Color For Baby Girl

Preparing a room for their earliest months means thinking practically as well as stylishly, but also being conscious of creating a cozy environment that both baby and parents enjoy spending time in. 


A baby girl nursery idea with walls painted in Lavender Garden from Mylands and shelving with toys and books.

Being careful with color is key when it comes to planning both girls’ and boys’ nursery ideas, as choosing the right shades can do wonders for creating a restful environment. 

‘Paler colors tend to be more calming and soothing – both for the baby and parents – so a background of soft blues or aqua and warm pinky grays can be a good basis from which to add more color,’ says Judy Smith, color consultant at Crown(opens in new tab). 

In this room, Lavender Garden by Mylands (opens in new tab)is used as a gentle backdrop to pops of primary color.


A baby girl nursery idea with gray walls, white woodwork and pink accessories.

Gray bedroom ideas are having a moment right now – and soft tones of gray work really well in nurseries too. In this nursery, a pale gray on the walls is built upon with slightly darker shades in and among the textiles, and contrasted with crisp white in the room’s woodwork. 

Pink works especially well as an accent color as it adds warmth, while gray acts as a great base color for baby boy nursery ideas too. 


A baby girl nursery idea with red and white teepee, white walls and floor, with cream furniture and textiles.

Blending coziness with a feeling of cleanliness makes for a golden ratio in a nursery – and an easy way to do that is to go all out with warm neutrals. 

In this room, rustic whitewashed floorboards are built upon with cream furniture, fabrics and accessories, with light brown woods pulling the scheme towards gentle, natural browns. 

It’s a scheme that works well with gender neutral nursery ideas too, and especially well when filled with layers of textiles. 


A baby girl nursery idea with pink walls and mural wallpaper border with forest design

When it comes to girls’ bedroom ideas, it’s hard not to think pink. While the idea of gendered colors is pretty outdated, soft pinks are nevertheless a great choice for a nursery because of the gentle warmth they can bring to a neutral scheme. 

Warm, rusty pinks are on trend all over the home, and are also easier to adapt for when a child grows up – they can even work in bedroom ideas for teenagers.

‘For longevity, steer away from sugary pinks in favour of warmer tones that feel more grown up,’ says Nina Tarnowski, founder and designer at Woodchip & Magnolia(opens in new tab). ‘This will ensure the decor grows with them. Consider shades of mature pinks and soft peaches, balanced by soft neutrals.’


Pastel colored personalised cushions on a daybed spelling out the name 'Flora'.

For any age, kids’ room ideas that make the space feel unique are an instant win. Children enjoy seeing their name in lights, or even woven into their pillow – and new parents love it too. 

‘For a personal touch, consider adding something monogrammed to the nursery, be it a wall decal, a decorative pillow nesting on your nursery glider, or a blanket,’ suggests Justin Segal, director of product and brand management at Storkcraft(opens in new tab). 

‘Remember, the nursery is your very own calm, serene space to bond with your baby. Seeing your child’s initials monogrammed on something in the nursery is a nice, custom touch to make your special space feel even more personal.’ 


A baby girl nursery idea with a pale gray wall with white painted stars on it, and wooden crib.

‘Reimagine your children’s nursery into a space they could only dream of with wallpaper or a mural,’ says Tarnowski. ‘Be brave with your choice of color and pattern and create a bedroom that the kids can’t wait to play and sleep in.’ 

You can either choose children’s bedroom wallpaper ideas that build up a whole muralistic scene, or create a theme with a simple painted design, like the star-studded wall in this nursery. 

‘Murals are a great way to add interest to more neutral nursery schemes, and there are numerous ideas, from characterful crayons to cute animals,’ says Charlotte Cosby, head of creative at (opens in new tab). 

‘If a mural sounds a bit daunting, start with something easy to execute such, as a mountainscape where the help of masking tape comes to the rescue.’


A baby girl nursery idea with a daybed, selection of textured cushions and a rain cloud mobile in whites and pastels.

Nurseries aren’t just a place for babies to sleep – they’re an important space for them to learn about a brave new world. Providing furnishings that stimulate the senses can help with that all important early development. 

As well as mobiles over the crib to key their eyes entertained, think about using textiles to create a sensory zone, where they can feel all sorts of different textures. Just remember to keep them all easily washable in defense of any messy mishaps. 


A neutral girls' nursery with pink and yellow bed, and pink and yellow animal print blind design.

Getting to grips with kids’ room paint ideas is always an excuse to have fun with color – and designing a nursery is no different. While you will need to be conscious to keep it a relaxing space, think about using tinted mid tones and even mixing and matching contrasting hues. 

‘I think that clear mid tones work really well in nurseries, like sky blue, lemon, soft orange and mint green,’ says Smith. ‘If you choose colors of the same depth of tone, you can easily put three or four together.’ 


A baby girl nursery idea with white walls, white changing table, white shelf and pink toys and accessories.

There is a good chance this isn’t your first rodeo. If you’re welcoming baby number two or even three, it’s still a good idea to give an existing nursery a celebratory spruce up. 

A lick of paint for the walls is one thing, but apply the same mentality to your hand-me-down changing table, bedroom storage and crib for a fresh new look.

‘It is a great idea to paint inexpensive or second-hand furniture, like cupboards and chest of drawers, to make them colourful and unique,’ says Smith. ‘Rub down, then use a wood primer before adding a topcoat of satin or gloss.’ 


A baby girl nursery idea with white and red wallpaper, white crib, taupe patterned armchair and animal skin rug.

If pastels aren’t your thing, it’s still perfectly possible to make bolder hues work in a nursery – you just need to apply a gentle touch. 

Practice restraint when using brighter or deeper colors in a nursery and use them as accents over white. In this room, an exuberantly patterned wallpaper idea lays red tracks over a white background with a white crib, softening the red’s impact, while earthy neutrals are used across the rest of the room. 


teal nursery with Liberty Fabric Wendy house, play mat underneath, clothes hanging up, toys

‘Classic Liberty ditsy florals – Poppy Meadowfield and Wiltshire Blossom are a great versatile pattern for children’s rooms,’ says Genevieve Bennett, head of design/interiors at Liberty Fabrics(opens in new tab). ‘They have been colored with four-five colors in perfect balance for both wallpaper and fabrics – allowing them to be coordinated with solid paint and fabric colors to create different contemporary looks. They work beautifully in a children’s room as they are small in scale, multi-colored yet balanced and of-course timeless.’


baby girl nursery with pink canopy over cot, pink rug, Cole & Son wallpaper, sculptural pendant, armchair

‘For this project, I specifically focused on the children’s rooms where I customized and adapted every element and detail to suit both the boy and girl,’ says Stèphanie Coutas, interior designer and founder of Stèphanie Coutas(opens in new tab). ‘The bedroom is a separate universe that belongs to the child; creating a dreamlike and adaptable space where the imagination has room to grow is really important.’

‘For both the children’s rooms we used pastel colors to create a fun and gentle atmosphere. Rather than carpets, we used rugs to provide comfort and softness while also giving a decorative touch. Of course, it is important to adapt this and to choose materials that are anti-allergic, resistant, and easy to maintain, and that are suitable for children.’


baby girl nursery with cherry wallpaper, red shelf, side table with bright fabric lamp/shade, white cot, clothes hanging up

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to add color, pattern and interest to your baby girl’s nursery. Find a wallpaper that you also love and go wild with it.

‘Nothing is more nostalgic than the site of sweet, fresh strawberries and their climbing grass green shoots,’ says Molly Mahon, textile designer at Molly Mahon(opens in new tab).  ‘This timeless design with its textural surface has such character that can last throughout a childhood and beyond!  The bright pops of color make it easy to coordinate lighting and cushions to create a joyful, playful space.’


baby girl nursery with pink bunny wallpaper, pale green cot, pale grey carpet, rugs, toys, blankets

Soft and creamy tones of pink are surprisingly complex and add areas of interest while still being easy to live with. They are calming and cocooning, and will give any space character while also adding an unexpectedly fresh feel.

Baby pink works well with cool neutrals, such as brilliant whites and all tones of grey, from light to moody. The choice depends on what type of look you’d like to create – bold and dramatic or cool and restful.

‘When we think of pastels it’s ice cream shades that pop into our heads, but they can be much more subtle than that,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘This charming baby girl nursery has subtle tones of pastel pink and green with a couple of shades of grey. The result is a perfectly balanced scheme that’s very restful.’


baby girl nursery with wallpaper/mural, pink toy chest, rug, toys

Paint and wallpaper are the obvious choice for wall decor ideas, but they have their limitations when it comes to wanting to create something larger scale and more striking. Wall mural ideas are perfect for creative designers who just want that little bit more. 

If you have the skill, or know someone who does, having a hand-painted mural painted on your nursery walls will elevate the space into a magical world. ‘This Le Berre Vevaud(opens in new tab) designed baby girl nursery features this stunning design by Céline Dewavrin(opens in new tab),’ says Lucy Searle, global editor in chief, Homes & Gardens


baby girl nursery with white walls, pink painted ceiling, pink print blinds, teepee, two black cots

Could the ceiling in your nursery be ripe for decorative rediscovery? Many designers seem to think so. The ceiling holds endless possibilities for creativity, and should be treated with the same consideration as any other wall in your home.

‘I love the thoughtful use of color in this room, particularly the bright pink ceiling which is a reminder to always look up,’ says Malka Helft, founder of Think Chic Interiors(opens in new tab). ‘Having a through line in a room is key, especially in a kid’s room who may have some opinions on decor as they grow up. In this room, it’s the use of pink that ties it all together – the window treatments, the striped play tent, and the brushstrokes on the art.’


neutral baby girl nursery with grey cot, artwork, graphic wallpaper, rug, tree, neutral check drapes, mobile

Fun colors aren’t for all of us, and if you love the pared-back neutral style then adopting that in your baby girl’s nursery will carry on the flow throughout your home. Keep it interesting by choosing a subtle yet graphic wallpaper, a grey cot, earthy toned drapes and a vintage rug.


pink and gray baby girl nursery with gold accents , white flooring, gold and clear glass pendant

Decorating with grey has become de rigueur in interior design, and works wonderfully when paired with pink in a baby girl’s nursery. Undeniably the new but enduring neutral, this cool color adds a sophisticated edge, elegance and a refinement to a nursery room, and is a go-to for anyone who wants an easy-to-live with tone that’s easy to color scheme and redecorate around. 

Due to its versatility, most colors go with grey – it is a neutral after all, which means it acts like a blank canvas on which you can put your mark. Texture plays an important part in grey rooms, too.


baby girl nursery with custom drapery and valance, bespoke cabinetry, heirloom pieces

‘For a truly elegant feel, invest in custom drapery in a subtle print with contrasting blush lining that matches heirloom pieces like this antique settee,’ says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. ‘For organizing a nursery, cabinetry is key for storing clothes and bedlinen, and add in those special pieces from your own childhood like vintage trunks and favorite story books.’


baby girl nursery with eggplant colored walls, moses basket, chair with doll, gray drapes

From the deepest aubergine shades and striking royal purples, through to lavender, mauves and soft lilac, purple is a versatile color which can be used to create myriad looks in the nursery room.

‘We love this combination of eggplant on the walls and grey drapes, cot and rug,’ says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors. ‘It’s ideal if you want to opt out of the classic pink for a baby girl nursery and embrace a darker wall shade instead.’


Funnily enough, nursery ideas for baby girls don’t have to be all about pink. While pale pinks are actually great color for a nursery for the soft warmth that they bring, think about pale shades of all sorts of different hues, from lavender to powder gray and soft blues. 

But before you even get to thinking about colors, ensure you have all the practical essentials ticked off the list. Choosing a crib that has removal sides means it can last your baby through to its toddler months and beyond. 

Ensure you also have a comfortable seating space for feeding, a changing table, and lots of storage space for concealing the inevitable messy parts of parenting a newborn. 


When designing for a newborn, it’s best to take things gently. Creating a calming environment is important for all bedroom designs, but doing your best to create a sleep-inducing space for a baby will pay serious dividends for weary parents. 

The best bedroom colors for a nursery are gentle and restful: choosing pale pastel colors or warm, light neutrals will help construct a soothing environment for baby, mom and dad. 

If you really want to add in bolder colors, do so with white as a base and use them sparingly. 

Colors For Baby Girl Nursery

hen choosing colors for your baby girl’s nursery, you don’t necessarily have to think pink. Nearly any color, in the right shade, can help you create the nurturing environment you want for your little one. Start with two to three colors that appeal to you, and build a great color scheme your girl will love well into her childhood years.

Beautiful Baby Rooms


For wall color with real staying power, stick with a white or neutral shade on the walls and bring more color into your baby’s room through rugs, window treatments and accessories. Neutrals create a tranquil backdrop for furnishings in a wide range of styles, and looks can be changed without you having to repaint the entire room. Add fabric and accessories in pink, yellow, or even red for a color pop. Bright colors will have a longer life in the room than pastels because they aren’t as juvenile. Accessory colors are easier to change than wall paint when your growing girl begins expressing her own color preferences.

If you want more color on the walls, you have many choices. For a cool and soothing look, try sea-foam or green with yellow and white fabric, furniture and other accents. This color also looks good with unpainted wood furniture. If you want a green that is a bit warmer, consider sage or a soft lime shade.

Purple is another popular nursery color. If you like a traditional and elegant look, paint the walls in your favorite shade of purple or lavender and choose furniture that is painted white. For a touch of sophistication, choose black furniture pieces.

Blue, traditionally considered a boy’s room color, doesn’t have to be off-limits for a little girl. Choose a cornflower blue or aqua with accents in bright pink or orange for a cheery look. Unpainted wood furniture warms a blue room nicely, and white gossamer curtains and pretty bed linens will add a feminine touch.

Yellow and orange are great for bringing warmth and cheer into a room. They are the color of choice for many school-age girls, so they won’t likely need to be changed soon. Choose muted shades to avoid color overload, and add pops of bright color with accessories.

One color to avoid in large doses is red, because it can be jarring to a baby’s developing eyes. However, small touches of red and other bright colors are a great way to add cheer to the nursery.

Wall murals, stencils, stripes and other touches are popular in girls’ rooms. Although many younger girls like themes such as cartoon princesses, avoid these in favor of more artistic murals of trees, flowers, butterflies and bees that won’t be outgrown as quickly.

Girls’ Bedroom Color Schemes

The right mix of hues will help create a bedroom color scheme your girl will love.


By: Gina Hannah

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Girls have a wide range of bedroom colors from which to choose, so finding the right look can seem overwhelming. Let your young lady start with one or two colors she loves, then build a great color scheme that works well into her teen years.

Girly Retro-Inspired Pink Bedroom


Pink may be the realm of princesses, but a girl’s room doesn’t have to look like a powder puff. Combine a bright shade of pink with yellow, lime green and other bright accents for a feminine but strong look. Bright pink and orange, a favorite girl’s combination, looks great with pretty white furniture. Layer multiple shades of pink for a look that is both soothing and uplifting. Dusty pink with neutrals such as beige or taupe can create a romantic mood that stays grounded instead of looking “fluffy.” Brighter or richer shades of pink can be used with black furniture and accessories to create a sophisticated look.

Purple, like pink, is a classic girl’s color; it can take a room’s look in many directions, depending on the shade or shades you use. For a romantic look, join purple with soft, billowy white fabrics and white furniture. For a cheery modern or country look, combine purple with touches of yellow or bright green. Bright purple with black accents can create a striking contemporary mood.

Blue, traditionally considered a boy’s color, can be made to look feminine or elegant when paired with furniture and accents in either white or contrasting or complementary colors. In particular, soft or light blues can provide a pretty backdrop for images of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and other artwork and accessories.

The guidelines for blue generally hold true for green as well. There are many shades from which to choose, and looks can range from soft and tranquil to bright and energetic.

Many girls love orange, and this cheery blend of yellow and red brings energy into a room. Orange with pink is a popular combination that can be used in soft shades or energetic bright shades.

For a girl’s bedroom color scheme with staying power, stick with a white or neutral shade on the walls and add pops of color through rugs, window treatment and accessories. Neutrals create a tranquil backdrop for furnishings in a wide range of styles, and looks can be changed without having to repaint the entire room.

Wall murals, stencils, stripes and other touches are popular in girls’ rooms. Although many younger girls like themes such as cartoon princesses, more artistic murals with trees, flowers and butterflies won’t be outgrown as quickly.

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