Combine Names For Baby Girl

Whatever may be your reason for a middle name, it is important to have a middle name which is as meaningful and sophisticated as the first name. The middle name should be in the same spirit or tone as the first name. One can’t have a sophisticated first name with a funky middle name or a traditional middle name with a contemporary first name. Any middle name will do when the baby is young but as she grows up, she will start using her full name in school, college and career. Then a mismatched first name and middle name will be a cause of worry and irritation for her. Her first impression will be created by her name, and thus, her middle name must mean something important, too!

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Unique Middle Names For Girls

A unique middle name maintains the individuality and exceptional quality of the first name of your cute princess.  Zero in on your perfect name with a touch of excitement as you go through our handpicked choices to ensure a unique middle name for your little girl!

NameMeaning of Name
AbigailThis popular middle name is of Hebrew origin and means “my father is joyful”.
AniseThis name means “pure soul”.
BerlynnBerlynn is a unique middle name made from the combination of two English names – Bertha and Lynn, which mean ‘bright one’ and ‘waterfall’ or ‘lake’.
 CarmdenThis unique middle name of Scottish origin means “one who lives in or near the winding valley”.
 CoreenCoreen means “maiden”.
 CleliaThis name is a Latin origin word meaning “one who is famous”.
 DeniseThis means “a follower of wine God Dionysus”.
 DustinDustin is a German word that means “strong or brave as a tiger”.
EleinElein means “bright as a torch”.
 EloiseThis unique middle name of French origins means “one who is built wide or in good health”.
EmelineEmeline is the French variation of Amelina, a German origin name. The distinct name means “hard-working; industrious”.
 GeorginaThis feminine version of the English name George means “someone who belongs to the farming community”.
HarrietThis popular middle name means “ruler of the estate”.
 JoleeJolee means “pretty”.
 KeyaKeya means “beautiful; tender; valued”.
KorinThis sweet Greek origin name means “pure; sweet”.
KarilynThis unique middle name of Native American origin is formed by combining two words- Kari and Lynn, meaning ‘free man’.
LilibethA unique combination of two names- Lily and Beth forms this middle name. It can mean ‘God is bountiful’, or ‘innocence’, ‘purity’, or ‘beauty’.
MeaghanMeaghan means “pure; precious”.
 MonteenMonteen means “strong as the mountain”.
 NadeenThis means “full of hope”.
 NaomiThis Hebrew origin middle name means “a pleasant person”.
OpheliaOphelia is a popular middle name meaning “help”.
PaytenPayten is an Irish origin middle name meaning “to be like a noblewoman”.
 QuinnThis means “wisdom; intelligence”. It has Irish origins.
RhettaThis a unique Latin middle name which means “speaks”.
SeleneThis popular middle name with Greek origin means “peaceful; lovely; calm”. The name is a reference to Goddess of the Moon.
TallisIn Hebrew this name means ‘cover’, and ‘the fringed wrap worn in prayer’. In French, the name means ‘woodland’.
 UpyaThis unique middle name means “new”. The name has Swahili origin.
WinolaThis name of German origin means “a delightful friend”.

Cute Middle Names For Baby Girls

A cute middle name maintains the beauty and cuteness of the first name of your daughter. Choose any of the names we’ve handpicked especially for you!

NameMeaning of Name
AdeleThe word with French origin means “tender; kind”.
AliceThis cute middle name means “truthful; noble”.
AmeliaThe name means “industrious; striving” in Latin, “work of the Lord” in Hebrew and “hardworking” according to Teutons.
BelleThe name means “beautiful” and is of French origin.
BreeanThis name means “high; noble”.
BrookeThe name means “a gentle stream”.
CapriceThe word with French origin means “whimsical”.
CeriseThis middle name means “cherry” in French.
ClaireClaire means “bright and clear”.
DebreeThis name is a unique amalgamation of Dee and Sabrina, meaning ‘from the river Severn’, or ‘boundary’, or ‘white rose’.
ElaraElara in Greek means “moon of Jupiter”.
FaithThe name means “to trust in all things”.
FerrynThis cute name means “adventure”.
GraceGrace is a popular middle name which means “God’s favour” or “love towards mankind”.
GwenThis means “holy; white”.
HaisleyHaisley is a contemporary middle name meaning “being peaceful, philanthropic and pleasure-loving”.
ImaniThis Swahili name means “faith”.
LeighThis name means “delicate; meadow”.
LillianThis middle name means “innocence”.
LucindaLucinda means “illumination”.
MaisieMaisie means “pearl”.
MarieMarie means “Lady of the sea” or “lady of Sorrow”.
MirabelThis popular middle name means “one who is truly wonderful”.
NolaNola is derived from Nuala of Irish origins, meaning ‘fair shoulder’.
OliveOlive means “like an olive tree”.
RylieThis beautiful name means “something strong”.
 SherleenThis middle name of French origin means “loved by all”.
VernaVerna is a Latin-origin middle name meaning “born in the spring”.
 VivianThis popular middle name means “to be alive”.
ZoeThis short and popular middle name is of Greek origin and means “life”.

Most Popular Middle Names For Girls

Elegant middle name ensures a classy name for your baby girl. Choose any of these curated names for your little girl!

NameMeaning of Name
Anne or AnnThis popular name means “gracious”. The name has a Jewish origin.
ArynAryn means “enlightened; messenger”. The name is of Hebrew origin.
BlairBlair means “one who dwells in the plains”.
BlancheThe name of French origin means “Fair in colour”.
BlayneBlayne means “one who is thin”.
BrookeBrooke means “one who lives near a stream or brook”.
BreeThe name means “strong and full of virtues”.
DawnDawn means “bright as the morning rays”.
FawnFawn means “sweet and innocent”.
FernFern means “fresh like the fern plant”.
HopeHope means “to have positive expectations” or “the virtue of hope”.
JacklynJackyln means “supplanter”. The name is of Native American origin.
JaeThis Latin-origin name means “sweet and beautiful like a jaybird”.
JaidynJaidyn means “one who is precious or like the gemstone jade”.
JaneJane means “God is gracious”.
JuneThis popular name means “one who is born in the month of June”. The name has a Latin origin.
KateThis name means “one who is pure”.
KathrynThis English name means “pure”.
KrystanThis popular name of Greek origin means “follower of Christian faith”.
LaneIt is a popular middle name with an English origin, meaning “a narrow street”.
LeeLee is of Chinese origin name meaning “sweet as plum”.
LoveThe name itself is the meaning and if full of affection.
LynnLynn means “a pool beneath the waterfall”.
MaeThis name means “a discerning person”.
MerleMerle means “a blackbird”.
RaineThis name of Native American origin means “fresh as the first raindrop”.
RoseThis means “delicate and beautiful like a flower”.
RylieThis means “one who is brave”. It is of Irish origin.
SueSue means “associated with a lily flower”.
TayeThis short middle name is of English origin and means “tailor or seamstress”.

Every parent wants their daughter to have a beautiful name, and most parents are embracing the culture of middle names. Your little girl’s name should make her feel happy and proud! A good middle name is important, as it will assist her in creating an impact throughout her life.

Combine Names For Babies

There are a few different techniques you can use to combine two names to make one for a baby, and each method has its perks. Try them out and see what you come up with — it just might be the perfect name.

Baby name-combining technique No. 1: Create a hyphenated name

One of the simplest ways of combining baby names is to link them with a hyphen. This allows both names to retain their individual meaning while creating a new moniker that will be unique to your child.

How to use this: This technique is great if both parents have separate ideas of what the child’s name should be. List the names in whatever order sounds most natural; Robyn and Ava can become Robyn-Ava, while John and David become John-David. The key to successfully combining two names this way? Use short names, folks. Browse our lists of one-syllable names and two-syllable names for inspiration.

Baby name-combining technique No. 2: Portmanteau names

Looking for a unique baby name? Take two and make a new one. Start with a couple of names you like, and consider how you can piece them together to form a special new combo name.Report ad

How to use this: Techniques can include dropping portions of each name, interweaving the names, or rearranging them. For instance, Audrey and Melissa could become Aulissa or Melrey. Samantha and Isabella could become Anthabella or even Samisa. You just have to be committed to creativity.

Baby name-combining technique No. 3: Using prefixes with your names

One big ongoing trend for combining names is to take a relatively simple or common name and add a prefix to it. This gives the name a more personalized feel.

How to use this: First, choose the name you want to start with. Then, try it with a few prefixes — such as De-, Ke-, La-, Le- or Ra-. For instance, Anne could become Deanne or Jon could become Dejon. Be sure to keep the name that you start with short though. Longer names could get too long. (“Ralexander” is maybe a mouthful).

Baby name-combining technique No. 4: Combining parent names (or the names of other loved ones)

Want to imbue your child’s name with a sense of family history? Combine two names that have special meaning — whether it’s the parents’ names, grandparents’ names, or other special people. This concept is similar to technique No. 2.

How to use this: Use Mom’s and Dad’s first or last names to create an all-new name. You can also use a combo of grandparent names or godparent names, and feel free to mix and match syllables. For instance, Serena and Paul could become Saul or Aulena. Daniel and Jessica could become Danica or Jessielle… the possibilities are endless.

Baby name-combining technique No. 5: Compounding baby names

Rather than using a hyphen or pulling small bits from each name, you can always just put the two names together.

How to use this: Again, keep this short and simple: Cassandrabelle maybe isn’t going to work. Some options: Marybeth, Joanne, Jonpaul, and Annaleigh.

Baby name-combining technique No. 6: Use technology

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A ton of baby name combination generators are just a quick Google search away. Even TikTok has baby name content these days! Or you can simply pose the question on your social media and let the collective hive mind help you decide.

Parents Combined Names For Baby Girl

Plenty of people believe the popular cottagecore aesthetic will lead to names that fit the cozy vibe, and that there will be more names inspired by nature and magic (and even a celebrity or two) than ever before.

Here are all the baby names that could end up taking over in 2021. Whether or not we’re hoping our future baby will have a popular name, this is a great place to start when it comes to inspiration for finding the perfect name to give a baby boy or girl.



baby girl asleep in blanket



As far as magical baby names go, this one might end up being pretty popular in 2021. Ophelia — best known as a character in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet — comes from Greek and means “help.” But aside from the meaning, it’s a rather uncommon name that we could end up seeing a lot more in the coming year.



baby boy in bowtie



We could see more little boys being named Evander this year! Coming from the Greek word for “good man,” Evander is also a name that comes up in Roman mythology. Because of that, it’s also considered a more “magical” name … and comes with plenty of possible nicknames like Evan and Vander.



baby girl with stuffed animal



Whether this name evokes thoughts of the magical land from Avatar or the story in Greek mythology about Pandora’s box, it’s definitely a cute pick for a baby girl that could become more popular this year.



little boy with camera



All the credit for this one definitely has to go to Star Wars! And even though it’s been a few years since the franchise introduced Kylo Ren to us all, Adam Driver’s character is now inspiring more baby names than ever. Outside of Star Wars, though, the name comes from the Latin word for “sky.”



baby girl looking at camera



Cottagecore is everywhere, and names inspired by that aesthetic will be soon enough, too. That includes the name Clover, which is steeped in nature symbolism (and actually really cute for a baby girl… or even a baby boy).

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sleeping baby boy with teddy bear



Looking for a cottagecore-style baby boy name? Try Wilder on for size. It means “untamed” or “wild animal,” and anyone who’s ever met a toddler before knows that this name will likely accurately describe this baby-to-be sooner than mom might realize!



baby girl tummy time



This name isn’t just for boys anymore! Sure, Billie Holiday did it first, but these days, we have Billie Eilish, and her massive popularity is more than likely going to inspire plenty of parents to name their little girls after her. Billie is a pretty cute name, after all.



baby boy with towel with ears



Nameberry predicted that Billie Eilish is starting such a name trend, even her real last name, O’Connell, might end up popping up a lot this year. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the name “Connell” show up for a boy in honor of the “Bad Guy” singer.



baby girl with bow on shirt



Loving the boys’ names that are now working for girls, too? Frankie is a good pick! It’s cute, gender neutral, and even has a pretty solid meaning: “free” or “truthful,” which is what we all wish our kids will be when we ask them if they’re the ones who tried to flush their toys down the toilet.



baby boy in animal pajamas



Nameberry also predicts that names that end in -ari will also be popular in 2021, and fortunately, that means we’ll have a whole slew of new gender neutral names to pick from, including this one, Emari, which means brave and powerful.



baby girl with ponytail



Another name trend we’re going to see a lot of in 2021? Names that start with or include the word “Ever,” which means the name Everleigh (or spelled Everly or Everlee) could end up coming up a lot in the coming months. Good thing it’s a cute one!



baby boy smiling



Boys could be getting in on that “ever” trend, too, including the name Everest. Obviously, it reminds us of Mount Everest, which might make this a great pick for parents who are super into everything outdoorsy, hiking, and nature.



baby girl sleeping in a basket



Looks like we might be going a little old-fashioned in 2021, too! The name Adelaide is also expected to rise in popularity, and it comes with all kinds of nickname possibilities, like Addie. This is a timeless choice, even after the trend passes.



baby boy on tummy on bed



Another trend that could become pretty hot in 2021 is Japanese-inspired names, many of them gender neutral as well. One pick that could work for a baby boy or a baby girl is Akuma, which is a name that refers to a Japanese fire spirit (and some of us might remember this character from Street Fighter…).



smiling baby girl with bow in her hair



This name has been popular with celebrity moms for a while — both Brie Bella and Jessica Simpson have daughters named Birdie — but it seems like we’ll be hearing it a lot more this year as part of a trend of more aviary-inspired names. Who wouldn’t want a baby Birdie of their own?



baby boy wearing knit hat



Going with the bird theme that’s sure to be huge in 2021, Wren is another option — either for a baby boy or a baby girl. A wren is a small, adorable songbird, so it’s a pretty good fit for a precious little one, too.



baby girl in purple onesie



Another classic name like Adelaide that’s poised to make a comeback in 2021 is Jane. It’s always remained common as a middle name, but it stands alone perfectly fine as a first name, too. The name comes from English, and means “God is gracious.”



little boy in blue onesie



The name Titan might just happen to come into popularity in 2021 for baby boys. The name comes from Greece and means “defender,” which makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a name that comes from a long history and has a powerful meaning.



baby girl with white bow



This name comes from the cottagecore trend, but it also happens to be a little nature-inspired at the same time. Flora is an adorable name for a baby girl — and any Disney fans out there might love the chance to name their child after one of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty, too.



baby boy laughing



The name Silas might also become more popular this year, fitting into that cottagecore theme. Not only is it the name of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s oldest child, but it also means “forest” or “woods.”

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