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Some mothers try to make frocks for their babies at home. And mothers proudly make their babies wear their handmade frocks. Parents live their childhood seeing their babies growing up and so they fulfil all their babies’ wish. Parents always look for anything new in the market for their babies. They always want their babies’ frock to be different for rest. Babies can also match their frocks with hairstyle, hair band, purses and footwear. Babies are always ready for new frocks and matching accessories.

Latest Collection of Baby Frocks With Stunning Designs:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 50 new and latest baby frock designs with images.

1. Baby Flower Frock:


It is so adorable baby frock image three colour shades. The frock is having belt tied up with bow flower pattern and beautiful cap sleeve. There are horizontal linings of uneven sizes in all over frock. Nice beads are done on the bottom which is giving frills.×280&w=336&h=280&ptt=12&iu=6684770532&adk=1517633130&output=html&bc=7&pv=1&wgl=1&asnt=0-4089253082822001469&dff=Roboto%2C%20sans-serif&prev_fmts=300×250&prev_slotnames=7488847638&brdim=0%2C0%2C0%2C0%2C1366%2C0%2C1366%2C728%2C1366%2C568&ifi=2&pfx=0&adf=833490006&nhd=0&adx=307&ady=1929&oid=2&is_amp=5&amp_v=2208242209000&d_imp=1&c=35009519&ga_cid=amp-xQp_dwc3kzKVuQvUY5aoKg&ga_hid=9519&dt=1663511974226&biw=1366&bih=568&u_aw=1366&u_ah=728&u_cd=24&u_w=1366&u_h=768&u_tz=60&u_his=1&vis=1&scr_x=0&scr_y=631&

2. Frock with Heavy Work:


It is a cute baby frock in dual colours. It is sleeveless and on the neck, there are three diamonds of two colours are affixed. There are five layers of white and pink colour lace border work is created. Two artificial flowers are attached on both sleeve and one on the waist.

3. Latest Baby Frock:


It is simply an amazing baby frock design 2018 where there is one shoulder off in a long frock. There is inbuilt print till waist and from there it is plain. Baby will look such a cutie pie and golumolu in this frock that you can hold yourself from lifting her.

4. Angel Baby Frock:


Baby is seriously looking like an angel in this baby frock pattern. The whole white frock is complementing the skin tone of a baby. On chest one side there is a bunch of three flowers attached and from the waist, it is made wide enough. Even a hairband is also having one flower.

5. Simple Baby Frock:


This frock design baby girl will just snatch away your heart. It is short and sleeveless. On the red frock, there is a print of white colour. One round frill of black colour is affixed on the neck and on the bottom. Hairband of same frock pattern is rolled overhead.

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6. Lady Bird Baby Frock:


It is so cute baby girl frock with a ladybird patch stitched on the frock. The very small size of check print is done on frock which is having hypnotising quality. On both sleeves, there is a polka dot pattern bow is affixed. There is white polka dot print on red fabric.

7. Handmade Baby Frock:

It is a handmade frock dress. Handmade frock always seems to be cute. It is having a round neck with one rose flower style attached on one side of the waist portion. This pink frock with big white dots will make you crazy to have it.

8. Princess Baby Frock:

This is a really amusing long princess style frock. This cute frock for a baby girl is in red colour with plain material inside and net fabric with print and gold balls attached. This golden balls attached are sparkling on a frock. Even hairstyle is supporting the frock style to look gorgeous.

9. Elegant Baby Frock:

Little girls will simply give elegance attitude in this baby frock style. This white thick material frock is having prints of butterflies and some human characters. It is looking colourful. Black and white beads mala are attached with the frock on the neck which is looking awesome.

10. Baby Frock of Net:


This is so attractive new baby frock of white colour. There is a border of white sparkling metals on neck and shoulder. There is bow created with a white belt on the waist and lovely frills are done on the bottom. Frills are delivering open circular shape in front.

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11. Graceful Baby Frock:


It is shining white frock with various shapes of flower prints on the bottom. This frock design for girl babies is looking sophisticated with a simplified design. On the neck, there is a pink border stitched connected with a bow on the neck side. It will give you a soft touch.

12. Trendy Baby Frock:


It is so classy frock design baby girl. On the first half-black portion, there is much big artificial pink flower attached on a one-sided sleeve. Below there is a lovely art of pink colour flowers which is the centre of attraction. A beautiful hair clip of hat pattern is kept which is matching well.

13. Banarasi Baby Frock:


This baby frock image is made up of Banaras silk fabric. On black frock, there is a golden print of elephant, peacock, flowers and leaves which is looking so decorous. As it is Banaras silk, this frock will stay tight and steady. It will not get easily moulded.

14. Long Baby Frock:


This baby gown frock is having a matching hat and the extra transparent material is attached on the back shoulder which will flow with the frock. There is golden colour patchwork is attached on the frock. From the waist, the frock is having a ball like a wide area.

15. Polka Dot Baby Frock:


It is evergreen polka dot print in a beautiful baby frock. There is a step by step layers are done on the frock. On blue frock, there are white dot patterns and its contrasting pink colour belt is tied on the waist. Flower of big size is attached on the waist with a pink belt.

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16. Traditional Baby Frock:


This baby girl frock is having a traditional style which can be worn during weddings and festivals. A coat like design is done on upper red fabric which is having golden flowers affixed. There is a circular shape border on the waist and below there is a red border on plain portion.

17. Frozen Baby Frock:


This baby stylish frock is known as frozen frock because of its ocean watercolour. The frock is having cut out shoulder and there is a broach attached on middle of neck area. A print like a butterfly which is found under seawater is fixed on the frock.

18. Fairy Baby Frock:


This fairy theme frock will make your babies look like a Barbie doll. This long frock is having also having same colour hand socks with it. A lovely creation is done with neck style. A tiara is also there with the artistic hairstyle.

19. Tutu Baby Frock:


Babies are going to look so lovable in this baby’s frock latest style which is having tube pattern. The frock is having a halter neck with big artificial sunflower attached on the neck. Below the portion of the frock is having a frill like feathers which is looking so sweet.

20. Paper Baby Frock:


This new design of baby frock is made up of papers. There are small baby prints on paper frocks. On the waist, there is a white paper belt which is having small butterflies of golden colour. This paper frock is looking creepy and noisy.

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21. Baby Frock with Frills:


It is stunning cute baby frock with plain in front and on back half area is having lace. There is a big bow attached on the back. Bottom of the frock is having three layers of frills. The frock is simple and plain in look. Same colour uneven beads mala is hanging on neck.

22. Pinafore Baby Frock:


It is the favourite baby frock pattern for almost all. White shirt inside is having big collars, full sleeve and nicely attached white lace on the neck. Transparent gold colour buttons are stitched on a shirt and blue pinafore is highlighting the white shirt.

23. Baby Frock with Back Bow:


This beautiful frock is having black lace bow on back shoulder. Red skirt is decorated with black lace fabric over it and full sleeves are also transparent. A lovely black stocking with this frock is looking awesome. Baby is looking really sweet in this frock.

24. Baby Frock with Cap:

This is a cute frock for baby girl with flare design. There is a big yellow flower print on a black frock and the hat is also having its matching print. The frock is having round neck and sleeveless pattern. There is a broad yellow belt on the waist with green border and bow.

25. Santa Theme Baby Frock:


This frock pattern is having a Santa theme design. This red frock is having tube style and chest area of the frock is ornamented with white fur. There is a thin black belt on the waist from where it gets wide. The baby has even worn a nice Santa cap.

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26. Creative Baby Frock:


Amazing creativity has been applied by the artist in this baby frock dress. Bottom of the frock is having print like small frocks are hanging with a hanger on a string. White frock is having red flower pattern and red border on waist.

27. Baby Frock with Coat:


This baby stylish frock is having coat attached with the frock. Half portion of the frock is plain black and rest is having different pattern lines of black on the white frock. The coat is having the same pattern. On the waist, there are two lines of black buttons affixed.

28. Fur Baby Frock:


This is an astonishing baby frock latest pattern with a bunch of broad furs decorated on the back of the neck. The frock is having wrap style with two lines of three red buttons. The frock is having full sleeves and there is a pocket on both sides.

29. Full Sleeve Baby Frock:


It is a superb creation in a cute baby frock in white colour. The frock is having a high round neck with full sleeve. There is black colour broad print on a white frock. It is a simple and sweet frock with quality of giving a delightful touch on baby’s skin.

30. Baby Frock with Petal Tiara:


This latest baby frock design is such a glorious one. The whole frock is in pure white colour with a tiara on the head made up of artificial white petals. A round border of a white petal is also attached on the chest. Ball like gown is also having petal affixed on equal intervals.

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31. Up Down Baby Frock:


There is also an up-down pattern in baby frock style with an innovative hairband. The frock is having half sleeve with a frill at the end. There is lacework on up and bottom of the neck. A pleasant big rose flower is also highlighting the white belt on the waist.

32. Cotton Baby Frock:


It is just unimaginable cute frock for a baby girl. There is a unique neck pattern with a pink colour bow on top. There are also two buttons on the neck with a hook inside. A big duck print is also there in line on the bottom of frock which is making this frock different from others.

33. Ball Gown Baby Frock:


This baby gown frock demands a lot of creative and artistic work. The upper portion of the frock is having patches affixed of uneven sizes. Very nice work of frill is shown on a lower portion. The same kind of frills is also worn as a hairband and on legs too.

34. New Born Baby Frock:


This frock is worn by babies when they of months. It is of pure cotton which does not harsh the baby skin. They are mostly loose fitted and lightly printed. There may be hooked behind and are mostly flares. They are light weighted.

35. Embroidered Baby Frock:


This frock style is with embroidery work. The green frock is in wide round neck and having a yellow border on neck and shoulder. On one side, there is floral embroidery work in L shape. The end of the frock is beaded with yellow threads. It is comfy to wear.

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36. Heavy Work Baby Frock:


This frock image contains heavy work of pearls and patches. The first red portion is having a floral pattern with gold lace and somewhat pearls. Below on sky blue net, there is big flower patches work accompanied by pearls are done. There is a red border of a lotus flower.

37. Jabla Baby Frock:


This baby girl frock is known as Jabla which is worn by infant babies. They have spaghetti-style strips on the shoulder which gets tied like a knot. There is one big flower in between from which two strings are coming out. And both sides there are two small flowers.

38. Digital Print Baby Frock:


It is Hakuba fabric baby frock pattern which carries digital print. It is a shirt style so there are buttons in between. One side it is plain and another side there is a floral digital print. All over frock is having a zigzag border of red colour. Baby will enjoy this frock.

39. Mismatch Baby Frock:

Mismatch Baby Frock

This baby frock dress is created by pieces of mismatch prints. Many square shape pieces of different prints are arranged together to make this frock. It is having a wide collar and short sleeve. The end of the sleeve is having elastic to get it fit with hand size.

40. Crochet Baby Frock:

This beautiful frock is made up of wool in different colours. Even flowers attached on frock are made up of wools. It is having round close neck and short sleeve. Wool frocks are hot in nature so that babies will not feel cold in this frock. It is equivalent to a sweater.

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41. Toddler Baby Frock:

Baby is killing with her look in this baby frock style. This white full sleeve frock is having close neck and there are flower prints on the frock. Some flowers are big while some are small. The fabric of frock is thick to protect her from the outer atmosphere.

42. Wool Baby Frock:


This is a brown coloured woollen baby frock dress which is short in size. There are two yellow buttons on each sleeve. Inside frock also there are circular prints of different colours on white base. One patch of fox design is attached at the end of the frock.

43. Denim Baby Frock:


This baby frock latest is made up of denim which is in shirt style. The sleeves are long but it is folded up. A frock like frills is also done on this frock. This denim is shaded and there are thread linings design on this frock. A pattern like pocket is also done on this frock.

44. Fancy Baby Frock:


It is a fancy baby girl frock of pink colour. There is the design on net attached on the upside of frock and in middle, there are two pink belts over which small white diamonds are affixed. Below of the frock is decorated with frill linings which are a unique creation.

45. Back Open Baby Frock:


Usually, all frocks are having buttons in front but in this frock, there is a button on the back side and it is half-open. There is a flower and leaves print on this frock and V neck on the backside. As it has one button on the back it is loose-fitting so that baby feels cosy.

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46. Party Wear Baby Frock:


Girls look sophisticated in this cute frock. This sweet frock is having small and big flower design and leaf pattern. Apart from this, the whole frock is plain. This short silk frock is shining so nicely and adding glamour in atmosphere.

47. Layered Frills Baby Frock:


This red coloured baby girl frock is having a three-layered pattern. It is having strips on the shoulder which need to tie like a knot. The frock is little above the knee. The girl is looking simply gorgeous in this frock with open hair and black purse on hand.

48. Baby Frock for Sleep:


This soft baby girl frock is used while sleeping. It is white coloured having small flower prints. It is having frill on neck and sleeves with sky blue colour border. Babies get a smooth feeling in this frock and sound sleep. Once worn, girls will not feel like to remove it.

49. Baby Frock with Cartoon Face:


It is one of the best baby frock patterns and gets instantly liked by little girls. It is made up of snug fabric having prints of various cartoon characters. Only faces of cartoons are printed on overall frocks and pearl mala is affixed on the neck which is matching well with frock colour.×280&w=336&h=280&ptt=12&iu=2157901980&adk=2194061460&output=html&bc=7&pv=1&wgl=1&asnt=0-3522498301870753218&dff=Roboto%2C%20sans-serif&prev_fmts=300×250%2C336x280%2C300x600%2C300x300%2C1349x77%2C336x280&prev_slotnames=7488847638%2C6684770532%2C1861116434%2C9731388661%2C9686338394&brdim=0%2C0%2C0%2C0%2C1366%2C0%2C1366%2C728%2C1366%2C568&ifi=7&pfx=0&adf=435972872&nhd=0&adx=307&ady=33906&oid=2&is_amp=5&amp_v=2208242209000&d_imp=1&c=35009519&ga_cid=amp-xQp_dwc3kzKVuQvUY5aoKg&ga_hid=9519&dt=1663511994670&biw=1366&bih=568&u_aw=1366&u_ah=728&u_cd=24&u_w=1366&u_h=768&u_tz=60&u_his=1&vis=1&scr_x=0&scr_y=32615&

50. Checks Baby Frock:


This baby frock style is in checks design. The frock is in a variety of colours and two artificial roses are attached on the frock. On the neck, there is a small check and a frill of small checks is also stitched on the bottom of the frock. It is having a cap sleeve with small size checks.

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We saw a number of designs in baby frocks in the above articles. But it doesn’t matter of confusion as different designs of frocks are available for different events. There are designs for daily wear, for any festivals, for any marriage functions, or for nightwear too. Nowadays, babies wear princess design frocks for their birthday parties too. Girls of the present age have become so smart that they give nice pauses for a click in such baby frocks.

Cotton For Baby Blanket

Here are 11 of the best organic baby blanket brands available:

1. Coyuchi Organic Blankets

Coyuchi has been around for three decades and continues to manufacture timeless organic bedding, sheets, blankets and more.

The Coyuchi baby blanket is made using 100% organic cotton. The blankets are soft, safe and sustainable.

The blankets come with a chunky, tightly woven jacquard weave that gives them a timeless texture and locks in warmth. Coyuchi baby blankets are pre-shrunk to retain their shape, year after year and wash after wash—you will use them for years.

The blankets are woven in India, Portugal, or Germany.

Based in: USA. Ships in the USA only.


2. Monica and Andy Blankets

A Monica + Andy natural baby blanket will make sure that what touches your newborn’s skin is the most trustworthy fabric available. The blankets are made using GOTS certified organic cotton and come in 200 thread-count percale outer. The blankets are lead, phthalate, and flame-retardant-free.

The blankets feature a touch of stretch that makes it easy to gently wrap and snuggle your newborn for the first few months. They come in fun, adorable, and unique prints.

For an extra $15, you can personalize your blanket by adding an embroidered name.

Based in: USA. Ships internationally.


3. Burts Bee’s Baby Organic Blankets

Burt’s Bees organic baby blankets come in top-notch quality. The baby blankets are made from GOTS certified 100% organic muslin cotton.

The blankets are super soft, gentle on your baby’s delicate skin, and will hold well after endless washes.

Burt’s Bees blankets measure 47 x 47 inches, which makes them perfect for swaddling, as a car seat cover, nursing cover, burp cloth, and other uses.

The blankets come in a wide range of stunning prints and patterns, Each print on the blankets is hand-painted to add some extra love and attention because your baby deserves only the best.

Based in: USA. Ships locally only.


4. Addison Belle Baby Blankets

All Addison Belle blankets are made from 100% GOTS certified organic muslin and finished with non-toxic reactive dyes. They measure 47 x 47 inches making it a versatile choice.

The blankets are super soft, lightweight, and cuddly. You’re going to love washing your baby blanket because the more you wash it, the softer it will get. The softness gives your baby a gentle and friendly touch for their over-sensitive skin and does not cause any kind of discomfort or irritation.

You will also love the signature waffle stitch weave which, along with breathable muslin cotton, keeps babies cool in summer and warm in winter. They’re just the right weight, not too bulky to cause suffocation and sweating, and neither too flimsy to fall off easily.

Based in: USA. Ships internationally.


5. American Blossom

American Blossom baby blankets are made from 100% Supima Organic Cotton grown in California and spun in Georgia.

The blankets are super soft, free from any chemicals, and durable. You will love using them for years to come.

American Blossom is committed to offering quality, affordable linens as well as classic styles that are timeless. All their products, including the baby blankets, are impeccably made with sustainable materials that make sure each product is durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and beautiful.

Based in: Georgia USA. Ships internationally.


6. Make Me Organics

Make Me Organics baby blankets are as gentle on your baby’s skin as they are on the environment. They are made using safe, non-toxic, and truly chemical-free materials. They are also certified organic, sustainably sourced, and cuddly soft to the touch.

The Make Me Organics baby blanket is relaxed but refined, cozy but light, and breathable. It is made using the finest craftsmanship, giving you value for money. The stylish cable knit design gives the blanket a snuggle me now look.

The high-quality organic cotton material ensures your blanket comes out of the wash looking as good as it did when you bought it.

Based in: Florida, USA. Ships internationally.


7. Lovevery Organic Blanket

Lovevery organic baby quilts will give your baby the cosiest sleep possible. The blankets are made using 100% organic cotton and come in reversible, visually stimulating patterns that will promote your baby’s brain development.

The animal print blanket is especially a favorite among parents. Your toddler will love learning to identify the realistic animals on their blanket.

Lovevery blankets are OEKO-TEX® certified to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from harmful chemicals and irritants.

Each hand-painted print on the quilt is lovingly designed to make sleep time a joy for your baby.

Based in: USA. Ships to the US and Canada only.


8. MINNA Organic Cotton Blanket

MINNA ethically makes gorgeous organic cotton baby blankets in partnership with artisans in Central and South America.

MINNA features four baby blankets that are handwoven using luxurious merino wool by a women’s co-op in Chiapas, Mexico using traditional backstrap looms. The panels are then hand-stitched together.

The blankets come in cozy and playful abstract shapes that will make your baby look even more adorable and add some joy to your nursery.

By buying a MINNA baby blanket you not only make sure that your baby is covered safely, you also get to support artisans globally.

Based in: USA. Ships internationally.


9. Loulou Lollipop Baby Blankets

Loulou Lollipop is a family business dedicated to keeping parents and their babies safe, happy, and healthy. The brand’s baby blankets are made using soft, breathable fabric blends of bamboo and cotton. This blend makes the blankets gentle on your baby’s skin yet durable. They indeed look as good as they feel.

The blankets are available in a number of prints that you will love. They are also generously sized for various uses including as a car seat cover, nursing cover, and swaddling.

When it comes to washing your baby blankets, the brand recommends washing in cold water only,

Based in: Vancouver, Canada. Ships within Canada and internationally.


10. Clover and Sage

Clover and Sage’s blankets come in four layers making them four times thicker than standard ones. Despite the thickness, the blankets are made using 100% organic muslin cotton which is breathable and ensures your baby won’t get too hot. The blankets are also large making swaddling easier than ever and will still be large enough as your baby grows.

The blankets are super soft and the muslin fibers relax every single time they are washed so the blankets will only get softer over time. No more throwing away your blankets after a few washes. The blankets come pre-washed, so you don’t need to worry about them shrinking after the first wash.

You can use the Cover and Sage blankets for tummy time, swaddling, traveling, stroller and car seat use, a nursing cover, or as a throw blanket.


11. Snuggle Me Swaddle

Snuggle Me Swaddle‘s baby blankets are made in the USA using GOTS organic cotton fabric that contains no animal or plant bi-products. This material makes the blankest soft, cozy, and super stretchy, creating the perfect multi-functional blanket for newborns and toddlers. Measuring at 47 x 47 inches, the blankets are great for swaddling, nursing cover, comfort item, creative play, diaper bag blanket, and more.

All Snuggle Me blankets are made in small batches and adhere to the highest quality standards available. You can be sure you will be getting nothing but the best for your baby.

Based in: USA. Ships internationally.

Browse Snuggle Me Swaddle baby blankets.

There you go! 11 best organic baby blankets to choose from. Hopefully, you found one, or two blankets for your baby.

Since you’re in the market for baby blankets, check out these organic crib sheets for a truly eco-friendly nursery.

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