16 Weeks Pregnant Nausea Returned

16 weeks pregnant and nausea has returned? You are not alone, a small percentage of women will continue to feel unwell through most of the pregnancy, just remember in most cases morning sickness does not harm you or your baby.

Morning sickness is common in early pregnancy and can feel extremely unpleasant. It doesn’t harm you or your baby – but it can interfere with your everyday life and be very tiring. Some women find their nausea worsens at around 16 weeks, but in most cases morning sickness settles towards the end of the first trimester, which ends around week 20 of pregnancy.

A small percentage of women will still experience nausea, often accompanied by vomiting, throughout the early months of pregnancy. The nausea may be present in the morning and reduce during the rest of the day. Morning sickness does not cause you harm, but a combination of good nutrition and frequent meals may help.

Fortunately for women, nausea usually settles down after 16 weeks. Though in some cases, it may return around the 6th month and last until delivery.

16 weeks into your pregnancy you might feel the nausea returning. In this article we take a look at what is happening in your body, and what home remedies can ease your morning sickness as you enter the second trimester of pregnancy.

Morning sickness is a symptom of your pregnancy. It can be off-putting, but it goes away after the first trimester and usually doesn’t affect your baby.

So I’m 16W3D and my morning sickness came back yesterday. I was nauseas a lot in my first trimester but only threw up once… but now I’m actually throwing up (sorry… TMI). 

Is anyone else feeling this way? I have read that it could be my hormones because baby is going to go through a growth spurt soon but I don’t know. 

I wish the morning sickness was over 🙁

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