7 Month Old Activities For Baby

Are you looking for activities that you can do with a baby who is seven months old? We’ve got you, mama. This illuminating stage of development is perfectly suited for the super-fun educational activities that we have compiled on our list for children who are 7 months old.

Activities for 7-Month-Old Babies

You are going to need a lot of energy, a lot of imagination, and a bubble mixture in order to keep up with your little one while they are playing. You will also need a bubble mixture.

But before we get into some of our favourite activities for babies who are 7 months old, let’s take a quick look at some of the developmental milestones that your little one may be reaching around this time. These milestones include things like sitting up unassisted, rolling over, and grasping objects with both hands.

Simple Activities to do with your 7-month-old Baby

Remember each baby develops differently, please check out the ideas for 6-month-olds and earlier as these simple suggestions of things to do with your baby are still relevant and will work with 7-month-olds too.

If you are concerned that your baby isn’t reaching milestones or developing at the same rate as others please seek advice from a medical professional here at Rainy Day Mum we aren’t medical professionals just sharing ideas that we loved to do with our little ones at the ages we cover.

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Looking for ideas and simple activities to do month by month for your baby? Then check out our Baby Activity Ideas from Birth to 12 months.

Play Silly Games that Encourage Movement

Put your baby’s toys and other objects in different parts of the room, and then encourage them to move around the room in order to get to the toys and other things. Your infant may be crawling, rolling over, scooting, and engaging in other movements by the time they are seven months old.

Hide their favorite stuffed animal on the couch so they have to stretch and reach for it, or place a ball underneath a chair so they can chase it around the room. Both of these activities will keep them active and entertained.

7-month-old baby with mother playing standing up
By Golden Pixels LLC via Shutterstock

Go for a sensory walk with your 7-month-old

Your baby is loving all the sights, smells, and sounds around them. Why not take them on a fun sensory walk!

You don’t have to go far, and can even just go into the backyard if you would like. Put your baby in the stroller and allow them to touch the leaves on the ground, feel the dirt on their fingers, and take in the outside world around them.

Don’t forget to share with them what they are experiencing it’s a great way to develop language.

Experiment with new foods

You baby is probably getting the hang of eating solid foods by now, so why not take this opportunity to introduce them to some new foods?

Explore some new fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you are doing baby-led weaning, continue to expand the variety of foods that you and your family eat together while you are still using purees, introduce some finger foods, and if you are using purees, introduce some finger foods.

Play with blocks

Any set of blocks will work, but the more colorful they are, the more fun this activity will be!

Place the blocks in front of your baby and help them stack one on top of the other. Eventually, your baby will start to realize what you are doing and start attempting to stack the blocks too.

Baby trying to join blocks together
Baby playing with Blocks

Encourage your baby to continue to rebuild as the blocks fall over, and help them learn the concept of stacking objects.

Although believe me you will spend more time rebuilding the towers that they knock down at this stage. I introduced counting at this point, as a set of stacking blocks we had were labelled with numbers.


Baby at 7-months-old playing peek a boo with a towel

Cute 7-month-old playing peek a boo with a towel By Darja Vorontsova via Shutterstock

I couldn’t go through this list without mentioning the classic game of Peek-a-boo.

You can take this to another level by introducing the concept of peek-a-boo with a mirror.

Your 7-month old will still be learning about object permanence by this age, so this can be a fun way to help them develop their depth and perception skills.

Blowing bubbles

Your 7-month old isn’t about to grab the container and do it themselves by 7 months, but your baby will love following the bubbles you blow, and may even try to catch them!

This can be a fun way to also encourage movement and encourage their hand-eye coordination. We make our own bubble mixture with kitchen ingredients so we never run out get your recipe for this simple mix by clicking on the blue underlined text for Bubble Mixture.

Read picture books

Picture books are great to read to your baby at this age.

Point to the pictures on the page as you read the story. Since your baby may be teething by this point, you may want to stick to board books.

It’s going to be easier to keep them from falling apart, and your baby can interact with the book as you read.

Check out our list of Toddler Books as there are seasonal suggestions as well as themed books that are fantastic to introduce at this age.

Before you know it, your baby will be all grown up. We’re past the halfway mark in your baby’s first year and you’ll be celebrating their first baby in just a few months.

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Fun activities to do with your 7-month-old

Brain Activities For 7 Month Old

7 Month Baby Activities to Speed-up Your Child’s Development

  • Playing with Blocks. Does your baby like fiddling with objects? …
  • The Family Picture Game. Is your baby a keen observer? …
  • The Calling Game. …
  • The Mirror Peek-a-boo Game. …
  • The Food Tasting Game. …
  • Puppet Game. …
  • Follow The Rattle. …
  • Rhyme Time.

When your baby is seven months old, a straightforward game of peekaboo can keep them entertained for hours, and this is also the time when they will start cutting their first teeth. Your baby will go through a period of rapid physical and mental development in their first year of life. Our suggestions for activities that you can do with your baby during each month of the first year are ideal for locating simple ideas that will allow you to connect and interact with your young children. These suggestions are broken down into months based on the number of months in the first year. Your child, who is now 7 months old, is starting to eat foods that are cut up into larger chunks and is beginning to understand the world around them. Your baby is now 7 months old, so the following wonderful activities are perfect for him or her because they are straightforward and uncomplicated to carry out.

What should I expect at 7 months?

It’s important to remember that every baby is different. 7-month-old developmental milestones should only ever be used as a rough guide for your own child’s development. Don’t worry if they’re not ticking all these boxes — they’ll get there.

Some of the things they may be doing at this age include:

  • Rolling over in both directions
  • Sitting up unaided
  • Holding items and moving them from hand to hand
  • Rocking backward and forward (often the first sign that crawling is next)
  • Babbling away a whole bunch of gibberish, but threatening to imitate simple sounds like “mama,” “dada,” and “bye-bye” as they get to grips with consonants

What should I be teaching my 7-month-old?

There are plenty of activities you can use to teach your 7-month-old new skills. From nursery rhymes and foodie fun to bubble popping and outdoor exploration, here are some of our favorites to inspire you.

10 super-fun activities for 7-month-old babies

1. Bubbles (and lots of them!)

Playing with bubbles is one of the most popular 7-month-old baby activities.


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As well as helping develop your baby’s visual and tactile senses, it also encourages mobility.

Your baby will watch, giggle, and follow the bubbles as they float in different directions, improving their hand-eye coordination.

2. Nursery rhyme sing-along

A nursery rhyme sing-along isn’t just a fantastic way to bond with your baby.


Nursery rhymes also form an important part of cognitive development, helping your little one learn the alphabet, numbers, animals, and other day-to-day elements.

Singing nursery rhymes can also help your baby learn another language, even at this early age.

3. Outdoor exploration

As your little one is developing, enrich their experiences by exploring different outdoor areas.

Allow them to use all their senses (supervised, of course), playing with grass, sand, and mud.

Crunch leaves, pick up sticks, smell flowers, take a dip in the sea or paddle their feet in a lake. Simple, yet highly effective, these are some of the best outdoor activities for a 7-month-old baby.

4. Crawling games

At 7-months-old, many babies are steadily getting to grips with crawling around on all-fours.

This makes crawling games some of the best developmental activities for 7-month-olds.

Set up a baby obstacle course with pillows or toys to maneuver around or over or have them crawl towards you through fabric tunnels or blanket forts.

This can help build their strength, coordination, and encourage them to move around in different directions.

5. Clapping together

It is never too early to start clapping your hands together with your baby; in fact, they may start showing signs of bringing their hands closer together as early as seven months old. Clapping your hands together with your baby can help them learn to bring their hands closer together.

Participating in an activity with your 7-month-old child in which they are required to clap along to the beat of a nursery rhyme or song can have a significant positive impact on the cognitive and observational skills that they develop.

Clap steadily to the beat in front of your child as they imitate you, clapping in their own endearing way while you do the same thing yourself.

Your kid will have a great time listening to the upbeat songs, hearing the sounds of the clapping, and looking forward to moving to the beat of the music. All of these things will make him or her happy. When it comes to entertainment for infants who are 7 months old, clapping together is nearly guaranteed to be a hit.

6. Family picture game

At this age, your little one is starting to recognize the faces they see on a regular basis.

You can help improve their visual perception skills by placing them on your lap and showing them brightly colored pictures of the key people in their life, pointing at them and saying their names.

Your baby will slowly start to associate each name with each face, helping them improve their ability to recognize facial features and understanding of names.

7. Food tasting

What can a 7-month-old eat? Well, with most babies eating solids alongside breast or formula milk by the age of 6 months, now’s the ideal time to encourage them to experience new foods.

Letting them taste different flavors is a fun and engaging way to enhance their diet and set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Offer a selection of pureed foods, giving your little one a taste of each one in turn.

As you watch their reaction to certain flavors, you may even notice your little food critic reach for the bowl they enjoyed the most.

8. Noisy fun

Inside a small cardboard box, place several different objects and materials.

Shake the box, encouraging your little one to do the same, and listen to the different sounds each object makes.

Your baby can practice their motor skills by grabbing the objects and placing them in the cardboard box, and this fun activity can also help develop your little one’s sense of hearing.

9. Hand puppets

Puppets are engaging toys that help support your baby’s language skills and communication, as well as their social and emotional development. Puppets also help support your baby’s emotional and social development.

Puppets allow for imaginative play that is risk-free and can assist infants in learning about and comprehending the world around them.

When you play this game with your child, you should position yourself behind an object so that the child can only see the puppet.

Move the puppet around and make noises to give the impression that it is moving on its own. Then, sneak up behind your child and watch their delighted reaction.

10. Light and shadow play

One of the best things to do with a 7-month-old when they can’t sleep is to play around with light and shadows.

While it may sound simple, there are few things more enthralling to babies than watching the shadows dance across the wall.

All you need is a flashlight and some toys, household objects, or your hands to create a night-time shadow show to soothe your little one!

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