Cakes to Announce Pregnancy

It’s such a fun, special time! You’re having a baby! Your friends and family probably know you’re pregnant, but it’s just not the same as announcing the pregnancy. If you want to make an extra big impression, why not announce your pregnancy with a cake? Here are some ideas of how to announce your maternity (or paternity) status with an awesome cake.

gender reveal cakes

Gender reveal cakes are a type of cake that have a surprise inside. The front of the cake is frosted blue or pink and you cut into it to reveal what’s inside. It’s a fun moment for you and your friends, family members and loved ones!

Gender reveal cakes can be customized to include anything you want on them—from little figurines in diapers to baby shoes and pacifiers. The possibilities are endless!

cakes with baby feet

Baby feet are a popular design choice when it comes to announcing your pregnancy. They’re usually made of fondant, which is a sweet dough that can be molded into different shapes, but you can also find edible prints that look like baby feet. Baby feet in different colors, sizes and positions are also available for purchase.

cakes with babies in them

We think babies are cute. We also think they’re fun and a great way to announce a pregnancy. If you agree, then consider ordering a cake with a baby in it to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorations: You can go with an adorable cartoon baby (why not?), or stick with the classic photo of yourself at three months pregnant holding your belly. The choice is yours!

cakes with baby bottles

  • Cake with baby bottle. This is a very popular cake for a number of reasons. First, it’s unique and fun to look at; second, it’s easy to replicate; third, it can be ordered in advance of the birth so that you don’t have to do any last-minute baking or ordering (a major plus if you’re busy with family activities).
  • Cake with baby bottle and pacifier. This cake is similar to the one above but includes a pacifier instead of just the bottle itself. Ordering this kind of cake requires more planning since you’ll want everything on it—including the shoes and clothes—to be accurate up until your child starts using them independently (which could happen as early as 6 months).
  • Cake with baby bottle and baby shoes. If your child was born prematurely or had health issues while in utero, this might be an appropriate choice for him or her because they may need special footwear right away after birth; these types of cakes also look nice when done correctly!

cakes with ultrasound images

You can also use a cake to announce your pregnancy! Gender reveal cakes have become increasingly popular, but there are so many other ways you can use a cake to tell the world you’re expecting.

Here are some examples:

  • Cakes with baby feet on them. Your guests will squeal when they see the little feet peeking out of the top of this cake! You could also do it in blue or pink if that fits your theme better.
  • Cakes with babies in them. Some people like having a full-sized baby doll on top of their cake, while others prefer a model made from fondant instead—it all depends on what kind of look you want for your celebration and how detailed it needs to be (and whether or not you want someone else making that decision).
  • Cakes with carriages drawn on top. If you’re having trouble finding an actual carriage toy at the store, don’t fret—you can just draw one yourself! The Internet is full of great tutorials for how this works; just search “how do I draw carriage” into Google Images and choose whichever one looks best based on its color scheme (or lack thereof).
  • Pink or blue cakes . Just because gender reveals aren’t always about revealing gender doesn’t mean we should stop using cakes as part of our celebrations altogether; there are plenty more options than just revealing whether we’re having boys vs girls!

cakes with carriages

Carriage cakes are a popular choice for announcing your pregnancy. They are typically white and blue and can be decorated with baby’s name and date of birth. The carriage cake is also decorated with handprints and footprints, which makes it even more special.

If you want to make your own carriage cake, here are some tips:

  • Buy the right mold to make your cake look like a carriage. You can find one at any craft store or online retailer.
  • Buy fondant (a sweet icing material) in white, blue and pink colors. White is used on the main body of the carriage while blue is used on wheels and panels on each side; pink fondant is used on decorations such as buttons, bows, flowers etc., that adorn both sides of this delicious dessert!

pink or blue cakes

Whether you’re looking to announce your pregnancy or want a simple way to celebrate the birth of your baby, a pink or blue cake will do the trick.

Whether you’re celebrating your daughter’s second birthday or welcoming your son into the world, these cakes are sure to be delicious and packed with fun! The first is decorated with pastel balloons, glittery stars and streamers—perfect for any little girl! The second features a classic gender reveal party theme: balloons floating above layers of pink icing topped with ribbons that read “It’s a Boy”.

Both cakes are topped with sprinkles and look great on any table. When it comes to what color confetti you choose for each cake (blue for boys or pink for girls), there really isn’t an incorrect answer; whichever one suits your style best will make everyone happy. Pink & Blue Cakes – Surprise Your Guests With These Fun Gender Reveal Treats

use a cake to announce your pregnancy!

A cake is a great way to announce your pregnancy! Cake is also a great way to celebrate the big news. And if you’re celebrating, why not do it with some cake? There are many reasons why people choose to have a cake when they announce their pregnancies:

  • People love celebrating things with cake, and now’s as good of an excuse as any!
  • Baking is fun and relaxing—it’s nice knowing that someone else will eat all those cupcakes after you’ve made them!
  • Cake tastes delicious. Who doesn’t like cake?


So, if you want to make your pregnancy announcement creative and memorable, why not use one of these ideas?

21 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Personalize it
Simple, but always perfect, let those close to you know that a baby is on the way by personalizing a gift. Surprise them with a “Dad To Be” t-shirt, a coffee mug with “World’s Best Grandma”, or a “Favorite Uncle” baseball cap.

Say it with cake
Or cookies, or donuts, or chocolates… any treat will do. Top a cake with a special message or cake topper, hide your news inside a fortune cookie, or surprise someone with a box of donuts with “We’re Pregnant” written inside the lid.

Involve your pets
Let your favorite furry friend help you spread the good news. Order a custom bandana or shirt, or create your own with fabric and some fabric paint. You can also make a sign for them to wear around their neck and snap a photo to share.

Make a toast
Grab your partner for a very special toast (non-alcoholic for you of course!). Then surprise them with their favorite six-pack or bottle of wine wrapped in a custom label letting them know you’re expecting.

Write it down
Nothing is more personal than something you write yourself. A handwritten note or card to your partner or family sharing the news will be something they will always remember. For an extra special touch, tuck in an ultrasound photo.

Involve the siblings
Get an older sibling(s) involved in making the big announcement. Buy or make custom shirts letting everyone know they’re the older brother or sister. Or have them hold a sign then snap a photo to share.

Holiday card
The holidays are a special time, and a holiday card is the perfect way to get creative with your announcement. Be subtle by hiding a message in the photo or let the whole world know by holding up a sign with the big news.

Share on social media
Let everyone know you’re pregnant by sharing the news on social media. Take a pic of the two of you holding the ultrasound photo or pregnancy test, or share a photo of a tiny pair of baby shoes.

Take advantage of the seasons
Carve “We’re Pregnant” in a pumpkin, hand out some personalized candy hearts with “Baby on the Way”, spell it out in the sand at the beach, personalize a Christmas ornament, or hide the announcement in a plastic egg.

Take a special photo
Surprise your significant other or your entire family by announcing your pregnancy with a photo. While they’re smiling at the camera, reveal your secret without letting them see – until they see the photo!

Piece it together
Let someone piece it together with a puzzle. Write the message on the back or have a special puzzle made. When they connect the final pieces they will be surprised with the big news.

Hidden words
Hide a message in the bottom of a coffee cup, or written on a plate under an extra-special dessert. You can have a message printed or you can create your own with a pen made just for ceramics.

Personalized scratchers
Order custom scratchers to share that you’re expecting. Once they’ve found out they won, the prize box will reveal the big news. Make sure you’re there to snap a photo of their reaction!

Make a special playlist
Go with the baby theme and announce your pregnancy with a special selection of songs. Create a playlist you can share with songs that have “Baby” in the title.

At the movies
If you or your partner is a movie buff, you can really get creative. Design a custom movie poster or share your “coming soon” announcement on a marquee .

Spell it out
Announce your pregnancy by spelling out your news in a creative way. You can use a letter board, a Scrabble board, some alphabet blocks, custom balloons, or even a message written on your belly! Then snap a photo and share away.

Create a custom image
You can find plenty of editable templates online. All you need to do is add your own special message then share it with the ones you love.

An artist’s touch
Do you or your partner have an artistic flair? You can create a special drawing or painting yourself or find a local artist to make something for you. Then simply give it to someone special or share it online with friends and family.

Unscramble the big news
Print out a message for your partner or family to unscramble. You can also create a special code to help them unlock the news that you’re expecting.

Make a video
Put together a video to share with your partner or make one together to let everyone know you’re pregnant. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a big production. A simple message or collection of photos and images will do the trick.

Host a movie night
Invite friends and family over for a movie night they won’t forget. Cue up a selection of pregnancy-themed movies and serve baby-themed foods like baby carrots and baby back ribs. Wait and see how long it takes for someone to figure out your secret.

Now that you’ve found some inspiration, it’s time to choose your favorite and get to sharing!

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