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Best Combat Boots For Short Legs


Boots for Short Legs: 5 Tips Every Petite Girl Should Know


The boot season is upon us again! Are you petite?  Have you found it frustrating to look for boots for short legs?  I’m 5’2″, and I certainly have struggled a lot with boots.

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Boots are very important for Petites like me who live in colder areas. I live in NJ and commute to Manhattan every day.  It starts to get cold in late October, and nothing is better than a pair of boots when the leaves start to fall. 

This boot (Schutz, $239) is similar to what I’m wearing.

With 5-6 months of cold weather in the North East, boots are my top choices for my daily commute. Besides, boots always add a classy touch to any of your outfit.

Now, the challenging part.  It was so hard to find the right boots because my legs are short.

While I’ve had fair bit of luck with ankle boots, they are not warm enough for the harsh winter.  When it comes to tall boots, whether knee high or thigh-high boots, it is next to impossible to find something that fits me perfectly.

After a decade of winters, I was able to figure out what works and what doesn’t for short women like me when looking for boots.  In this photo, I was wearing my favorite narrow calf knee high boots.

boots for short legs

That’s why I want to share with you today all you need to know about boots for short legs.

I have summarized my tips in these two videos, one on the best boots and one on the worst boots.

I hope you enjoy the video on the best boots for short women, here’s the video on what could go wrong…

I highly recommend you read the full article to get all the detailed tips.

I have another post on “Boots for Short Women: Top 5 Brands and Where to Find Them”, which talks about my recommendations for the best brands I know that work for petite women through numerous trial and error.

We all love those beautifully crafted boots.  When you try them on, some of them fit like a glove, while others feel so awkward that you must take them off right away.  Ever wonder why?

Like petite clothing, it is the measurements of the boots that determine whether or not they fit you.  You may have heard of these numbers before, but let’s take a closer look at what they mean.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Boots

Below are the most important measurements of each boot.

Bear in mind, even if for the same boot style from the same brand, measurements vary slightly for smaller and larger sizes. 

Retailers or brands normally take measurements from a medium size.  For instance, Nordstrom’s measurements are based on size 8.5. 

Petite women typically have smaller feet, so you need to take that into consideration when you look at these measurements, i.e. boots in your size would be slightly smaller than the measurement numbers on the shopping website.

The 4 fundamental measurements are:

  • Boot shaft height
  • Calf circumference
  • Ankle circumference
  • Heel height.
boots for short legs

1. Shaft height

This is the length of the boot from the base of your barefoot (without wearing any heels) to the top of the boot.

For your reference, I am 5’2″ with a 25.5″ inseam. 

If you have short legs like me, shaft height under 15.5″ for knee-high boots would normally work, like this Leather Tall Boot ($84.97).

Tall boots

If you have exceptionally long legs for your height, you can try a 16″ inch shaft, like this Women’s Classic Equestrian Boot ($104.30).

boots for short legs-shaft heigth2

2. Calf circumference

This is referring to the measurement around the fullest part of the boot.

Narrow Calf (less than 13 3/4″)

Some boots are cut for women with slimmer legs. Others feature adjustable or stretch fabrications that conform better to a slender leg, like these Women’s Narrow Calf Boots ($108.12).

Wide Calf (16″ or more)

Boots with functional laces, buckles, or stretchy uppers are excellent choices for wider calves. Many boots have elastic goring that stretches to provide additional calf circumference, like these Women’s Wide Calf Vellia Boots ($109.99)

wide calf boots

Extra Wide Calf (17 1/8″ or more )

These are for women with wider than standard wide calf measurements, like this Lelanni Knee High Boot ($69.97).

boots for short legs-extra wide calf

3. Ankle circumference

This is measured around the narrowest part of the boot.

4. Heel height

This is measured up the center side to where it meets the boot sole.

Here are the common categories of heel heights:

Flat 0″-3/4″, Low heel 1″-1 3/4″, like this Knee High Boot ($149.97)

Medium heel 2″-2 3/4″, like Carla Bootie ($49.97)

High heel 3″-4″, Ultrahigh heel 4 1/4″ or taller, like this Mariela Boot ($39.99).

boots for short legs-high heel

5. Incline

Incline might sound like a foreign concept to you.

Everyone knows the height of the heels has something to do with how comfortable they are.  Normally, the higher they are, the harder they are to wear for a long period of time or to walk in.  Fewer people know that the slope matters too, and big time.

What is the slope? It is the incline of the heel.  It can be measured by the distance between the heel and the sole.  For instance, the shorter the distance, the more steep the heels are.

most comfortable shoes

This is a key structure of the shoe that can determine how comfortable they are.  The higher the incline of the heel, the less comfortable.

I have another post on “7 Tips on How to Wear Comfortable Heels All Day”, which talks about this in detail.

The Challenges of Short Legs

Now that you understand the 4 basic measurements of boots, it’s easier to understand what makes it hard for petite women to find boots (especially tall boots).

First, the hardest part is the shaft height.

At least that is my case.  Because I have short legs, most of the knee-high boots, which are supposed to hit right under the knees, would be hitting the middle of my knees.  That is an awkward height because it makes it uncomfortable to walk in the boots.

Benefits Of Combat Boots

Preventing injury

Boots with ankle support are essential for keeping your feet stable as you walk, yomp, tab and exercise in order to prevent the ankle from rolling or straining. Boots that do not have the necessary ankle support will not be able to keep the foot supported which could lead to the ankle rolling or straining. That’s why boots with ankle support are particularly important for when you’re walking over uneven terrain where the ankle could easily roll. 

Two police officers with a police dog

Enhancing comfort

Whether you’re on exercise, tab, yomp, ruck or enjoying a hike in your free time, the last thing you want is for your feet to feel uncomfortable or sore. At LOWA, comfort is always a top priority when it comes to designing our military boots, and ankle support plays a big part in this. Walking in boots with ankle support provides the comfort your feet need, particularly if you’re embarking on longer expeditions and exercises. 

Improving performance

It’s impossible to put in your best physical performance without the right equipment and this doesn’t stop at the footwear you choose to wear. It’s essential that your feet are supported in the correct way in order to keep you feeling comfortable and allow you to carry on with activities in comfort. Ensuring the ankle is supported is a crucial part of this. 


When wearing boots with ankle support, you will be able to walk over any terrain, rugged or smooth, with the confidence that your feet are sufficiently supported. Boots with ankle support are equipped to tackle the most rugged of terrains, providing you with the confidence you need to tackle any environment or climate. 

Reducing the risk of long term foot problems

Boots with ankle support aren’t just important for preventing injury, they are also key in preventing the emergence of long term foot problems. Wearing ill-fitting shoes or footwear that does not offer the necessary support can cause long term foot problems such as pain in the arch of the foot or general joint pain. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your boots have the necessary support and are fitted correctly. 

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