Costume Ideas For Baby Girl

Baby costumes are the most fun thing ever, but sometimes they’re hard to find. We’ve put together a list of the best baby costume ideas for girls that’ll make your life easier and more fun this Halloween!

Boo from Monsters Inc.

Boo from Monsters Inc.

If your little one is a fan of the animated flick Monsters Inc., this costume will be a hit. The main character, Boo, is a little girl who wears a pink nightgown and has curly hair. She wears a blue hat with stars on it and her costume comes in sizes for babies, toddlers and children!


The banana costume can be a simple and effective costume for your little one. The best part about the banana costume is that it can be made with your child’s favorite yellow shirt, hat or headband and belt.


If you’re looking for a Halloween costume that will be the talk of the party, consider dressing up as a ferocious dragon. Whether you choose to go full-on reptilian or just have a few accessories is up to you—but either way, your friends and family are sure to love it!

To become this mythical creature, start with some basic supplies:

  • Dragon wings (or even just dragon horns)
  • A dragon tail (you can make one out of fabric or use an actual stuffed animal)
  • Dragon ears (these can be made out of felt or paper mache; they don’t need to look realistic)
  • A mask if you want one

bumble bee

Bumble bee costumes are one of the most popular baby girl costumes, and it’s easy to see why. When you think “bee,” you think yellow! So if you’ve got a little girl who loves the color yellow, she’ll love this costume.

To make a bumble bee costume at home, all you need is a yellow shirt, black pants or shorts and black hat. You can also use yellow fabric to make the bee’s wings (or just attach them with safety pins). Use black fabric for antennae.


The cupcake costume is an easy-to-find, inexpensive, and comfortable outfit for your baby. It’s also a great idea for her first birthday party or Halloween.

A cupcake costume will cost about $10-$15 at most stores that sell costumes. The ones that are sold online are usually even cheaper than the ones you find in the store. This costume is also very easy to put on your child and it comes with everything she needs including a red ribbon around her waist, a black sash across the front with “1” written on it in white letters, two yellow bows (one on each knee), red leggings with yellow stripes going down onto them from above her knees all the way down to her feet (these look like frosting), and last but not least—a cute little hat made out of felt!

lady bug

Lady bug costumes are cute and easy to find, and they come in a variety of sizes. You can find lady bug costumes in all colors, fabrics, styles, and shapes.

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is a fictional character created to symbolize women who worked in factories during World War II. She’s known for her patriotic red-and-white bandana, and a well-known quote of hers goes like this: “We can do it! We can do it! We can do it!”

The idea behind the Rosie costume is that you’ll wear an old-fashioned shirtwaist dress, which was popular at the time (think 1940s). You’ll also wear your hair in two buns on top of your head so that they look more like horns than hair. A red bandana will complete your look!

Baby costumes are so much fun, but sometimes also hard to find.

Baby costumes are so much fun, but sometimes also hard to find.

Baby costumes are not only for Halloween. They can be a great way to dress up your baby for special occasions, too!

If you’re looking for a costume that will make both you and your baby happy, think about buying an adorable outfit together. Baby costumes may be more difficult to find than adult ones, but they’re worth the search!


It’s great to see some of these baby costumes for girls, and I hope this list has helped you in your search for ideas. As always with our blog posts, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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