Best Oil For Newborn Baby Massage In Winter

For newborn baby massage, almond oil is a great pick. Enriched with Vitamins A and E, the almond oil massage will keep your baby warm and protect them from dry skin conditions in the cold climate. Make sure to pick unscented almond massage oil for the baby to avoid toxins contained by the perfumed ones.

Almond oil is a great pick for newborn baby massage in winter. It’s enriched with Vitamin A and E, making it an ideal massage oil for your baby’s skin. Make sure to buy the unscented kind, which avoids toxins contained by perfumeed varieties.

Almond oil for baby massage is a great pick for cold seasons. Maintaining skin hydration by moisturizing the skin, the almond oil prevents dryness and other skin conditions. A good quality massage oil will have Vitamins A and E to keep your baby’s skin healthy and smooth.

When winter strikes and the temperature drops, your baby might suffer from dry skin and chapped lips. To help the skin to retain moisture, you can give almond oil massage for baby massage in winter. Almond oil contains Vitamins A & E that help to keep your baby’s skin moist and hydrated by improving the blood circulation in their body.

Just like we apply moisturizer or body lotion before stepping out, it’s equally important to use oil for babies before you put them out in the cold. Whether you’re going for a long stroll or just taking a walk around the neighbourhood with your little one, look no further than our favourite massage oils for newborns in winter to ensure they stay protected against dry weather conditions and get all their essential nutrients.”

Best Massage Oil For Baby Fairness

Massages are soothing and healthy for your baby — and you might just enjoy them, too.

Using the right oil for your baby massage can make all the difference. Massage oils help protect your baby’s soft, delicate skin and moisturize at the same time.

However, not all oils are made equal — and they’re not all good for baby’s skin. Just because an oil is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s safe to use for a baby massage.

Let’s look at the best oils to use for a baby massage and which oils you should avoid.

Advantages of baby massage

Regular baby massages can help you and baby bond. Touch is a language both adults and babies can understand. Baby massages can help comfort and relax both of you!

During a baby massage, you and your little one are facing each other — without an embarrassing dirty diaper in the middle — and making eye contact. This helps your baby learn your facial expressions and develop their communication skills.

Massaging your baby regularly can also help develop their brain and nervous system.

Plenty of medical studiesTrusted Source show that regular touch and attachment with a parent or caregiver are necessary for healthy brain and emotional development in a baby. The benefits of are lifelong!

Which oils are best?

You can choose from a variety of oils that are normally safe for baby’s tender skin. Try these oils during a baby massage and for moisturizing their skin. Some might suit your baby’s skin better than others.

The best oils to use during a baby massage — in no particular order — include:

Coconut oil

2020 medical study found that applying virgin coconut oil on premature newborns helped improve and strengthen their skin. It can do the same for newborns and older babies as a massage oil and moisturizer.

Several other studies also support these findings, but more research is needed.

Almond oil

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, and clinical research from 2020 shows that it’s safe to use as a baby massage oil. The researchers found that using almond oil on premature babies improved their skin’s thickness and strength — and didn’t cause any side effects.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum ointment or jelly (also known by the brand name Vaseline) may have been your mother’s choice of baby lotion, and for good reasons — this tried-and-true product is good for your baby’s skin as a massage oil.

Baby oil

Baby oil is actually a mineral oil. A 2012 medical reviewTrusted Source showed that, like petroleum jelly, mineral oils are safe to use on baby’s skin.

Shea butter

Shea butter is a creamy natural moisturizer that’s safe for your baby’s thin skin. Look for pure shea butter that doesn’t have any added perfumes or chemicals.

Safflower oil

Safflower oil is a cold-pressed vegetable oil that contains vitamin E. Cold-pressed means that it’s less processed than other kinds of oils.

This makes it a good choice to use as a massage oil for your baby.

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is a cold-pressed oil that’s normally safe to use as a massage oil on your baby.

Chamomile lotion

Chamomile lotion is soothing for baby eczema and diaper rashes and safe to use as a baby massage oil. It helps heal and soothe dry, itchy skin and can also help your little one relax!

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is recommended for babies with eczema because it helps heal the skin. It’s also high in vitamin E. Use cold-pressed jojoba oil for your baby’s massages.

Borage seed oil

Borage seed oil is high in a fatty acid that can help soothe and heal your baby’s skin. It’s safe to use as a massage oil even if your baby has eczema.

Rose hip oil

Rose hip oil is high in fats that are good for baby’s skin and help build it up. It helps soothe redness and irritation in baby eczema and other skin rashes.

Oat oil

You might find oat oil listed as “Avena sativa” in your body lotion. This common skin care ingredient helps heal skin rashes and get rid of dry, itchy skin.

Oat oil is generally safe for baby’s skin.

Eczema cream

If your baby has mild to severe eczema, it may be best to use the cream your pediatrician has prescribed for them. Baby’s very sensitive skin or eczema rashes may have reactions to oils that are otherwise safe to use.

Which oils should you avoid?

Even natural oils can cause skin irritation and may not be safe for your baby. Oils to avoid using on your baby’s skin include:

Olive oil

While olive oil is a heart-healthy choice for your daily diet, it’s not good for your baby’s delicate skin (or your skin).

One of the fats in olive oil is called oleic acid. This fat can break down skin instead of improving it. Olive oil is especially not safe if you or your baby have eczema or other skin rashes.

Avocado oil

While mashed avocados are a great baby food for when your little one starts on solids, avocado oil is not great for baby’s skin.

Like olive oil, avocado oil contains the fat oleic acid. This can lead to skin irritation and breakdown.

Peanut oil

Peanut oil contains peanut proteins. Some babies may be sensitive to peanuts or develop an allergy to peanuts. Using peanut oil can result in skin irritation and may lead to reactions in your baby.

Mustard oil

This “spicy” oil can irritate and heat up your baby’s skin.

Soybean oil

Like olive oil, soybean oil may break down the skin’s barrier and cause irritation and redness.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties but can cause irritation on baby’s delicate skin.

Other essential oils

Essential oils are very concentrated and can be irritating for both babies and adults, so be careful in selecting other oils for baby massage. (Some are safe, but essential oils must always be diluted before use on skin.)

Best Almond Oil for Baby Massage

The hot summer heat of the Indian sub-continent has diminished and it has now stepped aside to let the chilly weather of the winters come by. The winters do give us some much-deserved respite from the heat and humidity, but it comes with its own set of problems. This is especially true if you have a baby to think about.

The soft skin of a baby is perhaps one of the most precious things about the baby. It is hard to imagine that a baby can stand to lose the natural softness and plumpness of his/her skin. The winter season comes with chilly winds and the babies also have less exposure to the sunlight. The combination of these two conditions can make winter hard on your baby and your baby’s skin. Immunity of your baby can also be compromised on in the winter season and your baby may catch cold, infections and other seasonal diseases.

Among the various measures taken to protect the babies in the winter season, one of the prominent ones is giving the baby an oil massage. If done correctly and the appropriate oil is used to massage the baby, it can provide the baby many benefits during the winter season.

Today, we shall look at the benefits of giving your baby an oil massage during the winter months. We shall also talk about the various oils that are best for baby massages during the winter. Read on to know more.


Benefits Of Oil Massage For A Baby In The Winter Season


How Should The Massage Be Given?

  • Use warm oil of your choice. Make sure that it is just comfortably warm and not hot, as you may risk burning or hurting the baby.
  • Take some oil into your palms and rub your palms together. This will further help regulate the temperature to a comfortable level.
  • Now, apply the oil on the baby’s body in gentle and firm strokes.
  • Make sure that you do not put excessive pressure in applying the oil. Now, massage the oil into the baby’s skin for some time.
  • Some oils are leave-in and need not be washed off. If the oil is not of the leave-on type, then you can use some soap to wash off the oil in the bath.
  • Make sure to use the oil on a patch of skin on the baby’s body to make sure that he is not allergic to it.
  • Avoid massaging any areas with rashes or wounds.
  • Try to massage only during the time when your baby seems to be happy about the massage.

What If People Warn You Against Massaging In The Winter?

It is a common advise given to new mothers by well meaning people around them not to massage the baby in the winter. This is a misconception. On the contrary, it is very beneficial for the baby to have massages even during the winter time.

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