Turtle Costume For Baby

Oh the very first Halloween photos of baby. A chance to show off your adorable bundle of joy in the cutest of costumes. How could a new mom not want to get the most adorable baby costume possible?? Such a fun and proud moment for all first-time moms!

So I’m joining in the fun here, ???? and posting some pictures from my little Chili’s first Halloween!  We were looking for the perfect costume (aka cute-as-can-be with a special homemade touch). So of course TMNT came to mind (teenage mutant ninja turtles, that is!). They’ve been a part of both mommy and daddy’s childhood so had to be passed down to our little boy.

We couldn’t find what we were looking for anywhere, so decided to go the DIY route. Well the semi-DIY route at any rate, since we found the cutest sea turtle costume online and transformed it into an adorable teenage mutant ninja turtle, ahem, Raphael to be exact!

Below is what we started with. A plain turtle costume we bought online here. Absolutely adorable, yes. But something was missing…

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turtle costume
Getting turtley ready ????

After cutting up a red tshirt and adding a turtley-awesome belt made of cardboard and felt, this is what we ended up with below.

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Tie the headpiece comfortably on baby, and hot glue a piece of round cardboard to the belt. We used white felt and black felt to make our “R” for Raphael pop. It worked well!

TMNT Raphael
The completed look!

This costume was such a hit at our baby Halloween party!

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(Update: When we did this 4 years ago, there was no baby ninja turtle costume specifically, but seems like there are more options on Amazon now. If you still want to try the semi-homemade route you can also find a long-sleeved green onesie and pant set and add a yellow onesie over it. Just follow are super simple directions above to make the belt and headpiece!)

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