Costume Ideas For Baby Boy

There is nothing more precious than the little boy you hold in your arms. He is a bundle of joy who brings a smile to your face every time you look at him. As parents, we want to make sure that our children are safe and happy, which is why we often find ourselves searching for baby costumes online. The best place to find costumes for babies is on eBay! There are many different types of costumes that are perfect for baby boys as well as girls. We have compiled a list below so you can see some of the most popular choices:

little lion costume

If you’re looking for a lion costume for your baby boy, this is the place to be. We have all types of costumes available here at Costume Super Center: lions, tigers, and bears—oh my! Don’t be afraid to try something different with our animal costumes or check out our collection of cute and cuddly teddy bear costumes. Whatever it is that you want to dress up as this Halloween season, we’ve got you covered!

dalmation costume

A dalmatian costume is a great choice for any baby boy or girl. The dalmation dog is known for its black-and-white spotted fur, which makes it a fun (and easy) costume to make at home. To create your own dalmatian costume, you’ll need some light brown felt and white felt scraps, as well as black thread, scissors and an iron.

If you’re following along with this DIY project on the fly, try using an old blanket to start with—the edges will help create the spots in your homemade dalmatian costume! First cut two large rectangles out of the lighter brown felt that are big enough to fit around your child’s body; then use these pieces to trace out spots onto a piece of white fabric using tailor’s chalk or pencil. You can get creative here: If you want more than just one spot per piece of fabric, go ahead and add them all over! When the spots are traced onto both pieces of fabric, cut them out carefully so that each one looks like a bunch of little dots grouped together in rows across their surface area (see photo above).

Once everything has been cut out correctly and safely stored away until Halloween night arrives next month (since this might take awhile!), grab another piece from where ever else leftovers have been gathered up into one place before beginning construction on what should now look something like this

sheriff callie costume

  • Sheriff Callie Costume
  • Jessie Costume
  • Fireman Costume
  • Firefighter Bunting Halloween Costume
  • Doctor Kit Halloween Costume
  • Cheerleader Halloween Costume

fireman costume

Firefighter Costume:

  • Firefighter suit (sometimes referred to as a fireman costume)
  • Fireman hat with visor and the brim turned up (the more flames, the better)
  • Fireman gloves
  • Fireman boots

jason voorhees costume

Jason Voorhees is a fictional character from the Friday the 13th film series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th (1980), and has since appeared in other films, novels, comics and video games. Jason is depicted as a machete-wielding murderer with a hockey mask who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake due to negligence on behalf of camp counselors. Since his death he has come back to haunt the area around Crystal Lake due to it being contaminated by toxic waste in its waters.

Jason’s signature look includes a blue/green colored baggy shirt and brown pants, white sneakers or boots with red laces, with shoulder pads under his shirt and fingerless gloves on his hands. These items can be found at any Halloween store that sells costumes which will help you pull off this look!

ohio state cheerleader costume

The Ohio State cheerleader costume for boys is one of the best I’ve seen. It comes with a jersey and hat, so you don’t have to worry about finding those elsewhere. The jersey has the team name on it and also has an attached number 1 patch. It even comes with a pair of pants and shoes that match!

lorax costume

The Lorax is a fun and easy costume to make for babies and toddlers. It’s also comfortable, so little ones will want to wear it all day!

Here’s how you can make your own:

  • Cut out shapes from brown felt or fabric as shown in the photo above. The lorax hat should be rounded at the bottom, with a peak on top (like a U). For the eyes and mouth, use black marker or paint; draw two dots for each eye and one line at the top of his mouth. For his arms, cut out long rectangles that are slightly wider than your baby’s forearm; fold over at one end to form sleeves (you may have to sew). For his legs, cut rectangles slightly longer than thigh-length; attach them inside-out so that they end up being right-side out when worn by your toddler. You can tie these around baby’s waist using ribbon or elastic strips, if necessary.

firefighter bunting halloween costume

You’ll need two red t-shirts, two white t-shirts, and a black t-shirt.

Begin by cutting out the shoulders on all four shirts. You can use scissors or a sharp knife to do this—I used my grandmother’s straight razor because it was fun!

Next, cut holes in each side of the shirts where your baby’s arms will go through them. Make sure that these holes are big enough for him/her to stretch their arms out without any problems (you don’t want it too tight!). I found it helpful to use an adult shirt as a template while I was doing this step so that I could make sure everything was symmetrical and even on both sides before stitching up my pieces together later on down the road!

Lastly add some suspenders overtop whatever underwear you choose using safety pins (or another appropriate method), then put those bad boys right back on overtop those adorable little pajamas!

doctor kit costume

  • Doctor Kit Costume
  • This costume is sure to be a hit with the little ones! The boys’ “Doctor Kit” costume features an adorable white lab coat with faux pockets, a matching hat, and even a stethoscope. The set also includes a pair of booties and mitts that can be worn over the boy’s hands for warmth and protection.

costumes ideas for baby boys

  • Dresses: These are perfect for any baby boy and can be used as a costume or regular clothing. Some examples are angels, cowboys and firemen.
  • Fireman costumes: These work well because they usually have the hat and suspenders already built in to them, so all you need to do is get some pants and a shirt that fits your baby boy.
  • Cowboy costumes: There are many different types of cowboy outfits, so choose one that fits your child’s personality best! They could be modern day cowboys or old-timey ones too! If they have long hair like mine did when I was little then this might be even more fun since there’s no need to cut it short just yet 😉
  • Pirate costumes: This type of outfit will look great on any young man who wants  to dress up as a pirate! You may want  to start early though because these outfits can take quite awhile before being complete (depending on what materials/materials needed). Also remember not too spend too much money either because chances are good their heart won’t stay into it forever like yours might 🙂


We hope that these costume ideas for baby boys have inspired you to have fun with your little one this Halloween! Whether you’re dressing him up as a lion or a firefighter, there are so many fun costumes out there to choose from. Have fun shopping for them and be sure to let us know if we missed any of your favorites in the comments below so we can check them out too!

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