Cow Blanket For Baby

The design was created by Aneta Izabela – a genius ahead of her time as far as I’m concerned.

Unfortunately you can not buy this crochet cow blanket in final form. The only thing available is the crochet pattern which you can purchase here.

It is times like these that I wish I knew how to crochet things… I blame my grandma. She knew full and well how to crochet, but chose not to teach me! Oh wait, actually she tried… but I was too stubborn to do anything but play with crayons.. doh! So I guess now I will have to learn on my own… for the sole purpose of making this adorable cow blanket.

Why Is It Called A 3in1 Cow Baby Blanket?

The 3in1 folding baby blanket acts as a blanket, a toy, and a decoration for your loved one’s room.

It is a blanket that keeps your child warm and snuggly.

Unfolded, it keeps your child warm and snuggly while he is entertained playing with the toy cow attached to the blanket.

When you don’t need the blanket anymore, fold it back and it instantly transforms into a cute animal decoration that you can rest on the armchair or the side of the cot.  

Farm Cow Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern by Crafting Happiness Pinterest Poster

The Cow Baby Blanket Would Make A Wonderful Baby Shower Gift!

The baby blanket was designed to fit into a farm or animal-themed nursery.

It will make a wonderful present for a farmer or cow lover or anyone who loves farm animals.  

Made with double knit (light worsted) yarn, this blanket is warm and soft, but light in weight, perfect for babies of all sizes and ages.  

This blanket is crocheted in gender-neutral colors and will fit any nursery color scheme.

Make it your own and choose any color that suits your taste, from pinks for baby girls to blues for baby boys.  

Farm Cow Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern by Crafting Happiness Pinterest Poster

Pattern Notes

The cow baby blanket crochet pattern is suitable for crocheters who are comfortable reading a crochet pattern and have attempted amigurumi before.  

All special stitches are explained so you can easily follow the pattern.   

If you want to make it bigger, you can crochet a border around the blanket.

There are video links to tutorials that teach you how to C2C crochet, and how to change colors and minimize ends.  

Gauge is not very important in this pattern.

For your reference, a 10cm by 10cm area has 5.5 c2c squares by 5.5 c2c squares.

Pattern Level

  • Intermediate

Format & Terms


  • 100cm by 75cm

Each ball of yarn is 300m long.

Yarn Used

Yarn Quantities

  • Deramores Studio DK 3 x 100g balls in white
  • Deramores Studio DK 2 x 100g balls in black
  • small quantities of DK (light worsted yarn) in pink for the face and inner ears
  • small quantities of DK (light worsted yarn) in light brown for horns

Other Supplies

  • toy filling
  • crochet hook size 4mm
  • blunt sewing needle to fit the yarn used to stitch the parts together
  • 12mm black doll safety eyes
  • clothespins (optional) to keep your yarn organized when crocheting c2c
  • scissors, pins, and stitch markers.

Free Crochet Pattern For Cow Baby Blanket

If you are looking for something udderly fantastic for you to crochet, then we have got you covered. From baby blankets, trophy heads to sweet, cuddly toys, we have a cow crochet pattern that will be perfect for your next project!

Cow Cuddly Toy Crochet Patterns

If you want to create a cuddly cow toy as a gift or for yourself, then these patterns will be great for you.

Caroline the Cow Crochet Pattern

So stinking cute with his well-shaped nose/snout area. So fun – and the little derpy nose. I just can’t get past this fun free cow crochet pattern that inspired me to go looking for more. I mean, this one even has shape to it’s hooves!

Source: Jess Huff

Amigurimi Cow Crochet Pattern

 White crochet cow standing on two legs with an oversized pink nose, brown horns, and black detailing on its ears and feet.

This cow crochet pattern is so simple and easy to follow. It contains step by step photos and 18 detailed pages to keep you on track, with helpful notes and tips throughout.

You only need basic crochet knowledge with techniques such as single crochet, increase, decrease, and a few materials, which are all outlined in the guide!

Source: Etsy

Cute Cow Crochet Pattern

To create this cute, round and loveable cow, you just need a few initial crochet skills and this simple pattern. The instructions are so clear, and beginner friendly!

Source: Etsy

Cow Calf Crochet Pattern

If you want something a little more challenging, then try this intermediate crochet pattern. It creates a small calf toy of about 5 inches in height, and you only need a 2.5mm crochet hook, yarn, stuffing material, safety eyes and a large sewing needle to get it finished.

Source: Etsy

Squishy Cow Crochet Pattern

If you told me this was a corn-cob cow, I would totally believe you. So soft and squishy, this particular cow pattern is so squishable, I would dare say that this would make a great baby toy. Just be sure to use safety-eyes.

Source: Rose and Lily Amigururmi

Strawberry Cow Crochet Pattern

A large white crochet cow standing on two legs with pink horns, hands, feet, and a patch on its side next to a yellow and pink cow of the same design.

To create this pastel pink cow, you will need a little crochet knowledge. For instance, this pattern states that you must be able to single crochet, magic circle, decrease, increase, slip stitch, chain, and finish off.

However, this pattern tells you exactly what tools, materials and techniques you need to use, and how to do them, with lots of images and instructions to help you along the way.

Source: Etsy

Colbie The Cow Crochet Pattern

This cow crochet stuffed animal pattern is my favorite! The ears are super big, making it look even more adorable and huggable. This crochet pattern would make the perfect gift for the cow lover in your life, or as a baby shower present.

The pattern itself comes with written instruction and photographic tutorials for making the cow, and you will need a few basic sewing skills as well as your crochet skills to get the finished result.

Source: Etsy

Mini Cow Crochet Pattern

If you only have time for a small project, then this mini cow crochet pattern will be perfect for you. It won’t take long, and it will be lots of fun to create.

You will receive a 12 page PDF file with in depth instructions, but you can also customize this pattern with your choice of accent colors and themes to make it more personal!

Source: Etsy

Funny Cow Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Large black and white spotted cow standing up with brown horns and a blue bow on its head and a black bell on a blue string around its neck.

This pattern is a little more advanced, and takes a lot of time and patience to get the end result. However, it comes packed with 32 pages, 100 photos and 26 video tutorials to give you all the guidance you need.

Source: Etsy

Chubby Standing Cow Crochet Pattern

Granted, the previous cow was standing, too. But this one is rounded and chubby in such a fun way. Plus, this free cow crochet pattern has an UDDER! I just love that and I can’t wait to make one for my kiddo! LOL!

Source: Stringy Ding Ding

Cow Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns

Why not create an adorable baby blanket as a gift for the next baby shower or new addition to the family?

Cuddle & Play Cow Blanket

This pattern is a bestseller, and creates a 2 in 1 play and cuddle cow crochet baby blanket. It will keep them warm, save space and is perfect for traveling or taking the baby out for the day as they have something to cuddle and keep them occupied, but also a warming, cozy blanket to stay warm in.

Source: Etsy

Folding Cow Baby Blanket

A similar product is this intermediate crochet cow blanket pattern. It is designed for a more advanced crocheter, with a few special stitches, but all are explained in detail to help you!

Source: Etsy

Cow Household Crochet Patterns

Crochet Highland Cow Trophy Head Pattern

Want a cool conversation starter for your home? You have to crochet this Highland Cow trophy head! It’s a little complicated, but the results are amazing. Make sure you have the skills and technique to make this one before you purchase the pattern.

Source: Etsy

Sleepy Cow Comforter Crochet Pattern

Who doesn’t love a comforter? This sleepy cow comforter is perfect for little ones, and is simple to crochet with step by step pictures and instructions. It’s perfect for beginners, quick and easy to make!

Source: Etsy

Crochet Boho Cow Pattern

This pattern is for a basic to intermediate skill level, and is so fun to make! You can create a beautiful cow with a boho vibe, as this one is covered in sunflowers! It’s fast and simple to make, so it is the perfect project if you are looking for something pretty yet exciting to crochet.

Source: Etsy

Baby Cow Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

This pattern creates a stunning wall hanging for your little one’s bedroom or nursery. It does not take long, and the pattern itself is available in other languages such as Spanish and Portuguese for your convenience!

Source: Etsy

Baby Cow Outfit For Newborns

This pattern creates a cow outfit perfect for newborn or baby photo shoots! It’s so sweet, and includes instructions to make a baby cow hat, and a matching diaper cover.

It’s easy to do, and can be crocheted quickly, but also includes sizes for preemie, newborn – 3 months and 3-6 months.

Source: Etsy

Baby Cow Crochet Rattle Pattern

Pink, black, brown, and white crochet cow rattle with a pink nose and gray horns held in a hand with gold stars around it.

With step by step pictures, and simple instructions, you too can create a cow baby rattle! It’s gender neutral, so perfect as a gift for a baby shower.

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