How to Store Baby Carriers

We asked our Tula Love Community to share how they store their baby carrier collection and they did not disappoint with the tips and tricks! We’d love to showcase these and share some baby-wearing goodness as we pass on these tips from one mama to another.

Looking for some baby carrier storage inspiration? We asked our Tula Love Community for the best way to store their collection of Tula products when not in use, and they did not disappoint with their tips and tricks!

The Tula Love Community shared the many ways they store their Tula Baby Carriers so I thought it would be helpful to compile all of their suggestions for you!

From our friends in the babywearing community, here are some tips and tricks for storing your Tula Baby Carrier(s).

Store your Tula Baby Carrier in a secure place out of reach of children

Keep your Tula Baby Carrier in an accessible spot, so you can grab it when on-the-go. Some use hooks next to the front door or in their closet. Others store them in a basket with other must-haves for baby and toddler gear.

Each day during International Babywearing Week (IBW), we’ll be posting babywearing tips from our friends at local Babyearing International (BWI) Chapters.

Today’s tip comes to you courtesy of BWI of Lawton/Ft Sill:

Have you been at a loss for storing your Ergo?  It’s simple to roll your carrier into a nice, tight roll with the shoulder straps tucked inside. Start with the outside of your baby carrier facing out. Then take the waist strap and strap it around the roll of your carrier. Buckle it. Snug it up and you’re good to go. No more dangling straps all over the place.

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