Wall Paper For Baby Rooms

I love adding wallpaper to my home. It is an easy way to add interest and style to your space. Since nurseries are just as important, I am so excited to share with you my favorite nursery wallpaper designs!

Wallpaper for baby rooms is all the rage and nurseries everywhere are getting a gorgeous makeover. Discover some of our favorite wallpaper that’s perfect for a baby nursery, both for boys and girls.

There are so many ways to decorate your baby’s room. One of the easiest, and most stylish ways is with nursery wallpaper! These walls will keep your baby cozy and safe, while adding a sense of fun and whimsy.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your wallpaper design! Bold patterns, floral prints, and more are all super popular for baby nurseries now.

Nursery wallpaper is a huge trend right now! Damask wallpaper, floral wallpaper, anything goes. These are some of my favorite wallpaper patterns and wall decals for baby rooms

Nursery wallpaper is a huge trend right now! Damask wallpaper, floral wallpaper, anything goes…these are some of my favorite wallpaper patterns and wall paper design ideas for baby rooms.

What Kind of Wallpaper is Best for a Small Room

A subtle, pastel pattern on a small scale is a lot less busy than a bold, colorful one. Bright, colorful, large-scale wallpaper will dominate the room much more strongly than a large-scale design in a neutral color, and large-scale wallpapers with a glossy or shiny finish can help to brighten a small room.

Small rooms can be wonderful spaces to try out adventurous decorating ideas. Sometimes people shy away from using vivid colors or bold designs in a small space because they fear the effect will be too overpowering. On the contrary, carefully-chosen patterns can look better displayed on a small wall than spread over a large one. Both large- and small-scale wallpaper designs can work well in small spaces. In fact, Love to Know points out that it is a myth that a wallpaper pattern must match the size of a room. The scale you choose depends on your room’s attributes and your overall design scheme.

Purpose and Feel of the Room

When choosing your wallpaper’s scale, think about the role you’d like it to play in the room. Large-scale wallpapers can be less overwhelming than a small-scale, busy pattern. Treat very large-scale paper as wall art, adding a focal point to your room without taking up any space. Consider papering all the walls in a large-pattern paper, which will make the ceiling of the room appear larger, according to MyDomaine.

Small-scale wallpapers can add texture and depth to a small room, and they create visual interest when viewed up-close, which makes them a great choice for enclosed spaces such as bathrooms. You can also mix and match large and small-scale patterns to create a more balanced look.

Fixtures, Furniture and Decor

Consider the existing room decor and how it will work with the wallpaper you choose. You are unlikely to be able to move or change the basic infrastructure of a space, so work around it. For example, if your walls are broken by windows, mirrors, doorways or fixtures, a small-scale wallpaper might work best as the natural breaks in the wall will keep the pattern from overwhelming the room.

Alternatively, if you have existing furnishings that are particularly bright or busy, choose a paper with a subtle, large-scale pattern that doesn’t compete. If you choose a very large scale, ensure there is a stretch of blank wall large enough to display it properly.

Personal Preference Considerations

When making daring decorating choices, it is important to choose items and designs that really strike your fancy – ones that you’ll still like in six months. Wallpapers, especially nontraditional or whimsical designs, can be daunting but have the potential to make your space truly memorable. The large-scale, abstract paper may look sophisticated in a decorating magazine, but ensure it fits your space and your personality before making a purchase.

Wallpaper Design, Color and Texture

When considering a wallpaper’s scale, take into account its color scheme, texture and design. A subtle, pastel pattern on a small scale is a lot less busy than a bold, colorful one. Bright, colorful, large-scale wallpaper will dominate the room much more strongly than a large-scale design in a neutral color, and large-scale wallpapers with a glossy or shiny finish can help to brighten a small room.

Abstract or geometric patterns work well when the wallpapered area is viewed from afar; papers with small, graphic details are best viewed close-up.

How to Wallpaper a Small Room

Using small patterns or patterns on only one wall makes the room look smaller. Take a chance. Install wallpaper with a big pattern on all the walls, and the ceiling of the room will expand in size. Grasscloth is a wonderful, neutral way to make the walls disappear.

Love wallpaper but not sure how to make it work in a small space? These great tips and tricks will show you which designs to go for and how to make the most of the space you have. Be bold and give it a go!

Create a sense of space
Embrace the natural character and cosiness of bedrooms tucked into the eaves with a pretty, country-style wallpaper; opt for a small ditzy floral or tiny leaf sprig designs if you’re working with a low ceiling. Maximise the illusion of space by including one plain painted wall that leads to the apex of the roof; this allows the eye to be drawn to the highest point. White or pale pastel will add a fresh, crisp feel! Things to avoid in this room would be large-scale patterns and bold, dark colours.

Be creative with stripes
Add a contemporary touch to a classical home by using striped wallpaper with a difference. “Paper the top half with the stripes running vertically for height, and then balance with horizontal stripes to prevent the wall appearing too lofty or old-fashioned,” suggests David Mottershead of Little Greene. Horizontal stripes are also a good way to make a room appear wider. Try Cavendish Stripe(opens in new tab) in Brush Blue, £66.50 per roll, Little Greene.

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bathroom with bathtub and wooden ladder

Straighten walls
If you own a period property with uneven walls, try wallpapering right up to the ceiling and around door frames; this effect will create height and disguise any imperfections by unifying the room and giving the effect of smoothing out the wall. Choose loose pretty florals or simple repeat patterns rather than heavy stripes or geometrics, which tend to draw your eye rather than creating a beautiful unobtrusive background.


Small Living Room Ideas

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Tricks of the trade
“Wide width wallpapers offer increased value for money,” advises Melanie Adams, Founder, Wallpaper Direct. “They also allow for greater scale for more dramatic, bold and bright designs so are perfect either for feature walls, or decorating the entire room. Look out for designs by Sanderson(opens in new tab) and Designers Guild(opens in new tab) and check out the Harlequin Anthology(opens in new tab) collection.” Decorating a small space like this hallway and staircase with the same print on the walls, cupboard and even blinds, creates a sense of unity that will increase the space because it’s not being broken up with different colours and fabrics.

hallway area with floral walls and stairs

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