Colors For Baby Shower Boy

Looking for colors for baby shower boy ? We have especially selected a beautiful spectrum of unique colors and patterns. Whimsical, sweet and simply adorable, our collection of baby shower themed products for boys is full of color. These adorable emoticons and baby shower games will make planning the perfect party a snap. Choose from favor boxes, thank you cards, labels and stickers that coordinate with our primary color palette. Or pick up coordinating coordinating wrapping paper and stickers as well – it’s all here in one place!

1. Little pumpkin baby shower – See Vanessa Craft

This light and bright baby shower theme is absolutely adorable! Mini pumpkins set the scene throughout, and the beautiful use of warm fall orange, yellow, and baby blue colors set this theme off! I love the hanging mason jars and the pie bar, so perfect to welcome your “little pumpkin”!

Boy Blue Zebra Baby Shower Custom Caramel Apples

2. Zebra stripes and blue – Honey + Lime

This cute idea uses zebra print and a light shade of blue. I have seen the zebra theme done as a pink and black color scheme for baby girls, but why not blue? Super cute!

Ahoy It's A Boy baby shower theme for boys

3. Ahoy, it’s a boy! Nautical theme – The Lily Pad Cottage

I love a good nautical theme, and this red, white, and blue baby shower theme is simply adorable. Decorate with matching colors and accent with nautical anchors, lanterns, and shells, so cute! I love these nautical baby boy shower decorating ideas.

Boys baby shower theme - To the Moon and Back

4. To the moon and back baby shower theme – Oriental Trading

It looks like the parents were over the moon about their impending arrival! Moon decorations and sweets set this whimsical scene. What a creative boys’ baby shower theme!

5. Alien Invasion Robot baby shower – Leila Lewis via Pop Sugar

Ahhhh… it’s an alien invasion! Nope, just an adorable, out-of-this-world boys baby shower theme! Orange and blue colors set the stage for aliens and little monsters to take over this party. So fun!

Newsstand Unique Baby Shower Themes for boys

6. Extra Extra! Newspaper Theme Baby Shower – Honey + Lime

This is one of my favorite unique baby shower themes for boys! A friend of mine was pregnant with twins and her newspaper baby shower was simple with black and white, and absolutely adorable! I love this baby shower theme for boys.

7. Sweet Lil’ Cowboy baby shower theme – Party Patisserie

Yee Haw! Welcome baby into the world as he rides in cowboy style! This theme is super cute, I especially love the cowboy boots and the cowhide decor on the table and bunting.

Dinosaur baby shower theme cake

8. Dinosaur baby shower theme – The Party Teacher

Next, this cute little dino shower uses brown, yellow, blue, and green colors with the sweetest little dinosaur accents. Such a cute idea! I also love the dinosaur boy baby shower food ideas.

Football baby shower party for boys

9. Sporty football baby shower party – Hostess with the Mostess

Now, you can welcome your newest little guy to the team with this fun football-themed baby shower! Complete with fun football game decor, green turf, and black and white team colors, this particular party was a sip and see after the baby was born. The ideas here are wonderful.

Yellow vintage baby shower party

10. Vintage yellow baby shower – Mama Bear’s Kitchen

This super sweet and unique baby shower theme for boys uses super cute old books, dishware, suitcases, and other vintage decor with hints of yellow throughout. It looks like this shower was hosted at a gorgeous southern home, the porch is fabulous for this theme!

Rock-a-bye baby shower autograpgh onesies

11. Boys Rock-A-Bye Baby shower theme – Honey + Lime

Rock on with this fun boys baby shower theme! This musically inspired baby shower is so much fun, think guitars, backstage passes, rockin’ rattles and onesies decor, and CD cookies as party favors. This is a good baby shower ideas for boys on a budget, you can make most of the decor in this theme.

Bumble bees baby shower theme

12. Birds and the bees baby shower theme – Party Wagon

Ahhhh, there’s nothing like the birds and the bees talk, but you won’t have to do that yet! This theme uses whimsical pastel decorations with birdcages, bumblebee hives, decorative grass, and plenty of sweets to go with. What a sweet, unique baby shower themes for boys!

Mint Jungle Baby Shower - Inspired by This

13. Peach and mint jungle baby shower – Inspired by This

I love this twist on a jungle baby shower theme, the peach and mint green colors are perfect! I adore the little accents of greenery and the modern-looking jungle animals in the table cloth and on the side table. Oh, visit their site to see the cute pineapple stir sticks, they are fab!

Little Man mustache baby shower theme, A Life Without Pink

14. Little man mustache baby shower – A Life Without Pink

Finally, the last of the unique baby shower themes for boys is this mustache theme. I have seen this one before, but I really do like the way they executed it! the cake is beautiful and I am into the signage, games, and favors they used. I think this is one of my favorite cute baby shower themes for a boy!

When it comes to baby shower planning, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what color scheme to go with. Whether you are having a gender reveal or taking inspiration from the mom-to-be’s favorite colors, you can’t go wrong with these sweet shades. Choose from a selection of pleasing colors and/or patterns for this baby shower boy. You can have a color theme, or let it be a surprise!

What Are Good Colors For A Boy Baby Shower

1. Blue Accents and Balloons

A great starting place for a boy’s baby shower is blue balloons, plates, napkins, and accents. 

It’s a versatile color that can match with tons of themes or spaces, and all the accessories and favors will be easy to find. 

You can choose a lighter or darker shade depending on your theme, and you can easily use leftover dishware or accessories around the house. 

Whether it’s your first son or your fourth, your heart will skip a beat once you see the sweet blue accents and know that you’re about to have mama’s boy running around!

A marble candy styled blue helium balloons

2. Make It an Animal Theme 

Using themes to enhance a party is always a good idea. It can give your guests an idea of what to expect and keep you on track when you’re looking for the perfect accessories or party favors. 

Creating an animal theme won’t take too much work, and it’s generally an inexpensive theme to go with. 

Incorporate animal-print table cloths, different animal-shaped cookies, and animal balloons. 

One of the best things about an animal theme is you can easily incorporate neutral colors and accents from around the house or from other parties you’ve thrown over the years. 

Animal themed baby clothes on a wooden floor

3. Give it a Nautical Touch 

A timeless and simple option for a boy’s baby shower is a nautical theme. Using soft reds, blues, and whites will help you achieve this style without feeling too overdone. 

You can add small sailboats as table decorations, incorporate rope accents, and use small sailor hats as party favors. 

This is a timeless and classy style that will give your party a laid-back and relaxing feeling. 

Your guests will feel comfortable and welcome, and you’ll be able to use some of your accents and table cloths for other events throughout the years.

4. Incorporate Bowties 

There’s nothing cuter than a bowtie for your little one. If you’re expecting a little gentleman to enter this world, using bowties as party directions or favors is a must! 

You can use cut-out paper bowties, glue them to party string, and use that as streamers for a fun effect. 

A great gift idea is to ask each of your guests to bring a bowtie that your little man can eventually grow into. 

Each guest can pick one that they think he’ll love one day or can use at nice events such as weddings or interviews when that day comes. 

It’s a great way to cut back on gifts that you might end up returning anyway, and it’s a meaningful memento that will stay with you and your son over time. 

four assorted baby bowties

5. Serve Mustache Cookies/Cupcakes 

A cute and simple way to decorate a baby shower for a boy is using mustaches! They’re simple and cute and leave your guests with a longing for the strong man that is soon to come. 

You can make (or commission a baker to make) cookies in the shape of mustaches or use little mustache decorations on your cupcakes. 

They will go with any theme your using, or you can make the entire theme revolve around mustaches; the possibilities are endless! 

Cupcakes with mustache designs

6. Use Neutral Colors 

Using soft colors like light brown, creamy white, and baby blue is a great way to set up the perfect party to celebrate your little guy. 

Neutral color accents, tablecloths, and plates are great because you can use anything that’s leftover and dress it up or down, depending on your theme. 

You can add specific items to enhance your theme, such as an animal print table runner, or place little sailboats on the table as an arrangement. 

Using neutral colors for the main items will give you the freedom to make this event however you want it and use leftover materials for years to come. 

A dining table setup with ceramic plates and flowers

7. Decorate With Dinosaurs 

If you’re looking for something a bit more specific for this event, try to find dinosaur accessories and items! 

There are many ways to incorporate dinosaurs, like having them on the cake, plates, napkins, and even getting some dino toys to make a table arrangement. 

It’s an easy theme to find, and you can pair it with neutral colors and soft greens. This allows you to reuse some of your items at other events, and your guests will love it! 

You can even save the toy center-pieces and give them to your little man at a safe age. 

Dinosaur toys with party hats

8. Incorporate Sports 

Chances are, if you have a big football or baseball-loving family and you’re having a son, there will be sports at the baby shower!

Use small footballs or baseballs as table decorations, include baseball bats in the cupcakes, and use helmets/ jerseys for decorations. 

There are endless opportunities when you incorporate sports, including having everyone wear their favorite team jersey or shirts! 

It can become a fun way to support your favorite team (especially during football or baseball season) and celebrate your team’s newest fan! 

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