Colours For Baby Girl

We all know the tradition that dictates blue is for boys and pink is for girls but in this present day, the truth is you can dress your baby in whatever you feel comfortable with! We offer plenty of neutral baby colours in our collections that are versatile, and there is no reason why you can’t buy pink for boys and blue for girls too. That’s not to say that if you have a boy, you have to go against the traditional if you simply like the colour blue – it’s 100% up to you what colours you’d like to dress your child in, whether you’re a traditionalist or a contemporary. 

There are some wonderful neutral colours for newborns and babies, and we also take a peek into why we have blue for boys and pink for girls, with a surprising outcome…


The most popular gender-neutral colours for babies are yellow and green. These hues are  ideal if you do not know the gender of the newborn baby beforehand.

These fresh colours epitomise new life and look wonderful little bundles of joy! We have always tried to incorporate these two colours into every collection to offer more choices for new parents, and for their friends and family to help prepare for new arrivals.

Neutral Baby Colours - Baby in Green Knitted Set

Another “colour” you cannot go wrong with is white. Although technically not a “colour”, but the absence of all colours, white babygrows and bodysuits are the perfect combination of tradition whilst being completely neutral. Our Newborn First Outfits and Pima Cotton Clothes Collections include a range of beautiful pieces in white;  they are a classic staple for any newborn, and garments you can pass down from generation to generation. Not to mention super soft and perfect for sensitive newborn skin!

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Newborn in Pima Cotton Set

Muted and pastel shades of many colours are a great neutral option for babies. Colours that have been popular in recent years have been grey, navy, browns and creams.

Ivory is a popular colour for christenings and special occasions, but there’s no reason why you cannot incorporate these creams into your baby’s day-to-day wardrobe too. A huge advantage of cream and ivory is that it looks great mixed and matched with white staple pieces.

Baby in Grey Knitted Set

Whilst blue is stereotypically associated with boys, we like to think of it as a gender-neutral colour, and many of the Mums that come into the shop in Belgravia love the pale blues for both boys and girls. A lovely sky blue or teal looks just as wonderful on little girls as it does on little boys.

Baby in Blue Knitted Set


Like any tradition, this particular way of thinking has been developed over decades and even centuries. 

Pre 20th Century, it was very typical for all babies to wear white, or other light colours, only. A risky strategy you may think for obvious reasons, however, it was much easier to bleach garments than it was to clean coloured clothing. As we came into the 20th Century, pastel colours became increasingly popular, and this caused the introduction of pink and blue, but with a different outcome to what you would expect. 

In fact, boys were often dressed in pink, and girls in blue. In an article of Ladies’ Home Journal in 1918, the reasoning was that blue was “more delicate and dainty” and therefore “prettier for the girl” whilst pink was a “stronger colour” more suited to boys. This is quite the opposite to what we know in present day! 

Colours for babies was also largely based on the complexion and hair colour of the child, with blondes suiting blues and greens, and brunettes suiting pinks. Something that still stands true today. This is a similar equation for eye colour; blue for blue-eyed babies, and pink for brown-eyed babies. 

By the 1940s, the colours had switched and this is purely down to manufacturers. It is interesting to look through the following decades, as a shift in baby clothes trends does correlate with economic and cultural climates at the time. 

For example, unisex styles began to emerge during the 60s and 70s as did female liberation, free love and flower power. If we fast-forward to the 70-80s, blue for boys and pink for girls became popular again. Why? Because this was the emergence of prenatal testing; for the first time ever, parents were able to find out beforehand what gender the child was, and therefore sought out these specifically coloured products in the midst of their excitement.


Whether you’re a traditionalist or enjoy throwing the rulebook out, dressing your baby is an exciting time. As a general rule of thumb, muted or pastel shades for newborns and babies creates a classic look. A pop of colour is great, but can be overpowering on such a little human. Beyond this, the most important factor is dressing your little Pepa in comfortable and durable clothing that you love. Clothing that will also stand the test of time so you can not only use again but you can treasure in years to come. 

Tradition dictates that blue is for boys and pink is for girls, but we like to think that any colour is appropriate for your baby, as long as you like it!

Colours For Baby Girl Clothes

There are ample of varieties of clothes available for kids out their in the market, both online and offline. The kind you want is easy to find these days what’s difficult is finding the right color combination. Well, why to find one when you can create.

Pink, girl’s favourite!

This is one great combination to make your little girl look cute. There’s no color than pink which make kids look cute. Dressed in pink and white your little girl is going to look like a marshmallow. Also these days it’s in trend for boys to wear pink, with pink for boys you can pair black.

Bright as sun

For some bright look you can pair their shiny bright yellow t shirts and tops to dark colored denims or lowers. Dark and light blends really well together. Say for example if you are making your girl wear a yellow tang top pair it with dark black Jeggings or Jeans for best look.

 How about some blue?

Blue is another happy colour. There are many different shades of blue and all look good on kids. You can pair blue with blue very comfortably. Also blue gets along well with pastel colours. Say like you can combine your baby’s blue denim to a light blue T shirt.

Dark colour combination for kids clothing

Dark shades usually are not preferred by kids, they love to look flashy and colourful but there comes certain occasions where you need them to look all quiet and decent. So in that case going for some odd shades for them you can simple pick some dark colours that serves both your and his wish. Colours like mauve, brown, chocolate, deep tan etc. These dark colours can be easily paired with white or cream coloured another piece.

 How to combine white?

White is the kind of colour one need to pair really careful, it’s not that difficult too. Say like you have white coloured kids pant, you can simple pair any coloured shirt with it or T shirt. Dark colours look best when paired with white.

 Special colours like olive, aubergine, teal, mauve etc.

These special colors needs special attention. Olive is a bit dark of a shade so you can combine it to cream yellow or tan or peach. Aubergine looks best with white, off white and teal you can combine to grey, white and black.

This was the slightest of help from our side, you can consider these colour combination for kids clothing tips but also we advise you to make trails and do a lot of colour combination experiments, you might come with a unique one someday.

Baby Shower Colours For A Girl

If you prefer a baby shower theme that you don’t see often, look no further. Below are some truly unique baby shower themes for girls!

1. Alice In Wonderland Baby Shower Theme

Alice in wonderland baby shower theme girl

Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

Add a unique twist to the traditional tea party baby shower for an Alice in Wonderland themed girl baby shower. Send out shower invitations with a picture of a pregnant Queen of Hearts or a ‘Don’t be late for this important date’ headline. There are so many different options to choose from with this great baby shower theme.

Here are some Alice in Wonderland decor ideas for this type of themed shower:

  • Lay out playing cards on each table
  • Use mismatched teacups for the attendees
  • Put pocket watches on display
  • Set up lantern mushrooms
  • Make signs with eat me, take a bite, drink me, etc.

When it comes to the shower food, go wild! Cupcakes, biscuits, and muffins labeled with ‘eat me’ plus water bottles marked with ‘drink me’ are all great ideas. You can also supply tea party sandwich triangles to add a bit of savory to your sweet. Send your baby shower guests home with a key on a tag as a party favor or mad hatter hats on a keychain!

2. Bun In The Oven Themed Shower

bun in the oven baby shower theme cookies

We’ve got so many cute ideas for this adorable theme! Most of them include some innuendos about what’s baking in the Mom-to-be’s tummy. Invitations could consist of oven images with ‘Bun in The Oven!’ as a slogan, or the Mom-to-be invites you to join her in celebrating her bun in the oven. Not many themes perfectly reflect the situation, but Bun in the Oven hits the mark.

When decorating for this themed baby shower, get these little oven boxes that hold treats inside for the shower guests to snack on. Luckily this is a relatively easy theme to decorate as you can use many of the items you have in your kitchen. For instance, vases with flowers, baking whisks, rolling pins, wooden spoons, a checkered table cloth, and cute tea towels will all make fantastic additions to the décor of this theme.

Food-wise, you can go with sweet treats like cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls on sticks, mini donuts, brownies or tarts. You can make these foods match the theme by strategically placing “Oh Baby” cupcake toppers like these in them.

3. Coffee And Cravings Baby Shower Theme

unique baby shower themes for girls

If you’re looking for girl baby shower themes that don’t follow the girly nature of most baby shower themes for girls, then look no further because this one is perfect. This cute baby shower theme focuses on the cravings us basic ladies love, including coffee! Put out a coffee bar station sign like this one that says ‘A Baby is Brewing’ or something along those lines. You could also hang a foil balloon banner like this one behind the dessert table.

Your shower decorations can be sleek, modern and of course focused on coffee. Write on chalkboards what’s available to eat or some funny quotes about what to expect once the baby arrives. Have a coffee stand, and take away coffee cups to decorate.

Food-wise, you could stock the baby shower with sweet treats that you might find at any coffee shop. Think cakes, cupcakes, brownies, rice krispie treats, and other pastries. The main focus should be on the available drinks though! Have coffee on tap with various choices such as lattes, cappuccinos, ice coffees, espressos, and a variety of hot chocolate drinks, salted caramel, marshmallow delights, etc.

4. Mad Scientist Shower Theme Ideas

mad scientist baby shower ideas

Source: Sugar and Cloth

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! If you’re expecting a new baby girl, you’ll enjoy this non traditional shower theme for its quirky references to science! You could lay out this theme in several ways, with shower invites that include slogans such as ‘There’s something brewing in this lab’ or ‘It’s a baby girl!’ with the letters looking like elements of the periodic table.

Here are some creative ideas for this baby shower theme…

  • Use cute cupcake toppers on your food & desserts like the ones below
  • Get some pink baby onesies printed with slogans such as ‘Scientist in Training’
  • Print beaker images and warning signs
  • Use pinks and sparkly colors to keep a feminine theme

There is a range of fantastic ideas you can choose from to make edible science food like ice cream with colorful sprinkles, pink drinks served in test tubes and beakers, and blue jelly with edible glitter in small containers. Some other single serving dessert ideas are macaroons and cupcakes with warning signs or pictures of elements. Use jelly tots stuck together with toothpicks to look like atoms!

mad scientist girl baby shower themes

Source: Pretty Paper Giraffe

Other Unique Girl Baby Shower Themes

There are so many amazing unique girl baby shower themes that we couldn’t possibly describe all of them! Below is a quick list of some other unique girl baby shower themes that you could explore…

  • Boho Chic Theme
  • Mermaid Theme
  • Fairy Theme
  • Superheroine Theme
  • Tropical Paradise Theme
  • Wild Child Theme

Pink Baby Shower Ideas

pink balloon arch backdrop

Source: Party.nook

One of the most timeless girl baby shower themes is the color pink. Many Moms-to-be are choosing to change the color scheme these days, but nothing beats beautiful shades of pink when you are welcoming a little girl. If you have decided to go with pink as your baby shower theme, you could consider going for a few things in this lovely color.

Invitations – When it comes to invitations, there are so many options are available with a pink theme! Look for flowers, princesses, roses, bows, etc. Consider whether you prefer a soft pink or bright colors instead.

Decorations – You can go with a specific theme for decorations or simply include beautiful pink-hued decorations all around the venue. Pick shower decorations in various shades but that all fall within a pink color palette!

Here are some fun pink baby shower ideas…

  • Pink balloons
  • Pink table cloths, cups and plates
  • Pink cake pops, cookies and cupcakes
  • Pink crowns and a pink throne for the guest of honor to open her gifts in

Entertain your guests with fun baby shower activities like decorating pink and white onesies with some fabric markers. Ask guests to decorate them for the new baby and leave sweet messages!

Popular Girl Baby Shower Themes

When it comes to baby shower themes for girls, there are many themes that are so popular you come across them often. Here are some of the most popular baby shower themes today…

5. Unicorn Baby Shower

unicorn baby girl baby shower theme

Source: Veronicas Specialties

Welcoming a baby is a magical day, and for this reason, you often see the unicorn baby shower theme. It’s a great excuse to be magical, girly, and colorful. Think glitter, sparkles, and unicorn horns! Invitations could include slogans such as ‘Magical memories on the way!’ with a background of splashed out pastel colors.

One of the great things about this baby girl baby shower theme is that you don’t need to be shy about using colorful decorations. You can get helium-filled balloon unicorns and other sparkly balloons, placing them strategically around the room.

Unicorn plushies will also make the space more cheerful, and the great thing about them is that the Mom-to-be can take them home for her little girl to play with one day.

Some unicorn-themed shower food ideas include colorful treats and cakes decked out with unicorn horns and magical rainbows! Think pastel, bright, and sparkly, and you can go from there.

Party favors could include unicorn lip balm, unicorn bags containing small manicure sets, or little unicorn plushies!

6. Pink, White, And Roses Baby Shower

roses pink shower ideas

Source: Pizzazzerie

This classic girl baby shower theme has been popular for many years! Go for a more delicate invitation with beautiful images of floral arrangements inviting guests to join in on celebrating and honoring the soon-to-be Mom.

When decorating this themed baby shower, you could place vases at each table full of white and pink roses as the baby shower centerpieces. Paler colors would be a lovely idea for this classic and stylish theme! Set up bunches of balloons in the corners of the room, again in white and different shades of pink.

Set up a food spread no one will be able to resist! Include little tartlets with raspberries or strawberries on top, cookies decorated with pink bows, baby bottles or tiny pink and white onesies.

7. Mama to Bee Baby Shower Theme

mama to bee shower table

Source: Peonies_and_Sunshine

The Mama to Bee theme is another all-time favorite for planning a baby shower. The phrase ‘Mommy to Bee!’ is catchy and cute and now there is an awesome variety of baby shower decorations to go with this theme. You can even get some bee to put on her to complete the look! Use cute, theme-specific invitations like these with tiny flowers and bees.

As this is a popular shower theme, you can find Mama to Bee shower decorations for pretty much anything you need. Deck out your area with yellow and black balloons, yellow table cloths, pretty little honeycombs and little bees hanging in the air.

Foods can include tea and coffee, little honey pots, and other delicious snacks to suit Mommy-to-Bees cravings. You can send your shower guests home with little honey pots and honey spoons as a sweet party favor!

8. Princess Theme

princess girl baby shower themes

Source: Angie’s Dream Decorations

Another classic and all-time favorite is the princess themed baby shower. Here the Queen (Mommy-to-be) is expecting her very own little Princess. You can deck the invitations out with images of crowns, jewels, or babies in tiaras. Think pinks, whites, golds, and other girly colors.

Shower decorations can include many balloons in pinks, whites, golds, purples, etc. You can have a throne for the Mommy-to-be to sit on, tiaras for the Mom and her guests, princess slippers, and little onesies with cute slogans such as ‘Mommy’s Little Princess’ or ‘Daddy’s Little Princess.’ Bows, roses, and castles are also great options for decoration ideas.

Foods could include little sandwiches, cupcakes with crowns on them, macaroons in pretty colors, strawberries, any other regal foods you might think of, or anything that your special Mom-to-be might be craving at the time. Champagne or pink-colored drinks would also be a hit at this princess themed baby shower!

Other Popular Girl Baby Shower Themes

When it comes to popular girl baby shower themes, there are too many to describe them all. Below is a list of some more trendy themes to give you additional ideas for planning a girl’s baby shower.

  • Cactus Theme
  • Winnie the Pooh Theme
  • Flower Theme
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Theme
  • Nautical Theme
  • Woodland Animals Theme
  • Ladybug Theme
  • Little Miss Sunshine Theme

Cute Decorations For A Baby Girl Baby Shower Theme

There are so many decoration options for planning a baby shower! You can go with something simple or choose much more elaborate decor. Some cute decorations for a girl baby shower theme include…

  • Balloons – A balloon arch can elevate an event, whether you use regular balloons in the colors of your theme or go for special balloons like unicorns for a unicorn theme.
  • Paper Lanterns – Paper lanterns are a classier option if you don’t want balloons. Put flameless candles inside of them for some pretty ambience!
  • DIY Fabric Garlands – Create a beautiful backdrop for the food table with one of these DIY fabric garlands. Choose fabric colors that match the theme your baby shower!
  • Banner of Photos – Display a mixture of the mama-to-be’s maternity photos and ultrasound photos of the baby on twine as a banner. This cute idea will make an excellent background for shower photos together!
  • Table Centerpieces – You can make (or buy) beautiful table centerpieces to match the baby shower theme.
  • Chair for the Mom-To-Be – You can design and make a beautiful throne/ chair for the Mom-to-be to sit on.
  • Gift Table Décor – You could make a cute basket or box that the Mom-to-be could keep afterward and ask guests to write little cards to put into the container. You can also place cute little stuffed animals or balloons on the table.
  • Dessert / Cake Table Decorations – Some of the cutest decorations can be the dessert toppers. Print some with memorable quotes for Mom and baby or baby shower theme-inspired sayings. You can even have some acrylic blocks made with Mom-to-be’s favorite pregnancy photos. These could be a special surprise for the Mom and something that she can take home to cherish forever.
  • Guest Photo Ops – You can get adorable with these, create stations, a balloon arch, or a DIY photo booth where guests and Mom-to-be can take memorable photos.

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