent unit has the option for alerts as either sound or lights, and there’s also a temperature sensor.

At £50, this is a lot more affordable than more of the advanced monitors on the market. While it lacks technical wizardry (for example there’s no app connectivity) it’s a solid and reliable option from a trusted brand, and great if you have no need for a video monitor.

Pros: Wide range of lullabies, light show, affordable, large outdoor range, sound sensitive lights
Cons: Basic functionality, no video

Available from: BT and Amazon

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10. VTech BM1000, £24.99

Best for affordability

VTech. baby monitor

Type: Audio | Frequency type: Digital | Range: 50m | Talkback function: No | Night vision: No | Alerts: Sound and lights | Control with app: No

This is a simple audio-only baby monitor that works well across the home without breaking the bank. Despite being a budget buy, the sound quality is clear and consistent even when moving between rooms. The sound sensitive lights are also a useful alert system for when you have the audio alerts kept low.

Battery life tops out at about 7 hours, so good enough for a night or two (given that it will be on standby for much of this time if your baby is sleeping). The top of the monitor itself is a little top heavy though, so it’s worth making sure you have it set up in a solid spot to avoid it falling and potentially waking baby.

The out of range alert is a nice addition which lets you feel peace of mind knowing that you’re connected, even if your baby is quiet and there are no noise alerts. The addition of a belt clip is also nice touch that lets you keep this on you as you move about without thinking about it.

Pros: Affordable, sound sensitive lights, belt clip, out of range alert
Cons: Very basic functionality

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