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If you want to be among the first to find out about free formula samples, coupons, and giveaways, follow formula companies on social media.

Ask Your Doctor’s Office

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Formula companies often give free formula to hospitals and doctor’s offices hoping they’ll pass on the samples to you. Call your doctor’s office and local hospital to see what they have on hand.

If they don’t have any formula samples available, ask if they know of any local resources that do. Besides free baby formula, doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals can often connect you with free baby magazines and free diapers

 How Mixing Formulas Affects Your Baby

Check WIC Eligibility

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The government program WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) provides assistance to low-income mothers with young children, including those who formula feed. You can often get low-cost or even free infant formula and other baby products if you meet the eligibility requirements for WIC benefits.

 How to Prepare Baby Formula

Combine Coupons and Sales

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Newspaper inserts are great places to find coupons for baby formula. Check your paper for coupons for baby formula and grocery store ads to find out when a sale is happening. Combining coupons with a sale can get you cheap or even free baby formula.

And, don’t forget about digital coupons. Sign up for loyalty programs, clubs, and online programs so that you get coupons and other deals sent directly to your email or through text message. Sometimes the coupons can be printed, and other times you simply scan a code at checkout to get the deal.

Also, be sure to check with stores you frequent as well as with any money-saving or cash-back apps you may use. Often, these programs provide savings on their own and when coupled with manufacturer coupons can result in significant savings.

Contact Your Local Food Bank

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Local food banks aren’t only a great place to get food, they also often carry an array of personal care products and baby items. The food pantries in your area may have infant formula they will provide for free. Call ahead and ask what they have on hand. They may be able to assist you.

Likewise, some local churches also offer free formula to families in need. Contact churches in your area to see if they offer this type of service or if they know another organization that could help.

Create a Baby Registry

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Creating a gift registry—even if it’s for your second child—can come with a number of perks. Big box stores and retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon often provide free samples and ongoing discounts and a welcome box when you use their registries. So, be sure to create a registry in order to take advantage of these deals and savings. These companies also will alert you of new sales and coupons on a consistent basis.

When creating your registry, though, you may not want to register for formula. Although gifts like this might be nice, you want the freedom to experiment and try different baby formulas until you find the one that works best for your child, especially if you think your baby might have an allergy or an intolerance. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of formula that you cannot use.

You also may want to investigate Amazon’s subscribe and save program after your baby is born. Sometimes you can save as much as 15% on a purchase by signing up to have products sent to you on a recurring basis. Plus, when combined with coupons, you may end up saving a good amount of money.

 Is Store-Brand Formula OK?

Look for Local Giveaways

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You also could check online for people giving formula away. Check Freecycle, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace for opportunities. Sometimes parents will have left over formula that they can no longer use because their baby has an intolerance or they switched brands so they often just give it away.

However, be sure that if you’re meeting someone to pick up the formula that you don’t go alone and that you meet them in a public place. And, you should never buy formula from a re-seller.

These resources can be great places to find low-cost or free infant formula, but you should always carefully check the “use by” dates to ensure the products are safe. Even when you’re using a trusted source, it’s a good habit to carefully check for signs that the product could be counterfeit.1

According to the FDA/CFSAN Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements, parents should examine products for:

  • Changes to the formula’s color, smell, and/or taste
  • Damage to the case or packaging
  • Matching “use by” dates on each container (as well as on the box if buying by the case)

If you have any concerns about the quality or safety of the infant formula you’ve been given or have purchased, throw it away. You also can call the manufacturer directly to report a complaint or ask questions.

How To Get Baby Formula Coupons

Check out these great ways to get baby formula for free.

1. Earn Cash Back

Ibotta offers immediate and ongoing financial relief for buying formula. And, Ibotta helps you save money every time you buy groceries whether it’s at Walmart or a supermarket like Albertsons, Kroger, or Safeway.

On baby formula alone, the current Ibotta offers give you up to $5 cash back per canister, and some offers are “stackable” so you can redeem the offer multiple times if you buy more than one formula at once.

After your cash back balance reaches $20, you can request PayPal payment or a gift card that can be used to buy more formula for free!

My wife and I use Ibotta every time we go to the store to buy groceries and family essentials for us and our two small children!

Get a $10 bonus when you join Ibotta and redeem your first offer.

2. Request Free Samples

Some of the free samples on EverydayFamily overlap the other free sample offers, but you can find some additional offers that are time-sensitive or seasonal.

EverydayFamily is also a good resource to sample other baby items including diapers. The sample offers are always changing so check back often to find a new deal!

3. Check With Your Pediatrician

When you take your baby to your pediatrician for routine checkups, you can potentially get a free sample too. Like hospitals, baby formula manufacturers leave free samples at medical offices hoping parents will try their product and like it.

Yes, it’s a marketing strategy, but baby formula is one of those unavoidable expenses that you need to buy on a regular basis; so you might as well get it for free when you can, right?

4. Get Free Samples from the Formula Producers

To “double dip” on free formula samples, you can get samples and coupons directly from the manufacturer in addition to the ones you receive from the hospital or your family doctor.

You can request free samples from each of these formula producers to save money with your new bundle of joy as you can expect to receive several samples for newborns, infants, and toddler transitions.


You can also enjoy up to $400 in savings with the Enfamil Family Beginnings program. Throughout your baby’s first months, Enfamil will send you the following formula samples:

  • Enfamil Newborn Infant Formula
  • Enfamil Infant Formula
  • Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Formula

You will also be entered into Enfamil’s Free Formula for a Year sweepstakes too! Can you imagine getting $1,800 worth of formula for free? This can be the most rewarding sample yet.

Besides the free formula samples, Enfamil will periodically mail you discounts and product samples to take some stress off your wallet too.


Gerber will send free formula samples and coupons plus additional product offers until your child turns four years old. By telling Gerber where you prefer to buy your formula–WalmartTarget, Safeway, etc.–you can receive store-specific coupons to maximize your savings opportunities.


This recommendation is for our Canadian readers. The Nestle Baby Club will send you a free welcome kit that includes free formula samples and coupons worth $130.


Similac lets you enjoy up to $400 in savings and benefits with their StrongMoms Rewards program. You’ll receive free formula samples, coupons, and a formula feeding starter kit. And, Similac also issues rewards points that you can redeem for future awards to potentially get free formula in the future too.

5. Discounted Formula Samples

The previous suggestion lists the baby formula samples that are completely free. These formula brands offer samples at a steep discount to cover shipping costs. Even yet, you’re still getting a good deal.

Nature’s One

Are you looking for organic baby formulaNature’s One can be the solution your looking for. You can get free full-size samples, but you’ll pay $5.95 for shipping.

Considering the retail price for a single canister is approximately $12, you’re still getting a full-size product for half the price.

Nature’s One produces several baby formulas that are designed for babies with certain intolerances. Their formulas are free from corn syrup, gluten, palm oil, and aren’t processed with DHA.

Parent’s Choice

Parent’s Choice offers 12 oz. samples for $8.98 for the following blends:

  • Infant Formula
  • Advantage Infant Formula
  • Gentle Infant Formula
  • Sensitivity Infant Formula

If you like the formula, you can buy it online or in-person at Walmart.

6. Apply for WIC

If you qualify for the WIC benefit program (Women, Infants, and Children), you can receive free baby formula on a regular basis plus additional nutritional benefits for moms and their children through the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program.

Even if you’re breastfeeding right now, you can receive free formula if you plan on transitioning your child in the near future.

In addition to WIC, you might also check out these government assistance programs to help improve your financial situation.

7. Ask Your Local Food Pantry

Some local food pantries stock baby formula to help feed every member of a household facing hunger.

You can google “Food pantry near me” or search the Feeding America database–the largest U.S. food bank network– to see if they have a nearby location as well.

Not every pantry carries baby formula, but it’s worth asking. If your pantry doesn’t offer formula, they might know of another local organization that does.

8. Ask Your Local Pregnancy Center

Many communities also have a pregnancy center that provides essential baby supplies like formula, diapers, and clothing to help families in need.

The easiest way to find your local pregnancy center is to enter the search keyword, “Pregnancy center near me.” Pregnancy centers can also be an excellent resource for additional parenting resources and advice too.

9. Start a Baby Registry

If Junior hasn’t arrived yet, you can ask for baby formula on your baby registry.

When we’ve had baby showers for our own children, we asked our friends and family to gift “essential” items like diapers and formula that we knew we were going to buy and use instead of only receiving lots of cute outfits that the baby might only wear once because they grow so quickly.

You will still receive plenty of clothes and other items besides formula and diapers, but you will be extremely grateful for the free formula too and the money you can save each month as you learn how to adjust your monthly expenses as you spend on baby and not just “you.”

10. Amazon Family

Amazon Family is a benefit of Amazon Prime and you can save up to 20% on formula, diapers, and other baby needs when you signup for Subscribe and Save shipments and clip Prime-exclusive coupons.

When you first join Amazon Family, you can also expect a welcome box tht includes a variety of product samples too!

11. Ask Your Hospital

Like you get a new toothbrush after each dental visit, hospitals give free formula samples to new moms to help you decide which formula is best for your baby.

If you’re not picky about the brand, this can be a good way to get free baby formula and some coupons to save money on your future formula purchases after the samples run out.

12. Join Motherhood Perks

When we were expecting our first child, my wife went to the Motherhood stores to shop for maternity clothing. In the process, she signed up for their Perks program and the cashier handed her several free samples and a few coupons.

As our baby grew, we received more age-relevant offers as the baby transitioned from newborn to infant to reaching their first birthday.

If you join the Perks savings program today, you will receive up to $1,500 in offers over the next 12 months that can help you get free baby formula and save money on other baby-related items too.

13. Redeem Digital Coupons on Swagbucks

In addition to getting paid to take online surveys, surfing the web, and shopping online on Swagbucks, you can also get paid to print and redeem grocery coupons.

For each coupon you print and redeem at checkout, you’ll earn 11 rewards points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards with a cash value as small as $3.

14. Buy Baby Formula Online

Buying your baby formula online is another tactic to save some cash as online retailers can be cheaper than your brick-and-mortar grocery store.

Whether you buy it from Amazon or another trusted online retailer, you might be able to get some cash back with Rakuten.

I get cash back with Rakuten almost every time I shop online because they partner with more than 2,000 stores. Whether you buy baby formula or something else, you’ll get up to 40% back on your online purchase.

Your Rakuten rewards won’t get you free baby formula all the time, but your cash rewards add up and Rakuten sends you PayPal cash or a big fat check–your choice!–when your balance reaches $5.01.

Rakuten is free to use and you get a $10 cash bonus when you make your first online purchase of $25 or more.

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