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NEWGO Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Pain Relief, 2 Pack Vaginial Ice Packs Perineal Cold Pack with 4 Washable Sleeves for , Pregnancy, Babies, Fertility, and Menstruation…

NEWGO Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Pain Relief – Perfect for Postpartum, Vaginal Birth, C-section and Surgical Recovery – Includes 2 Large Packs with 4 Washable Sleeves REMOVEABLE WASHABLE COVERS – These ice packs have Reusable Washable Pouches making them Highly Hygienic. Great for Baby Diaper Rash Treatments! Natural plant-based ingredients safe for your baby.  INDOOR USAGE ONLY – Not suitable for outdoor usage due to the risk of slippery surfaces during winter months.

Reusable Perineal Cooling Pad for Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Pain Relief, Hot & Cold Packs for Women After Pregnancy and Delivery, 2 Ice Pack and 3 Cover (Blue)
Price : $9.99
Features :

  • Soothing Feminine Cold Packs — Gel bead Packs are flexible right out of the freezer, reusable and naturally reduce swelling, itching and all vaginal discomfort instantly.
  • Hot Or Cold Packs — Postpartum Cold Pack Reusable Feminine Ice-Pack naturally reduces swelling, provides instant itch relief
  • Washable and Reusable — Perineal ice pack comes with 3 reusable sleeves and 2 gel pack. The sleeves allow for comfortable and consistent use. Resealable bag helps for healthful storage and prolong the product lifetime or isolate the fridge odor.
  • Cooling, Calming – – The slim design of the gel pack, and soft fabric sleeve allows for a discreet, calming and comfortable experience.
  • 1-Year-Warranty – a Free No-Hassle Replacement Process. If there is any question about product, please contact us freely and we will take care of it Within One Day to ensure our customer experience.

Additional Info :

Color Vary
ICEWRAPS Instant Perineal Cold Pack - 2 in 1 Absorbent Maxi Pad and Instant Cold Pack - 12 Count Single Use Postpartum Ice Cold Compress for After Birth
Price : $25.00 ($2.08 / Count)
Features :

  • INSTANT COLD COMPRESS – Use this breakable ice pack for postpartum and perineal pain relief. Quick and easy to activate, simply squeeze the top and bottom of the pack together until a pop is heard, shake, and wear. Stays cold for the recommended cold therapy treatment period of up to 20 minutes.
  • 2-in-1 ABSORBENT POSTPARTUM PADS – 14-inch long absorbent maternity pad and instant cold therapy in one. Provides coverage where you need it and fits well to prevent leakage. Designed with a soft cotton layer that feels good on skin, with adhesive on the backside. An ice pack is in between to relieve postpartum pain. Absorbs up to 260g of liquid.
  • PREGNANCY MUST HAVE – No freezer needed. These ice packs are a pregnancy must have for your hospital bag, bathroom, or birth kit. Comes in a case of 12 perfect for the first 24-36 hours after birth. More effective than postpartum witch hazel pads. Dispose properly after one time use.
  • COOLING PAIN RELIEF – Immediate relief for soothing pain and inflammation. Use the instant cold pack for postpartum care and perineal pain relief. Can also be used for post cycling relief, hemorrhoids, and after c section surgery relief.
  • ICEWRAPS GUARANTEE – IceWraps is a US based company that takes pride in our hot and cold therapy products and customer service. We offer free returns within 30 days and are here to answer any of your questions – just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Additional Info :

Frida Mom 2-in-1 Postpartum Absorbent Postpartum Perineal Ice Maxi Pads | Instant Cold Therapy Packs and Absorbent Maternity Pad in One Ready-to-use Padsicle for After Birth
Price : $19.97 ($2.50 / Count)
Features :

  • INSTANT COLD THERAPY: instant first aid ice packs built into the pad that delivers the recommended 20-minute therapy window. No freezer necessary.
  • ABSORBENT MATERNITY MAXI PAD: Pad absorbs 260g of liquid beyond the cold therapy period.
  • CUSHION SUPPORT: Super soft top layer for comfort in the perineal area and option to use for soft cold therapy on c-section incision.Do not flush
  • FULL COVERAGE: Pad covers the entire perineal area from front to back with an adhesive back for easy application and removal.
  • NEW FRIDA MOM, CREATED BY FRIDABABY, the makers of NoseFrida, Fridet the MomWasher, and the best selling baby care kits

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Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 9.5 Inches
Width 11 Inches
Length 4.5 Inches
Weight 0.0110231131 Pounds
Release Date 2019-07-07T00:00:01Z
Reusable Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Pain Relief, hot & Cold Pack for Women After Pregnancy, 2 Ice Pack and 3 Cover. (Blue)
Price : $8.99 ($4.50 / Count)
Features :

  • ♥【PACKAGE FOR MOTHER】 – Designed for the most sensitive and delicate parts of the body. 2 gel bead packs and 3 washable cloth covers, with a food-grade resealable PE bag. The covers are reusable, and the resealable bag helps in healthy storage and prolongs the life of the product or insulates the refrigerator from peculiar smells. Hope these things can bring happiness to every mother.
  • ♥【MULTI-FUNCTIONAL】 – Perineum cold packs help to relieve burning pain, itching and swelling caused by childbirth, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, laser and waxing post-treatment and all other body aches. Can also be used for bruising, inflammation, muscle pain and stiffness, and sunburn relief on any body part.
  • ♥【HOT & COLD THERAPY】 – This gel ice pack can be used in microwave oven or frozen. Heat in microwave for 10 seconds for heat therapy; Chill in freezer for at least 2 hours for cold therapy, and let stand for a few minutes before use.
  • ♥【FLEXIBLE & SOFT】 – The ice pack can be flexibly shaped even after being frozen. The slim design and soft fabric cover of the gel pack provide a discreet, calm and comfortable experience. It is designed to fit your body shape and provide long-lasting relief and maximum comfort.
  • ♥【TAKE IT EVERYWHERE】 – Put some small bags in the refrigerator for the whole family to use when they need ice or hot packs. Our perineal packs are smartly sized and fit in a bag, so you can take them anywhere.

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap with Straps for Hot Cold Therapy - Pain Relief for Shoulder Rotator Cuff, Back, Hip, Knee Replacement Surgery, Shin Splint Injuries Reusable - 11" x 14"
Price : $19.80
Features :

  • Large Coverage – Includes a large nylon reusable gel ice pack (11″ x 14″), a matching wrap and an extension strap. This product can meet your requirement of large size ice pack. Compared to using the ice pack alone, the cover can prevent the condensate water during use and the potential infection.
  • Unique Design – The two-impression design of the gel pack can limit the flow of the gel partly and help to keep the gel in uniform distribution. As a result, the gel will not easily clump together unlike other large cold packs. Choosing sponge lined blue cloth and mesh cloth as the materials, the wrap feels very soft and comfortable and also the ice/heat in the gel pack can go through and reach the skin and tissue easily.
  • Hot Cold Dual Use – Filled with enough non-toxic gel, the reusable gel pack delivers up to 30 minutes of soothing cool or heat relief for aches and pains. It still keeps flexible and soft after frozen even at -4°F(-20°C). Also, it can be heated in hot water or by microwave.
  • Versatile – This product can be used for shoulder rotator cuff, back, belly, hips, thighs, knees, shins etc. It is also a first-aid essential for home or clinical use as it is ideal for sports injuries, postoperative recovery, muscle pains, strain & stiffness, body aches and more!
  • Guaranteed: 1-Year Warranty – a Free No-Hassle Replacement Process!

Additional Info :

Color Blue
Rovtop Reusable Perineal Ice & Heat Packs, Perineal Cooling Pads for Postpartum Pregnancy Repair and Cold Therapy, Hemorrhoid Pain Relief, Perineal Cold Pads with 2×Gel Bead Packs, 5×Washable Sleeves
Price : $15.99 ($2.28 / Count)
Features :

  • ?Multiple Combinations ? The perineal ice and hot pack with 2 gel bead packs, 3 washable sanitary napkin appearance cloth covers and 2 reusable polar fleece covers. The use of a treatment pad with a fabric covering layer can achieve comfort and consistent use of treatment, designed and shaped for the most delicate parts of the body. Each pad will mold to your body with no hassle, stiffness, or bulkiness.
  • ?Quick Treatment Relief ? Perineal ice packs contain gel beads, which enable them to maintain a longer temperature, which can immediately relieve vaginal irritation and inflammation of hemorrhoids. It helps relieve the burning pain, itching and swelling caused by childbirth, and cope with the discomfort during childbirth and sutures. These are very useful for postpartum, hemorrhoids or general pelvic nerve pain.
  • ?Safe To Use ? The outermost layer of gel beads packs is made of PVC material, and the flexible bead design helps to fit your body smoothly, with comfort and safety. The outer cover of the sanitary napkin is made of high-quality polyester material, which makes it more adaptable to temperature changes, and the outer TPU waterproof polyester and skin-friendly bamboo carbon fiber material are more skin-friendly and help avoid damage caused by overheating or overcooling.
  • ?How To Use ? Cold therapy is to freeze the gel beads packs in the refrigerator for 0.5-1 hour or put it in a microwave oven to heat the package (700 watts: 15 seconds/1,000 watts: 12 seconds/1,250 watts: 10 seconds) for heat therapy. We strongly recommend that you read the instructions carefully before use.
  • ?Perfect Gift ? The perineal cooling pad is printed with classic purple and elegant flower patterns. Rovtop perineal cooling pad is the perfect gift for mothers, girlfriends or wives, because it can help women alleviate postpartum pain. When your postpartum needs are over, you can use the gel bead pack for various other applications.

Additional Info :

TendHer Reusable Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum & Hemorrhoid Pain Relief, Hot and Cold Packs for Women After Pregnancy or Delivery, Pack of 2 Gel Pads Plus 5 Washable Sleeves
Price : $34.95
Features :

  • SOOTHING FEMININE COLD PACKS provide cooling relief from pain and discomfort after child birth delivery, pregnancy, after surgery, c-section incision, reduce swelling, muscle relief, hemorrhoids, stitches and multi use kids.
  • COOLING, CALMING gel pads are made of soft-touch, medical grade film and stay pliable and flexible when frozen, providing much more comfort that standard ice packs and hospital ice packs. Remember to throw them in your hospital bag!
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE sleeves provide additional post partum comfort, multi purpose pain relief and a great way to apply witch hazel sprays or tinctures. Natural gel formula is made entirely of vegan ingredients, no artificial preservatives and non toxic.
  • HOT OR COLD PACKS freeze quickly in your freezer and can be heated in hot water, have them frozen and ready when you come home from the hospital. Packs feel great whether cooled, warmed or room temperature.
  • MADE BY PARIDAY, the only certified women-owned creator of perineal ice packs. Founded by 3 new moms who were frustrated with the lack of products to treat their breastfeeding and postpartum pain, we are here to help women through the parts of motherhood no one tells you about. Proudly Made in the USA.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3 Inches
Width 3 Inches
Length 12 Inches
Weight 1.2 Pounds
FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack (Standard Large: 10.5" x 14.5") Reusable Cold Pack for Injuries, Back Pain Relief, Migraine Relief Pad, After Surgery, Postpartum, Headache, Shoulder - 6300-COLD by NatraCure
Price : $16.99 ($16.99 / Count)
Features :

  • Colder For Longer: Reusable ice packs for injuries with proprietary gel interior that stays Colder for Longer than competing cold packs using inferior clay or bentonite formulations.
  • More Flexible: The Most Flexible Cold Pack available due to the best professional-grade gel interior that remains pliable when frozen. Helps knees, back, shoulders, hip, neck or anywhere it hurts.
  • Healthcare Professional’s Choice: Used by thousands of physical therapists and medical pros for acute and chronic muscle pain, arthritis, inflammation, swelling, menopause hot flashes, and recovery.
  • Premium Construction: Each gel cold pack compress is built with double-sealed seams to prevent leaking; with extra thick nylon exterior. Compare to cold therapy ice bags and bottles for neuropathy or gout.
  • Fast Pain Relief: for anywhere you need an icing compress. Can aid plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff, perineal, hip replacement, pregnancy, hysterectomy, sinus, sciatic nerv, shin splints, vasectomy.

Additional Info :

Color No Straps
Item Dimensions
Weight 1.8 Pounds
Release Date 2018-10-19T00:00:01Z
Spand-Ice Maternity Support Belt/Postpartum Belly Band with 2 Ice & Heat Therapy Packs for Back Pain (S/M)
Price : $74.95 ($74.95 / Count)
Features :

  • FIT: Wear during entire pregnancy and into postpartum. Spand-Ice Small/Medium fits maternity sizes 0 – 6, Medium/Large fits maternity sizes 8 – 14 and X-Large/Plus fits maternity sizes 16 – 20. See 2nd image for sizing
  • SOOTH WITH ICE & HEAT: Includes 2 patented therapy packs that fit on back of brace. Ice helps relieve pregnancy back pain and hip pain, round ligament aches, and feeling overheated. Heat helps ease stiff, sore muscles and for relaxation. Simply freeze reusable packs or heat in microwave for up to 3 hours of relief
  • VERSATILE PREGNANCY PAIN RELIEF: Naturally target pain in the upper back, mid back, low back, hips, and abdomen with ice, heat, and support. Because maternity belt provides 11 inches of adjustability, mom can ease discomfort wherever it may be
  • SUPPORT LOW, LARGE, AND MULTIPLE BABIES: Wide band provides maximum back and belly support for babies who sit low, bigger babies, twins, and triplets. Soft, flexible, breathable pregnancy band can be worn under or over clothes, so that you can go about your day with comfort and support
  • HELP POSTPARTUM RECOVERY: After delivery, use wrap with reusable ice / heat packs for c-section recovery, compression on stomach, mastitis, and breast engorgement. Made in the USA for durability, this wrap can be reused for future pregnancies and even for future sports injuries

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.25 Inches
Width 38.5 Inches
Length 11 Inches
Weight 2 Pounds
Perineal Ice Packs for Postpartum, Perineal Cold Packs, Reusable Perineal Cooling Pad for Postpartum and Hemorrhoid Pain Relief,Instant Perineal Cold Pack (2 Pcs+3 Washable Sleeves/10X2.4in)
Price : $9.99 ($2.00 / Count)
Features :

  • ❤️【SOOTHING PERINEAL ICE PACK】Specifically designed and contoured for the most sensitive and delicate area of body. Consist of 2 all natural gel packs with 3 soft sleeves,It’s soft and gentle against your skin for use at any time when cooling is needed to relieve itching, swelling or burning. Used cold or hot in 20 minute sessions.
  • ❤️【IMMEDIATE RELIEF】Provide cooling relief from pain and discomfort after baby birth, after surgery, stitches and from hemorrhoids, all materials are safe and skin-friendly, don’t worry about sensitivity and discomfort
  • ❤️【HOT AND COLD PACKS】Postpartum Cold Pack Reusable Feminine Ice-Pack naturally reduces swelling, provides instant itch relief
  • ❤️【PRODUCT RECYCLING】The sleeves is reusable and washable, allow for comfortable and consistent use. Resealable bag helps for healthful storage and prolong the product lifetime or isolate the fridge odor.
  • ❤️【SOFT TOUCH AND TRUSTED】Ice Packs are most recommended by Physical Therapists, Doctors, Sports Trainers. Made with Soft-Touch Fabric, Filled with non-toxic gel

Additional Info :

Color Red

Best Postpartum Ice Packs

Relieve your pain with NEWGO Vaginial Ice Packs. The ice packs keep your private parts cold and can be used when you experience postpartum and hemorrhoid pain. The reusable packs will keep the vaginal area or anal area cool after birth to relieve pain. These ice packs can be kept in freezer for 24 hours, reusable, washable and convenient to carry!

NEWGO ice packs are specially designed for postpartum and hemorrhoid pain relief. Easy to insert with washable sleeves that can be used up to 30 times, decreasing exposure to harmful hormone-laden plastics. Cool down faster than reusable gel pads thanks to its patent pending design, resulting in 4X longer cold therapy., Use these ice cushions inside underwear to relieve the swelling and congestion associated with varicose veins. Great for menstrual cramps, endomyometriosis and PCOS!

NEWGO pregnancy ice packs are now available! These cute, practical and helpful perineal cold pack wraps were designed to help soothe postpartum pain. Using these perineal ice packs is an effective way to manage hemorrhoid pain as well.

The NEWGO Pregnancy Ice Packs are portable and durable, which makes them ideal for home and office use as well. With a reusable locker bag you can keep them clean and safe while you travel. Comfortable to wear and safe to use! These disposable perineal ice packs are soft on the skin, perfect for postpartum moms to relieve pain during recovery or hemorrhoid patients with burning sensations during bowel movement.

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