5 Best Pregnancy Journal For First Time Moms

If there’s ever a time in your life where you change and evolve drastically, it’s during the pregnancy and postpartum periods.

Each week and each month bring about so many unique thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical evolutions that it can feel almost overwhelming to keep everything bottled up inside.

That’s why so many expecting parents choose to keep a journal throughout pregnancy. Journaling can be a wonderful way to keep a record of all the experiences you’re going through (both the amazing and anxiety-inducing) and your hopes and dreams for life with your child.

What is a pregnancy journal? 

A pregnancy journal is a diary that you keep during the course of your pregnancy to detail your experiences, emotions, milestones, and memories.

From the excitement leading up to your first ultrasound to the nervousness you feel as you inch closer to your due date, it’s a place for you to share everything you’re feeling.

Not only can a pregnancy journal become a keepsake for you and your family to look back on for years to come, it can also be a wonderful way for you to manage the plethora of emotions you may feel over the course of your pregnancy.


Do you need a pregnancy journal? 

It’s completely up to you whether you choose to keep a pregnancy journal. The decision is a personal one. However, it’s always easier to start a journal and stop along the way than look back at your 9-month journey and wish you had!

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How we chose these pregnancy journals

To create this list of pregnancy journals, we reached out to expecting and new parents to find out which journals they used to document their pregnancy journey.

We also factored in customer ratings and reviews to see what users loved most about their journals and what they thought was missing.

Price guide

  • $ = under $15
  • $$ = $15–$30
  • $$$ = over $30

When should you start a pregnancy journal?

You did, never heard of it or it’s not really your kind of thing? Whatever your answer is, keeping a pregnancy diary is the best way to remember those small but notable moments as you journey through your 40 weeks or less before the baby comes.

What is a good pregnancy journal?

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Compendium “Expecting You” Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

First up, is the Best of Pregnancy award-winning journal by Compendium. The gender-neutral hardcover book is filled with inspiring quotes and open-ended writing prompts to guide and inspire reflections.

First pregnancy Journal

You did, have you never heard of it or is it just not your style? Regardless of your response, maintaining a pregnancy journal is the greatest way to recall those fleeting but important moments as you navigate the final 40 weeks or so before the baby is due.

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