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These are the best baby products to help you feed your baby successfully. They include the Munchkin White Hot Infant Spoons and the Olababy Training Fork + Spoon Set. Both of these products will help you teach your baby how to use utensils.

Whether you want to make dinnertime more fun or help your baby learn how to self-feed, our collection of baby utensils is sure to please. We carry options like soft spoons and forks with easy to grip handles and dishwasher safe parts, as well as hard plastic utensils designed with younger babies in mind. And since getting your kiddo to eat and enjoy solid foods is one of life’s biggest milestones, these products from brands like Munchkin, BEABA and Olababy are absolutely essential!

We don’t think it’s necessary to invest in brand-name baby spoons. Instead, we offer products like the Munchkin White Hot Infant Spoons, which are a great choice for parents and babies alike! These spoons have been designed with a medical grade silicone sleeve that is super soft on gums, while still feeling like a spoon that any adult would use. They come in multiple colors so you can pick your favorite and won’t be embarrassed when you take it out at restaurants or friends’ houses.

Serve your baby’s food in style with our picks for the best baby spoons. From options that encourage self-feeding and independence to ones that can be used as training spoons and forks, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re feeding baby their first foods or helping them learn to use utensils, our selection of plastic, silicone and wooden spoons will make each mealtime a bit easier.

Introduce your baby to eating with the best spoon. These utensils are safe and easy for baby to hold, helping them feel comfortable when feeding themselves from an early age. Features include ergonomic handles, soft tips, and unique designs.

Baby Utensils and Plates

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Watching your baby transition to solid foods is an exciting milestone. Children can begin solid foods as early as 4 months old, but many families find themselves starting solids after 6 months old.1 Whether you plan to gradually introduce solids or want to start with purees, you’re going to want to invest in some feeding essentials, like spoons and other utensils.

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The Dr. Brown’s TempCheck Spoons are durable, easy to clean, and can tell you when food is too hot by changing colors. For beginners, we recommend the Olababy Silicone Training Spoon.

“Spoons are great to have baby play with at mealtime even if they are not using them for food. Infants can be introduced to a spoon earlier than we expect them to learn how to use the spoon,” Ashley Anttila, MD, of Nemours Children’s Health, Delaware, tells Verywell Family. “Giving an infant a spoon while seated in a high chair allows them to practice grasping objects and moving objects to their mouth. It allows them to explore the texture of the spoon and different ways it can be oriented as it moves to the mouth.”

Tiny hands need spoons and utensils that are easy to grab and use, so opt for forks and spoons sized just for babies and toddlers. Check for any age recommendations while making sure the material is easy to clean. We carefully considered design, age recommendations, material, ease of cleaning, ease of use, size, and value when reviewing products. 

Munchkin White Hot Infant Spoons. These spoons are designed to help your little one learn to self-feed and transition from bottle to utensils. A soft, rounded tip gently guides food into baby’s mouth like a tiny spoon would. Olababy Training Fork + Spoon Set. This fork and spoon set hones in on fine motor skills as your child learns how to use them correctly. Moby Pro Silicone Spoon 6 Pack + Munchkin White Hot Infant Spoons: on the go great for traveling these spoons are perfect for warm food, too!

The right utensils for baby are key to the proper feeding experience. The Munchkin White Hot Infant Spoons have an angled tip that allows for a spoonful of rice cereal without causing splashing and spills. The Olababy Training Fork + Spoon Set comes in a cute box with storage slots. And, there’s a lot more!

From feeding to playing, this variety of infant utensils and feeding items is perfect for everyday use. All of our picks come highly rated by parents and experts alike, so you can be sure that your little one gets the best care with these baby spoons, forks, and training spoons. Read on to find the right one for your infant!

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