Velvet Dresses For Baby Girl

A beautiful girl in a baby blue velvet dress. This dress is a perfect combination of fashion and comfort.

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shining and glamorous, this red velvet dress features a bow-tie neckline, which makes any little lady look as sweet as can be.

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Classy party wear burgundy gown made with luxurious velvet. The yoke is seriously stylish with stone work in criss-cross pattern. Puffed sleeves and princess like flare make it an elegant velvet gown for baby girls in India. She will look so graceful wearing this baby velvet dress for weddings, engagements, birthday parties and all sorts of special occasions. The softness and smoothness of the fabric makes it generously comfortable for her.

Designed for baby girls between 0 months to 15 years, this is a beautifully fitting designer outfit to buy online for your princess.

Which Dress is Suitable for Short Girl

Fit and flare dresses (also known as A-line dresses or skater dresses) are some of the best dresses for petite women. The silhouette is commonly flattering because it is form fitting in your upper body (exactly what we need as short girls) but it is also more forgiving for your lower body.

The silhouette is commonly flattering because it is form fitting in your upper body (exactly what we need as short girls) but it is also more forgiving for your lower body. 

They do not hug the curve of your bottom, thus they will draw people’s attention away from your butt and thighs.  They are especially recommended for women who do not want people to focus on their lower body, such as the pear body type.

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are one of my favorite dresses for short women of all time. 

I have to admit I am an official addict of wrap dresses. I own more than 30 of them in my closet like this Wrap Mini Dress ($62.00)

wrap dress

I own these DVF dresses from short sleeve to long sleeve, from silk to wool and cashmere. I live in wrap dresses all year long! I have found DVF size 0 or 2 a very nice fit for me. I don’t even need to hem the sleeve, and they just fit me like a glove.

Wrap dresses are universally flattering, whether you are 4’11” or 5’4″.  They are the best choices for short girls who wish to emphasize their feminine curves (such as the hourglass shape) or those who wish to create the illusion of curves (such as rectangle shape).

It’s important to know that wrap dresses can come in different lengths too!

Like Victoria Beckham (5’3) mentioned in her latest fashion book “That Extra Half an Inch”, the wrap dress is one of the things that once you have, it is hard to understand how you have lived all those years without.  It hugs your body at all the right places and creates a continuous line of colors that elongates your body.

If you have no waistline, such as the apple shape or petite rectangle shape, the wrap will define your waistline.  In terms of length, you cannot go wrong with any of them, whether they are above your knee, at your knee, or even maxi length. 

For office meetings, a knee length wrap dress is always appropriate.  For date nights or cocktail hours, above the knee will make your legs look longer.  For vacation or resorts, a wrapped maxi dress looks classy and expensive.

Empire waistline dresses

If you want to take your petite fashion to the next level, look for details in petite dresses that will further flatter your particular body type.   Empire waist is a terrific design for us short girls, like this Petite Halter Neck Maxi Dress ($79.00).

maxi dress

The empire waist is a dress where the waistline is high, and sometimes it is placed just below the bust line.  Because it raises the waistline to above your natural waist, it effectively creates the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. 

This high waistline followed by the skirt of the dress will create a perfect illusion of length and will help to camouflage your midsection or bottom if that is your concern (if you are a petite woman with an apple or pear shape).

For instance, petite apple shape women may be self-conscious about their midriff and do not want people to notice their stomachs, the best dress for them is a petite skater dress with an empire waist design.  The Juliana dress is a perfect example.  Because the waistline is elevated and the flare starts just a little under the bust line, it completely camouflages the stomach area. 

Needless to say,  since the elevated waistline is above your natural waist, it makes your bottom half look longer and optimizes your body ratio to the maximum.

Belted dresses

Speaking of best petite dresses, I must mention dresses with a belt is high on our list. 


A belt can totally change the perceived ratio of your body.

The reason I call it the “perceived” ratio is that we are all born with a natural leg ratio and torso ratio, but we can change that through what we wear. You can try this Button Down Shirt Dress ($69.00)

Ever heard of rule of thirds and the golden mean ratio? 

Our body ratio looks the best when it is divided by the thirds instead of halves or quarters. 

That is a universal law applicable to all height, and it is especially critical to us short women.  We can totally use this rule to improve our body proportion and elongate our legs.  See petite blogger Stefanie (5’3″) in our belted LBD.

That is when a belt can come into play. 

The key is to make sure the belt is positioned high enough to make your torso look shorter and your legs look longer

Ideally, your torso should look like 1/3 of your body and your legs 2/3.  The best color of the belt is one to blend with your dress. 

That way will avoid making your body look cut in half while still adding subtle texture and interesting dimension to your outfit.

Dresses with a belt also help those of us lacking a defined waistline to have more waist definition, such as the petite rectangle shape or petite apple body type.

Maxi dresses

Are you surprised if I tell you maxi dresses are on our list of best dresses for short girls?

Sure, most stylists advise us to go with short skirts, because that is the most logical way to make our legs look longer. 

That is true to some degree.  

Wearing short dresses above or at the knee is one of the most obvious ways to lengthen our legs and look taller than we are. 

However, wearing a long dress is another way of effectively extending our frame and thus could be very flattering to petite girls.

So why would it look good on short girls?

The reason is creating length in our outfit is one of the key factors in styling short girls, which can be achieved through creating a column of colors.

Because of its continuous color and pattern, a maxi dress can effectively elongate your body frame to the maximum, like this Petite Floral Print Maxi Dress ($79.00).

Therefore, wearing a maxi dress the right way will actually make a short girl look taller. In fact, a maxi dress is one of the Most Recommended Styles for Petite Women.

Picking out the best maxi dresses for short women involves choosing the right length (as a starter), the right fabric, and the right style. 

Because of how much it covers your body, it is critical to find the right pattern that will not make you look drowning in fabrics. Otherwise, the wrong style can totally swamp you and make you appear shorter.

In general, smaller prints or solid colors are great for women under 5’4″ to avoid the look that the dress is wearing you. Of course, there is no cut and dry answer to what is considered smaller print and what is not.  It is all relative, and the important thing is to keep them in scale to your body. 

If you are petite and skinny, go with tiny prints.  On the other hand, if you are short and curvy, prints too small might make you look bulkier than you are.  Read our detail guide “how to wear maxi dresses if you are short”.

Lacey dresses

Dresses made from airy fabrics such as laces are very flattering for shorter women.

I was wearing this dress in this picture.  Normally I do not recommend petites to go with midi length. The reason midi dresses hardly make it to our list of best choices for Petites is that the hem ends at your calves, which may make your legs look cut in half.  While I have to say the length of midi dresses is the most challenging to pull off to short girls (a lot harder than either mini dresses or maxi dresses), it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay away from them altogether.

The above dress is flattering because lacey fabrics can give the eye a “peek” into your legs way above the hem of the dress, thus making sure your legs do not look cut-off. You can also try this Lace Fit and Flare Dress ($384.00)

lace dress

Dresses with Slits

Dresses with slide slits are also flattering to petite women because they show some skin on your legs, especially when you are walking or sitting down, which compromises the drawbacks of midi dresses.

You can try this Midi Dress with Slit ($69.00)

Finding the right dresses for petite women is not easy, and a lot of times it depends on your personal preferences.

Petite women come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are hardly any set rules on something that absolutely will look good or bad on you.  Fashion is what each of us uses to express our own individuality.

Vertically inspired dresses

Dresses with vertical patterns or vertical designs are tried and true most flattering dresses for short women as well.  Short women need to create length in what they wear in order to look longer and taller, and the most obvious way is to go with vertical patterns and designs.  Stripes are the easiest choice of vertical prints.  If you have a small body frame, going with something subtle is better than something loud and busy.

Since we are on the topic of what dresses look the best for short women, we should also talk about what doesn’t work for Petites.

The key is to create a continuously long and unbroken line of your outfit and avoid horizontal lines.  In general, petite women should look for form-fitting silhouettes and stay away from bulky, busy, and complicated designs.  Anything that is too loose or too puffy will probably make you look overwhelmed by the dress and that is what you should avoid wearing.

Hello there! My name is Chi Li, 5’2″, author of “The Petite Style Bible” . Petite Dressing is an online petite clothing store and fashion blog for to help all women to understand their body shape and dress accordingly to look confident and chic. Start here if you are new. Click here to watch me on Youtube.

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dreamy, romantic and sophisticated – these are just a few words that describe the perfect evening. With this evening dress in black velvet you will look stunning at any event. Wear this with matching heels and a matching clutch and you’ll be ready to go!

Dress for Short Girl to Look Tall


How to Dress if You Are Short (the Ultimate Guide)


I am 5’2″. If you are short like me, styling can be a challenge. Not only it is generally harder for you to find clothing that fits you, but also you need to be more selective with what you wear.

Whether you are petite and skinny, or short and chubby, what we all have in common is the petite body frame.

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what is petite

Here’s 30 best ways to dress if you are short like me-trust me, I figured these out after decades of trial and error, and they REALLY work!

Table of Contents

Avoid Shapeless, Boxy Silhouettes

how to dress if you are petite

One common struggle for petite women is that clothing can overwhelm your frame which, in turn, causes you to appear shorter and much bulkier.

This is why it’s crucial to avoid clothing that’s boxy and shapeless in any way.

Always air on the side of wearing clothes that offer some flow and natural shape to them so your body can be seen!

This doesn’t mean you have to wear skin tight clothing, just clothing that fits close enough to the body so you’re not getting lost or hidden beneath anything.

In addition to clothes with shapeless silhouettes, this rule also applies to ill-fitting clothes. Even if a garment has shape to it, if it doesn’t fit your body properly it will add bulk. Have a trusty tailor to lean on and don’t be afraid to get your clothes tailored. And YES, any type of garment can be tailored – just ask and make sure you have a skilled tailor.

Wear Flare Leg Jeans

how to dress if you are short

Of all the jeans styles, flare leg jeans are one of the best jeans for short women.

The flare leg jeans are well fitted through the knee, and flare out under the knee. Such leg shape is extremely flattering for women with shorter legs. Not only they can make your legs look longer, but also they can make you look leaner.

The best way to wear flare leg jeans is to wear it with heels.

Since flare jeans is wider at the bottom, they are the perfect choice to wear with thicker heels (such as the wedges) without looking bottom heavy. Ideally, you want the flare jeans to be a bit longer, so that it can cover some of the heels, thus elongating your legs to the maximum.

Even though flare leg is one of the best jeans to make you look taller, you do want to be selective and go with a modest flare. If the flare is too exaggerated, it will on work the opposite way, i.e. make you look shorter.

Eliminate Horizontal Lines in Layering

what to wear if you are short

If you are short, layering can be tricky.
The wrong way of layering can totally make your body cut off and make you look even shorter than you are. The right way of layering can serve the purpose of elongating your frame and make you appear longer and leaner.

The key to flatter a short girl with layering is to eliminate any unnecessary horizontal lines.

By doing so, your layers will form one vertical line that goes from top to bottom, therefore flattering your short frame.

The best way to dress a short woman is to create an unbroken vertical line with what you wear, thus elongating your petite frame and make your look taller.

Wear Full Length Pants

If you are short, the best pants for petite women should have longer length. The reason is quite obvious. Your legs are only as long as the pants inseam. So, when you go with long pants, they will automatically make your legs look longer.

best ways to dress a short woman

Since not all pants are created equal, you need to choose the best inseam for each type of pants and jeans. With wide leg pants or flare leg pants and jeans, you can go as long as possible and pair them with heels (of course you never want your pants to be too long as to be dragging on the floor).

On the other hand, with cigarettes’ pants or skinny jeans, since the legs are tapered, you cannot really go too long without them bunching up on your feet. Therefore, you will need to go with the length right below your ankle, without having any extra fabrics bunching on your shoes.

Dressing Monochromatically

what looks good on a short girl

Monochromatic dressing, in case you aren’t familiar, is the concept of wearing one color scheme from head to toe. This can be adapted using any color and it happens to be one really incredible way to dress when you’re a short woman. Similar to the way dresses give the body a longer line, without any breaks, monochromatic outfits do the same thing. This is a great styling trick to utilize in the cold weather months when more layers and pieces are needed for warmth, but you still want to flatter a petite figure. It’s also ideal for the professional woman who has to (or wants to) wear suits.

It’s worth noting that monochromatic dressing doesn’t necessarily you can only wear the exact same color from head to toe. In fact, as long as the color of your top and the color of your bottom are from the same color scheme, it will still serve the purpose of elongating your short frame and flatter a petite woman. Examples include ivory, tan and camel, all from the same nude color family. Although they are not the same shade of nude, wearing combinations of these colors can make a short girl appear taller and leaner.

Keep Your Accessories in Proportion

how to dress if you are petite

Statement accessories can definitely be fun and exciting, but they also have the tendency of overwhelming a petite body. Think about it this way – when accessories are BIG and over the top they take up a lot of space on the body and when you have a short frame as it is it can be too much. Instead, think of your accessories, in size, in relation to your body’s size. Petite women tend to wear smaller, more dainty accessories well because they enhance your body rather than overwhelm it.

In addition to the actual size of accessories, air on the side of less is more. Layering and stacking jewelry is great, as long as it’s not taking up too much space – just like statement accessories would.

Stay Away from Long Tops

how to look good if you are short

Lengthening the body as a short woman, primarily comes with a focus around making legs appear longer.

That is why long tops like tunics, for example, are best to be avoided.

While long tops elongate your torso, they also shorten your legs and as a short woman that’s going to make you appear much shorter than you already are.

Wear Nude shoes

best shoes for short girls

Whether you prefer flat shoes or high heels, if you’re ever in doubt as to the most flattering type of shoe to wear the answer will always be: neutral color options!

This doesn’t necessarily mean black and white, but instead a color that’s close to your own skin tone. Wearing nude shoes is a stylist’s trick to making legs look super long whether they’re flat sandals, stilettos, or something in between. Anytime you feel like you need a little extra boost to your outfit, add a pair of nude shoes and you will notice an instant lengthening effect.

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