Uses For Baby Powder

8 Things to Do with Baby Powder

  • Use baby powder to get rid of sand. …
  • Use baby powder to cool sheets in summer. …
  • Use baby powder to dry-shampoo your pet. …
  • Use baby powder to absorb grease stains on clothing. …
  • Use baby powder to clean your playing cards. …
  • Use baby powder to slip on your rubber gloves.

Baby powder can be used for a variety of things! Here are some uses for this popular product, so you don’t have to search anywhere else: Use baby powder to get rid of sand. Use baby powder to cool sheets in summer. Use baby powder to dry-shampoo your pet. Use baby powder to absorb grease stains on clothing. Use baby powder to clean your playing cards. Use baby powder to slip on your rubber gloves.

Baby powder works on a variety of surfaces, and it has plenty of additional uses. Here are eight clever things you can do with baby powder:4. Use baby powder to get rid of sand5. Use baby powder to cool sheets in summer6. Use baby powder to dry-shampoo your pet7. Use baby powder to absorb grease stains on clothing8. Use baby powder to clean your playing cards

Use baby powder for many things like drying sheets, absorbing grease stains and getting rid of sand.

Baby powder is an affordable and versatile product. Here are eight smart uses for baby powder that will save you time and money. If you have children, especially at home, or if you have pets, you know how messy they can get. Baby powder can get rid of the messes they leave behind, dry shampoo them, absorb oil stains and more.

Baby powder is a popular household product that you might use to soothe a diaper rash, but there are many more uses for baby powder. Here are 8 things you can use baby powder for that you probably never thought of.

Uses for Baby Powder in The Garden

Talcum powder has been a baby staple for generations but now it’s classed as one of the best multi-tasking products around.

We all love a secret clever life hack that will make our life that little bit easier, like how to open a wine bottle without an opener or what else you can do with that giant tub of Vaseline you bought and forgot you had (no one’s lips are THAT chapped).

Well Talcum powder is the same, a clever life hack no longer just for babies bottoms, talcum powder is an effective eyelash thickener, skin soother, oh and one way to get rid of ants(opens in new tab) – boasting some truly unique uses.

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Here’s what you can do…

1. Prevent chafing

Ouch! Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or if you’re about to exercise, dust talcum powder between your thighs to eliminate friction.  Keeping your skin smooth and pain-free, and avoiding the risk of sores.

2. Combat smelly shoes

If you or someone in your house has stinky shoes, talcum powder works wonders to stop the stench. Simply sprinkle a light dusting of talcum powder inside the shoe and leave them overnight.

In the morning, shake out the baby powder and you’re good to go. Try with your gym trainers before you go to the gym too, and the powder will absorb any sweat leaving your shoes smelling fresher.

3. Thicken your eyelashes

Try dusting them with talcum powder before you apply mascara. The powder acts as a primer which gives you fuller, longer looking lashes without the need for falsies.

4. Face primer

A dusting of talc will help your make up stay on for longer, as it absorbs facial oils, which helps to set your make-up for the day or night.

Quick Tip: Talcum powder can also be mixed with a powder or bronzer that is a bit too dark to lighten it up.

5. Soothe dry skin and treat eczema

Talcum powder can work like a moisturiser to help soothe extra dry skin and if you have areas of irritated skin, rub a bit of talcum powder in to calm it. You can actually buy dermatologically approved powder for prone skin, too.

6. Wipe away sand easily

All beach bags should had talcum powder. To get sand off your skin simply sprinkle the powder on and wipe off.

The sweat, oil and water that’s causing the sand to stick will be absorbed by the powder meaning the sand can be easily wiped off your skin. Better still, you’ll know your car and house won’t turn into a sandy mess too.

7. Use instead of dry shampoo

Sprinkle some talcum powder underneath the top layer of hair at your roots to absorb excess oil.

If you have dark hair, mix the powder with cocoa powder and for red hair, mix in some cinnamon. Gently brush through to evenly distribute the product evenly and no-one will ever know.

8. Cool your sheets

During a hot summer’s night, sprinkle some talcum powder on your bed sheets before heading to sleep and you’ll feel cool and dry all night long.

9. Get silky smooth legs

After exfoliating, apply talcum powder to the area of skin you’ll be waxing before you begin. It will absorb any excess oil on the skin’s surface so the wax will be able to grab your hairs better. Better still, your skin will be soothed by the cooling effect of the powder.

10. Freshen up your house

If your wardrobe is smelling a bit musty freshen it up with talcum powder. Sprinkle a small amount into an open jar and leave in your wardrobe. The moisture removing properties of the powder will keep it free from that musty smell.

You can also use it to freshen up your carpets as well. Sprinkle a light covering, let it sit for about fifteen minutes and then hoover up – this works wonders for removing tough smells, such as pets or cigarettes.

11. Smooth scrolling

When using a laptop trackpad, oily hands can make it difficult to glide your fingers across the area.  A sprinkle of baby powder on your fingers can make scrolling easier and prevent any accidental clicks.

12. Deodorant booster

Baby powder absorbs sweat, so adding it to your morning routine can help your deodorant to last longer.

When applied after a roll-on deodorant, the baby powder works as an extra layer of protection that keeps you smelling great. It also prevents the sticky feeling that can occur after re-applying deodorant.

Alternative Use for Baby Powder

Baby powder is not just for babies. This sweet smelling white powder can do so much more than simply ward off diaper rash. In fact, there are many different uses for baby powder that you probably never considered.

From keeping your pets smelling fresh to helping you to remove stains from your favorite clothing, baby powder is a do-all powerhouse of a product that is sure to be helpful around the house. The best part is that baby powder is relatively inexpensive. You can replace many different costlier products with this one container of talcum powder and still get everything done.

20 Brilliant Uses for Baby Powder You've Never Considered

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The smell alone is enough of a reason to use it. Who doesn’t just love the smell of baby powder? But, the smell is still not the best part. Really. Baby powder has so many uses that you’ve probably never even thought of and we’ve collected 20 of the best and most effective ways that you can incorporate a bit of baby powder into your everyday life.

The next time you head out shopping, grab some baby powder. We’re about to show you some amazing ways that you can put it to good use.

Table of Contents

Make a Dry Shampoo

Make a Dry Shampoo

Baby powder is perfect for use as a dry shampoo. You just sprinkle it onto your comb and then run the comb through your hair to the roots. It removes oil and grease and makes your hair look freshly washed. Plus, it smells great so your hair will smell freshly washed, too. This works really well for blondes (or greys). If you are a brunette, add just a touch of cocoa powder to the baby powder before combing it through. Redheads can add a bit of cinnamon. Not only will your hair look great, it will smell amazing and stay that way until your next shower.

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Use As a Pet Shampoo

Not only does baby powder work as a dry shampoo for humans, it works for your furry friends, too. If your pet is between baths or you just need to give her a little refreshing, rub a handful or two (depending on the size of your dog or cat) into their fur. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes and then brush. Not only does it remove oil buildup and make their coats look freshly washed, it’s great smelling so it can eliminate that dog smell that they may have after playing all day. Plus, your dog is sure to prefer dry shampoo to having an all-out bath.

Remove Sand

If you’re lucky enough to be headed to the beach this summer, be sure to bring along some baby powder. It helps to remove the sand that finds its way onto your clothing and into your car or house after a day at the beach. Just sprinkle a bit of powder over anyone who is covered in sand after your day of fun. The powder will make it much easier to just brush off the sand and you’ll be much happier not having that sandy mess all over your car or your living room.

Remove Grease Stains

Baby powder is great for helping you to keep your favorite clothes looking new by removing grease stains. If you happen to get grease on your clothing, just apply a sprinkling of baby powder to a powder puff or cotton ball and dab at the grease. Rub the powder into the stain really well and then just shake or brush off any powder that is leftover. Repeat until you see that all of the grease has been removed and then launder as normal. The baby powder will bring the grease out of your clothing and keep it from leaving a nasty stain.

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Loosen Up Playing Cards

Loosen Up Playing Cards

Adding baby powder to playing cards is an age-old trick that makes your cards much easier to handle and keeps them from sticking together. When you buy a new set of cards, just place them in a plastic Ziploc bag along with just a few shakes of baby powder. Seal the bag well and shake it a few times to distribute the powder evenly. Once you remove the cards and shake off the excess powder, they will be smooth and much easier to shuffle and deal. Plus again, they will smell great so they’re perfect for those smoky poker games.

Untangle Necklaces

Don’t you just hate it when your favorite necklace gets tangled? Really. It can take forever to get those tangles out, especially from smaller chains and you risk breaking or kinking the chain which renders it un-wearable. The next time you get tangles in your favorite necklaces, reach for the baby powder. Just sprinkle a bit on the chain making sure that it gets into all the little crooks and crevices. The powder will loosen up the knot just a bit, making it much easier for you to get it out without worries of kinks or breaks in the chain.

Prevent Chafing

If you run often, particularly during the hotter summer months, you may experience chafing. A little baby powder will clear that right up and help to prevent it on your future runs. Just sprinkle the powder anywhere that you normally chafe before you run. It will help to eliminate friction when you run so your skin will stay smooth and pain-free. This is also a great idea for any movement that normally causes friction and it works perfectly for inner thighs and other areas that tend to rub up against one another when you move.

Ease Waxing Pain

Ease Waxing Pain

Waxing may be great for removing that unwanted hair but it can leave behind unwanted pain and redness. If you apply just a bit of baby powder before you apply your wax, it will help to make the entire process less painful. The powder absorbs moisture which allows the wax to work better because it will adhere to every single hair. Plus, it protects the skin which leaves it much smoother and less red and painful. So, baby powder before waxing actually works a couple of ways and makes your waxing session a bit more effective at removing hair and without all the pain and redness.

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