Comforter Sets For Baby Cribs

Be it football or air planes, blue or pink, alphabets or numbers, a plethora of choices are available to the modern baby. Baby boy bedding sets may still stick to the conventional blue at times, but a look below will give you a few pictures that inspire wholesome living at birth.

Introducing animals, numbers in bright colors helps in perceiving the otherwise boring information, quickly. No wonder baby girl bedding sets are adorned with characters that tickle the senses.

Take a look below.

baby crib bedding
green crib
peek a boo
rock and roll
animal bedding
angel baby
airplane baby
alphabet crib

Baby Girl Comforter Sets For Cribs

Decorating, planning and designing a nursery are wonderful ways in which you can prepare for the arrival of your little princess. There is nothing more delightful than watching those bright little eyes survey their room for the very first time and if they are indeed old enough, then giggle with joy before exploring and often ripping out things in their own cute little way. One of the most important parts of a kid’s bedroom is the crib itself and since they do spend plenty of time sleeping, it would be apt to pay extra attention to their bedding.

Clarissa Bear Baby Bedding for your tiny tot

Baby bedding sets for girls come in a grand array of options and the modern trend is to create designs in simple geometric shapes that are sleek, stylish and contemporary so as to ensure that they blend in with the rest of the house.

Cute safari purple and brown baby girl bedding perfect for contemporary homes


But we have gone the classic way to give you 25 truly ‘girl’ designs and not simply unisex bedding set ideas that work well for both boys and girls. Take a dive in to check them out-

Western cowgirl baby bedding adds plenty of fun to the kids bedroom
White and pink girls baby bedding blends in with most design themes
Baby girl bedding theme with a classic touch
Baby girl bedding theme with a classic touch that takes a break from the usual pink tones

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Baby girl bedding with pink and blue hues and an eclectic backdrop

by LLC

Bright and bold Lady Bug bedding set in pink
Brown floral crib bedding set for girls bedroom and nursery


Aesthetics mixed with Ergonomics

The most important thing to remember when you are picking up a bedding set for your little girl is the comfort aspect of it all. While looks, color, themes and patterns are still important it is best to pick high quality fabric that is easy on the kid’s skin, which is particularly sensitive. Make sure there is enough cushioning as jumping around is most likely their favorite part time and by ensuring that there are sufficient number of layers for padding, you make the crib safe for your baby girl.

Carefully concealed Sleeping Beauty baby bedding in picture perfect pink

by Zoya B

Cherry Blossom baby bedding for modern themes
City Girl baby bedding in pink and polka dots


Dazzling red floral pattern with tropical flair adorn this baby bedding set

by Dimplesanddandelions

Delightful Winnie the Pooh and friends baby bedding set
Dynamic green and brown baby bedding set for girls with elephant imagery
Elegant baby bedding for little girls draped in pink

by Wendi Young Design

Flamboyant and fun baby bedding with wild motif

by Hayneedle

Colors, Themes and Patterns

Kids do recognize various colors and patterns from a very young age and they can definitely make out the difference between the darker shades from the lighter ones. If your room theme is skewed towards simple and neutral colors, then it is best to pick bedding and décor that is dark and is in solid colors. Whether you are employing vintage designs, modern patterns or bedding inspired by famous Disney characters of animal patterns, it is best to include wide array of colors in a subtle fashion.

Girls bedding in chic pink and black pattern
Gorgeous Chanel Crib Bedding for Girls

by Jack and Jill Interiors

Lola crib set with whimsical patterns for little girls

by Serena & Lily

Cartoonish baby bedding should bring a smile to your little one
Mickey Mouse baby bedding inspired by Disney for your girl
Jungle-themed baby bedding to add unique character to your kids bedroom
Ravishing Raspberry Petals baby bedding set ideal for modern homes
Stylish Safari baby bedding perfect for the natural themes
Trendy pink camouflage baby bedding for girls

When Can Baby Use Crib Comforter

One of the benefits of using a blanket with your baby once they are old enough is that it can serve as a security item for your baby and help them feel safe, especially once they are near 18 months—often the peak of separation anxiety.

Children typically need something tactical to help them self-soothe as they get older and start to struggle with being separated from parents or caregivers. Blankets can become a familiar item that they use and love for years.

Avoid putting a baby blanket over your baby’s stroller.

One more safety tip when using blankets is to ensure that you never place a blanket over your child’s stroller to try and block the sun. This is because heat can easily get trapped underneath the blanket and cause the temperature to instantly rise to an unsafe level. It can also prevent fresh oxygen from flowing to your baby. Instead of using a blanket, use the built-in stroller shade, a sun hat, or an item like the Snoozeshade that has breathable mesh.

The bottom line: While it may be tempting to use the beautiful blankets you received early on when your newborn sleeps, it is important that you take these safety precautions seriously in order to reduce the risk of SIDS throughout your baby’s first year of life. Blankets can still be used for play and tummy time—just not for sleep periods until your little one is the appropriate age.

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