Unisex Gift For Baby Shower

A baby shower is always a joyous occasion, no matter what. The parents-to-be will be delighted with these gifts for babies that are both baby boy and baby girl favorites. Our gift sets are designed to help them stay comfortable and happy from the moment they arrive home from the hospital until long after their first birthday party is over. You’ll find everything from the first onesies and sleep sacks to teethers and bibs, along with a variety of blankets, bottles and pacifiers. And don’t forget to wrap it all up in one of our adorable baby shower favor bags that you can personalize with your own message – it’s sure to be one of their most cherished keepsakes!

If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, this list of baby shower presents will give you some great ideas. We have a huge selection of baby shower presents to suit all budgets – from our favourite must-have newborn essentials, to beautiful baby gift sets, gifts for older babies and toddlers, plus lots of lovely presents for moms too!

Here are some products to consider when shopping for a baby shower gift. There are many different ideas, from diaper bags, to onesies and more.The perfect gift for a baby shower, this set includes the sleep sack and bib. The soft cotton knit material makes these the perfect choice for keeping a baby warm and comfortable in any season. And because they are unisex, you can use them for boys or girls.

Keeping your new family safe, happy and healthy is the most important thing. That’s why we always have a range of innovative baby care products at great prices so that you can start stocking up on what you need.

Need a baby shower gift but don’t know the gender? Here are some great unisex items for baby. Great for a boy or girl, this gift set includes a plush blanket and pacifier clip, both made with organic cotton. The world needs more good sleepers, so give your little one the gift of dreams!

Our unisex baby gifts make the perfect baby shower gift and are sure to please mom and dad, without knowing if they’re having a boy or a girl! Looking for a baby shower gift? Look no further! We have a wide assortment of gender neutral baby shower gifts that make great presents for any expecting mother.

How to Shop for Baby Without Knowing Gender

Gender neutral baby shower gifts aren’t actually a new thing. Back in the day, baby showers were almost always neutral since parents didn’t know whether or not a baby boy or girl as on the way. As ultrasounds became more advanced then the cumbersome machines used in the 60s, more and more parents decided they wanted to know if the baby was a little guy or gal. Today, many parents-to-be might know if they are having a baby boy or girl, but prefer gender neutral baby gifts and even a gender neutral baby shower.


Gender stereotyping is thought to begin as early as three months of age, which is why many parents want to avoid showering girls in pink and boys in blue. Others though are fine with pink for girls and blue for boys. Unless the gift buyer knows for sure where the parents-to-be stand, gender neutral baby gifts are an ideal choice. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from to delight the future parents. Here are eight go-to gender neutral baby shower presents that are a win.

cute gender neutral baby shower gift ideas

Baby bathtub

A baby bathtub is a wonderful gift for baby and it will certainly get a lot of use. Babies won’t be able to go in the bathtub for quite a while, which means this is the gift that keeps on giving. Be sure to get a baby tub that grows with baby. Fill it with baby washclothstowels, and a rubber duckie or two.

Receiving blankets

Veteran parents know you can never have enough receiving blankets, which is why a multi-pack of those cozy blankets parents use throughout the day make for a practical, gender neutral baby gift.

Baby board books

It’s so important to begin reading to kids at an early age, but new parent’s won’t necessarily have a lot of children’s books on hand. Help them develop a fun library with a baby shower gift of baby board books. Board books are those small, chunky books specifically designed for little hands. Well-known children’s books like Guess How Much I Love You come in a baby board book sizes and our a present that will be used over and over again as well as passed down to siblings.

Bath books

The bathroom is a great place to encourage reading and with children’s books specifically made for tub time, bath books make bath time fun and educational. Like board books, bath books are fashioned for the tub, are easy for growing hands to grasp, safe to go in the mouth, and gender neutral. For a bigger gift, make up a basket with baby bath and board books.

Drool bibs

Another useful gender neutral gifts are drool bibs. Like receiving blankets, parents can never have enough when baby begins cutting those teeth.


Parents who already have kids know diapers are a much appreciated baby shower gift and it doesn’t matter the brand. Diapers are expensive and the supply always seems to run out at the most inopportune time. A thoughtful gender neutral baby gift for the parents-to-be can be a creative diaper cake or boxes of newborn and stage one diapers. If you know the parents are opting for environmentally-friendly cloth diapers, then wrap up a package of Nora Nursery’s Pacific Neutral Cloth Pocket Diapers instead.

Burp cloths

Baby’s spit up a lot as veteran parents know, which is why a large supply of burp cloths are a must-have. Burp cloths get a lot of use and are washed frequently. A couple of packages of gender neutral burp cloths is another multipurpose gift that keeps on giving bottle after bottle.

Portable changing pad

When you’re a busy parent on the move, a go-to portable changing pad is a must-have. Sometimes diapers get changed in the back of the car and if you have to use a changing table out of the house, you’ll want to cover it with a pad. Portable changing pads are gender neutral and extremely useful. Pair the travel changing pad with diaper wipes and disposable changing pads parents can use at home or out for those messy diaper changes.

Gender Neutral Personalized Baby Gifts

These days, it’s getting more and more common to find parents who don’t know (or won’t reveal) the baby’s sex before birth. For every big gender reveal out there, there’s another set of parents staying mum. And, while it might be hard to avoid the sea of pink and blue baby gifts out there, when it comes time for the baby shower, it’s still possible to find an awesome gender-neutral gift. It’s even a little freeing, since you don’t have to default to your normal baby gifts for boys or baby gifts for girls. (No pink tutus necessary!)

Luckily, loads of brands have stepped up to offer great gifts in cool patterns and in a rainbow of colors, from bright-colored clothes to gender-neutral toys. But, with such options available, which ones to get? Parents, editors and the experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute have weighed in on their go-to gifts for baby showers, sip-and-sees and baby birthdays. These are the baby gifts that new parents will actually use — and can withstand the “love” that newborns give them. From essential gear for Mom and Dad to baby’s first lovey, add these to your cart the next time you want to delight a new — but secretive — parent.


Jellycat Bashful Grey Bunny Lovey




This super-soft security blanket come with a bunny friend attached. If you don’t like the gray, Jellycat has a lot of other ultra-soft stuffed animals in lots of colors. (Just remember loveys don’t meet safe sleep guidelines and are for awake snuggling only.)


Baby Björn Bouncer




The best gift for a new parent? A moment of peace and quiet. This bouncer soothes babies with a rocking motion that’s derived from the baby’s own movements (no motor required). Bonus: It’s easy to clean, and stores flat, too. It also comes in beige, black, gray, khaki and silver.  

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Kids Tuxedos!

Premium Quality… Starting at $59.95!SEE MORE

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets




Need to throw a blanket on the floor for tummy time? Grab one of these swaddles. Spit up? Use them as a burp cloth. The baby’s ready for a nap? Swaddle the arms in with these wraps. Aden and Anais swaddle blankets have a million uses — and come in so many patterns — that parents will always have a need for them.

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Burts Bee’s Babys Bodysuits




Burt’s Bees Baby makes all of its clothing from 100% organic cotton that’s so, so soft — and almost everything comes in a nice and neutral gray. Bodysuits also come in long sleeves

Halo Sleepsack




Halo’s sleepsack is one of the safest wearable blankets you can put a baby to sleep in. It’s warm, and comes in a variety of fun patterns.

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Zutano Unisex Fleece Booties




After a while, parents give up on baby shoes. They look cute, but they’re hard to put on, babies pull them right off, and they serve virtually no function. Instead, these booties — which come in tons of colors — keep feet warm, slip right on and snap closed so they’re harder for babies to take off. 

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