Cow Costume For Infant


  • White Baby Onesie and Hat
  • Optional: Make your own onesie and hat with McCalls 7423
  • 0.2m black flannelette
  • 1 pink felt sheet
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Optional: Fabric Glue

Baby Cow Costume Pattern


  1. Using the patterns provided cut out the spots from the black flannelette and the large ear piece, cut as many as required to cover your onesie. Cut the belly patch and ears from the pink felt.

2. Place the spots and belly patch on the onesie and pin in place.

3. Using a zigzag stitch sew the pieces into place. Alternatively, for a no-sew option, you can use fabric glue to glue the pieces into place.

4. Place your earpieces on the top knots of the hat and again zigzag into place.

5. Tie the knots into place to create two little ears.

Baby Cow Costume

Cow Headband

Adult Cow Headband


  • Polyester Fill
  • Headband
  • An assortment of felt sheets
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

How To Make A Cow Costume For a Child

Here are easy instructions for making a cute, homemade cow costume for Halloween or dress-up for children or adults.

  • First, gather the supplies as listed on the supply list above, plus a good pair of scissors and a needle with black thread and white thread.
  • Use plain paper to cut patterns for the spots. Just draw semi-oval shapes in various sizes. Refer to the pictures of the cows above for ideas. Lay out the paper on the sweatshirt and pants to see how they’ll fit.
  • When you’re satisfied with the look, use the patterns to cut the spots out of the black felt.
  • Lay out the felt spots again to be sure of the placement. Follow the directions on the fabric glue or spray adhesive to apply the felt to the shirt and pants. Let dry as directed.

Cow jokes, we’ve got ’em!

Q: What kind of milk comes from a forgetful cow?

A: Milk of Amnesia

Ears, Tail, and Feet

  • To make ears, cut out a rectangular shape from the felt. Cut a “rounded point” on one end, then fold the two corners of the other end together and sew to make the cow ear shapes. Use the needle and black thread to sew the ears to the hood.
  • Cut a length of rope for the tail (length depends on the person’s height). Braid three lengths of rope together if you want the tail to be thicker. Tie a knot a few inches from the end, then unravel and brush the ends of the “tail” to make it bushy. Use a needle with the white thread to sew the tail to the seat of the pants.
  • Use part of the rope or a bright ribbon to tie the cowbell loosely around the person’s neck.
  • Wear white socks and shoes (black is okay if you don’t have white) and consider wearing white gloves or even socks on your hands to make the four cow “legs” match!

That’s really all there is to it! Every costume will be unique depending on the size and number of spots that you use, just like every cow is unique!


Cow Makeup Completes the Costume. Love This Look!
Cow Makeup Completes the Costume. Love This Look!Picture via Creative Commons License

A little cow humor.

“It’s better to be seen and not herd.”

Don’t Forget the Cowbell!

A genuine cowbell is exactly what your costume needs to make you stand out in the herd . . . I mean crowd.

Find a used authentic one, or order one from a costume store online. Either way, cows without bells may as well be lost in the field.

More Cow Humor

“Turn the udder cheek and mooo-ve on.”

A Friendly Cow Headband; Comfortable and Adorable!

Some people don’t want to wear masks over their faces, so a headband is a nice choice for a cow costume. It’s basically a headband with cow ears and horns. Not only does it not obscure your view, but it’s also much more comfortable (and far less scary) than a latex or plastic maskā€”and transforms you or your child into a cute little calf or cow!

Add one child dressed in a sweatshirt and sweatpants or jeans, and you have a very simple but adorable cow costume. Add the cow makeup if you like.

Still more cow humor

“Honor thy fodder and thy mother and all your udder relatives.”

Cow Costume Resources

Enough cow humor?

Q: Which job is a cow most suited for?

A: Baker. Because they’re making cow pies regularly.

Order this "Back Side of Four Cows" Photo Print at the link.

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