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I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that you’re going to be spending a lot of money on your baby. The good news? You can save a lot of that money by using coupons!

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think of your next purchase before you buy.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a loved one, it’s important to think about the next purchase before you make it. This way, you won’t waste money on unnecessary items or spend more than necessary on necessities. It also helps to know that different stores have different deals and coupons available at any given time. You can save a lot by researching your options before heading out the door!

You can get free diapers, formula, baby gear, clothes, and much more. Some of the items are new and some are used, but your baby will love them all. The trade-off, of course, is that sometimes you have to share your name, address, email, and more to get the free stuff. Or, you might have to do some research to make sure the baby item still meets safety standards.


Set Up a Baby Registry

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If you’re expecting a baby soon, you may want to create a baby registry. Not only does having one help family and friends know what to purchase for you, but it also can help you earn free rewards and gifts. When you create your baby registry, some retailers will send a baby gift or gift card once you complete a baby registry.

Some companies will even send you a welcome box full of free goodies as well as coupons and discounts on your baby registry items. Pay attention to their guidelines when you sign up in case purchasing items can lead to more discounts. Sometimes combining these discounts with manufacturer’s coupons can save you a lot of money and help you qualify for more free stuff.

These popular baby registries frequently offer free baby stuff:

Of course, there are few drawbacks to opening registries. For instance, if you prefer to shop local and support smaller, family-owned businesses, you probably don’t want to register with the bigger retailers. Plus, these companies typically ask for your address, cell number, and email address. So, if you have privacy concerns or are worried they will sell your information, read the fine print before signing up.


Check With Friends and Family

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Free baby stuff might be closer to you than you think. In fact, lots of people hang on to their old baby stuff and are just waiting to give it to someone who needs it.

Check with your friends and family to see if they have, or know someone who has, free baby stuff they’re looking to get rid of. They might have baby clothes, strollers, cribs, and more that are just taking up space in their home.

If you’re worried about offending people you care about by asking for things, offer to buy the items for a reasonable price. Most likely, what you would pay them will be much less expensive than purchasing new items any way.

Of course, before you accept anything used—especially strollers, cribs, high chairs, and other equipment—be sure to research the product to ensure there have been no safety recalls.

You also should make sure that the product still meets safety guidelines. The Consumer Product Safety Commission often improves and changes guidelines as dangers or risks of injury become apparent.

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Sign Up for Diaper Freebies

Father Changing Sons Diaper
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Free baby stuff like free diapers can be easier to get than you might think. Requesting free samples of diapers, joining diaper reward programs, and signing up for diaper company mailing lists are just a few ways that you can get free diapers.

If you use Huggies diapers, you can get free baby stuff from their Huggies Rewards program by collecting points from Huggies diapers and other Huggies products. These points add up fast and you can redeem them for free baby coupons, gift certificates, books, and toys.

Pampers Rewards is another program where it pays to collect those codes off Pampers diapers. The codes can be redeemed for free baby stuff like baby food, toys, gift cards, baby gear, and books.

Of course, the downside to reward programs is that you must give your name, address, email, and phone number to the company. If you have concerns about privacy or sharing this information, be sure to research how they use their information.

Many times companies use this personal information to send you coupons, discounts, and promotional information. Most emails have an unsubscribe button, so you can opt out of getting email notifications or texts if they become bothersome.

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Ask for Baby Formula Samples

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You can get free baby formula samples and even full-sized containers of baby formula from places like Walmart as well as companies like Enfamil and Similac. Not only will you save money, but you’ll get to try a bunch of new baby formulas to see which one your baby likes the best!

You also can ask your doctor as well as the hospital where you give birth if they have any formula samples or if they know of any resources where you might be able to find some. If you qualify, you can also look into WIC (Women Infant Children) to see how you might be able to access free formula.

And finally, you can try contacting companies directly or sign up on their website for free samples. They also may send you coupons and other discounts to make purchasing formula a little less expensive.

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Request Free Samples of Baby Items

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Whether you’re looking for free baby samples of medicine, formulas, wipes, or just about anything else, you’re bound to find them if you just look. Sign up online with your favorite manufacturers who will many times send you a free sample or two. You could even call the company and let them know you would like to try their product and they may be willing to send you a free sample.

You also can ask your baby’s pediatrician or even the hospital if they have any free samples, especially for things they recommend you use. For instance, they may be able to give you samples of fever reducers or other medications to try when your baby isn’t feeling well.


Search for Baby Product Coupons

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Online baby stores often have coupon codes available that let you snag free baby stuff. Sometimes it’s a free gift with purchase, but once in awhile a fantastic coupon code will come around that will let you get some completely free baby stuff.

To find the coupons, check out the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts and keep your eye out for online coupons for baby products and other things you need. And if you really want to go the extra mile, think about using online coupon sites, as well as apps for your favorite stores. Sometimes retailers will offer a free $5 or $10 gift card with purchase of an item.

Two great apps to look into are iBotta and Checkout51, which both make it easy to snag coupons and cash back deals on things you were planning to buy like diapers or wipes. You also can look to pair a manufacturer’s coupon with an app deal, which sometimes results in free things for you or your baby.


Try Marketplace Sites

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You don’t need to wait for garage sale season to find free baby stuff from your neighbors anymore. For instance, Facebook Marketplace allows you to browse your local area for free baby items. Use the “Only Show Free Listings” option to see only the completely free baby stuff offered.

Freecycle is another place where people post stuff that they don’t want any longer. Instead of dealing with the hassle of selling it, they just want to get rid of it. There’s a ton of free baby things just waiting out there on Freecycle. You’ve just got to go looking for it.

You also can find free baby items on Cragslist if you know where to look. And if there are a few baby things that you want but they aren’t free, just keep an eye on the listing. If the item has been listed for awhile and isn’t selling, contact the seller and see if they might want to get rid of it. Most of the time, the seller will want to unload it anyway if the item doesn’t sell. You never know until you ask!

Finally, be cautious about picking up free items from people you don’t know. Make sure you meet during the day in a public place and that you don’t go alone.

Although many people are completely trustworthy, you don’t want to take any chances. Keep safety at the top of your mind at all times. And, if something doesn’t feel right, just leave. Getting free baby items is not worth risking your safety.

You also should know that a used crib, strollers, and other baby items can have recalls, or outdated construction. Plus, simply not knowing the whole history of the item can make some items riskier than others. Research as possible to make sure your baby will be safe.


Ask a Friend to Host a Baby Shower

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Baby showers are a wonderful tradition for first-time moms where friends and family members shower you with things you need for your baby. Most of the time a friend or family member will volunteer to host a baby shower, but if not, you can always tactfully ask someone you are close to if they might be willing to host a shower.

Most people want to celebrate this happy time with you and would welcome the opportunity to plan a shower. Just be sure that your registry includes items in a varying price ranges. You want to ensure that people not only have a variety of options, but that they also can find something within their budget.

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Shop Garage Sales

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Spending an afternoon garage sale hopping is a great way to find inexpensive, and sometimes free baby items, especially if you shop late in the afternoon when people are almost done for the day. When people have garage sales, they often get rid of the stuff they don’t sell when the garage sale is over.

Sometimes they will put a bin out that is marked free. Or, if you want, ask them if you can have ​the baby stuff that didn’t sell. You might be surprised at all the free baby stuff you can find if you simply ask. As always, be sure the items you accept are in good condition and can be easily cleaned. You also need to check to be sure that the products meet all safety standards.


Host a Baby Stuff Swap

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Baby swaps or kid swaps are when a group of parents get together and trade baby stuff they don’t want anymore for baby items they do want. These casual and fun events can be a great opportunity to get rid of your old baby things and get some brand new free baby stuff in return.

They also are a great time to bond with friends and meet other people as well. Set one up with your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers so that you can trade your old things for something new. Additionally, be sure that the items you are trading as well as those you’re accepting are in good condition and meet all safety standards.


That’s it! We hope that we have made your life a little bit easier with these coupons. Now you can spend less time searching for coupons and more time buying the things that you need.

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