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Give your baby girl a wardrobe in her favorite colors with this beautiful collection of girl’s clothes. From head wraps and bows to printed onsies, our baby girl costumes are sure to brighten up any day. We have curated the perfect palette of colors for your little girl’s nursery. From bold and beautiful to classic and timeless, this collection is sure to create a charming space full of personality.

Babies grow up so fast, the blink of an eye and they’re in high school! The best way to remember your baby’s childhood is by taking pictures. Keep those memories bright and colorful with a photo blanket creators using our amazing color options. This playful, yet sophisticated style offers a flexible fit around the face, making it ideal for active babies. Overlays add extra sun protection and a touch of refinement to this classic cap design.

Armed with a little color know-how and a can of paint, you can easily transform a big, lonely nursery into a soothing sleep sanctuary. Just choose one of these calming nursery colors, and let science do its thing!

  • 01of 10Subdued Bluenursery with pale blue walls and white furniture Stephanie Hoey InteriorsLike a calm sea or cloudless sky, soft shades of blue tend to relax both mind and body, giving us a sense that all is right with the world. Exposure to the color blue has been known to lower blood pressure and heart rate, cooling the body and preparing it for sleep.2 Blue also decreases feelings of anxiety and aggression, making it a natural salve for nervous newborns and tantrum-prone toddlers.3That said, if creating a sleep-centered space is your goal, avoid dark blues. While light to medium shades promote sleep, deep, dramatic blues tend to have an energizing effect, keeping sleep at bay.2 Soft, calming colors like powder blue, aqua, or even light shades of turquoise are a much safer bet. 
  • 02of 10Muted Greennursery with green print wallpaper, leaf print artwork  Cathie Hong InteriorsGreen boasts all the nurturing power of Mother Nature, providing us with a deeply instinctual sense of security that we, too, will grow and thrive in its presence. Associated with health, healing, and well-being, green reduces anxiety, allowing for better concentration. Studies have even found that exposure to the color green may improve reading ability among children!4When choosing a shade for your nursery, you can opt for light to medium greens in earthy hues like sage and moss. However, darker greens can also be implemented, particularly if they are balanced with lighter neutrals.
  • 03of 10Pale Purplepale purple bedroom with white accent furniture and tree mural Grey Hunt InteriorsAssociated with wisdom and spirituality, purple combines the soothing properties of blue with the nurturing femininity of pink. Colors like lavender and lilac create a soft and serene atmosphere but only in very pale shades. Choose too dark of a color, and your nursery may end up looking crass or gloomy.To ensure a good pick, remember that purple will almost always appear darker than expected on the wall. Found a color you like? Opt instead for a hue that is at least one shade lighter than your original choice, and you’ll be happier with the results. 10 Perfectly Purple Nursery Shades
  • 04of 10Soft Whitesoft white nursery with elephant print wallpaper Becca InteriorMuch like the little angels who inhabit them, white nurseries are innocent and sweet, evoking feelings of serenity and peace. That said, white can also seem cold and institutional and may promote secretiveness.To create a soothing, white haven, think shabby chic. Avoid harsh, blue whites and opt instead for creamier shades, like soft ivory and antique white. You can also add warmth by incorporating lots of rich, earthy textures, like wicker and wood. Adding colorful accents will encourage openness, but stick to soft and soothing colors that won’t over-stimulate your little one. 
  • 05of 10Glacial Graynursery with light gray walls, shelving shaped like tree Ann LivingGray promotes thought and emotion, putting you in touch with your inner self. It’s a calming, contemplative color, but it can also create a sense of sadness if the shade is too dreary.To keep things looking cheery, avoid dark and stormy grays and opt instead for light, blue-grays. If you want to go a bit darker, pair with clean, white trim and pretty pastel accents, or even warm things up with wood accents.
  • 06of 10Pastel PinkPastel pink nursery room Forbes + MastersPink speaks of unconditional love and compassion, making it a fine fit for a baby’s room. It tends to inspire warm and comfortable feelings, which may help your little one relax. Studies have shown that pink has a calming effect on the human psyche and lessens aggressive behavior.2 To keep your kiddo calm and happy, opt for a pale, peachy shade or a dusty pastel and use sparingly, balancing the color with plenty of neutral space. 
  • 07of 10Earthy Neutralnursery decorated with neutrals That Boho Mama/InstagramNeutral earth shades have a warm, grounding effect, and can be great for creating a cozy atmosphere.2 Neutrals are also easy on the eyes—literally. Earthy shades of beige and brown give baby’s developing peepers a much-needed rest from stimulating color and contrast, allowing your little dreamer to wind down and sleep. 
  • 08of 10Dandelion Yellownursery with dandelion yellow walls and floral wallpaper Becca InteriorsYellow is strongly associated with positivity and happiness, which makes perfect sense for your baby’s nursery. Rather than choosing harsh, brighter tones like lemon or neon, go for a softer version like daffodil or dandelion. The warmth it provides creates a soothing atmosphere. Floral wallpaper with yellow as the backdrop can serve as a perfect introduction—not to mention giving it a vintage feel.
  • 09of 10Serene Tealnursery with nature accent wall and teal furniture Ashley Webb InteriorsIf you are torn between choosing blue or green as your child’s nursery color, teal is a perfect solution. Blue greens, like mint or seafoam, are also an excellent choice, combining the calming powers of both colors. With blue most notably associated with calm and green often credited with evoking peaceful feelings, teal is well-known to provide a sense of balance, which can be a much-needed reassurance for your little one.As a bonus, teal can also serve as a gender-neutral hue that works well with other colors and styles, giving you plenty of work with in terms of decor and theme.
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  • 10of 10Soft Peachjungle theme nursery with peach wall and white crib Sarah Lynch Design/InstagramAn alternative to pink, peach can also serve as an ideal color choice for nurseries. Peach shades, especially when paired with neutrals or cool tones, create a serene environment that can brighten spirits without being too intense. Given its versatility, this color can also work for years as your child grows.Still unsure about using a peach tone? Try working it in as an accent wall. Having one section dedicated to that shade can help you decide whether to commit fully—and balancing it with printed wallpaper can do wonders in adding to the serenity you’re striving for.

Best Colors For Baby Girl Nursery

Whether you have a dedicated room or just a small nook for your baby’s nursery, the right colors can help you create a nurturing space for your baby’s development. There is never a right or wrong way to decorate a baby’s room; it is all about the spirit and love you put into the project. In this guide, we will study the best baby room colors and the impact on cognitive development they potentially have.

Studies in color psychology for baby rooms show that the following colors are great for your baby’s nursery:

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White is one of those great unisex baby room colors. It is typically associated with weddings, but it also stands for purity and innocence. However, most decorators and color psychology experts would warn parents not to go overboard with white. After all, colors evoke emotions and trigger cognitive development in young minds. Therefore, do not go all-white with a baby’s room. Add pops of cheer with vibrant hues like red, brown, purple, dark green, and so on. White walls are boring, and while you do not want to over-stimulate your baby, you certainly also do not want to bore them.

Cute little baby crawling on carpet indoors white nursery

White is always a great color for the crib, the cabinets, the changing table, and other baby’s room furniture pieces. Avoid using white on the walls. Walls tend to collect a lot of grime, so white walls are strictly a no for baby’s rooms.


Cute teddy bear on blue armchair in baby room

Irrespective of whether you are having a boy or a girl, blue is a fantastic color for a nursery. Ask people what their favorite color is, and chances are you will hear blue as the answer. Much of our world is blue (skies and seas). Blue is also associated with steadfastness and dependability. It is also representative of wisdom and popular baby boy nursery colors’ paint. There is no evidence that babies react to colors based on their genders. So go ahead and use blue for a girl’s room too. For the walls, go for light-blue-gray paint, and add a border pattern of red or gray elephants with yellow crowns using stencils.

A light blue color is an ideal room for a nursery as it induces sleep.


yellow Baby bedroom with pictures of animals on wall

There is a belief that goes, ‘Babies cry more in yellow rooms’. However, this isn’t true, and no baby room color psychology states this for a fact. In fact, yellow is a great unisex baby room color. It is associated with sunshine and warmth. In the book The Color Answer Book: From the World’s Leading Color Expert written by Leatrice Eiseman, yellow is a wonderful color substitute for the sun in countries where there isn’t too much of it. The author states that her two children were raised in yellow nurseries, and while they had their cranky-baby moments, none of them were chronic crybabies. Bright yellow is energizing and can be kind of intense, so opt for a toned-down shade for a baby’s room.


red walls baby nursery room with crib and books

Red is an exciting color, and it always gets people’s attention. So do not overuse red in your baby’s nursery; rather, use it as an accent color in the mattress, curtains, pillows, and other accessories. Red has both positive and negative attributes. The positive ones are couragewarmth, and strength, as well as fight-flight stimulation. The negative ones are visual impact, aggression, and defiance. So use red wisely and subtly when it comes to nursery paint colors.


Modern interior of child's room with animal pictures

Combinations of green and orange or green and red make some of the best neutral nursery paint colors. They also stimulate the baby’s mind and encourage cognitive development. Green is also one of the best baby room colors when you do not know the child’s sex. The color is synonymous with balanceabundancewealthnature, and harmony. Spiritually, it brings energy and love into the heart chakra and connotes love and healing. The color is calming for a baby after a sleepless night or two.


Baby's bedroom with crib and nightstand

Orange is a great neutral shade for a nursery. It is trendy and symbolizes warmth and comfort. Orange is also ideal for a boy’s or girl’s room. If orange is too bright for you, go for peach. Subtle peach is a great color for a nursery, and it adds the same sunshiny, warm and comforting glow to the atmosphere. If you do insist on brighter orange, then instead of adding it to the walls, add it to trims and accessories. Orange is a great nursery color for people living in cold countries where winters are somewhat dreary and the days are short.


purple color walls for baby room interior design

Cool colors like blue and purple help soothe babies. For a fun and cheerful look for the nursery, pair purple with the color on its opposite end of the color wheel: green. Try the contrasting color on the accessories as well.

baby's room in purple color

Once considered too feminine, more toy colors and boy apparel is sporting purple these days. Purple symbolizes spiritualitywisdomhonestymagic, and mystery. It is a great neutral shade for a boy’s or girl’s room. You can go for a toned-down violet shade that soothes and tranquilizes babies.

Are there any rules in picking nursery colors?

Pink canopy above cradle in baby's bedroom interior with gold posters and teddy bear in basket

Just as in every other area of color choice, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking colors for a baby’s room. If you are traditional parents and know your baby’s gender before birth, then you can always go for pink for girls and blue for boys. But if you are not conventional and simply want a beautiful atmosphere for your baby to grow up in, then there are many choices for you. Color expert Leatrice Eiseman suggests going in for warm tones balanced by some cool ones. Tender peach, vanilla custard, cloud blue, winsome orchid, pale banana, and reed are some colors she suggests. It is also important to know that nursery colors are not just about the baby; they are also about the parents as well. Remember there are going to be 2 am feedings and other stressful (and joyful times) in the nursery. So select a color combination that also nurtures the parents’ souls!

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