Combination Of Name For Baby Girl

Choosing an elegant name for your daughter could be a great option because of the wide variety of names to choose from. Some of these vintage names may sound a little bit old-fashioned, but that is what makes them special and unique.

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Many of the names that we included are shared by queens, famous people, or have a sophisticated quality about them. Take a look below to see if you can find a pretty name that is a perfect fit for your pretty baby girl.

  1. Adelaide – German for “noble kind” and shared by Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, who was the Queen of the United Kingdom in the 1830s.
  2. Alexandra – Greek for “defender of mankind” and shared by Queen Alexandra of Denmark, who was the Queen of the United Kingdom in the early 1900s.
  3. Amelia – German for “industrious” and shared by the character Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Rinaldi, the Princess of Genovia in the Princess Diaries films
  4. Anastasia – Greek for “resurrection” and shared by Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia and is famous because of the mystery surrounding her death during the Bolshevik Revolution
  5. Anne – Hebrew for “gift of God’s favor” and shared by Queen Anne of Great Britain who was the last Stuart monarch
  6. Antionette – Latin for “praiseworthy” and shared by Marie Antoinette who was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution
  7. Arabella – German for “beautiful eagle” and shared by Princess Arabella, a fictional character created by author Milo Freeman
  8. Aurora – Latin for “gold” and shared by Princess Aurora the main character of the Disney film Sleeping Beauty
  9. Beatrice – Latin for “happy” and shared by Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom during the late 1800s.
  10. Belle – Spanish for “beautiful” and shared by the Disney princess Belle in the animated film Beauty and the Beast
  11. Bianca – Italian for “fair” and is a very popular name for a baby girl in Italy
  12. Blythe – Old English for “joyous” and is known to be a very so stylish and sophisticated name
  13. Brigitte – Irish for “strong” and a derivative of Brigit, who is the Celtic Goddess of the poetic arts
  14. Camilla – Arabic for “the perfect one” and shared by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall
  15. Charlotte – French for “little and womanly” and shared by Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
  16. Christabel – This is a fun combination of Christine and Belle, which means “beautiful follow of Christ” in Latin
  17. Claudette – French for “lame” and the feminine version of Claude, it is a beautifully unique name
  18. Cleo – Greek for “lark” and a shortened version of Cleopatra, who was a ruler in Egypt over the Ptolemaic Kingdom
  19. Cora – French for “beloved” and Greek for “maiden” and also used as a nickname for Persephone who was the Queen of the Underworld in Greek Mythology
  20. Cordelia – Irish for “daughter of the sea” and shared by the daughter of King Lear, who is the title character of the play King Lear by William Shakespeare
  21. Cressida – Greek for “gold” and is also a character in Greek mythology in Homer’s Iliad
  22. Delphine – Greek for “dolphin” and also refers to the “womb of the earth, the ancient Greek city of Delphi
  23. Diana – Latin for “divine” and shared by Princess Diana of Wales
  24. Donatella – Italian for “gift” and shared by Italian luxury fashion designer Donatella Versace
  25. Elizabeth – Hebrew for “God’s oath” and also shared by the Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II
  26. Eloise – French for “intelligent” and the feminine form of Aloysius, a French provincial
  27. Emilia – Latin for “eager” and is the feminine version of the clan name Aemilius
  28. Eugenia – Greek for “well-born” and shared by Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, prime minister of Dominica from 1980-1995
  29. Evangeline – Greek for “messenger of good news” and is also the title of a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  30. Evelyn – English for “hazelnut” and Ancient German for “desired one”
  31. Florence – Latin for “flourishing” and also the name of a beautiful city in Italy
  32. Francesca – Old French and Italian for “free” and is a classy version of Italy’s patron Saint Francis
  33. Giovanna – Italian for “God is good” and the feminine version of Giovanni, both have a sophisticated sound to them
  34. Genevieve – Welsh for “white wave” and French for “tribe woman” and also derived from the Medieval name Genovefa
  35. Helena – Greek for “torch” and shared by the wonderful famous actress Helena Bonham Carter
  36. Hildegard – German for “warrior” and shared by Saint Hildegard of Bingen
  37. Isabella – Hebrew, and Spanish for “consecrated to God” and shared by Isabella II of Spain
  38. Ivanna – Hebrew for “God is gracious” and a beautiful name that is also a unique choice
  39. Jacqueline – French for “supplanter” and shared by former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy
  40. Jane – Hebrew for o”God is gracious” and shared by timeless author Jane Austen
  41. Joan – Hebrew for “God is gracious” and shared by Joan of Arc
  42. Josephine – Hebrew for “he shall add” and shared by Josephine Bonaparte, Empress and first wife of Napoleon I
  43. Judith – Hebrew for “praised” and is a classic name
  44. Katherine – Greek for “pure” and derived from the Greek goddess of magic, Hecate
  45. Liliana – Latin for “innocence,” “purity” and “beauty” which makes this name speak for itself
  46. Lucinda – Latin for “bringer of light”
  47. Lydia – Greek for “beauty” and for “woman from Lydia” which is an Asian island named after King Lydos
  48. Madeline – English for “high tower” and a variation of Magdalene, which comes from the biblical Mary Magdalene
  49. Margot – Persian, Irish, and Latin origins to name a few for “child of light” or “pearl” and is shared by famous actress Margot Robbie
  50. Mariana – French for “bitter” or “star of the sea” and is a great stylish and unique name
  51. Matilda – German for “battle maiden” and shared by Empress Matilda who was the daughter of King Henry I
  52. Natalia – Italian for “born on Christmas” and is a more sophisticated spin on the name Natalie
  53. Octavia – Latin for “eighth child” was the name of Marc Antony’s wife in the Roman Empire
  54. Olga – Russian for “holy” and is a strong and popular baby name in Russia for baby girls
  55. Ophelia – Greek for “wise” and shared by a character in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  56. Penelope – Greek for “bobbin-weaver” who was the wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology
  57. Persephone – Old Greek for “bringer of death” and wife of Hades, God of the Underworld in Greek mythology
  58. Philippa – Polish for “lover of horses” and the name of the Queen of England in the 1300s, Philippa of Hainault
  59. Philomena – Greek for “beloved” and is known for being a fancy name that is used all around the world
  60. Priscilla – Latin for “from ancient times” and shared by Priscilla Presley the former wife of Elvis Presley
  61. Scarlett – Middle English for “deep red” and shared by fictional character Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind
  62. Seraphina – Hebrew for “afire” and the title character of a novel by Rachel Hartman
  63. Sophia – Greek for “wisdom” and a derivative of Sophie, the Countess of Wessex who is a member of the British royal family
  64. Tabitha – Greek for “gazelle” and a great old-fashioned baby name
  65. Tatiana – Russian for “fairy princess” and shared by the Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia
  66. Theodora – Greek for “gift of God” and shared by Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark
  67. Valentina – Latin for “good health” and the feminine form of Valentinus
  68. Vanna – Greek for “a butterfly” and shared by television personality Vanna White
  69. Victoria – Latin for “victory” and shared by Queen Victoria who was the Queen of the United Kingdom in the 1800s.
  70. Viola – Latin for “violet” and shared by actress Viola Davis
  71. Violetta – Latin for “purple” and an elegant variation of the name Violet
  72. Virginia – Latin for “chaste” and shared by famous author Virginia Woolf
  73. Vivienne – Latin for “lively” and shared by fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood
  74. Wilhelmina – Teutonic for “fierce protector” and shared by Queen Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria of the Netherlands during World War II
  75. Xiomara – Spanish for “ready for battle” and is a popular name in Portugal

Which Name Can I Give My Baby Girl

Twin names for girls, or names for girls in general, are quite exciting to browse through. There are just so many options and variations of names! Here are a few of the best examples for twin baby girl names that may be just right for your daughters.

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Biblical twin girl names

It’s no secret that the Bible has been the inspiration for many spiritual names, and it still is today. So, here is a list for parents who want to give their girls beautiful names from the Holy Book, derived from the names of the people on the pages.  

  • Abigail and Adriel — ‘A father’s joy’ and ‘flock of God’
  • Diana and Elisha — ‘Luminous’ and ‘the Salvation of God’
  • Faith and Hope — a popular combination of Biblical girl names, meaning ‘loyalty’ and ‘expectations’ in Latin and Old English, respectively
  • Ava/Eva and Grace — ‘Living’ and ‘blessing’
  • Victoria and Rebecca — a pair of classic names meaning ‘a song’ and ‘beautifully ensnaring/soil’
  • Olive and Lillian — ‘beauty/dignity’ and ‘purity/beauty’
  • Adah and Dinah — unusual names meaning ‘an assembly’ and ‘judgement’
  • Grace and Esther — ‘Blessing’ and ‘secret/hidden’
  • Jemimah and Keturah — ‘As beautiful as the day’ and ‘fragrance’
  • Lois and Lydia — ‘Better’ and ‘standing pool’

Mythological twin girl names

Are you a Greek or Roman mythology buff with a penchant for the ancient gods’ and goddesses’ names? Here’s a list of twin girl names inspired by ancient mythology:

Althea and Aphrodite — ‘Wholesome/to heal’ and the name of the goddess of love

Artemis and Athena — the names of two powerful women in Ancient Greek mythology; the goddess of the hunt and the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and courage

Camilla and Medea — warrior maiden in ancient Rome, and the woman who helped Jason and the Argonauts

Phoebe and Penelope — derived from Phoebus, a Greek Titan, and the wife of Odysseus

Rhiannon and Lorelei — a pair of quite unusual names, one from the Welsh horse goddess and one from German folklore

Gwenn and Juno — the Celtic goddess of motherhood and the Roman counterpart of Hera

Sheila and Theia — Greek goddess of the moon and a Greek Titan

Gaia and Cassandra — goddess of the Earth and the name of the daughter of Troy’s king and queen

Hera and Iris — the queen of the heavens and the messenger of the gods

Rhea and Selene — the mother of the gods and the Greek goddess of the moon

Matching baby girl names

For most parents of twins, matching names just make the most sense. Can’t make up your mind? Here is a list of matching monikers to get your creativity going:

  • Addison and Abigail
  • Ashley and Angela
  • Alyssa and Annalise
  • Cleo and Claire
  • Clarisse and Celeste
  • Elizabeth and Emily
  • Ella and Emma
  • Erin and Ellen
  • Grace and Georgia
  • Hannah and Hazel
  • Hannah and Hayley
  • Honey and Holly
  • Iris and Isabelle
  • Julia and Jade
  • Kelsey and Karissa
  • Kayla and Kylie
  • Luna and Lucille
  • Makayla and Makenzie
  • Mia and Maya
  • Michelle and Michonne
  • Naomi and Nicole
  • Rachel and Ria
  • Suzanne and Suzette
  • Tanya and Tina

Don’t want two names that start with the same letter? These names match with each other but start with two different letters:

  • Olivia and Sophia
  • Gabriella and Isabella
  • Heaven and Nevaeh
  • Arianna and Brianna
  • Elizabeth and Isabella
  • Paige and Natalie
  • London and Paris
  • Elizabeth and Maria
  • Erin and Danielle
  • Ella and Lily
  • Rose and Daisy

Biblical twin boy names

Many of the baby boy names that we know today are derived from the Bible. Looking for a Biblical name for your little angels? This list may help you decide:

Daniel and Ezekiel — ‘God is my judge’ and ‘the strength of God’

Jason and Peter — A pair of two classic names having Biblical origins, meaning ‘the one who cures’ and ‘a rock’

Abram and Asher — ‘Exalted Father’ and ‘happiness’

Mark and Jesse — ‘Polite’ and ‘gift or oblation’

Nathan and Noah — ‘Rewarded’ and ‘consolation’

Lemuel and Aquila — Quite unusual boy names, meaning ‘God is with them or him’ and ‘an eagle’

Abner and Saul — Exotic-sounding Biblical names meaning ‘the Father of Light’ and ‘the one who is in demand’

Andrew and Micah — ‘A strong man’ and ‘humble’

Ethan and Emmanuel — ‘Strong’ and ‘God is with us’

Michael and Victor — еwo classic, straightforward names meaning ‘humble’ and ‘victory’

Mythological twin boy names

Just like twin girl names, twin names for boys can also be derived from ancient myths and folklore. 

Zeus and Poseidon — unusual names for baby boys, but sound great, nonetheless; meaning the god of thunder and sky and the god of the ocean

Hector and Achilles — two of the most powerful warriors

Jason and Damon — the leader of the Argonauts and the god of trust and friendship

Arthur and Dylan — names from an Old English epic character and a Celtic sea creature

Paris and Pollux — a Trojan prince and a hero from Greek myths

Tom and Robin — names from English folklore

Thor and Loki — If you’re a Marvel fan, you can name your twin boys after the sons of Odin in Norse mythology

Apollo and Adonis — the god of medicine and healing and the beloved of goddess Aphrodite

Tristan and Priam — names of a knight and a Trojan king

Arthur and Merlin — two popular names from Arthurian legend, one a king and one a wizard

Matching baby names

Two baby boys account for two beautiful names! With this list, we hope to give you ideas on matching twin names for boys. 

  • Aaron and Adrian
  • Alex and Allen
  • Aaron and Aidan
  • Brett and Brendon
  • Brian and Brandon
  • Chase and Caleb
  • Daniel and David
  • Ethan and Elliot
  • Greg and George
  • Isaac and Ian
  • Jacob and Joshua
  • James and John
  • Jack and Jordan
  • Lance and Landon
  • Michael and Matthew
  • Nathan and Nicholas
  • Oscar and Oliver
  • Pax and Payton
  • Rick and Ryan
  • Tristan and Timothy
  • William and Wyatt
  • Zachary and Zayn

If you want slightly different names for twin boys, here are a few pairs that don’t start with the same letter:

  • Evan and Owen
  • Alexander and Nicholas
  • Andrew and Matthew
  • Caleb and Joshua
  • Henry and William
  • Matthew and Nathan
  • Christian and Edward
  • Matteo and Valentino
  • Fred and George
  • Austin and Brooklyn
  • Chance and Hunter
  • Michael and Angelo
  • Joseph and Gabriel
  • Samuel and Lucas
  • Chris and Ethan
  • Garrett and Noah

Having twins with a boy and a girl is sometimes more fun — you get one baby of each sex! When it comes to naming a pair of boy and girl twins, most parents usually want the names to be a complement of each other. With this list of baby names for twins, boy and girl, you will surely get to decide on a pair of names in no time.

Elise and Elijah — two beautiful sounding names meaning ‘consecrated to God’ and ‘God is Lord’

Dylan and Delaney — ‘Son of the wave’ and ‘the Elder tree grove’

Lily and Lyle — two alliterating names meaning ‘flower’ and ‘island’

Jade and Jayden — these two names mean stone of the side, one is just the female version of the other and vice versa

Oliver and Olivia — two male and female names both meaning olive tree

Clover and Cliff — these names sound unusual, but they make an adorable pair of names for boy and girl twins; meaning ‘flower’ and shortened form of Clifton/Clifford

Emmanuel and Emma — ‘God is with us’ and the female version of Emmanuel

Nathan and Natalie — ‘He has given’ and ‘born on Christmas’

Asher and Alisa — a modern-sounding Biblical name and a Hebrew name meaning ‘great happiness’

Felix and Felicity — these names are not common and that’s what makes them great for your twins; meaning ‘happy’ and ‘happiness and good fortune’

Apollo and Artemis — the names of twins in Greek mythology; the god of healing and the goddess of the hunt

Madison and Mason — ‘Mighty battle’ and Old English surname

Dakota and Dallas — two sophisticated-sounding names meaning ‘friend and ally’ and ‘skilled’

Ari and Ira — simple and short names that mean ‘eagle’ and ‘lion’

London and Paris — while these two names are unisex, you can name your boy Paris after the prince in Greek Mythology and name your daughter London.

Twin boys and girls are not that hard to tell apart. So, we guess it’s safe to give them names for twin boy and girl that rhyme. Rhyming names are not only adorable, but they also sound pleasing in combination with each other. It may be a controversial choice to give your twins rhyming names due to the current trend of individualization, but hey, it was a popular choice back in the day and people still do it now. 

  • Tate and Kate
  • Dylan and Jillian
  • Finn and Quinn
  • Wilson and Allison
  • Riley and Kylie
  • Barry and Sherry
  • Wade and Adelaide
  • Eugene and Irene
  • Tyson and Alison
  • Ron and Dawn
  • Theodore and Eleanor
  • Jonathan and Megan
  • Adonis and Beatrice
  • Niles and Miles
  • Harley and Carley
  • Tristan and Kristen
  • Rudy and Trudy
  • Avery and Hilary
  • Reese and Louise
  • Darrel and Cheryl

Names are the first thing that people know about us. Needless to say, they really do make a difference, and are part of the first impression that people have about us. Choosing a pair of names for your twins doesn’t have to be a long, dragging process, but giving your twins’ future names enough thought is necessary in order to make sure they will carry it with pride in the future.

Combination Of Father And Mother Name For Baby Girl

Parents are increasingly choosing to name a child, whether male or female, with a blended name that reflects one or both parents.

What are Combination Names?

Combination names are baby names that are made by combining two or more names. Parts of the mother’s and father’s names are merged to create a combination name.

But the names of other family members such as the grandparents can be the starting point as well.

There are different ways that a couple can combine their names to create a new baby name.

Most often a syllable or more from each parent name is taken and merged together. Sometimes, parents have a common syllable in their names.

If that happens, you can choose a name starting with the common syllable.

Why are Combination Names Given?

Parents love the idea that just as their baby was created by their genes coming together, their baby’s name is created by joining their names. If the grandparents’ names are used, it’s a wonderful way of honoring them.

Names that start with a common syllable of the parent’s names have a poetic story too because the beginning of the name is from the parents, just like the child’s life.

But the rest of the name is unique to the child, just as your baby will grow into an adult and lead his or her own life.

3 Easy Steps to Create a Combination Name

STEP 1: Find the names that you want to create a combination name from. In our example, we will use two names of saying the mother and father – Priya and Aditya.

STEP 2: Break each name into syllables:

Priya gives us Pri and Ya

Aditya gives us Ad, It, and Ya.

STEP 3: Notice that these two names have a common syllable – Ya.

Put one syllable from each name, as well as a few others unique to the new name if necessary, to create a name that you like.


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Or you can choose a name that begins with the common syllable. In this example, some nice combination names from Priya and Aditya include: This is a good baby name combination

Pritika, Aadya, Yashi or Yadavi, for a girl, and

Prithvi, Pritam, Adyant, Yash, or Yaduvir for a boy.

What if I can’t Combine our Syllables to Make a Baby Name?

It might not always be easy to combine syllables of two different names. But there are no rights and wrongs when it comes to creating combination names.

So you can get more creative and use letters from the parents’ names instead of syllables. They don’t even need to be in the same order.

So for example, if the parents’ names are Priya and Aditya, pool all the letters together to draw a name from there. In this example, we have the letters P, R, I, Y, A, D, T.

With different combinations of these letters, you get names like Riya, Diya, Tara or Radiya for girls and Yara, Atri or Atit for boys.

Despite having completely different sounds from the original parent names, these new names have gotten their letters from the parent names. And this way of finding a name makes it easier.

I Need Help Creating a Combination Name

If you’re feeling uninspired and can’t think of names that have the syllables or letters you want, use our baby name finder for help.

In the search options, select ‘Indian’ in the origin field so that the results show you names of Indian origin. In the ‘starts with’ or ‘ends with’ fields or both, enter the syllables or letters you want to see in the name. This is a good baby name combination

The tool will throw up all names that start or end with the syllables or letters you entered for boys and girls. You can then browse through these and save a shortlist of names you like.

What Should I Watch Out for When Creating a Combination Name?

If your names lend themselves easily to combination names, there are some common naming traps to keep in mind. Avoiding them can make your or your child’s life easier one day:

Sharing initials with your child. So long as your child is a baby, this won’t matter much. But the day he or she starts receiving mail, it can get confusing knowing who it is for.

Having too similar-sounding names. Giving your child a name with the same number of syllables as yours and a few shared syllables means that people might often confuse your names.

to choose a combination name that sounds different to both your and your husband’s name. This will also help your child feel like his or her name is really theirs.

If you want more than one child, think about whether you’ll opt for a combination name for all of them.

 When your children are older, they’ll want to know how you chose their names and it’s worth thinking about what you tell them if you have a combination name for one child and not the other(s).


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If you choose to name more than one child with a combination name, make sure your children don’t have too similar-sounding names. Not only will you always muddle the names up but acquaintances will confuse them often as well.

More Baby Name Generators Using Parents’ Names

For couples looking to name their baby after one or both parents, a name generator with parents’ names can be the resource of choice.

These tools can help parents-to-be by giving creative options for names. Parents may want to use this for either a first name or choosing a middle name.

Be aware that while some generators have a program that mixes the letters or parts of parents’ names for the generated name, some sites may choose names at random, and they may not reflect any element of the parents’ actual names.

A few baby name generators that analyze parents’ names include:

Web Blazonry Name Generator

This simple generator simply asks for input of one or both parents’ names and baby’s gender and gives a resulting first and middle name.

The results are random and do not reflect the actual parents’ names. The generator is fun and can be used multiple times because each time you enter parents’ names, new names are generated.

Baby Name Scramble

This name generator combines two names to make one blended name. It asks for the names of both parents and combines the two names to make one for baby name combination

Based on the names you enter, it provides a list of female and male name results that were created from a database and uses one letter from each of the parents’ names.

Best Little Baby Generator With Parents’ Names

 This tool asks for the names of the mother and father, the baby’s gender, and desired origin (English, Greek, Hebrew, Indian, etc.).

The result is a fairly large list of names that use at least one letter of each parent’s name in the resulting name.

Choosing different origins yields an entirely different list of names, so there are plenty of name ideas to look through.

Generating Your Own Baby Names Using Parents’ Names

If you’re not satisfied with the results from online baby generators, you can create your own unique baby name lists utilizing parents’ names.

This isn’t as difficult as it may seem – sometimes all it takes is a little creativity. Sit down with a pen, paper, and a book of baby names or Internet listing of names and get ready to be creative.

Strategies to Generate Names Using One Or Both Parents’ Names Include:

Strategy 1: Browse through listings and highlight those that have one letter from each parent’s name. (For example, parents’ names are Jason and Amy, child’s name might be James (male) or Jamie (female).

Browse through names that begin with the same letter as one parents’ name.

Strategy 2: Name the child after a version or variant of the name of the parent of the opposite sex (For example, dad’s name is Michael, names daughter Michele or Michaela; mom’s name is Julie, names son Julian; dad’s name is Ryan, names daughter Riana).

Strategy 3: Come up with an original name that combines parts of both parent’s names in the name. (For example, Dad’s name is Dan, mom’s name is Sherri, daughter’s name is Sheridan; dad’s name is Joseph, Mom’s name is Melanie, daughter is named Lanie Jo).

These exercises will allow you to come up with unique baby names from which to pick a lovely name for your child that combines elements of the mother’s and father’s names. Its one of those popular baby name combination

Thinking Outside the Box for a Unique Baby Name

Giving babies blended names made through combining elements of the mother’s and father’s names is a popular baby name trend, but there are other ways to incorporate parents’ names into deciding what to call your baby.

Whether you decide to ultimately go with a blended name for your little one based on a name generator that uses parents’ names, using these tools and thinking outside the box will surely inspire some wonderfully unique name options.

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