Unique Hindu Name For Baby Boy

Aatreya is a Sanskrit name meaning “Gift of God”. Aayansh means “The first ray of light”, Aayod means “Giver of life” and Aayush means “It means lineage”. These names are rarely used and hence you can find a commonness when you use them.

Are you looking for uncommon names for baby boy? Names that are not so popular and unique. Then you can find list of uncommon baby boy names below. These are not difficult to pronounce or spell and yet very unique names to give your kids.

Aayush as a name for baby boys is of Sanskrit origin, and Aayush means ” lineage”. Aayush is a variant form of Ayush (Sanskrit).

Aayush is a Hindu baby name that means lineage. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “Aayu” which means life or living. It is used in the HINDU religion to mean person of long standing.

Name Aayush is a Sanskrit baby name. The meaning of the name Aayush is “lineage”. This is the perfect name for your little one if you are looking for a uncommon name for your baby boy.

If you are searching for uncommon names for baby boys, you have come to the right place. We have a huge list of these uncommon names that you can add to your list.

Hindu Traditional Baby Boy Names

Congratulations! You’ve given birth to a boy and apart from taking care of him comes the delicate task of choosing a name that makes you happy. This is something that can be quite confusing as once you’ve named your boy, there is no going back. To make things worse, you will be given a plethora of names which will be suggested by friends and family. But worry not! We’ve found a way to make things easier. Here is a curated list of unique boy names and their meanings.

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Uncommon Names for Baby Boy

A newborn boy

Choosing a rare baby boy name is tricky as there are plenty to choose from. The below uncommon Indian baby boy names have been chronicled alphabetically for better ease.

Name Meaning
AadidevThe first God, The Lord of the lords, The first God;
AadivDelicate (Pleasant in Hebrew)
AagneyBorn from fire, Karna ,The great warrior
AahanSunrise, First Ray of light (Greetings in Urdu)
AakeshIt means Lord of the Sky. Alternatively, you can also use it as Akash.
AarushIt is another name for winter sun
AatreyaName of a sage, Clever, Receptacle of glory; name of a sage
AayanshThe first Ray of light, Part of parents, Gift of God, Sun, like splendour or brightness of sun
AayodGiver of life
AayushIt means lineage
AbhikDerived from Sanskrit, the word means brave or fearless. Another variant of the same name is Abheek.
AbhisumatRadiant, Another name of the Sun, Mane of Lord Sun
Acchutan Beginning with birth, Lord Vishnu, The one who is without the six transformations
AcchutanLord Vishnu
AdhritSupportive, Who does not need support but supports every one, Lord Vishnu
Advaith Non duality, Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu
AhilanKnowledgeable and Commanding
AhnayAs bright as the Sun /Speed
AkarshIt is used to describe something that is divine
AkshayagunaA name of Lord Shiva, Of limitless attributes
AniruddhIt means boundless or something without limits.
AnirudhDerived from the Sanskrit word Aniruddha, it means uncontrollable or without restraint.
AnishWith Sanskrit origins, this name means supreme, having connections with Lord Krishna and Vishnu. It can also mean sun god.
AnjumanGathering / Society
AnumBlessing of god
ApurvaComes from the Sanskrit word Apurva meaning unique or one of a kind. It is also a performative element of Vedanta philosophy.
ArihantThis is Prakrit as well as Sanskrit word meaning conqueror. The conquering if oriented towards the inner vices such as anger, greed, jealousy and attachment.
ArniEagle, Power
AswadThis has Arabic origins and means black.
BandhulCharming, Pleasing
BhadrakIt is derived from Sanskrit and has multiple meanings attached to it such as handsome, good or virtuous.
BhavinIt means someone who is always a winner.
BodhiIt is derived from Sanskrit as well as the ancient Pali language. It means awakening, enlightenment or to become aware.
ChaityaIt means temple, sanctuary or prayer hall. It is often used to describe the above in Buddhism.
ChakBrilliant / shine
ChakrapaaniName of Lord Vishnu
ChandranshuRay of Moon
ChayanDerived from the Sanskrit word Chayana, it means to choose in preference to another.
ChinmayThis is used to describe someone who is knowledgeable. It is also the name of Lord Ganesha.
ChiragIt means lamp.
DaivaIt means by the grace of God.
DarshitIt means to pay respect.
DevakIt means God or divine entity.
DevanshIt means someone who is a part of God
DhanvinDhanvin has an association with Lord Shiva. It also means archer.
DhirIt means patience
DhrsitaIt means bold or courageous.
DhruvIt is a name that is used to signify the Pole Star.
DivitIt means someone who has conquered death.
DoshagyaGetting inspiration from its Sanskrit word, Dosajja, it means ‘Someone who can recognize evil and stays away from it’.
EhanIt means ‘expectations.
EkanjeetGod’s Triumph
EshaanLord Shiva / Lord Sun / Desiring
EshanIt is another name for Lord Shiva
FaiyazIt means someone who has an artistic flair.
FalakIt is used to signify the heavens above. To some, it can also mean a star.
FanishIt is the name given to the cosmic serpent.
GajaananIt means someone with the face of an Elephant. It is another name, Lord Ganesha.
GajapatiIt is a name used to describe Lord Ganesha
GajdantIt means Elephant teeth
GajendraIt means someone who is the King of Elephants
GalavIt means the bark of a lotus Tree.
GanaThis name is associated with Lord Shiva. It means “tribe”.
GanakOf Sanskrit origin, this name is conferred to babies who are likely to be future intellectuals or mathematicians.
GangaRamIt is the name of the holiest river, Ganga
GargIt is the name of a saint. It also means bull.
GarudaIt is the name of a large mythical bird.
GauravIt means pride or honour.
GaushikThis is one of the many but seldom used names of Gautama Buddha.
GautamIt is the first name of the Buddha
Gaveshanresearcher, Search
GeetIt means song or poetry.
GhalibIt means someone who is excellent
GirilalIt means son of the mountain
GokulThis was Lord Krishna’s home village
GopalDasThis is used to denote someone who is the servant of Lord Krishna
GorakhIt means someone who takes care of cows.
GoswamiIt means the master of cows
GovindIt means cowherder. It was also the name of the 10th Sikh guru
GrahishLord of the planets (Made up Name)
GulshanIt means a garden that is full of flowers
GunavOne with good character/Expert/Virtuous
HanshIt means someone who is Godlike
HarikiranIt means rays of God
HarjasPraise of the God
HarshaIt draws inspiration from the Sanskrit word Harsha meaning ‘happiness’. It was also the name of a king that reigned North Indian in the 7th Century.
HarshitIt means someone filled happiness or joy
HimakshLord Shiva/Himalay (Made up name)
HimmatIt means Courage or bold-behaviour.
HiranIt means Gold.
HireshIt means king of gems.
IbhanThis is an alternate name for Lord Ganesha
IdhayanJoy of heart
IjayIt is another name for Lord Vishnu
IndrajitThis is used to denote the Conqueror of Indra
IndranilThis is another name for Lord Shiva
IravajIt is used to denote someone who is born of water. It is also another name for the Love God Kaama
IshivaraIt means Lord
IvaanGod’s gracious gift
JaidenGod has heard
JiyuCompassionate Friend
KaanishkIt is the name of the transport of Lord Vishnu
KahanIt is one of the many names of Lord Krishna
Kaivalyaperfect isolation,  Bliss, Perfect isolation, Salvation
KamadaThis name finds its origins in the Mahabharata. It means giving what is wished. It is also the name of the followers of Skanda.
KananIt means forest
KaraliIt is the name of one of the seven tongues that are possessed by the God of fire.
KavanPoem, Water
KiaanIt means ancient. Some sources indicate that it also means king.
KishenIt means black.
KunalIt is derived from Sanskrit and means Lotus. However, it has an alternate meaning for someone with beautiful eyes. It is said that the son of Emperor Ashoka was named Kunal.
LakshThis name means aim or destination. Some of the other variants of this name include Laskhya, Laxman and Lakhbir.
LushaIt is another name for Saffron.
MadhavanIt is one of the names for Lord Shiva. It is also a name for Krishna.
MadhukarIt means honey bee or sometimes plainly honey. It also means lover.
MahadevIt is a name that is reserved for Lord Shiva. It also means the greatest God
MahantIt means great
MahinIt means the Earth
MahitIt can be used as an honorific as it means “esteemed” or “honoured.”
ManmohanIt means someone who has pleased Lord Krishna. An alternate meaning is that someone who has won the heart
MayurIt means peacock
MeghnadIt means someone who has conquered the sky. Alternatively, it can also mean lord of the sky.
MilanGetting Together
MitraIt means friend or someone who is close to the heart.
MoradWish, Desire
MotilalIt means pearl
MuraliIt means flute
NageshIt is used to describe the cosmic serpent.
NakulThis is the name of the 4th pandava son.
NandaIt is another name for Goddess Durga. It is also used to denote the son of lord shiva.
NareshIt means the lord of man
NatwarIt is the name of Lord Krishna. It also means the dancing Lord
NidhiIt means brilliant
NihalIt means someone who is handsome or appealing to the eye.
NikhilOf Sanskrit origin, it means completeness or entirety. Variants include Nikshay, Niket and Nikash.
NiranjanIt means a night of the full moon
OjasIt means bountiful energy
OmkarIt is the sacred syllable of Hindus
PaawanPure, Incense, Sacred, Pious, Fire
PankajIt means lotus flower
ParamOf Sanskrit origin, this name means ultimate, the best or supreme.
PareshIt is the name of Lord Rama
PavanIt means breeze
PhalgunIt is the moment of the year when the winter is over, and spring is just around the corner.
PinankLord Shiva name
PrahladIt means happiness
PrateekIt means symbol
PriyadarshanIt means someone/something that is nice to look at.
PurushottamIt is the name of Lord Vishnu. It also means best among men
PushkarIt means Lotus. However, it also means sky, sun or the heavenly abode.
RakshanIt means the protector of preservation. It is the 928th name of Lord Vishnu
RathikIt means the rider of the chariot. Another meaning that is attributed to this is name is the capturer of the hearts of everyone who hears it
RidhaanIt means someone who is in search of something.
RishabThis word is used to denote someone with a high moral compass. It is also used to denote the second note of the octave.
RodasIt means a combination of heaven and Earth
RomikIt means someone who is Interesting and also pleasant
SahilIt means the beach or shore. It also means someone who is charming.
SaketIt is used to signify a place that is close to heaven or Ayodhya.
SanyamRestrain, Patience, Effort.
SarinIt means helpful
SayujyaIt means an intimate union or merging with the the divine entity.
ShaaradIt means white lotus
ShaktiAbility, Powerful, Goddess Durga, Power, Vigour.
SharvilLord Krishna,Sharv meaning sacred to Shiva,  Derived from Sharv,
ShlokIt means a song or metered phrase
ShreshtIt means ‘the superior king’.
ShrutIt is the name of Lord Shiva.
ShrutinIt means ‘One who has heard’.
SiddhIt means a Fact or something that is proven.
SujalIt means affectionate.
SureshIt means the ruler of the gods.
TanmayIt means someone who is slender.
TarunIt means someone who is young or tender
TrilochanIt is used to denote the three-eyed Lord.
UdaiIt means to rise up. It also means a blue lotus.
UlhasIt means joy or delight
UmangIt means enthusiasm
UmeshIt is the name of Lord Shiva. It also means the Lord of Uma
UthmanA baby bustard bird, Name of the third Khalifah (Caliph) of Muslims
UtpalIt is used to signify a water lilly that is blossoming
UttamIt means the best
VarenyaIt means some who is the best or one who strives for excellence.
VaydishIt means ‘Lord of Vedas’.
ViaanIt means someone who is full of life and energy
VijayIt means someone who is victorious.
VijnaIt means someone who is wise or intelligent
ViksyaIt is used to show describe someone who is astonishing. It also means an actor or dancer.
VirIt is used to denote someone who is brave.
ViswaroopinIt means to ‘appear in various forms’.
VivekIt means Judgement
VyasDiffusion, Sage who wrote Mahabharata, Separation, Name of the compiler of the puranas, A great sage
YashThis name means success, fame or glory.
YashpalIt means protector of fame. It is also another name for Lord Krishna.
YogendraIt means someone who has mastered the art of performing Yoga
ZianSelf Peace

Modern Hindu Baby Names

The Hindu Dharma or Sanatan Dharma is not just a religion but a way of life. Hindu baby boy names are commonly used by people who follow this faith. Names from the Hindu Dharma are taken from one of the oldest languages in the world i.e., Sanskrit. Since it is important to know what the name means before selecting one for your little one, we’ve listed names with meanings here. So, delve into this post as we have a list of Hindu baby boy names that are guaranteed to leave you spoilt for choice.

Popular Hindu Boy Names, With Unique Meanings

1. Aadavan:

Spread brightness in your son’s life by naming him Aadavan, which means ‘sun’.

2. Aahan:

Aahan is one of the most popular Hindu baby boy names of 2018. It means ‘dawn, morning glory’.

3. Aakav:

Aakav is a short and simple name meaning ‘form or shape’.

4. Aakesh:

Aakesh would make a stylish alternative to Akash. It means ‘lord of the sky’.

5. Aakil:

Aakil, meaning ‘intelligent or smart’, is a charming title for a future genius.

6. Aanan:

Aanan is a catchy name, meaning ‘appearance’.

7. Aanav:

Aanav is the opposite of Daanav and means ‘humane’.

8. Aarush:

A name that is widely popular with the Hindus, Aarush means ‘bright, shining, or sun’.

9. Aayu:

Aayu, meaning ‘life span’, would make a lovely choice for parents looking for a vowel-laden name.

10. Abhik:

Abhik is a pleasant name, meaning ‘beloved’ and ‘fearless’.

11. Achintya:

Acintya, meaning ‘unthinkable’, sizzles enough to be unique.

12. Adbhuta:

This Sanskrit origin name has several positive connotations such as ‘extra ordinary, remarkable, fabulous, and miraculous’.

13. Adhija:

Adhija, meaning ‘superior by birth’, is blazing with popularity in India.

14. Adri:

Adri, meaning ‘rock, stone, mountain’, will have your child grow up to be a strong and brave man.

15. Adith:

The meaning of Adith is ‘from the beginning or sun’.

16. Advit:

Advit is a unique Hindu baby boy name, which also means ‘unique’.

17. Adyant:

This versatile name has its root in the Sanskrit language. Adyant means ‘beginning of the end’.

18. Aekansh:

Another modern Hindu baby boy name, meaning ‘unique’.

19. Agraga:

Help your child grow up with leadership qualities by naming him Agraga, which means ‘leader’.

20. Ahan:

Drawn from the natural world, Ahan, means ‘dawn’.

21. Ahil:

This name, meaning ‘prince’, has been made hugely popular via Salman Khan’s nephew, Ahil.

22. Ainesh:

We love the etymology of this name. It means ‘sun’s glory’.

23. Aksaja:

Aksaja is one of the names of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘thunderbolt or diamond’.

24. Amand:

Parents who want an active and agile baby can name their child Amand, which means ‘active or bright’.

25. Amas:

We can’t help but love this name. Amas means ‘soft or tender’.

26. Amava:

Amava, meaning ‘strong or impetuous’, is flashy, hip, and sticks well with the ever popular trend of ‘a’ ending name.

27. Amay:

Amay is one of the names of Lord Ganesha.

28. Ambaka:

In Sanskrit, Ambaka means ‘an eye’ or ‘having three eyes’.

29. Ambhoja:

With a fascinating ring to it, this name means ‘water born’. You could give your Aquarian babies this name.

30. Anay:

This Sanskrit moniker, meaning ‘without a superior’, is widely popular with the Marathis.

31. Anish:

Anish is a kickass name, meaning ‘supreme, paramount’.

32. Anuh:

Anuh is one of the least used names in India. It means ‘calm or content’.

33. Anvay:

Anvay is derived from Sanskrit word ‘anvaya’, meaning ‘joined or integrated’.

34. Apurva:

Apurva is a strong title, meaning ‘novel or unmatched’.

35. Aradhy:

Aradhy is a traditional Hindu name, meaning ‘to be worshiped’.

36. Archis:

Archis is a sizzling hot name, meaning ‘ray of light’.

37. Aribam:

Aribam is an inspirational Hindu name, meaning ‘leader’.

38. Arihan:

How about giving your son a strong and bold name such as Arihan, which means ‘destroyer of enemies’.

39. Arin:

Arin, meaning ‘discussion’, is ready to take over the charts in a few years.

40. Arit:

The name Arit, meaning ‘praised’, will add a splash of coolness to your child’s personality.

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