Colic Massage For Baby

While you are holding your baby’s knees together, bend his legs at the knees and gently push them in towards his stomach. Maintain this position of his legs for the duration of the count of six. Perform the abdominal massage for a total of fourteen days, three to four times per day. This amount of time may pass before you are able to determine whether or not it is beneficial to your child.

There is a possibility that massage could alleviate the colic that your baby is experiencing. When a baby is massaged, they will typically cry less and be less fussy than they would be otherwise.

In addition, massage can help your baby’s digestion by releasing any gas or poop that has become trapped in his system. It’s possible that this will help him feel less anxious and more at ease.

At a time when you may be feeling overwhelmed by your baby’s crying, massaging your baby with gentle rhythmic motions can help to both soothe you and strengthen your connection with your baby.

Baby massage is a cost-effective and pleasurable alternative to other treatments for colic in infants. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to give it a shot. It is highly recommended that you seek assistance from your nursery nurse or health visitor. They are skilled in the appropriate massage technique thanks to their training. You also have the option of attending a class on baby massage.

There are, however, some fundamental moves that you can test out while you wait to make arrangements for classes or assistance. If you are interested in doing so, read on.

Applying some oil or lotion to your hands will make it easier for you to move them over your baby’s skin. Be certain that the baby oil or lotion you use has been developed specifically for use on infants. You can warm up your hands by rubbing them together. Then proceed to give your baby tummy strokes that are slow and gentle while moving your hands in a clockwise direction.

Doing the strokes clockwise is important, because it follows the direction of your baby’s intestines. It encourages the trapped wind and poo to move the right way, which may bring your baby some relief, if that is what’s causing his crying.

You can also move your baby’s legs towards his tummy to ease things. Holding your baby’s knees together, gently bend his legs at the knees and push them in to his tummy. Hold his legs in this position for a count of six.

Do the tummy massage three times or four times a day for two weeks. It may take this long before you can tell whether or not it’s working for your baby. It’s fine to carry on with the massage after two weeks if you want to.

Laying your baby on his tummy and massaging his back can sometimes help to bring up wind. If you find your baby falls asleep on his tummy, gently turn him over so that he’s sleeping on his back.

A gentle massage may help ease your baby’s crying for a little while, and may help you and your baby to relax a bit. Or it may unsettle your baby and make him cry even more! If he cries afterwards, it may be that the massage has allowed your baby to release a bit of stress.

Try not to be too disappointed if massage doesn’t help. Rest assured, your baby will grow out of this colicky stage.

Even if massaging doesn’t ease your baby’s colic, it will benefit you and your baby in other ways. It will also help you to learn more about your baby’s non-verbal cues, so that you can respond to them before he gets upset.

Is Baby Massage Good For Colic?

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The use of massage as a treatment for colic in infants is both safe and effective. The treatment itself is enjoyable for both the parent and the child, and the risk of side effects is extremely low in comparison to the risk of side effects associated with other potential treatments for colic. In one study of infants diagnosed with colic, it was found that massage helped the infants to cry less and sleep more soundly.

Tummy Massage For Baby Constipation

Place your hands, which have been warmed, on your baby’s tummy just above or below the belly button to give them a massage. Even though this is a relatively small area, it is essential to focus on the bowel. Make a motion similar to paddling with your palms facing down, moving your hands over one another as you go.

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