Infant Bed For Travel

If you’re traveling, you should have a portable travel bed. This guideline will help you learn about the best types of portable cribs on market, and what makes them the best. When it comes to traveling with baby, many parents are confused about the best way to make their baby comfortable during travel. A portable crib for travel is essential for keeping your baby happy and healthy during your vacation.

Not only can your child sleep in a travel crib, but many parents find that they use their portable cribs as replacements to the baby’s own crib at home. But don’t just take our word for it; let’s start by taking a look at the facts.

If you intend to only bring one baby product for your child, it should be a travel crib. This is the baby gear essential that will offer your child comfortable sleep and create an ideal surface for changing dirty diapers. There are baby travel beds made from a variety of materials including lightweight hard plastic, soft padded fabric, or mesh. The Bed N’ Bag travel bed is durable, machine washable, and smaller than other brands.

You’re about to embark on an adventure with a small passenger. Make things easier for both of you by packing a travel crib that’s allowed on the plane or car. We researched and tested cribs before creating our recommendation, so you can rest easy knowing your baby’s snoozing safely.The Travel Time Infant Travel Bed is a perfect choice for parents who love to travel with their kids. The easy fold design makes it convenient for storage, and the lightweight yet durable frame can be easily transported or even stowed in a suitcase or handbag without a hassle. Covered in a water-resistant cotton fabric and complete with a plush lambs wool mattress and fleece padded mattress cover, this portable crib has all the features you’ll need for napping away from home! A matching diaper bag can also be purchased separately to match.

Even the best travel crib you can find might not meet all the safety standards that do exist. But then you have Basic Baby Travel bed. The sky is the limit with this clever travel bed made of memory foam and fitted with a corner cushion that’s covered in shock proof fiber, making it a great choice for kids who like to jump and roll around.

The Travel Time Infant Travel Bed is a perfect choice for parents who love to travel with their kids. The easy fold design makes it convenient for storage, and the lightweight yet durable frame can be easily transported or even stowed in a suitcase or handbag without a hassle. Covered in a water-resistant cotton fabric and complete with a plush lambs wool mattress and fleece padded mattress cover, this portable crib has all the features you’ll need for napping away from home! A matching diaper bag can also be purchased separately to match.

After narrowing down the multitude of options for parents looking at purchasing a baby travel bed, here are the 5 best travel cribs that you should consider:

  1. All Around Best Travel Crib:
    Lotus Travel Crib by Guava Family
  2. Best Travel Bassinet:
    Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet
  3. Best Baby Travel Crib for Moving Around:
    phil&teds Travel Crib
  4. Best Portable Baby Crib for Budgets:
    Dream on Me Travel Crib
  5. Best Baby Travel Bed for Older Babies & Toddlers:
    KidCo PeaPod Plus Travel Tent

Are those your only options for travel cribs for babies? No, we also have other similar options to each of the portable cribs for travel listed above, so you can find the best travel crib for your family.

What you won’t find listed here is heavy pack n’ plays or playards. These are great for Grandma’s house (and it’s worth it just to buy one and ship it there) but not all that great for traveling with. For parents traveling with a baby, you don’t want to be lugging one of these heavy portable baby cribs around. They might be portable but they aren’t lightweight!

As fellow traveling parents, we make sure to include only those portable baby cribs that we personally have or would travel with.

Best Baby Travel Beds [show]

This post contains compensated links.

Finding the Best Baby Bed for Travel

Traveling can take a lot out of a baby or toddler, so you’ll want to make sure you are doing what you can to get your baby to sleep on vacation!

The first step for is making sure to have the best baby bed for travel that’s lightweight and portable, but more importantly that will provide a safe and comfortable sleep for your baby while traveling.

Here are our recommendations for the best travel beds for babies:

Travel Cribs

Here are all the best travel cribs for babies. These portable baby travel beds are lightweight compared to a regular pack n’ play, while still giving your baby a safe place to sleep while traveling.CREATE PINTEREST PIN

1. Lotus Travel Crib

The Lotus travel crib by Guava Family is a lightweight travel crib with backpack portability and sets up in 15 seconds. At only 13 lbs, it fits as a carry-on and you could even use it for naps in the airport! With a side door that zips open, your little one will even have their own safe area to play wherever your travels take you!

Best for: Parents who know they’ll get plenty of use out of it. The Guava Family Lotus portable crib is approved for use 0-3 years old (including newborn and infant overnight sleep).

Safety: The Lotus travel crib exceeds many of the standards, was made without any harsh chemicals and is GreenGuard Gold approved.

Ease of use: It has no assembly with quick setup and pack away.

Size for travel: This portable sleeping bed for baby was designed to fit in most overhead compartments on the airplane when flying with a baby. The size when folded in the backpack is 24x7x11 inches. Check your airline’s cabin baggage size to confirm before flying.

Price: At slightly cheaper than the Baby Bjorn baby travel bed, it’s the second most expensive portable baby bed in this list. However, it’s rated for use from birth and is 45 inches long, so you’ll get plenty of use out of it (assume you can use until your child is around 40 inches tall).

Why you should consider the Lotus baby travel crib: While it’s pricey, you’ll get what you pay for. This portable crib has all the features we love when it comes to looking at the best travel cribs for baby. It has a quick setup with no assembly, it has extra features like the quiet side zipper and it’s easy to travel with. If you are considering the Lotus, buy it early so you get the most value for your dollars.

With over 1800 reviews on Amazon and a very high star rating, this traveling crib for baby is sure to please everyone!SHOP THIS ITEMCREATE PINTEREST PIN

2. Dream On Me Travel Light Playard

For parents who are looking for one of the best baby travel beds but at a lower cost, this is for you. The Dream on Me Travel Light Playard is the lowest priced portable baby crib for travel in our list.

It’s comparably light to all the best travel cribs for toddlers and babies at 13 lbs.

Best for: The Dream on Me playard can be used for newborns and up to 30 lbs and 35 inches. Parents looking for a budget option will love this one.

Safety: Made with a sturdy aluminum frame and a locking system, this playard also has fabric and mesh free from any harmful allergenics.

Ease of use: At this price point, this travel playard will require some assembly but it’s still a quick no-tool assembly.

Size for travel: While this portable travel crib won’t fit in the overhead bin, it does fold flat with a sturdy travel bag that could be checked with your luggage. At only 13lbs, it won’t be too cumbersome to travel with and might even fit in a checked suitcase.

Price: As mentioned previously, this portable crib for travel is perfect for parents on a budget. It’s about 5 inches shorter than the Lotus crib, so you’ll only get to use it until your toddler is around 35 inches.

Why you should consider the Dream on Me Travel Light Playard: If the side zipper feature and easy set up are something you can go without, then this is the best portable crib at this price level. For the lower price, you’ll still get a very well rated foldable baby bed for travel in some fun colors!SHOP THIS ITEM


3. BABY BJORN Travel Crib Light

Along with the Lotus, the BabyBjorn travel crib is the cream of the crop when it comes to portable cribs for toddlers and babies. Just so you don’t get sticker shock, know that the price of the Baby Bjorn price reflects the build quality and that the set up and fold down take just one move.

While it also only weighs 13 lbs, it does not fit as a carry-on but it can still be gate checked. It does have an added benefit of having a removable mattress cover and crib fabric that is machine washable.

This crib for travel can be used from 0 to 3 years old, so if you buy it early you’ll get plenty of use out of it as you can continue to use it as a travel crib for toddlers.

Best for: Parents who don’t want to mess with assembly and the best build quality in a baby travel bed.

Safety: The Babybjorn is also free of any harsh chemicals and uses Okeo-tex Certified fabrics.

Ease of use: With one move to set it up, this is about as easy as it gets to set up a portable baby travel bed.

Size for travel: With similar weight and a travel bag, the BabyBjorn is also travel friendly. While you won’t be able to fit it in the overhead bin, you can check it with your luggage.

Price: The BabyBjorn travel bed for baby is the most expensive of the best travel cribs for babies.

Why you should consider the BabyBjorn portable travel crib: If you are planning to use it from newborn to toddler stage, you’ll get enough use out of it to justify the price. And you’ll be happy you have the quick set up and take down. As long as you don’t have your heart set on the side zipper access, then this is the best portable travel crib for frequent travelers who want a super quick set up and take down.SHOP THIS ITEMCREATE PINTEREST PIN

4. Phil and Teds Travel Crib

The Phil&Teds Traveller Crib is one the best portable cribs for babies, right up there with the Lotus and Baby Bjorn travel cribs. It’s the lightest travel crib at 6 lbs and rolls up to the size of a yoga mat. It also comes with a self-inflating mattress and the fitted sheet is included with this portable bed for baby.

The Phil&Teds is suitable from birth until about 2-3 years old (< 35” tall). Aside from being super lightweight and portable, the Phil&teds traveller crib also comes with a lower price tag.

Best for: Parents who want to pack light because they move around a lot!

Safety: Also made with Okeo-tex Certified fabrics. Some negative reviews claim this isn’t quite as sturdy as it should be and there’s the risk of it tipping over. Make sure you aren’t using it with a baby who will try to climb out.

Ease of use: Given how small it packs up, it is going to require more assembly than the other portable travel cribs. Watch the YouTube video prior to traveling with it.

Size for travel: Aside from some of the travel tents, this is the lightest of the portable travel cribs and can fit in the overhead bin on airplanes. It will be the easiest one to carry around.

Price: With a price point right in the middle of the budget friendly Dream on Me Playard and the more expensive Lotus travel crib, the phil&teds is suitable from newborn to around 2 years old. You’ll still get plenty of use out of it.

Why you should consider the phil&teds travel crib: If you want to have a portable crib for baby that you can bring everywhere, then this one is for you. Given that it rolls up to the size of a yoga mat, you could set it up practically anywhere indoors or out. You could bring it for naps in the airport or even on a picnic on the beach! You can even get a shade mesh for outdoor use.

We do feel that it’s better for smaller babies who won’t stand or try to climb out, given the reviews on the risk of it tipping.SHOP THIS ITEM


5. MiClassic Travel Bed

This Miclassic is another great option to consider for parents who are looking for a budget option with a lot of features. The MiClassic baby travel bed weighs the same as the more expensive brands at 13lbs, has a side zipper and quick set up and take down.

It’s also suitable for newborns & infants for overnight sleep and up to 3 years old.

Best for: While you’ll give up the ability to bring this one on the plane as a carry-on, it’s the perfect option for parents who don’t want to pay the high price of the premium travel cribs but still want the features.

Safety: Similar to those mentioned above, it has breathable mesh and meets the required safety standards.

Ease of use: This portable travel crib also has a feature that makes it easier to move from room to room, with a quick fold. It does require more assembly, but once you know what you’re doing it’s quick to set up and take down.

Size for travel: This one packs down similar to a traditional pack n’ play in a long rectangle, though it’s still very lightweight at 13 lbs and comes with a travel bag. It’s packs down to 29x9x9 inches.

Price: Similar to the Dream on Me playard, this is one of the most budget friendly travel cribs.

Why you should consider the MiClassic baby travel bed: This is the least expensive portable crib for babies that also has a side zipper door. If that’s a feature that’s important to you but you won’t be using it enough to justify the price of a Lotus travel crib, then this is a good option to consider.SHOP THIS ITEMCREATE PINTEREST PIN

6. Flisko 2 in 1 Travel Crib & Bassinet

The Flisko 2-in-1 Travel Crib and Bassinet is on this list because it has a bassinet for newborns. All of the above options are suitable from birth, but for parents who prefer to have their baby up higher and closer to them, this is a nice feature. You’ll have more to pack and a higher weight for this feature, but you’ll get the benefit of a travel bassinet for infants plus a portable travel crib all in one.

The bassinet, which clips on the sides, is rated for 0 to 3 months old, after which you’d remove it and use it like a regular portable travel bed.

Best for: Parents who want to get the most use out of their purchase. Parents can even use this at home to have their baby in a bassinet for the first 3 months, but still want a lightweight travel crib for traveling.

Safety: While the company makes no mention of specific standards they meet, no heavy metals, lead or unsafe materials have been used in the construction. This travel crib has mesh ventilation on all sides for complete airflow.

Ease of use: This one has a quick set up and fold down.

Size for travel: It’s similar in size to all the other portable cribs for babies and toddlers, but it weighs more at 15.5 lbs. The folded size of this baby travel crib is 22.5″ x 5″ x 20″ (LxWxH).
The sleeping surface is 36″ x 22″ x 28″ (LxWxH) where the complete unfolded dimensions are 43″ x 28″ x 28″.

Price: The Flisko is mid-range in price compared to others in this list.

Why you should consider the Flisko: If you want a bassinet for your newborn but don’t want to purchase two different travel cribs, then this is a great option. You could even use it at home to have your newborn close. It has some other features like the side zipper for easy access and a travel bag. It also comes with the mattress and fitted sheet.SHOP THIS ITEM

Baby and Toddler Travel Tents

Different than the portable travel cribs, these toddler travel tents are another alternative for your baby or toddler to sleep in. They are super lightweight and easy to pack.CREATE PINTEREST PIN

7. KidCo Peapod Plus Portable Travel Tent

If you are looking for a travel bed for 1 year old (or older), the PeaPod and PeaPod Plus make an excellent travel bed for toddlers. It’s weight (3.5lbs for the larger PeaPod Plus) and size make it super compact and allow it to be packed right in the suitcase.

The larger PeaPod Plus can be used up to 5 years old, ensuring you will get plenty of use out of it. This toddler travel tent is also good, since you don’t need to worry about the possibility of your toddler trying to climb out like the other portable cribs for babies and toddlers above.

Best for: Parents who are looking for the lightest and most compact option for toddlers.

Safety: The entire tent is surrounded with lightweight mesh to promote airflow. It also has UV protection if used outside.

Ease of use: It couldn’t be easier to use a travel tent, you just need to take it out of the bag and it pops open. Once you figure out how to pack it back up (watch this video), it’s also a cinch and takes under a minute.

Size for travel: Aside from the phil&teds travel crib, you won’t get something as light and compact as this for a travel bed for toddlers. It’s super lightweight and fits in a suitcase or can fit in the overhead bin on airplanes.

Price: This is also a great budget option, especially when you consider the ability to use it on the beach, for travel or as a portable crib for camping for toddlers.

Why you should consider the PeaPod Plus travel tent: This is one of the easiest portable travel beds to travel with. It’s light and fits in a suitcase plus it’s one of the least expensive options. Some toddlers love their tents and will even want to sleep in it at home!

Keep in mind that not all toddlers like the small space of a toddler tent, but we have some suggestions on how to best introduce it to your toddler in our review of the KidCo PeaPod Plus.SHOP THIS ITEMCREATE PINTEREST PIN

8. Joovy Gloo Portable Baby Tent

The Joovy Gloo travel bed is a pop-up tent, similar to the popular KidCo PeaPod. The Joovy Gloo also comes in two sizes, regular and large, that are rated up to 3 years old and 5 years old, respectively.

The big difference between the Joovy Gloo and the KidCo PeaPod is that the Joovy Gloo is approved for use from six months old. On the other hand, the Joovy Gloo is also more expensive and heavier than the KidCo PeaPod.

It has UPF 50 sun protection, making it a baby beach essential, and a self-inflating mattress.

We do recommend going with the large size if you plan to purchase a Joovy Gloo Travel tent, since you’ll get the most value out of it for your money.

Why you should consider the Joovy Gloo: Given that this is such a similar option to the PeaPod Plus, here’s why you might want to consider the Joovy Gloo over the PeaPod Plus. The Joovy Gloo has a self inflating mattress that has a cotton sheet that zips over the mattress. Our biggest complaint on the PeaPod Plus was that we didn’t love the sleeping surface and would have preferred a cotton sheet that was removable. The Joovy Gloo also comes in 6 fun colors.

Things we like better about the PeaPod Plus: There’s no need to push air out of the mattress, you just fold it up when it’s time to go. We also like that it’s two pounds lighter and cheaper, these are more important to us than the color.SHOP THIS ITEM

Travel Bassinets for Babies

If you are looking for a newborn travel bassinet, here are the best options. However, since most of the top rated baby travel cribs above are suited for newborn and infant overnight sleep, you’ll get the most value out of one of those options.CREATE PINTEREST PIN

9. Joovy Coo Portable Bassinet

The Joovy Coo, though expensive, is a good option for parents traveling with a newborn who prefer to have their baby up near them. This portable travel bassinet is suitable from birth up to 15lbs, which can then be transformed into a regular travel crib.

The Joovy Coo newborn travel bassinet can also be set to rock and it comes with a travel bag and mattress cover.

Best for: The Joovy Coo portable infant bed is best for parents who also want to use it at home for room sharing with their newborn. It folds flat and can be used for travel as well, rather than having to purchase a new product.

Why you should consider the Joovy Coo baby travel bassinet: If you plan to stay in hotel rooms or have limited space at home, this bassinet is for you. This bassinet is perfect for room sharing and having your baby near you.SHOP THIS ITEMCREATE PINTEREST PIN

10. BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

The Brica Fold n’ Go is one of the best travel bassinets. This infant travel bed has mesh sides, a firm mattress and fitted sheet to create a safe sleep environment for your baby. It folds flat in seconds and includes convenient carrying handles, but can also fit in a suitcase.

At only 2.4 lbs, it’s a great option for your 0 to 3 month old (discontinue use at 3 months or 15 lbs and if your baby is up on their hands and knees). If your baby is up on their hands and knees, it’s time to move on to one of the other baby travel cribs listed!

Why you should consider the Brica infant travel bed: It’s great for parents who are looking for a lightweight travel bassinet for their newborn.SHOP THIS ITEM

Newborn Travel Bassinets for Supervised Sleeping

Though the Lulyboo and the Dock-a-Tot aren’t recommended for overnight sleep, they are great options for parents who want to give their infant a place to nap wherever they are. They are recommended for supervised sleeping only.CREATE PINTEREST PIN

11. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock Baby Lounger

The Dock-A-Tot is another safe sleeping option for naps while traveling with your baby. We know that people love their Dock-a-Tots, but it isn’t recommended for overnight sleep.

Instead we recommend one of the above baby travel cribs that are suitable from birth for overnight sleep.

If you can’t leave it behind, your Dock-a-Tot can be used for naps, play, tummy time and diaper changes.

You will likely need to take it as an extra piece of luggage, but at only 3-5 lbs it’s a very lightweight baby travel bed.

*Please be aware that Health Canada has not approved the Dock-A-Tot as a bassinet, crib or cradle and they are not sold in Canada.SHOP THIS ITEMCREATE PINTEREST PIN

12. Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Infant Travel Bed

The Lulyboo is a safe sleeping spot for your baby during supervised sleeping like naps. It folds into a backpack and has a waterproof base making it good for outdoor use. It also comes with a canopy and activity bar for your baby.

The Lulyboo is a great option for taking with you to a friends place, a picnic or anywhere else that you’d like to have a safe spot to lay your baby down for a nap. It folds down into a backpack and could even be brought onto the airplane. It can also be used for play, tummy time and diaper changes.

Baby Travel Bed For Plane

Your trip is booked and now it’s time to start figuring out what baby travel gear you’ll need, including where will your baby sleep and which is the best portable baby bed for travel.

We got our first inflatable airplane bed for toddlers way back in 2016 and have been using that original Fly Tot inflatable toddler airplane bed plus a couple of others ever since. We always find a way to bring our airplane beds for toddlers on our long haul flights, knowing it’s our best chance for a good sleep when flying with toddlers and kids.

We sometimes feel like the extra space to bring the airplane travel bed for toddlers (plus having to carry them around for our entire trip) might not be worth it, but when flying with toddler that extra space for playing and sleeping always ends up being more that worth it. In the end, they are one of our airplane essentials for toddlers and we never regret bringing them!

Even just a few hours of getting a toddler to sleep on the plane (and not on our laps) is worth it to us.

image of toddler sleeping on airplane on inflatable airplane travel bed

This post contains compensated links.

In this post, we will review three of the best inflatable airplane travel beds for toddlers and kids. We’ll include a few of the other popular ones and how they compare.

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If these just aren’t in your travel budget right now, you can check out these top budget inflatable airplane travel beds for toddlers we recommend to turn the airplane seat into a bed.

You can get an airplane bed for toddlers in one of these 4 types of seat extenders for the airplane:

  1. Cube shaped blow up cushions (that you’ll find in our list of budget inflatable footrests).
  2. Mushroom shaped inflatable plane cushions like the Fly Tot.
  3. An inflatable cushion that covers the entire seat and area between the seats like the Flyaway kids bed.
  4. A ride-on suitcase that converts to a toddler airplane travel bed like the JetKids Bed Box.

Best Airplane Beds for Toddlers


Flyaway Kids Bed by Flyaway Designs

The Flyaway Kids bed is similar to the inflatable airplane cushions below, in that it extends the airplane seat to make it a bed for toddlers and kids, but it does have some key differences. You can read our full Flyaway Kids Bed review here.

The Flyaway Kids Bed doesn’t just work as an extension to the airplane seat but instead it creates one uniform flat surface over your child’s seat and the floor area. This helps eliminate the issue of having the inflatable flight cushion not being flush with the seat.

It’s extra important to have your child’s head near the back of their own seat when lying down on a Flyaway Kids bed. Since your child is higher up, there’s the potential for them to be hit if the seat in front of them reclines. Besides that, there is no impact to the person seated in front or their ability to recline.

The Flyaway Kids Bed also comes with a pump, but it’s a much more compact pump and it will fill the inflatable airplane cushion in about 90 seconds. I was amazed at how quickly it worked and without the whistling (if this is a concern for you)!

The other benefit to the Flyaway Kids airplane bed is that it doesn’t take up the full area on the floor, leaving some space to store bags under the seat in front and even access them if needed.

As for size, it’s only slightly larger (barely noticeable) than the other inflatable flight cushions for toddlers when fully deflated and rolled up, but the pump will take up far less room.

You can buy the Flyaway Kids Bed directly from their website. If you find it to be out of stock, we recommend signing up on the Flyaway Designs website to be notified when it’s back in stock so you don’t miss out.CHECK PRICE ON FLYAWAY KIDSCREATE PINTEREST PIN

Fly Tot 2.0 Inflatable Airplane Cushion

As mentioned, we own two Fly Tots and have owned our first one since 2016 when we first used it on our trip to Japan with toddlers. They are one of our favorite toddler travel gear items and you can read our full Fly Tot review here.

The Fly Tot is an inflatable cushion for airplanes that works as a child airplane seat extender, by filling the floor area between your toddlers airplane seat and the seat in front. It can be placed in several different ways to ensure a snug fit in either premium or economy seats.

For those extra tight spaces, you can use it upside down to fit in the space. We find the Fly Tot usually fit flush with the airplane seat or slightly above it.

It can take up a significant portion of your carry-on luggage, and especially if you are carrying two of these inflight beds for toddlers, plus the pump.

You won’t be able to use floor space to store your bags, at least not if you want access to them while using the toddler airplane travel bed. The room under the seat in front of your toddler will still be available to store a bag, but you won’t be able to access it.

The Fly Tot has been officially approved on some airlines, like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Etihad and Virgin Australia, but use on other airlines will be left up to the discretion of the flight crew. Some airlines have outright banned the use of inflatable cushions for air travel. It’s best to research your airline before you take it with you.

Other Fly Tot alternatives are the Plane Pal cushion and the Kooshy Kids Kooshion.

If you are comparing the Plane Pal vs the Fly Tot, you’ll find they are very similar. They have almost identical dimensions (Fly Tot dimensions: 55cm x 37cm x 42cm vs Plane Pal dimensions: 54cm x 43cm x 36cm) and the shape of the Plane Pal is very similar to the Fly Tot.

The dimensions of the Kooshy Kids Kooshion vs Fly Tot are slightly larger (Kooshy Kids: is 60cm x 38cm x 44cm) but the shapes are still very similar. The Kooshy Kids is taller, so it will sit more flush with an airplane seat (or be slightly higher). The Kooshy Kids does have the option of a battery operated pump, but we’ve never felt like that would be necessary.

All three inflatable airplane cushion companies sell their cushion with a pump, all of which will take 2-3 minutes to inflate. Some of the pumps do make a whistle noise, but it’s not a concern. I have never had anyone even notice when I’ve been blowing up the inflatable airplane bed.CHECK PRICE ON FLY TOT


Jetkids Bed Box by Stokke

The JetKids Bed Box is one that we haven’t tried yet. It’s different in that it’s a ride on suitcase that transforms into a bed on the plane, so there is no cushion to blow up. If you were in the market for a ride on suitcase and a portable airplane travel bed, this might be a good alternative. It has about 23L of space for your toddler’s carry-on items.

It’s carry-on size and will convert the seat to a bed. It works similar to the Flyaway Kids Bed, by extending the lid of the suitcase to create a bed with the seat. There’s another part that rolls over top of the airplane seat and the extended lid of the suitcase create one uniform area for you child to lie down.

The downside to this option is that it’s an extra thing for parents to carry if your child doesn’t want to ride on it or pull it. We’ve always tried to travel minimally and with backpacks that left our hands free to make it easier to keep kids close. We also tend to take public transportation when traveling with a baby, toddler or children, so reducing the number of items we carry has always been a priority.

While this is the most expensive option by quite a bit, if you were planning on buying a carry-on suitcase for your toddler anyways you won’t have to buy two separate items.CHECK PRICE ON JETKIDSCREATE PINTEREST PINPhoto Credit:

Seat to Sleep – Travel Nest Inflatable Cushion

New to us is the Travel Nest by Seat to Sleep. While we love the Flyaway Designs and Fly Tot, there comes a time when those may not be ideal for your child. Or perhaps you are flying with an airline that doesn’t allow inflatable airplane beds for toddlers.

The Travel Nest is for children aged 3 to 10, so as your toddler ages out of the ones above, rest assured that you still have options! We want to do anything we can to keep kids comfortable and able to sleep on the plane. This is well worth the price.

We’ve just received our Travel Nest and are excited to give it a test run soon, but we’ve tried it out at home. The Seat to Sleep pillow folds incredibly small and could easily clip on a the outside of your toddler travel backpack. It’s quick to inflate and deflate – without needing a pump. I especially like the valve which doesn’t let air out when you are blowing it up. It comes in an adorable print that everyone will love plus a small travel bag.

Watch for our full review soon, but if you can’t wait then head over to Seat to Sleep and use discount code BABYCANTRAVEL on your Travel Nest inflatable cushion for kids.CHECK PRICE ON SEAT TO SLEEP

Are inflatable Airplane Beds Allowed on Planes?

Yes, for some airlines. It’s important that you research your airline before using an inflatable airplane bed for kids or the JetKids Bed Box suitcase. We can speak from experience that airlines which have a strict no-use policy will ask you to remove it if you set it up.

Which Airlines Will Allow You to Use An Airplane Inflatable Bed?

Where possible the companies have listed the airlines that have either given approval for using their airplane travel bed for kids or given an indication that it could be used at the discretion of the flight crew.

Our Tips for Successfully using a Toddler Travel Bed for the Airplane

child sleeping on inflatable bed for airplane
Don’t make the same mistake we did, put your toddlers feet on the cushion instead of their head.

An inflatable airplane bed, like the Fly Tot or Flyaway Kids Bed, is the best way to create space to play and for sleeping. With these tips, your airplane travel bed for a baby, toddler or child will increase your odds of success for getting your little one to sleep.

  • If using it as a plane seat extender for your baby, never leave your baby unattended since she can still roll off.
  • You will need a reserved seat for your baby or toddler to use an inflatable bed for the airplane. Your toddler (under 2 years old) or baby will need to be in your lap for takeoff, landing and during any turbulence.
  • If a flight attendant requests you to put your child in your lap, please politely comply – even if your baby or toddler is sleeping. They are looking out for the safety of your child.
  • Make sure to position your child’s head near the back of the seat with feet on the toddler airplane bed, so you can use the seat belt in case of sudden turbulence.
  • Never try to use your Bed Box or inflatable airplane beds for kids during taxi, takeoff or landing. We prefer to wait until the meal service is complete and everyone is settled in their seats.
  • Make sure you have the correct seats for using travel bed for toddlers on the plane. You will need a reserved seat or a spare seat to use it with. Only use it in the window seat or the middle seat of the center row on larger airplanes.
  • Never use your toddler travel bed for the airplane in a way that might impact other passengers. When used properly it should not interfere with the person in front of you or their ability to recline.
  • Never try to inflate it in the aisle, do it within the confines of your seat. You’ll want to inflate the airplane seat bed for toddlers in place anyways to get the most snug fit.
  • If you are asked to remove it, politely apologize and remove it. Flight attendants are your best friend when flying with a baby or toddler. In most cases using one of these airplane sleep aids is at the discretion of the flight crew.

What Ages is an Inflatable Airplane Travel Bed Suitable for?

Typically they are geared towards children who are 2 to 7 years old, given that you would have an airplane seat purchased for a child in this age range. They can still be used for infants and babies, if you have a reserved seat or are able to get a spare seat next to you.

What Can You do if Your Airline Doesn’t Allow You to Use an Airplane Bed for Toddlers?

If you are flying with a baby, you can request a bassinet (if available and if you are seated in the bulk head seats). Otherwise, we recommend bringing a baby carrier for travel on the airplane. You can use it after takeoff to help get your baby to sleep.

If you have a purchased seat for your toddler or baby on the airplane, you can travel with a car seat if it will help your baby or toddler sleep.

If you don’t have a purchased seat, always ask if there are any spare seats on the flight. You can bring your car seat right to the gate and gate check it if you can’t get a spare seat.

And the big question…Are Inflatable Airplane Beds for Toddlers and Kids Worth It?

image of getting a toddler to sleep on a flight with a toddler bed for plane

The answer to that question will depend on how much you intend to use it and the age of your children. If you buy it early on (when they are 2 years old) and plan to use it at least once a year, then yes, the cost is absolutely worth it. Especially if you will be doing long haul flights.

It’s no big deal to have a child sleep on your lap for a short flight, but when we are talking several hours… I would say that having them have their own space where they can spread out is more than worth it.

If you will only use it on one or two flights, then you can probably survive without it. The flight is a very short portion of your trip.

Don’t forget, you can also make use of them on other forms of transportation like on trains or ferries. The airplane travel bed for your toddler can even be used in a car.

What to Look for in a Baby Travel Bed

1. Safety

Safety is of the utmost important when it comes to your baby and traveling with your baby. You want the best baby travel bed made from a reputable company that meets or exceeds safety standards.

Look at the full descriptions of the travel beds for babies, they should list all the safety features. Included in those safety features should be full mesh sides that are breathable and the sleeping surface should be firm.

Some of these travel tents, travel bassinets and portable cribs for travel have very clear guidelines on age, size and weight. You’ll also find clear guidelines on the mattress and where it should be positioned. Adhere to these guidelines, they are there for the safety of your baby.

2. Ease of Use

You want your baby travel bed to be easy to set up and take down. This is especially important if you are trying to sneak in that nap as close to having to pack up as possible. We’ve all done it! Or you arrive at your Airbnb late at night and need to get your crying baby down.

The last thing you want is to be struggling while reading instructions and watching a YouTube video to try to figure it out (we recommend doing this at home well before your trip).

3. Size and Weight for Packing

If you have just one direct flight and are getting right into a rental car, then this might not be a big concern. We’ve traveled with our large Graco pack n’ play and it wasn’t all that difficult. We checked it for free, picked it up from the luggage carousel and got right into the car.

However, a very different scenario is when you are on an extended trip and are moving several times on your trip. You’ll want to pack as light as possible and minimize the pieces you are carrying. This is where the lightweight options will really shine!

4. Age Range

Some travel beds for babies can be used from the newborn stage right up to 3 years old. If you plan to use it over several trips, it will be well worth your money to buy one with a quality build that covers all age ranges.

5. Price

There’s a big range on the price of baby travel cribs. Some come with extra features that make the higher price tag more than worth it. We recommend buying the best one within your budget.

If you plan to use it from newborn through toddler stages, then you’ll get the most value by purchasing a portable travel bed for baby that can cover this age range.

6. Extra Features

Other features to consider when purchasing a portable crib for travel are the comfort of the mattress, included accessories (i.e. travel bag, bassinet inserts or fitted sheets), washable mesh, and a side zipper for easy access. our entire list of Baby Travel Beds on Amazon

Do you Need a Portable Travel Crib?

The first step in deciding if you need a portable travel crib is deciding what type of accommodations will work best for your family.

We’ve tried everything from hotel rooms to Airbnb apartments. We were happy with sharing hotel rooms with our baby, until our daughter was able to stand and see us over the top of her travel crib.

I wish we had one of these SlumberPods then – one of our 10 must have items to help baby sleep on vacation.

image of toddler boy in pack n play in Slumberpod Privacy Pod

Use code BABYCANTRAVEL10 to get $20USD off the SlumberPod when you buy direct from SlumberPod!

Still not sure? Read our full review of the SlumberPod here

There are still ways to make this work (ahem, hotel bathroom or closet), but we also really enjoy staying in an Airbnb with a baby or toddler. This is more our style especially now when we are traveling with a toddler. It gives us more space and gives us the ability to separate our kids so they aren’t waking each other at night.

What does this have to do with finding the best travel crib? It’s important to understand what your style of travel is before buying a portable baby bed. Though we want to help you find the best baby bed for travel, it’s good to know the other baby travel bed options before buying and for this, you’ll need to know where you plan on staying.

image of baby sleeping

Now that accommodations are booked, it’s time to start thinking about the best travel bed for baby or toddler travel bed. Before you go out and purchase the best portable baby travel bed, there are several other great options to consider. Not all will work for every family, so choose which is best for yours.

If buying a travel baby bed is the best option for your family, head back up to the portable crib options for infants, babies and toddlers we listed above.

If you plan to have your baby sleep in a portable crib for travel, but aren’t interested in the extra weight or luggage while traveling we recommend the following:

1. Contact your hotel to see if they can provide a baby crib for travel. If they can provide a travel crib, send them an email a few days before you arrive to confirm that one will be available for your stay.

sharing hotel room with baby
Baby crib provided by hotel while in NYC with baby

2. If you are staying in a vacation rental like Airbnb or VRBO, contact your host to see if they have a baby or toddler travel crib available. Even though it is not part of the listing, they may still have one available or can access one for you.

3. Find a reputable baby equipment company in the area. Often you will find you can get a safe, sanitized baby travel crib or toddler travel bed delivered right to your hotel or apartment. Don’t forget to read the reviews to make sure others have been happy with their service.

4. Depending on where you are traveling, consider having a toddler or baby travel bed delivered right to your destination from Amazon. Make sure to contact your hotel or apartment host to see if this is possible (in case it arrives before you do). This is also a great option if you are visiting family who you visit frequently.

If none of the options above are a good fit for your family, if you plan to move around a lot or if you prefer to bring your own crib for your baby or portable toddler bed, we hope our list above helps you find the best baby travel bed for your little one.

Parent Tested Travel Cribs and Baby Travel Beds

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