Combination Name For Baby

Your child’s name could predict their personality, influencing how they look and are perceived by others and even determine their level of success. But it’s not just other people’s impressions you should care about.1 Studies show that kids’ names may have a big impact on how they see themselves.2

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Moms Share Advice On Picking Your Baby’s Name

Why It Matters

The name given to a child might influence everything from popularity to career choice. Here’s what research says about how names influence people throughout their lives.

Impacts Test Scores and College Admission

Did you know test scores and college admission might depend on your child’s placement in the alphabet? A study conducted by researchers in the Czech Republic found that students with last names that are towards the end of the alphabet tended to get higher test scores. Meanwhile, students whose last names were closer to the beginning of the alphabet were more likely to get admitted to competitive colleges.3

Influences Purchase Decisions

When a name falls near the end of the alphabet, the person is more likely to make impulse purchases. A study found that people with last names that are near the end of the alphabet are more likely to take advantage of promotional strategies like limited-time offers.4

Communicates Intelligence

Middle initials make a child sound smart. In one study, students were asked to rate authors based on their names.5 Authors with a middle initial received high marks but the one with the most initials, David F.P.R. Clark, received the best reviews overall. The authors of the study concluded that people who use middle initials are perceived as smarter and better performers than others.

Impacts School Behavior

Boys with girls’ names are more likely to get suspended. For instance, a 2007 study found that boys with names that are commonly assigned to girls—like Sue—tend to misbehave more in middle school.6 The behavior problems also were associated with increased peer disciplinary problems and reduced peer test scores, indicating that their negative behavior disrupted the students around them.

Influences Geographical Choices

Research has shown that people tend to gravitate toward cities that resemble their name. For instance, a 2002 study found that people were disproportionately likely to live in places that sounded similar to their first or last names.7 People named Louis, for instance, are more likely to live in St. Louis. 

Impacts Career Selection

The same study that found people might live in a city that sounds like their name suggested that they’re also more likely to gravitate toward a career that reminds them of their name. For example, individuals named Dennis and Denise are overrepresented among dentists. A follow-up analysis in 2003 did not replicate those findings, however.8

Could Stunt Success

In 2007, a study found that people unconsciously desire name-resembling performance outcomes so much that they undermine their success at times.9 For example, baseball players whose name begins with K tend to strike out more than others. K is the letter used to signify a strikeout in the stats book. Meanwhile, students whose names begin with letters like C and D achieved lower grand point averages than students whose names begin with an A or B. This result was especially true if the students liked their initials.

Research on Unique Names

If you grew up in the early 1980s with a name like Jennifer or Michael, you know what it’s like to have several kids in your class with the same name. Or, if you named your child Sophia or Jackson a few years ago, you probably know several other kids with the same name.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a common name, some parents want their baby to have a special name. After all, individuals like Oprah and Madonna only need to go by their first name to know who they are. And many people wonder, did having a unique name help them stand out from the crowd?

Unique baby names are on the rise. A study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science confirmed that parents have been increasingly giving their children less common names since the 1990s.10

Jean Twenge, co-author of the study and author of The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement, says, “Parents used to give their children common names so they would fit in and their names would be easy to pronounce and spell. Now, they give their child a unique name so their kid will stand out and be a star.”

While standing out from the crowd may sound good on the surface, Twenge argues that it also may inspire kids to think they are extra special to the point that it becomes detrimental.

Twenge’s co-author, W. Keith Campbell, says, “Unique names may have some benefits, such as creating a more individual identity, but they run the risk of promoting separateness, which is linked to narcissism.” 

There are some additional studies that indicate unique names could have potential drawbacks. Here’s what the research reveals about people with unique names.

Viewed as Less Likable

A 2008 study found that people with unique names were viewed as less likable by their peers.11 They were also less likely to be hired for jobs. For this reason, some human resource professionals now leave off names when they’re screening applicants.

Have Lower Status at Work

People with uncommon names are more likely to have a lower status at work. For instance, one study found that individuals with more common names were likely to have higher-status positions at work.12 The study also found that when people’s names were difficult to pronounce, they were more likely to have lower-status positions. 

Tend to Be in Trouble

People with unique names are more common among teens who get in trouble. For example, a study at Shippensburg University found that kids with less common names were more likely to engage in juvenile delinquency.13 

The researchers acknowledge that uncommon names aren’t likely to cause kids to commit crime, but there may be a correlation with the factors that increase the tendency toward juvenile delinquency, such as low socioeconomic status and disadvantaged home environment. They also suggest that kids with unpopular names may be treated differently by their peers, which may make it difficult for them to form relationships.

Things to Consider When Creating a Unique Name

Clearly, your child’s name isn’t something you should take lightly. It’s important to put a lot of thought into what your child is going to be called. So, consider your child’s name from all angles. No one wants to be surprised by the fact that their toddler’s initials are B.A.D.—or worse yet, an inappropriate word.

Write down the name you’re considering. Think about how others might pronounce the name or how it might sound when combined with a middle and last name. While running the name past other people may lead to some negative reactions that aren’t helpful, like, “Oh I hate that name!” you might want to share the name with a few people to ensure you aren’t overlooking something. Here are some additional things you’ll want to review before landing on a name.

  • The length of the name and how many syllables it has.
  • How easy it is to spell.
  • How easy it is to pronounce.
  • Your child’s initials.
  • The names of your other children.
  • Whether you want the name to be gender-neutral.
  • Your child’s last name and how it sounds with the first.
  • Your child’s middle name and how it all sounds together.
  • What your child’s name rhymes with. (Other kids can be ruthless when it comes to nicknames like Fatty Patty).
  • Nicknames and what you want your child to be called.

Celebrity Examples

When it comes to unique baby names, celebrities don’t disappoint. You might gain a little inspiration from familiarizing yourself with some of the names celebrities are giving to their kids. Here are just a few of the unique celebrity baby names we’ve heard over the years.

  • Luna Simone – Child of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
  • Pilot Inspektor – Child of Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf
  • Blue Ivy – Child of Jay-Z and Beyoncé
  • Exton – Child of Robert Downey, Jr., and Susan Downey
  • Seargeoh – Child of Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack
  • Bear Blu – Child of Christopher Jarecki and Alicia Silverstone
  • Sparrow James Midnight – Child of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie
  • Reign – Child of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian
  • Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah – Children of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
  • Stormi – Child of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

How to Create Your Baby’s Unique Name

If you’re feeling a bit stumped when it comes to naming your baby something original, there are many places you can turn to gain some ideas. Here are some strategies you can try.

Combine Two Names

Think about a couple of names that you like and find a way to combine them. Let’s say your partner likes the name Liam and you’re a fan of Teddy, you might find that Tiam or Lieddy have a nice ring to them.

You also might combine the names of two people you love. If your mother’s name is Marilyn and your mother-in-law’s name is Theresa, you might land on Tarilyn as a good name.

If you’re stumped on how to combine two (or more) names, write them down. Seeing them written out may help you see your options a little clearer. There are also websites that will combine names for you. At the very least, a name combining program can give you some ideas of how several names can be combined into one. 

Use a Last Name

Last names can be a rich source of name ideas. If you changed your last name when you got married, you might consider your maiden name—or a version of it for your child. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your last name. Think about the last names of other relatives, friends, or even celebrities.

Gain Inspiration From Foreign Names

You might find that your baby’s name doesn’t necessarily need to be unique to the whole planet. Instead, you might be happy with a name that’s uncommon in your language or in your region.

Look up baby names in other languages or foreign countries. You might decide to alter the pronunciation or you might want to change the spelling. But listening to names you’re unfamiliar with is a great way to gain inspiration.

Use a Unique Spelling

You might decide the best way to add a bit of uniqueness to your child’s name is by spelling a common name in an uncommon way. Emily can easily be spelled Emmalee, Emely, Emilee, or Emilie. Kaden could be spelled Caden, Caiden, Kaeden, Kaidan, or Kayden. So consider adding a little flair to your child’s name by using a non-traditional spelling.

Pick an Object

You might gain some inspiration for a unique name by simply looking around at the objects in your home. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, for example, may have found a little inspiration in the kitchen when they named their daughter Apple.

Look around at everyday objects in each room and see if anything seems to have a nice ring to it. Keep colors in mind too. For example, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo named one of their children Dusty Rose while Sting and Frances Tomelty named their child Fuschia.

Choose a Place

While Paris Hilton made the capital of France a popular name, you can still find plenty of places that make unique baby names. Bono and Ali Hewson named their child Memphis Eve.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West named one of their children Chicago. Another child is named North, as in North West. Consider naming your child after the place you grew up, the city where you fell in love, or any other place that sounds like it might make a great name.

Combination Name For Baby Girl With Meaning

Charlotte Rain

Classic and sweet Charlotte goes well with a short, slightly edgy middle name like Rain.

Daelyn Juliet

Daelyn is an almost-unknown girl’s name that goes well with tons of middle names. Pick something with 1 or 3 syllables for the best match. Jane or Juliet are both great options.

Everleigh Rose

Both spellings of Everly/Everleigh are predicted to be huge in 2019. The name is even more beautiful next to gorgeous, single-syllable Rose.

Fallyn Carina

If you love different girl’s names that lean toward gender-neutral, Fallyn is an excellent choice. I always recommend pairing a unisex name with something feminine, like Carina.

girl name combinations

Gianna Faith

A lovely Italian girl name, Gianna goes great with almost any short middle name, including Faith.

Harper Isabelle

Doesn’t this combination just have the perfect ring to it? Harper is a little edgy and cool, Isabelle is flowy and pretty.

Ilaria Joy

The unique name Ilaria is bordering on being a little harsh-sounding, so be sure to balance it out with a soft and simple middle name like Joy.

Joelle Sophia

Names ending in -elle pair perfectly with names ending in -a, making Joelle Sophia a lovely choice.

Kinsley Ayanna

Both names have a modern, trendy sound to them but the flow of Kinsley works well with the more choppy Ayanna.

London Amalia

If you’re looking for a highly glamorous name, I couldn’t dream up a better choice than this!

Mila Vivienne

Equal parts sweet and classy, Mila Vivienne has a modern yet timeless appeal.

Nora June

This name combination conveys the image of a girl who is smart and down to earth.

Oaklynn Jae

Super cool and trendy Oaklynn is best complimented with a short and simple middle name like Jae.

baby girl name combinations

Presley May

Pretty with a vintage feel, Presley pairs well with the slightly southern May.

Quinn Milena

Unisex names like Quinn are beautiful when combined with a feminine middle name like Milena.

Ryleigh Paige

Cute Ryleigh (or other spellings Riley, Rylee, etc) flows wonderfully into soft-sounding Paige.

Skyla Grace

Pretty and sweet all around, Skyla stands out next to a soft and gentle middle name like Grace.

Teagan Rochelle

This adorable name will not date your child- it’s equally likely to belong to a child born in the 1990s as it is 2019.

Una Louise

The short (but not short on style) three letter name Una is a solid choice with the vintage name Louise.

Violet Esme

If you’re looking for a beautiful name pairing with a touch of whimsy, Violet Esme is a great bet.

Winona Claire

The perfect name for a girl with country charm, Winona Claire sounds like everyone’s favorite girl next door.

Ximena Catherine

There is a beautiful contrast between fierce Ximena and regal Catherine.

Yasmine Clarisse

Slightly French-sounding, Yasmine pairs well with the matching middle “ee” sound in Clarisse.

Zuri Miranda

Want your daughter to be bold and different? A show stopping unique name like Zuri can go with almost anything, including a longer, strong choice like Miranda.

Unique Combination Names For Baby Boy

These name combinations are truly unique and beautiful just like your baby boy.

Some of these names below have multiple cute combinations with other names.

Boy name combinations with A

Aaron Declan

Adam Lucas

Adam Weston

Adrian Mackenzie

Adrien Oliver

Aidan Mark

Aiden Wesley

Albert Carmichael

Alden Blake

Alexander Aiden

Alex Christopher

Alexander Nicholas

Andrew Lucas

Archer Christian

Archer Julien

Archie Connor

Arrow Roman

Asher Colt

Asher James

Asher Roman

Ashton Ace

Ashton Blake

Atticus Finch

August Lee

Ayden Javon

Axel Donovan

Axel Parker

Axel Wyatt

Boy name combinations with B

Barrett Logan

Baxter Thomas

Beau Bennett

Beau Colton

Benjamin Chase

Benjamin Kelvin

Benjamin Scott

Benjamin Wade

Bennett Oliver

Benson Augustus

Bentley Francis

Bentley Rhys

Blake Dawson

Bo Thomas

Bodhi Marshall

Bodhi Mitchell

Bradley Leon

Brandon Milo

Brandon Oliver

Brantley Cooper

Brayden Caleb

Brayson Garrett

Braxton Alexander

Broderick Gregory

Brody Isaac

Brooks Chandler

Bryce Mitchell

Bryden Hayes

Bryson Emmett

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Boy name combinations with C

Caden Elmer

Caden Tyler

Callahan Fox

Caleb Archer

Caleb Harrison

Calvin Harper

Calvin Louis

Cameron Jean

Canyon Elijah

Carter Cole

Carter Ezra

Carter James

Cayden Hunter

Charles Louis

Chester Adam

Collin Bradley

Colt Bennett

Colt Harrison

Colton Eliot

Connor Mason

Cooper Jayden

Cullen Wyatt

Boy name combinations with D

Dakota Sawyer

Daniel Brent

Daniel Carter

Daniel Nolan

Damian Hudson

Damon Francis

Darren Taylor

Darren Thomas

David John

David Thomas

David Wayne

Declan Emerson

Declan Gabriel

Derrick Presley

Desmond Clive

Dominic Everett

Boy name combinations with E

Edward Micah

Eli Aden

Elias John

Elija Thomas

Elliot Carl

Elliot Jack

Elroy Jackson

Emerick Leon

Emil Paul

Emmett Gray

Eric Franklin

Eric Jacob

Ethan Troy

Ethan Tanner

Everett Charles

Everett Paul

Ezra Fitzgerald

Ezra Lamar

Boy name combinations with F

Felix Alexander

Felix Dorian

Felix Jensen

Finn Lucas

Finn Patrick

Franklin Kent

Franklin Thomas

Frederick Garrison

Boy name combinations with G

Gabriel Irving

Garret Xavier

Garrison Abel

Gavin Luke

Gavin Michael

Gavin Mitchell

George Lucas

George Robert

Gideon Lewis

Graham Otto

Grant David

Grayson Ian

Grayson Noah

Greyson Flynn

Griffin Carl

Griffin Taylor

Gunnar Jackson

Boy name combinations with H

Harold John

Harrison Henry

Harrison Lane

Harvey Clyde

Harvey Randall

Henry Albert

Henry Ben

Holden Flynn

Hunter Easton

Boy name combinations with I

Ian Alexander

Ian Cooper

Ian Lane

Isaac Hayden

Ivan Christopher

Boy name combinations with J

Jack Logan

Jackson Timothy

Jacob Franklin

Jacob Tyler

James Anthony

James Dylan

James Holden

James Mason

James Tyler

Jamison Grey

Jared Odin

Jason Brett

Jasper Brian

Jasper Elijah

Jayce Andrew

Jayden Jordan

Jayden Tyler

Jeremy Preston

Jimmy Curtis

John Franklin

John Matthew

Julian Carter

Jonah Reed

Josiah Graham

Justin Ray

Jax Wilson

Jaxson Amaru

Boy name combinations with K

Kaden Bowie

Kaden James

Kayden Hart

Kevin James

Kevin Stuart

Kingston Ellis

Knox Cooper

Korben Thomas

Korbin Wade

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Boy name combinations with L

Landon Kyrie

Landon Nash

Lennox Dylan

Leo Hudson

Leo Rory

Levi James

Levi Spencer

Liam Blake

Liam Ellis

Liam Kennedy

Liam Zane

Logan Otis

Logan Parker

Logan West

Luke Brian

Boy name combinations with M

Maddox Nolan

Malcolm Kyler

Marc Anthony

Marc Thomas

Mark Gunner

Mason Grant

Mason Knox

Matthew Peter

Maverick Eden

Maxwell Alan

Mickey Brian

Miles Oliver

Milo Jasper

Milo Vincent

Myles Tobias

Michael James

Boy name combinations with N

Nash Gunner

Nate Arden

Nate Thomas

Neil Cedric

Neil Patrick

Nicolas James

Nicolas Trenton

Noah Peter

Noah Emerson

Nolan Khan

Boy name combinations with O

Oliver Adam

Oliver Blake

Oliver James

Oliver Reid

Oliver William

Omar Dylan

Oscar Callan

Otis Grey

Owen Christopher

Owen Flint

Owen Thomas

Boy name combinations with P

Parker Bradley

Parker Juden

Patrick Simon

Paul Thomas

Paxton Samuel

Perry Jackson

Peter Jackson

Peter James

Pierson Brody

Preston Drake

Preston Derek

Preston Perry

Boy name combinations with R

Radley Tylor

Randall James

Randall Pierson

Reese Wilson

River Wilder

Robert Jensen

Robert Michael

Rowan Arlo

Rowan Charles

Ryan Kendel

Ryder Wells

Ryker James

Ryker Griffin

Boy name combinations with S

Sebastian Wade

Seth Alden

Seth Wade

Simon Carter

Simon Parker

Spencer Allen

Spencer Hudson

Spencer Stone

Stefan Gerard

Boy name combinations with T

Thomas Carter

Thomas John

Theo Liam

Theodore Grayson

Timothy Joel

Tom Sawyer

Trevor Edward

Tristan Pryce

Tucker Grant

Tyler Grayson

Tyler John

Tyler Levi

Boy name combinations with V

Valerian Brandon

Vallan Morris

Victor Adam

Victor Burke

Vincent Clancy

Vincent Leo

Boy name combinations with W

Warren Bailey

Wayne Jackson

Wesley Silas

Wesley Tyler

Weston Clyde

William Adam

William Avery

William Michael

William Thomas

Winston Theodore

Wyatt Joel

Wyatt Johnson

Wyatt Thatcher

Boy name combinations with Z

Zachary John

Zachary Robert

Zander Avery

Zander James

Zane Anthony

Zion Adam

Zion Fletcher

I hope this list gave you a good idea for a boy first and middle name combination that works with your last name.

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