Color For Baby Room

The color of baby’s room should be light and soft. Blue is best, as it is associated with tranquility and serenity. It is also a color that brings out happiness when surrounding your baby’s crib. The color of the room is the most important part so that the baby will be better to sleep and wake up and also feel comfortable. When choosing a color, it is better to choose muted tones such as light green, light blue or pink.

Psychological studies, first conducted by advertising firms in the 90s, suggest that colors can influence mood and behavior, stimulate the brain and body, and even affect your little one’s health.1 Marketing experts have been using these findings to their advantage for decades. The decor at your gym, your day spa, and even your favorite burger joint have been specially designed to affect everything from your attitude to your appetite. But color psychology can be used to affect more than just your wallet. Scientific studies have also found that exposure to certain colors can improve sleep habits, increase memory power, and even enhance academic performance—excellent benefits for growing minds and bodies.2

Whether you are planning a nursery or giving your teenager’s room a much-needed update, your design may benefit from a little psychological intervention. Before you open that paint can, you should take a minute to consider the psychological effects of your color choice.

Color Psychology 101

Different colors can have different effects on the mind and body. Wondering what your favorite hue can do for you? Here’s a quick breakdown of the potential benefits and drawbacks of each color family. 

Warm Colors

In general, warm colors elicit happiness and comfort, creating intimacy by making large, open spaces feel a little cozier. Bold shades of red, orange, and yellow can stimulate the mind and have an energizing effect on the body.3 While this is beneficial for growth and development, it’s not much of an advantage when it comes to the nightly bedtime showdown with your average, overly energetic toddler. Thus, warm colors are best used in moderation.

Instead of painting an entire room a bold red or bright yellow, try painting a single accent wall and tying in a few matching accessories. You might also consider pairing warm colors with cooler shades to create a sense of balance and temper any negative effects.


Rich and highly emotive, red excites and energizes the body, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration.4

Have a little athlete on your hands? Some studies suggest that physical effects associated with the color red increase athletic ability.5 However, red is also associated with increased aggression, an inability to focus, and even headaches.


Universally loved by little girls, pink evokes empathy and femininity and creates a calming atmosphere. However, despite an initial calming effect, pink can become irritating over time. While your child may love this rosy hue now, you should be prepared for them to reject it in the future.


Bright and cheery, yellow is associated with happiness and motivation. Soft, subtle yellows promote concentration while brighter shades can stimulate memory and even, some claim, increase metabolism.6 However, too much yellow can evoke feelings of anger and frustration, resulting in fussy, over-stimulated babies.


Friendly and welcoming, orange borrows many of its parents’ positive attributes. Orange has a distinctly social nature, inspiring interpersonal communication and putting people at ease. Like yellow, too much orange can be over-stimulating, so use bold shades sparingly.

Pillows and toy in white wooden crib with pastel pink blanket in bright nursery
 KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Cool Colors

Cool colors have a calming effect on the body and can make your child’s room feel spacious and relaxing—think open skies and rolling waves. However, dark, cool colors can evoke all the doom and gloom of an impending storm and should be used in moderation.

Despite their soothing nature, cool colors are not particularly inviting and can leave people feeling cold and reserved if the atmosphere is too stark. To soften the effect, pair cool colors with creamy neutrals, and dress your space with soft fabrics and comfortable accessories.


The exact opposite of red on the color wheel, blue calms the mind and body, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration and decreasing feelings of anxiety and aggression.7 Children who have trouble sleeping or are prone to tantrums and other behavioral problems may benefit from spending time in a blue environment. The physical effects of blue also cool the body, creating a refreshing oasis in hot, humid locations.


Associated with wisdom and spirituality, purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red, taking on the characteristics of either, depending on the shade. Purple can also have a luxurious feel and is associated with wealth and royalty.


Green symbolizes nature and thus promotes a serene and calming environment. Associated with health, healing, and well-being, green has a soothing effect on the body and mind, reducing anxiety and promoting concentration. Exposure to the color green may even increase reading ability. One study found that by laying a transparent green sheet on top of the text, students could improve their reading speed and comprehension.8

Scandinavian interior design of playroom with wooden cabinet, armchairs, a lot of plush and wooden toys. Stylish and cute childroom decor. Eucalyptus background walls. Copy space. Template.
 FollowTheFlow / Getty Images

Trusting Your Instincts

While science can make useful generalizations, you should remember that psychological responses are deeply personal. You may feel differently about a color based on your own cultural and personal preferences, and that’s fine. If your little one loves the color red, don’t worry about the negatives. The brain is designed to identify what it needs and likes and will reward us for following the direction. In other words, if your baby is happy, their brain is happy too. 

Neutral Color For Baby Room

Your baby’s nursery is one of the most important spaces in your home, and while neutral tones are calming, they can also be boring. Choose a bold color to energize and inspire your child’s creativity. Bright colors can start stimulating babies’ minds right from birth, so don’t be afraid to decorate with several vibrant shades. The neutral color for baby room is good for calming down and creating a comfortable environment for your baby. And it looks good in any style or design of room.

Decorating to suit both girls and boys sets you free to think outside the box and play with colour that goes far beyond pink and blue. It’s practical and easily transformed to suit changing tastes and preferences. Perhaps best of all – if you’re planning on having more than one child – a gender-neutral nursery saves money and time, so you have more of both to enjoy those precious steps along the way.

Embrace a neutral colour palette


Choosing a neutral colour palette for your baby’s haven provides the perfect canvas to play on. A neutral base for the walls is timeless, suits both boys and girls and creates a clean backdrop for whatever you’d like to add to your design. ‘Neutral’ certainly doesn’t mean bland or colourless choices and a range of beautiful options ensure you’ll find the right ones for you.

Think serene shades of grey-green or the soothing tones of stones and warm sunlight. Use soft greys, beige and yellows for a peaceful atmosphere, with hues like Gentle Fawn and Polished Pebble. For a striking appeal, create a white backdrop to add black accessories and pops of bold colour too. In the reverse, gender-neutral shades like Willow Tree on the walls work wonderfully with fresh, white furniture.


Stimulate with patterns and shapes


Your baby’s senses will be captivated by patterns and shapes before you know it, which is reason enough to add them to a modern nursery. Look to the walls first, as one of the easiest ways to provide endless stimulation. Combine two or three soft pastels for vertical stripes on a feature wall, with white trim to provide balance. Paint blocks of unisex colour, like Apricot Crush, on the lower half of an otherwise neutral wall. Decorate the upper half with exciting motifs of animals, plants or shapes to match the shade and create a feeling of harmony within the design.

Play with artwork and photographs


Artwork and photographs breathe instant life and movement into a gender-neutral nursery. To avoid clutter, a pinboard brings automatic stimulation together in one place. Decorate it with a fun hodgepodge of pictures of loved ones, cute furry friends, shapes, rainbows or anything that speaks of joy to you. Paint the frames of walled pictures to highlight or contrast with your base colour palette and hang different sized frames together for a visually exciting gallery.

Choose unisex accessories


It might seem a little challenging to choose unisex baby nursery accessories, especially if you already know the gender of your child. The key is to look beyond dolls and cars, to patterns, shapes and textures to enhance the space. Patterned fabrics for cushions, rugs and bedding are great for hiding stains and adding dashes of bright colour to your design. Add texture with cosy, colourful throws, plush soft toys and natural textiles, like woven storage baskets, to stimulate the sense of touch. Cloud nursery accessories are perfect for a gender-neutral nursery, whether they’re in the form of mobiles, pictures, stencils or pillows.

Enliven with unisex lighting


A modern nursery is no place for harsh lighting and the best way to avoid turning on the overhead lights is to invest in the soft glow of lamps. For practicality, a standing lamp might offer all the light you need to work with, without being too bright. For the imagination, the options are endless. Consider table lamps that evoke fairytales, like mushrooms, castles, unicorns and owls. Light up the ceiling with revolving images of stars, moons or underwater scenes.

Create for your comfort too


Your comfort is a main priority in a modern nursery and a good way to implement unisex nursery ideas is to add your own adult flair. Yes, the design can be about you, too! Buy multipurpose furniture that fits with your own style of decor, like a chic set of drawers that doubles as a changing table. Choose a chair to sink into that provides ultimate comfort first, then dress it up with the inviting textures of throws and pillows that you love best. Modern minimalism is all the rage for good reason, so forget about fussy baby items that only add clutter. Aim for clean lines and the space that brings peace and clarity of mind.

Paint for durability


No matter which gender your child is, it’s impossible to avoid the little fingerprints and stains that inevitably decorate your walls and nursery accessories! Dulux offers the perfect solution. Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough helps you say goodbye to spills, with stain repellent technology. It turns liquid into beads that sit on the surface of the paint, so you can simply wipe it away. This way, you can go ahead and confidently adorn your walls with the design of your dreams, in the knowledge that they’ll still look fabulous long past those messy years.

Gender-neutral nursery ideas, combined with a dose of practicality for your own comfort, will grow with you and your baby throughout the wonderful journey ahead.

Featuring a neutral color, this baby crib bedding set will look great in your little one’s nursery. The set includes a quilt, sheet set and dust ruffle. When it comes to decorating you want your nursery to be the perfect place to welcome the newest addition to your family. This neutral color palette is a modern, minimalist look that’s great for any baby’s room. Choose from multiple colors and textures depending on the style you prefer. This pale pink shade is a beautiful neutral, bright and clean. This star night light is great for when your baby needs a bit of comfort in the dark, but won’t be waking up with the sun. The neutral, warm colors are just right to keep your little one happy and comfortable all night long.

Best Neutral Paint Colors For Baby Room

This is less about what colors should be avoided from a design standpoint and more about what colors should be avoided from a color psychology standpoint.

Yes! Color psychology is a real thing.

It has been proven time and time again that colors have a specific way of influencing your moods.

For example, research has shown that people exposed to cool colors like blue for an extended period tend to feel calmer and more relaxed. Meanwhile, individuals exposed to warm colors such as red or yellow become more alert and aware.

If you want to use yellow, that’s a great color to use, especially if you want something more gender-neutral.

However, according to a color psychologist, the brighter the yellow, the more it incites annoyance. In addition, yellow caused infants to cry more than any other hue in research studies.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think babies need much more of a reason to cry. I’ll do what I need to do to provide a calming effect in my baby’s room for them!

What paint is best for nursery?

When painting a baby’s room, you want to be sure that you choose low VOC paint.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are harmful chemicals that are airborne and are very risky to breathe in.

When you’re breathing these chemicals in, they can cause respiratory problems to develop over time, leading to health issues.

It should also be non-toxic because you don’t want to be breathing in things that could lead to you or your child reacting.

The good news is that technically any paint on the market is safe as long as they’re latex paints designed for interior walls.

Our favorite is Clare Paint. They’re a new company, but with personal experience, it is excellent quality paint. It boasts not only low VOC but no VOC. This article helps explain further detail of harmful VOCs.

Can you paint a nursery white?

boho neutral nursery with wood crib

Of course you can!

Sometimes, having a white nursery is the only option you have in rental situations, and it can be a great one!

Again, our team wants to reiterate that you never have to follow trends. If you want to have a nursery with white walls, go for it! Do what works best for you and your family.

Best Cream Paint Color For Nursery

Choosing a cream paint color, in general, is a challenging task. Throw in trying to find the best cream paint color for a nursery that doesn’t make it look cold or sterile is even more difficult.

Here are our top 2 picks for the best cream paint color for your nursery:

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster nursery with wood dresser mid century modern style
Sherwin Williams Alabaster mid century modern nursery via Vintage Revivals

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is a warmer white paint color with subtle creamy undertones. It can be an incredible backdrop for a darling little white nursery that feels warm and cozy.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace nursery with white furniture

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace nursery via Jillian Harris

Chantilly Lace is a very close equivalent to Sherwin Williams Alabaster in that it’s also a warmer white paint color. Chantilly Lace works well as a trim paint color, too, if you’re looking to have more bold walls and a softer white trim paint color.

Best Nursery Paint Colors – Sherwin Williams

Most interior designers and professional painters use Sherwin Williams paint because it’s good quality and readily available. With the hundreds of choices of paint colors, we’ve asked and narrowed it down to a handful of beautiful options from which to choose.

Here are our favorite gender-neutral nursery paint colors from Sherwin Williams:

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray walls with white crib in gender neutral nursery
Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray nursery via Living Letter Home

Agreeable Gray is a gorgeous greige paint color. If you’re unfamiliar, greige is just a fancy word for grey and greige mixed. This means this color will be like a beige with grey undertones. Greige paint colors are a great mix of warm and cool, depending on other colors used in the room and your lighting.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt nursery walls with white clider in a corner and white corner shelves
Sherwin Williams Sea Salt nursery via Texture Design Co

If you’re looking for light and airy, look no further than Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. It’s a beautiful light aqua color that has just enough green to keep it from being too blue and will be sure to liven up any child’s bedroom.

This is an excellent option for either a boy or a girl nursery.

Sherwin Williams Big Bend Beige

Sherwin Williams Big Bend Beige walls in nursery with white glider and ottoman
Sherwin Williams Big Bend Beige nursery via The Greenspring Home

This stunning paint color is a great warm neutral beige paint color. The only caution using Sherwin Williams Big Bend Beige is that this color can make the room feel darker than you may want for a little one’s room in lower lighting situations or smaller spaces.

However, it is still a great option for paint colors for your nursery.

Best Nursery Paint Colors – Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

black crib with rattan chair and grid feature wall painted Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray
Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray via Design Loves Detail

If our team had to pick one color out of all of these in the designer list of best paint colors for the nursery, it would be this one.

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is a stunning medium-toned blue-gray paint color that can work for any gender. This paint color would be great for an accent wall but could also be used all over. If you didn’t want to commit to an entire accent wall, you could easily do a great half wall with beadboard and wallpaper.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy feature wall with wood crib and wood changing table and Cameron on the wall
Benjamin Moore Hale Navy nursery feature wall via Haley Simao

Navy blue is a great color for any age and any gender. Just like blue can bring calm and serenity, different shades of blue can bring different feelings. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a great, deep navy blue that will work in any area.

You can add accent colors like coral for your baby girl, a brighter green for a little boy, or use white and keep an entirely gender-neutral color palette.

Benjamin Moore Black Jack

Benjamin Moore Black Jack feature wall in nursery with white dresser
Benjamin Moore Black Jack nursery accent wall via My Kind of Sweet

Having a modern black and white nursery can work well to set up a more minimalistic nursery. Benjamin Moore Black Jack is the perfect neutral, slightly cooler black.

You can throw in some stark white furniture or lighter wood tones for a sleek, modern look.

Best Paint Colors for a Girl Nursery

Sherwin Williams Intimate White

Sherwin Williams Intimate White walls with gold crib and big giraffe next to crib
Sherwin Williams Intimate White nursery via Instagram

Having the word white in the title may throw you off, but Sherwin Williams Intimate White is a very light and sweet pale pink paint color.

If you’re looking for the list of great pink paint colors for a nursery, we have you covered in this post here!

Sherwin Williams Malted Milk

Sherwin Williams Malted milk painted trim and feature wall with hanging moses basket in nursery
Sherwin Williams Malted Milk nursery via Jenna Sue Design

Another delicate pink paint color from Sherwin Williams is Malted Milk. It’s a great soft pink for a nursery, and best of all, it can easily be accented with contrasting colors to give it more interest.

Sherwin Williams Upward

Sherwin Williams Upward blue grid wall with emily caroline on the wall above a white crib
Sherwin Williams Upward nursery via Stephanie Hoey Interiors

Typically a beautiful blue paint color like this would be the star of the show in a boy’s nursery, but this goes to show you that any color can work in any space if you want it to.

Sherwin Williams Upward is a gorgeous, very light blue paint color that leans cool. A cool paint color means that its undertones are more blue/purple and will feel softer and airy.

Best Paint Colors for a Boy Nursery

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray walls painted nursery
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Nursery via Katie Lamb

A gray nursery is a great gender-neutral color. Still, if you’re looking for a good color that will work in a boy nursery, you have to check out Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. It’s a neutral gray with no warm or cool undertones, so it is one of the best grays available for a paint color in a nursery.

Hopefully this has given you some new ideas for paint color choices! We think these are some of the best paint colors for nursery designs, but of course there are hundreds to choose from.

As parents, the most important thing we can do is create a safe and nurturing environment for our children, while also being able to keep it fun and fresh!

The best paint color is one that will last and compliment your child’s personality.

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