Are Crib Mobiles Good for Babies

Crib mobiles are a great addition to your baby’s room. They can help foster your baby’s developing motor skills, including when they start following moving objects with their eyes at around 3 months of age. Soon after, they start reaching for the objects on the baby mobile and may even try to name a few of the things they see. It can be difficult to find the right mobile for your little one, so it may help to read some reviews or pick one that has special features you feel would be helpful like lights that have been known to give off a calming effect.

Crib mobiles can be entertaining for your baby as she learns how to use her hands, mouth, and feet. Soon after your baby starts at the mobile, she may start trying to reach out and grab at it or might even try to bite it with anticipation! She might also notice that the mobile’s movements follow the sounds in her environment, such as a fan noise or the sound of music. Her ability to react to these sensory stimuli improves with time as well. Are Crib Mobiles Safe for Babies?

Your baby’s language development will be influenced by the kind of environment you provide during his first year. One way you can help is with a crib mobile. But will a crib mattress fit in a playpen? What’s the best type of crib? Those are just few of the questions expecting parents have, as they prepare for their new arrival.

Benefits Of Mobiles For Babies

Crib mobiles are one of the most popular baby room décor items. They provide visual stimulation and promote brain development in babies. The more colorful, with different shapes and contrasts, it is, the more visually stimulating it is for babies. We bought many colors that babies can see from different angles through their crib.

If you are looking for the best baby mobile, you should consider these factors: size, rotation speed and number of toys. In fact, crib mobiles come in different designs and sizes, but they all rotate. The more colorful it is and the more contrasting elements present in it, the better as far as visual stimulation goes.\

Babies tend to like mobiles with bright colors and distinct shapes. This kind of mobile will provide visual stimulation that promotes brain development, which will help your baby grow. The more visually stimulating it is, the better.

5 ways a cot mobile can help baby development

  • By providing visual stimulation. From a young age, babies start to process what they see around them. …
  • Motor Skill Development. …
  • Sleep. …
  • Accuracy and Consistency. …
  • Help prevent boredom.

Where To Hang Mobile Over Crib

Hanging a crib mobile is an exciting addition to baby’s nursery. Be sure to hang a mobile no more than 12 inches away from your newborn’s face, and slightly to the side of his line of vision so he sees it. Always ensure that all parts of the product are far enough away so that he can’t reach up or grab the mobile and pull it down.

If you want to hang a mobile over your newborn’s crib, there are a few things you need to know. Babies can become fixated on these toys, but experts say that hanging a mobile within 12 inches of his face and slightly to the side so he sees it will help him fall asleep.

When you hang a crib mobile, make sure it’s within your newborn’s view and that he can see all of the dangling toys. You want him to be able to look at the mobile, but not be bothered by it.

You’ve probably heard from other parents that baby mobiles are a great way to create a stimulating environment for your baby. But are crib mobiles really essential? If you’re on the fence, it’s important to know that there’s no hard and fast rule about baby mobile use. Whether you put one in your baby’s crib is really up to your personal preference. Some families have found that using a crib mobile in coordination with other stimulating items (a bright mobile, music, etc.) can help boost their babies’ intellectual skills.

Crib mobiles introduce some elements of color and light to the baby’s environment, which can be a pleasant experience for them. A mobile made with a gentle tune can also lull your baby to sleep by providing environmental white noise as they sleep.

The use of a crib mobile is said to enhance your baby’s development by providing something for them to focus on and help their sensory skills. It may also provide entertainment that helps the baby sleep through the night.

Baby mobiles are one of the oldest tricks of the trade when it comes to captivating the attention of young infants and helping them drift off to sleep. They’re simple, affordable, easy to hang and — best of all — babies love them!

Two opinions on the mobile

Fans of crib mobiles argue that they entertain babies when they wake in the night, which means that they’re willing to wait for you more patiently if it takes you a little longer to get to them. The theory suggests that if they aren’t waking up for a feeding or a change, but rather just for the sake of waking up, they might be distracted enough by it not to end up calling for you at all.

On the other hand, the argument against the mobile is that it can transform babies’ associations with their cribs from places to sleep to places to play, which could make it harder for them to fall asleep. In the end, it may come down to a question of Baby’s personality, whether a crib mobile will help or hurt his sleep. In either case, in the first few months, as long as the mobile is securely attached to the crib or ceiling so it won’t fall down into the crib, and all of the hanging pieces are both securely fastened and fastened on strings no longer than 7 inches, mobiles don’t present any danger – besides the danger to your sleep schedule that Baby might be one of those children who likes his mobile enough not to want to fall asleep when it’s around to watch!

The end of the mobile

The only point when the mobile starts to present a safety hazard is when Baby is around 5 months or whenever he starts sitting up. This is when he starts getting close to being able to reach up and grab things, or sit upright. Even if Baby isn’t quite at that point physically, when his fourth month rolls around, it’s a good idea to move the mobile preemptively. After all, he will be mobile enough to start going after the mobile soon!

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Do Crib Mobiles Help Babies Sleep

The mobile hanging above the crib is an essential part of any dream-nursery, but like crib bumpers and pillows and blankets, there is much debate about whether mobiles are safe. The AAP and other organizations have come out strongly against bumpers and other items in a young baby’s crib, so is the mobile the next thing to be eliminated in the transformation of the crib? Or is it one of the only safe holdovers from your dream-nursery?

There are two main schools of thought about having mobiles in cribs, and what they do to your baby’s sleep. Both ideas sound plausible, and both were developed as a way of working towards a goal that’s near and dear to your heart – encouraging Baby to sleep through the night. Unfortunately, these two schools of thought completely contradict each other – there isn’t really an opportunity for a happy medium.

What are the benefits of baby mobiles?

Baby mobiles are often placed above cribschanging stationsstrollers, or car seats, yet they offer so much more than just nursery room decor.

Mobiles serve as a stimulant for your baby as their vision develops from seeing only close-up to far away, and from seeing black and white to —before you know it — full colors and dimensions.

Baby mobiles can help foster your baby’s developing motor skills, including when they start following moving objects with their eyes at around 3 months of age. Soon after, they start reaching for the objects on the baby mobile and may even try to name a few of the things they see!

Some baby mobiles help relax and soothe babies — especially the kind with muted colors and patterns that play soft music or white noise.

Do you need a baby mobile?

While a baby mobile is certainly not a necessity, most parents find that baby mobiles come in handy for both entertainment and sleep purposes. A mobile can serve as a pleasant and relaxing distraction whether your baby is in the crib or on the go.

A note about mobile safety

Most mobiles made for infants are considered safe. However, it’s important to make sure that the object is out of reach for your child in case certain pieces of the mobile could pose as choking hazards.

In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urges parents and caregivers to securely attach mobiles to ceilings, side rails, walls or strollers so ensure that they don’t fall on an infant.

Finally, if you’re inheriting a hand-me-down mobile, be sure to check the recall list on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website or the manufacturer’s website for any safety updates.

How we chose

To create this list of the best baby mobiles, we reached out to new parents to learn styles and brands they found most useful over the course of their baby’s first year.

We also relied heavily on customer reviews and ratings to understand what features parents liked most and what features they felt needed improvement.

Here are the best of the bunch of baby mobiles that will captivate your baby’s attention and maybe even score you more sleep!

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $30
  • $$ = $30–$50
  • $$$ = $50–$100
  • $$$$ = over $100

Healthline Parenthood’s picks of the best baby mobiles

Best mobile for the bassinet

Lambs & Ivy Jungle Safari Musical Baby Crib Mobile


Price: $$

This mobile easily clips onto the side of your baby’s bassinet or crib and is made from a super durable material that ensures it will last for the long haul.

It includes adorable animal plush toys that your baby will come to know and love, as well as a battery-powered music box that plays three different songs. The volume control and on and off switch are easy to use and the entire mobile can be removed or placed elsewhere without a hitch.

Best mobile for the crib

Price: $$$

It’s best to be choosy when selecting a mobile that will become a staple of your baby’s nursery, mainly because it’s something that you will use for several months — if not years.

Pehr makes absolutely stunning baby mobiles, each handmade by artisans using organic materials. They sell more than a dozen different designs of their classic mobile, so there’s one for nearly every nursery theme.

Best wall-mounted mobile

Price: $$

This is not a complete mobile — it’s merely just the arm, but it allows you to hang a mobile of your choosing without having to anchor it to your ceiling or clip it onto anything.

It’s eco-friendly, made from a combination of natural beech and pine wood, and is super easy to mount. The same company also sells beautifulthat you can choose from if you’d prefer to buy the items together, however you can also attach any other mobile that you like.

Best musical mobile

Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ’n Groove Mobile


Price: $$

Many mobiles play music, but this one takes things to the next level, offering six different musical options, ranging from nature tunes to classic lullabies, and has a total of 18 different melodies that babies love.

It can play for up to 40 minutes uninterrupted and provides three different playing options for every stage of your baby’s development during that first year of life.

Best unique mobile

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile to Go Travel Toy


Price: $

This might not be the most beautiful mobile you’ve ever seen, but it’s designed to totally captivate your baby’s attention — and it does! Made by the innovator of black-and-white development toys (the only colors your baby can see during those first few months), it features unique patterns that adapt to an infant’s changing vision.

It comes with three reversible discs printed on polypropylene card stock that are incredibly lightweight and fold up for easy storage. Parents love the fact that it comes with a volume control and a fast-forward button that lets you skip songs.

Best Etsy mobile


Price: $$$

This gorgeous felt mobile is handmade in Nepal from 100 percent New Zealand wood (each ball is individually rolled!). It features knots in between the felt balls so that they’re not easily removed with gentle tugs.

The mobile can be personalized to fit your baby’s nursery — you can choose from 70 color options as well as different ball shapes and styles, including hearts, raindrops and stars. Reviewers rave about how easy the owner is to work with and how special their custom order came out.

Best mobile for the car seat or stroller

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take-Along Mobile


Price: $

Whether you’re in the car or out walking in the stroller, this is the perfect mobile for on-the-go entertainment. It’s super lightweight and comes with an attachment that can clip onto just about anything.

This mobile features three colorful toys that spin around and around, and plays 30 minutes of uninterrupted music with five different melodies to choose from. What parents love most about this mobile is its ease of use and small size that makes it so easy to pack in a bag for trips or errands.

Best hi-tech mobile

Caterbee Baby Mobile for Crib


Price: $$

This 3-in-1 mobile features a remote control that lets you make changes from a few feet away. On the remote control, you can adjust the volume, switch songs and change up the rotation.

It comes in six captivating designs in varying colors to match your nursery. This bassinet is also super versatile — it can be used as your baby’s go-to mobile, perched on their crib or bassinet, or taken with you on the go.

Best wooden mobile

AONTUS Nordic Nursery Wooden Peal Mobile


Price: $

This beautiful handcrafted mobile made in a Nordic design with Dutch wood beads is the perfect addition to any nursery. It comes in more than 20 different shapes and designs, each with stylish beads that help boost cognition.

A quick note about safety: The company recommends double-checking your purchase to make sure there aren’t any loose beads that could fall off and become a choking hazard.

Best mobile with lights

Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams 3-in-1 Projection Mobile


Price: $$

This mobile, which is meant to be mounted to a crib, features removable (and adorable) plush stuffed animals that your little one will love to stare at as well as three musical settings to choose from — lullaby, white noise or nature sounds.

It includes a remote control so that you can switch up the settings from afar and convert to a tabletop soother for older babies and tots.


Whatever type of mobile you choose, make sure that you take the proper safety precautions when securing it in your baby’s nursery.

Not only will your mobile give your baby’s developing mind plenty to explore, but it is a great way to add a personal design touch to the room in which you’ll spend so much time.

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