Country Girl Names For Baby

This post includes unique and classic names to bring back some treasured countryside memories.

Popular Country Baby Boy Names With Meanings

1. Abel

The name Abel means “breath” and is of Hebrew origin. It is a Biblical boy name, and it also means “willing, adept, and efficient.”

2. Abner

It is a combination of Hebrew elements “ahv,” meaning “father” and “ner,” meaning “enlightenment.” The name refers to “the father of light.”

3. Ackerley

It refers to “oak meadow” and is of English origin. You will surely love to give this stylish name for your boy.

4. Alan

This is one of the coolest country names and means “little rock” in English. It is a popular name in many English-speaking countries.

5. Asher

Asher appears in the Bible as a son of Jacob. It means “happy and blessed.” in Hebrew.

6. Ashley

This is a popular country baby name you may pick for your boy meaning “the man from ash meadows.”

7. Atwood

The name Atwood means “at the wood” in English, and refers to the one who lives in the forest.

8. Austin

Austin means “great” and it is an English version of Augustus. It Latin, it means “magic dignity.”

9. Barrett

Barrett comes from Middle English and means “strife” or “belligerent.” The name likely would have begun as a nickname for a quarrelsome person.

10. Beau

It is a French word for “handsome.” This has been a popular country name for boys since 1969.

11. Beckett

The name Beckett is an English name that has been a hit of the decade. It means “bee cottage or beehive.”

12. Bennett

It is a variant of Benjamin and an English form of Benedict. The name means “blessed” in Latin.

13. Bentley

The country baby name Bentley means “bentgrass meadow” and is a popular country baby name in the US and the UK.

14. Blake

The name Blake means “pale blond one or dark” and has its origin in English.

15. Blaze

This English origin name means “fire,” and it was an original form of the saint’s name, Blaise.

16. Bobby

The name Bobby is derived from Robert, which means “bright fame” in Old German. It was used as a slang for police officers in the UK and was also a mid-century nickname.

17. Boone

Boone comes from the Latin word “bonum,” which means “good.” This is also a surname referring to “person from Bohon, France.”

18. Brad

It means “broad meadow” in English. This is also a diminutive form of Bradley or Bradshaw.

19. Brantley

The unique name sounds great to your boy, which means “sword with a fierce-touch” in English.

20. Brett

Brett refers to “the man from Brittany” in Latin. It has been a popular country name for boys that scored 741st rank in 2018.

21. Briar

It means “a thorny patch” and is an American nature name. This name is also suitable for girls, and became popular in the US in 2015.

22. Briggs

The name Briggs means “Bridges” and is of English origin. It is a popular country boy name that ranked 618th in 2018.

23. Brock

The name Brock means “badger” in English. This adds a rock-solid touch to you boy as he grows.

24. Brooks

It refers to “a small stream” and has originated from the English word. It has 161st rank in the list of popular names in 2018.

25. Bryan

It is also spelled as Brain and means “high and noble” in English.

26. Bryson

The name Bryson is a French surname and is also a popular country name for a boy. It means “son of Brice.”

27. Cade

This popular country name adds a strong and modern touch to the boy. It is an Old English name for “round or barrel.”

28. Caleb

The name Caleb means “devotion to God” and has its origin in Hebrew. Another meaning is “whole heart” in Hebrew.

29. Calvin

This cute and funny name means “bald or hairless” in Latin.

30. Campbell

It refers to “crooked mouth” and has its roots in the Scottish region.

31. Cane

The baby boy name Cane means “stalk of sugar” in English, and is a sweet name you may prefer to give your baby.

32. Carson

The name Carson means “son of the marsh-dwellers.” It has its origin in the Irish language.

33. Carter

Carter means “transporter of good by cart” and is an English origin name. It is popular for many decades, and most popular in the Midwest.

34. Chad

Chad is a name for “battle warrior” in English. It was originally a nickname for Chadwick in the US.

35. Chambers

It refers to the “chief officer of the household” or “servant of chambers” in French.

36. Charleston

The name Charleston means “free peasant’s settlement” and is of English origin. It is a variant of the Old English name “Charlton.”

37. Chevy

It comes from the French word “chevalier,” which means “knight,” or “horseman.” It is one of the popular country baby names in the US.

38. Clay

It is the diminutive form of Clayton, meaning “place with good clay,” and is of English origin. The name is likely of toponymic origin and referred to someone who lived near a clay mine.

39. Clement

Clement means “merciful” and is a warm sounding name you may pick for your boy. It has its origin in Latin roots.

40. Cliff

The countryside name Cliff means “cliff-side slope” and is of Old English origin.

41. Clinton

This English origin name is based on the Anglo-Norse mint (a hill) and Anglo-Saxon tun (town or village). It means “the man from the town near the hill.”

42. Clyde

This country name for your baby boy means “the keeper of the keys” and has Scottish origin. It also has a Greek origin meaning “a key.”

43. Cody

Cody means “helpful” in English. It also has another meaning “pillow” in Irish origin.

44. Corbin

The name Corbin comes from the French word “corbeau,” which means “raven.”

45. Conroy

This name is of Irish origin and means “wise advisor or man.” It reflects your boy’s wise personality as a man.

46. Conway

It refers to the “holy river” or “hound of the plain” in Welsh.

47. Crosby

This countryside boy”s name refers to “at the cross” and has the roots of the Scandinavian region.

48. Cyrus

This baby boy”s name means “sun” and is of Persian origin. It is a popular name in the Iranian community.

49. Dallas

The name Dallas means “valley house” in Old English. This also refers to a Scottish place name and means “meadow dwelling.”

50. Dane

Dane means “from Denmark” and has an English origin. It is also a popular middle name for boys.

51. Davis

The name Davis means “son of David” It is a patronymic English surname derived from the given name David.

52. Decker

Decker is a Hebrew word for “piercing” It is also an occupational surname for a roofer or thatcher in Old German.

53. Denver

The name means “from Anvers” and has English and French origins. It is also a Colorado city name.

54. Duke

Duke means “the rank of nobility” in English. It is one of the popular titles used by common people.

55. Dusty

The name Dusty means “brave warrior or dusty area” and has its origin in German.

56. Earl

The popular country baby boy name means “nobleman” and is of English origin. It is derived from the Middle English “erl,” meaning “nobleman” or “a count.”

57. Easton

The name Easton means “east-facing place” and is of English origin. It is a surname and stylish place name that ranks in the top 100 name list.

58. Elwood

This is an English name for “from the old wood forest.” It is a popular country name you may pick for your boy.

59. Finn

Finn means “fair or white” and has Irish origin. Finn MacCool is a famous character in Irish mythology who was a great hero with high energy and charm.

60. Flint

The name Flint means “stream” and has its origin in English.

61. Flynn

The name with cowboy charm, it means “son of the red-haired one.” It is an Irish origin name.

62. Ford

Ford refers to “river crossing” in English. It was the 612th most popular boy”s name in 2018.

63. Forrest

It means “woodsman or wood” and is of French origin. This is a primarily used name for many parents.

64. Gage

This popular name for your boy means “oath, pledge” in both French and English.

65. Garett

The name Garrett means “hard spear” and is of Irish origin.

66. George

It refers to “farmer or earth-worker” in Greek. George was the 127th popular name among the lists in the US in 2018.

67. Glen

The name is of Irish origin and means “the man from the valley.” It is associated with Gaelic Gleann, a mountain valley, and has a variant spelling “Glenn.”

68. Hackett

It refers to “little hewer (of wood or stones)” and has its origin in German.

69. Hank

It is a German origin name meaning “home ruler or estate ruler.” This is an abstract form of Hankin, a medieval diminutive of John.

70. Hartley

The name Hartley means “stag meadow” in English and is a popular country name you may choose for your boy.

71. Houston

The name Houston means “Hugh”s town” and is of Irish origin. It gives a perfect cowboy image and has a Texas accent.

72. Huck

It is an abstract form of Huckleberry and is of American origin. The name has gained its popularity after “Huckleberry Finn” written by Mark Twain.

73. Hunter

The name Hunter is an English name for “one who hunts.” It gives a perfect rugged appeal and has been in the top 100”s list.

74. Jack

This short and cute name originated from English and means “God is gracious.”

75. Jackson

The country baby name means “son of Jack” in English, and it is originally a surname.

76. Jason

Jason is a favorite pick for parents for its beautiful meaning. It means “to heal” in Greek.

77. Jed

The name Jed means “beloved of the Lord” in Hebrew, and is a cool-sounding name.

78. Jefferson

It refers to “son of Jeffrey” and is of English origin. The name became popular with Jefferson Davis, who was the president of the Confederacy during the US civil war.

79. Jenson

The name Jenson means “son of Jan” and is of Scandinavian origin. It also refers to “God is gracious”.

80. Jesse

Jesse is of Hebrew origin, and means “gift.” This baby boy”s name is also used for girls and in on-trend.

81. Jethro

It means “eminent” and has its origin in Hebrew. It is an Old Testament name where Jethro was a Midianite priest who sheltered Moses.

82. Keith

The name is of Scottish origin and means “refreshing as the wind.” This name was at 500th position in the list in 2018.

83. Kenny

It is a derivative of the name Kenneth meaning “born of the fire.” This is of Scottish-Gaelic origin.

84. Knox

The name Knox means “round hill” and is of English origin.

85. Landon

Landon means “long hill” in English, and it is also a popular surname.

86. Lawson

The name Lawson refers to “son of Lawrence” and is of English origin. It means “someone from Laurentum” in Latin.

87. Lee

If you are looking for a pleasant name for your boy, pick this name of meaning “pasture or meadow” in English.

88. Leroy

For a strong country name for your boy, Leroy would suit. It means “the King” in French.

89. Levi

This is a Hebrew origin boy name and means “attached or joined.” It is also a Biblical character.

90. Lyle

The country name Lyle means “island” and has its origin in Old French.

91. Mack

It is of Scottish and Irish origin and means “son of.” The name is usually used as a short form of any of the names containing this element.

92. Marsden

The name Marsden means “swampy valley or marsh valley” in English.

93. Mason

It is an English occupational name for those “who works with stone or brick” and refers to “stoneworker.”

94. Maverick

It means “independent one or nonconformist” and is of American origin. It is different sounding names that burst with spirits.

95. Maynard

This unique countryside name means “brave or hard strength” and has its origin in German.

96. Memphis

The name Memphis means “established, beautiful” in Greek, and is a place name.

97. Miller

It is the “one who grinds grain,” which has its origin in English.

98. Murphy

The name Murphy means “sea warrior” and is of Irish origin.

99. Nash

The name Nash means “by the ash tree” in English. It is taken from the Middle English phrase “Atten Ash” that denotes “a person living near the ash tree.”

100. Ned

It is a diminutive form of Edward, and it means “wealthy guardian” in English.

Country Girl Names For Baby

  1. Olivia
  2. Emma
  3. Charlotte
  4. Amelia
  5. Ava
  6. Sophia
  7. Isabella
  8. Mia
  9. Evelyn
  10. Harper
  11. Luna
  12. Camila
  13. Gianna
  14. Elizabeth
  15. Eleanor
  16. Ella
  17. Abigail
  18. Sofia
  19. Avery
  20. Scarlett
  21. Emily
  22. Aria
  23. Penelope
  24. Chloe
  25. Layla
  26. Mila
  27. Nora
  28. Hazel
  29. Madison
  30. Ellie
  31. Lily
  32. Nova
  33. Isla
  34. Grace
  35. Violet
  36. Aurora
  37. Riley
  38. Zoey
  39. Willow
  40. Emilia
  41. Stella
  42. Zoe
  43. Victoria
  44. Hannah
  45. Addison
  46. Leah
  47. Lucy
  48. Eliana
  49. Ivy
  50. Everly
  51. Lillian
  52. Paisley
  53. Elena
  54. Naomi
  55. Maya
  56. Natalie
  57. Kinsley
  58. Delilah
  59. Claire
  60. Audrey
  61. Aaliyah
  62. Ruby
  63. Brooklyn
  64. Alice
  65. Aubrey
  66. Autumn
  67. Leilani
  68. Savannah
  69. Valentina
  70. Kennedy
  71. Madelyn
  72. Josephine
  73. Bella
  74. Skylar
  75. Genesis
  76. Sophie
  77. Hailey
  78. Sadie
  79. Natalia
  80. Quinn
  81. Caroline
  82. Allison
  83. Gabriella
  84. Anna
  85. Serenity
  86. Nevaeh
  87. Cora
  88. Ariana
  89. Emery
  90. Lydia
  91. Jade
  92. Sarah
  93. Eva
  94. Adeline
  95. Madeline
  96. Piper
  97. Rylee
  98. Athena
  99. Peyton
  100. Everleigh
  101. Vivian
  102. Clara
  103. Raelynn
  104. Liliana
  105. Samantha
  106. Maria
  107. Iris
  108. Ayla
  109. Eloise
  110. Lyla
  111. Eliza
  112. Hadley
  113. Melody
  114. Julia
  115. Parker
  116. Rose
  117. Isabelle
  118. Brielle
  119. Adalynn
  120. Arya
  121. Eden
  122. Remi
  123. Mackenzie
  124. Maeve
  125. Margaret
  126. Reagan
  127. Charlie
  128. Alaia
  129. Melanie
  130. Josie
  131. Elliana
  132. Cecilia
  133. Mary
  134. Daisy
  135. Alina
  136. Lucia
  137. Ximena
  138. Juniper
  139. Kaylee
  140. Magnolia
  141. Summer
  142. Adalyn
  143. Sloane
  144. Amara
  145. Arianna
  146. Isabel
  147. Reese
  148. Emersyn
  149. Sienna
  150. Kehlani
  151. River
  152. Freya
  153. Valerie
  154. Blakely
  155. Genevieve
  156. Esther
  157. Valeria
  158. Katherine
  159. Kylie
  160. Norah
  161. Amaya
  162. Bailey
  163. Ember
  164. Ryleigh
  165. Georgia
  166. Catalina
  167. Emerson
  168. Alexandra
  169. Faith
  170. Jasmine
  171. Ariella
  172. Ashley
  173. Andrea
  174. Millie
  175. June
  176. Khloe
  177. Callie
  178. Juliette
  179. Sage
  180. Ada
  181. Anastasia
  182. Olive
  183. Alani
  184. Brianna
  185. Rosalie
  186. Molly
  187. Brynlee
  188. Amy
  189. Ruth
  190. Aubree
  191. Gemma
  192. Taylor
  193. Oakley
  194. Margot
  195. Arabella
  196. Sara
  197. Journee
  198. Harmony
  199. Blake
  200. Alaina
  201. Aspen
  202. Noelle
  203. Selena
  204. Oaklynn
  205. Morgan
  206. Londyn
  207. Zuri
  208. Aliyah
  209. Jordyn
  210. Juliana
  211. Finley
  212. Presley
  213. Zara
  214. Leila
  215. Marley
  216. Sawyer
  217. Amira
  218. Lilly
  219. London
  220. Kimberly
  221. Elsie
  222. Ariel
  223. Lila
  224. Alana
  225. Diana
  226. Kamila
  227. Nyla
  228. Vera
  229. Hope
  230. Annie
  231. Kaia
  232. Myla
  233. Alyssa
  234. Angela
  235. Ana
  236. Lennon
  237. Evangeline
  238. Harlow
  239. Rachel
  240. Gracie
  241. Rowan
  242. Laila
  243. Elise
  244. Sutton
  245. Lilah
  246. Adelyn
  247. Phoebe
  248. Octavia
  249. Sydney
  250. Mariana
  251. Wren
  252. Lainey
  253. Vanessa
  254. Teagan
  255. Kayla
  256. Malia
  257. Elaina
  258. Saylor
  259. Brooke
  260. Lola
  261. Miriam
  262. Alayna
  263. Adelaide
  264. Daniela
  265. Jane
  266. Payton
  267. Journey
  268. Lilith
  269. Delaney
  270. Dakota
  271. Mya
  272. Charlee
  273. Alivia
  274. Annabelle
  275. Kailani
  276. Lucille
  277. Trinity
  278. Gia
  279. Tatum
  280. Raegan
  281. Camille
  282. Kaylani
  283. Kali
  284. Stevie
  285. Maggie
  286. Haven
  287. Tessa
  288. Daphne
  289. Adaline
  290. Hayden
  291. Joanna
  292. Jocelyn
  293. Lena
  294. Evie
  295. Juliet
  296. Fiona
  297. Cataleya
  298. Angelina
  299. Leia
  300. Paige

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