Baby Diapers Disposal Container

Are you interested in wholesale baby diapers disposal container with lid? Then, the one you are searching for is the top recommended tool. This product has passed strict quality inspection and received high praise from clients. Details please click pictures show below.

Whether you are a distributor, wholesaler or retailer of baby diapers, our cute diaper disposal container will bring convenience to the consumers. No more hassles with throwing used diapers in the trash. Regularly using our baby diaper container, parents will feel more comfortable when putting their babies in open spaces around them. Our product also suits for many other uses like usage of medical waste/waste from various workshops/collecting hazardous wastes from refrigerators

JANM330DAEA - AKORD Adult Diaper Disposal System, White
Price : $58.32
Features :

  • Odor-free diaper can made from durable ABS resin
  • Discreet airtight design – no unsightly liner hanging over rim
  • Dual use – easily converts into a regular trashcan by removing the lid
  • No assembly required, plus it comes ready-to-go with a liner
  • Holds up to 35 adult-sized diapers and 120 infant-sized diaper, 11 gallon capacity

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 22.83 Inches
Width 14.37 Inches
Length 12.36 Inches
Weight 7.936641432 Pounds
Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Pail with Built-In Odor Controlling Antimicrobial, Includes Pail and 1 Clean Laundry Scent Refill, Gray Pail
Price : $47.99
Features :

  • ALL-IN-ONE DIAPER PAIL – Diaper Genie’s ultimate diaper disposal system controls odors and makes changing your baby’s dirty diapers a breeze. Our tallest pail requires no bending with a foot pedal for easy, hygienic and hands-free opening.
  • BUILT-IN ANTIMICROBIAL – The Complete Pail and the 7-layer refill contain a built-in antimicrobial to prevent germ spread. The Clean Laundry Scent refill has a built-in antimicrobial that inhibits bacteria on the film to help protect from germs
  • KEEP YOUR NURSERY FRESH – Unlike other pails without clamps, the Complete Pail features Double Air-Tite clamps that work with the 7-layer diaper refill bags and carbon filter to add a layer of double dooty odor protection.
  • MASK DIRTY DIAPER ODORS – Our Clean Laundry Scent Refill helps neutralize strong diaper odors and keep your nursery smelling fresh. They also contain improved opaque film so you don’t see dirty diapers when emptying the pail
  • Over 1.5 million Moms put their trust in Diaper Genie Complete for a fresher smelling nursery.

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 27 Inches
Width 12.06 Inches
Length 9.38 Inches
Weight 8.36 Pounds
Release Date 2017-04-20T00:00:01Z
Dekor Mini Hands-Free Diaper Pail | White | Easiest to Use | Just Step – Drop – Done | Doesn’t Absorb Odors | 20 Second Bag Change | Most Economical Refill System
Price : $29.95
Features :

  • Great Secondary Pail, Perfect for Powder Room or Grandma’s House
  • Effective Triple Odor Control Keeps the Smell in the Pail
  • Closed-Cell ABS Plastic Works Like Metal Does Not Absorb Odors
  • Life After Diapers: Converts from Diaper Pail to Trash Can

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 9.9999999898 Inches
Width 6.99999999286 Inches
Length 6.99999999286 Inches
Weight 3.72 Pounds
Release Date 2016-07-30T00:00:01Z
Munchkin Toss Portable Disposable Diaper Pail, 5 Pack, Holds 150 Diapers
Price : $12.99
Features :

  • 5 freestanding, durable and compact pails; ideal for any space and on-the-go disposal
  • Each pail holds up to 30 newborn diapers
  • Resealable lid with odor-trapping panels keep stink and wetness contained
  • The perfect pail for travel. Toss’ collapsible design fits in any diaper bag when empty
  • Simply expand the pail, fill with dirty diapers, then toss when full
  • Winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 – one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design award

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 8.25 Inches
Width 7.25 Inches
Length 5.6 Inches
Weight 0.75 Pounds
Release Date 2019-06-25T00:00:01Z
Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer, Includes (1) Bonus Toss Disposable Diaper Pail
Price : $67.95
Features :

  • Proven No.1 in odor control, Step Diaper Pail keeps your nursery fresh
  • Awarded 2020 Best Overall Diaper Pail by the Good Housekeeping Institute
  • Patented self-sealing system keeps odors contained whether lid is open or closed
  • The only diaper pail compatible with both Refill Rings and Snap, Seal & Toss Bags
  • The set contains (1) Step pail, (1) Snap, seal and toss bag, (1) Starter ring refill, (1) Lavender scented baking soda puck and (1) Toss disposable diaper pail
  • Get a pail, give a tree. For every Step Diaper Pail sold, Munchkin will plant a tree
  • Measures 27” high x 12” deep; Comes with step pedal to open hands-free

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 27.5 Inches
Width 11.5 Inches
Length 12.4375 Inches
Weight 11.308 Pounds
Release Date 2016-02-01T00:00:01Z
JANM280DAEA - AKORD Slim Adult Diaper Disposal System, White
Price : $35.65
Features :

  • Manufacturer: Janibell, Inc

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 20.5118110027 Inches
Width 10.5118110129 Inches
Length 12.4409448692 Inches
Weight 5.4674640976 Pounds
Ubbi Steel Odor Locking, No Special Bag Required Money Saving, Awards-Winning, Modern Design Registry Must-Have Diaper Pail, Gray
Price : $79.99
Features :

  • SAVE MONEY – NO NEED TO BUY SPECIAL BAGS: No special bags, refills or inserts are required with the Ubbi diaper pail saving time and money unlike other pail on the market.holds up to 55 diapers
  • MOST AWARD WINNING DIAPER PAIL: The Ubbi diaper pail won NINE awards proving parents and experts approval
  • STEEL LOCKS IN ODOR: Unlike plastic, steel is not porous and keeps the smell shielded inside
  • NO SPECIAL MECHANISM – SIMPLICITY WORKS BEST: Ready right out of the box, simple to use and not prone to breakage
  • CHILDPROOF LOCK: Keeps little hands from finding their way inside the Ubbi diaper pail. Damper mechanism for smooth, hermetically sealed closure

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 22.4803149377 Inches
Width 10.7480314851 Inches
Length 14.9999999847 Inches
Weight 7 Pounds
Release Date 2016-02-22T00:00:01Z
Ubbi Disposable Diaper Sacks, Lavender Scented, Easy-To-Tie Tabs, Made with Recycled Material, Diaper Disposal or Pet Waste Bags, 200 count
Price : $7.99
Features :

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: contains 20% recycled material
  • CONVENIENT: perfect to dispose of diapers at home or on the go
  • LAVENDER-SCENTED: fresh scent helps to mask unpleasant odors
  • EASY-TO-USE: features easy-to-tie tabs that make diaper clean up a breeze
  • PACKAGE QUANTITY: 200 diaper sack bags

Additional Info :

Color Violet
Item Dimensions
Height 3.625 Inches
Width 7.5 Inches
Length 4.5 Inches
Weight 0.5 Pounds
Release Date 2018-10-31T00:00:01Z
Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail | White | Easiest to Use | Just Step – Drop – Done | Doesn’t Absorb Odors | 20 Second Bag Change | Most Economical Refill System
Price : $29.95
Features :

  • Totally Hands-Free: Step, Drop, Done! No Bending, No Twisting, No Squishing, Unlike Ordinary Pails!
  • Most Cost-Effective Diaper Pail Refill System on the Market. Dekor Refill System Creates Less Waste – Use ONLY What You Need!
  • Effective Triple Odor Control Keeps the Smell in the Pail
  • Award Winning Product Tested by Millions of Parents
  • Closed-Cell ABS Plastic Works Like Metal but Won’t Rust
  • Use Only Genuine Dekor Refills with Exclusive End-of-Liner Marking
  • Comes Completely Assembled with One Full-Sized (not a starter!) Refill Pre-Installed!
  • Life After Diapers: Converts from Diaper Pail to Trash Can

Additional Info :

Color white
Item Dimensions
Height 8.75 Inches
Width 21 Inches
Length 12.25 Inches
Weight 6.7 Pounds
Release Date 2016-07-30T00:00:01Z
Dragon Pox/Lightning in a Bottle
Price :
Features :

    Additional Info :

    Release Date 2020-12-09T06:00:00.000Z

    Diaper Waste Per Year

    Make your baby diaper disposal easier and more convenient by getting this baby diapers container. Ideal for the diaper disposal unit at home, it is the best large capacity baby diapers container. Just throw the dirty diapers in, close it up and you are done. Made of recycled material, it is reusable and can be washed over and over again.

    Your are welcomed to buy baby diapers disposal container from our factory and check the quotation with us. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in this field and we can assure you the good quality and competitive price of our products.

    Strong,durable, and fashionable designed baby diapers disposal container,it is available in different style .This special designed Diapers disposal box is made from high grade material and made to last. Perfect for home, nursery, or other baby care areas where the diapers are being stored. Safe and comfortable for hands to carry around.

    Baby diapers disposal container is a self-locking diaper disposal system, pop-up lid with integrated inner stopper, pull out drawer for easy disposal of used diapers, smooth slide release when dispensing the bag.

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