16 Weeks Pregnant 3D Ultrasound

We know how hard it is to wait for scans at Early Life. We are aware there are some due around the 4th July and we’re working hard to ensure as many people who need scans are able to get them. It may be risky, but if you can’t wait, don’t worry! We’ll accept scanned booked this weekend, and if we can get images, we won’t charge you.

At Early Life Ultrasound Centre we use the latest 3D 4D technology and in-house developed software to provide you with a very realistic image and detailed measurements of your baby. We can also tell you the gender of your baby which is a surprise for both parents on the day of your scan.

If you have been struggling to see your baby’s face, or if you would just like to see that little one sooner, then why not try a 3D ultrasound scan with us. Our 3D ultrasound machine sends radio waves through you and your baby so that we can see every detail of your growing baby in full colour and in 3D. You don’t need an appointment and if you come in between 24 and 34 weeks then you will be able to see your baby’s face on the screen during the scan.

Here at the Early Life Ultrasound Centre, we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced 3D and 4D Baby Scanning services. Offering some of the most competitive prices for Baby Scans in Essex, we also make sure that our customers are as comfortable as possible during their time with us.

Get ready to see your baby’s face in all its glory. Our 3D scan at 16 weeks shows the little miracle inside you. Your baby will be shown in the womb, taking up most of the screen and clearly visible. Enjoy seeing the foetal heartbeat, limb movements and starting to get an idea of gender. This is an amazing experience you can share with your partner and we feel very privileged to share this process with you.

We’re offering mothers-to-be a chance to take home a record of their unborn baby’s features. We’re extending our 16-week scanning appointment time to mothers who are over 34 weeks pregnant.

Baby’s growth

The fingers and toes are already well defined, the nails start to grow but are very soft The amniotic fluid protects the baby, keeping its temperature constant and facilitating its movements. Starting at 16 weeks your baby is sensitive to light. The umbilical cord has its final shape, it continues to carry food from the mother to the baby, but it can also transmit dangerous substances such as alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. Please take care of yourself.

Weight: 3 1/2 ounces / Size: 4 1/2 inches

Changes in mother

The size of your uterus is like an orange, as it increases, there will be an alteration in its center of gravity because it will have more and more weight in the front and will lean back to try to compensate. This overload on the muscles of the back can cause pain. Your pregnancy is beginning to show and you may need maternity clothes and larger bras.

It’s good you know…

If you are over 35 years old or there is a family history of congenital disorders, between 14 and 18 weeks a thin, hollow needle is inserted into the amniotic sac and a sample of the fluid is taken and analyzed. Amniocentesis is a test that can detect chromosome abnormalities, such as Down syndrome.

16 Weeks Pregnant 3D Ultrasound Gender

Your baby has been growing fast. Here he is, already sixteen weeks and four days old! The skin is soft and velvety, while the body and arms can be easily moved. He’s starting to develop fingers and toes, with nails that are quite soft, too. These delicate movements around his mouth will make him yawn now and then. He’s also breathing with his diaphragm: you’ll hear him panting like a puppy! The amniotic fluid keeps his temperature constant at about 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Your baby moves around more than ever: his body, arms and legs can be easily moved around. His face starts looking more human; his nostrils are formed and his ears are slightly pointed. He even has eyebrows. Please take care of yourself so he can grow as healthy as possible.

3D/4D scan images at different stages

What you see at a 3D or 4D ultrasound is dependent on a couple of things. Firstly, the gestational age of your baby. If your baby is 16 weeks you may see your baby’s whole body. At this stage they are quite little and the facial features aren’t very distinguishable due to there being very little fat under the skin and the baby being about the size of an avocado, but it is always lovely to see them wriggling.

3D image at 16 weeks

3D image at 16 weeks

If you are investing in a 3D or 4D scan then the earliest time to get the best images is at around 24 weeks and up to 34 weeks. At 24 weeks we are starting to see baby’s features more clearly as babies are a bit bigger at this stage and the sound waves have to travel a much shorter distance and can pick up better echoes creating a clearer image. Of course, as with all imaging this is still dependent on whether or not there is sufficient clear fluid around the area that we wish to see.

3D image 24 weeks

3D image 24 weeks

From  28 weeks babies tend to look aesthetically more like they will when they born. We begin to see chubbier cheeks and we will sometimes see babies opening their eyes or blinking. We will not see eye colour as the 3D/4D ultrasound does not show colour, but as you can see from the example image below we have some lovely chubby cheeks! You won’t be able to see the whole of your baby always as at this stage as babies are a bit bigger and the whole of baby can’t be seen in one single image. If you aren’t curious about the sex of your baby you can still have a 3D scan and not find out what gender your baby is. It’s always good to mention this to your Sonographer but you will be asked this question before your appointment.

28 week 3D scan

28 week 3D scan

At 30 weeks we can see that those cheeks are just getting chubbier as babies begin to increase in weight. 30 weeks is the half way point where if you live in the UK (and are considered to be low risk) will be about the half way point from your 20 weeks routine scan and you due date. We find that this is an excellent time for 3D, 4D and HD Live ultrasound scans. The image below is a HD Live image which is a newer imaging software available at Early Life Ultrasound Centre with all 3D & 4D scan options.

30 weeks HD Live image

30 weeks HD Live image

It is beautiful to see our babies, but it should be remembered that we consider that as well as imaging to see your baby, well-being in the form of checking growth and fluid levels are also very much a priority. As a part most of the 3D, 4D and HD Live scan packages at Early Life Ultrasound Centre, these checks come as apart of the scan. 

 At 34 weeks and sometimes a couple of weeks after this point we can achieve some excellent results with 3D or 4D imaging, however, the further past 34 weeks, the higher the chance of not being able to achieve images due to reducing fluid levels and baby taking up a lot of space.

3D Image 34 weeks

3D Image 34 weeks

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