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Sheriff Siblings Costume

There’s a new sheriff (or two) in town! Put together this super cute siblings costume with items you probably already have in your kids’ closets. Flannel shirts, jeans, and boots will do the trick. Add bandanas and handcuffs for the finishing touches!

Get the tutorial at De Su Mama.


Cowgirl Dress Ideas

A classic cowgirl outfit takes heavy inspiration from vintage Western trends. It’s relatively free of stereotypical accessories such as gun holsters, spurs, and whips.

Instead, this core aesthetic focuses on traditional classics like vests, cowboy hats, denim, and riding boots. The final OOTD should showcase a hint of rustic finesse with the addition of some modernization. 

History Of Cowgirls

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

In the late 1800s, the chores of the urban woman confined her to the household. Rural towns, such as those populated in America, allowed women more legroom than just the kitchen and laundry room.

The early cowgirls of the 1890s were primarily responsible for herding cattle on their family-owned farms. 

As television became mainstream, the horseback ridin’ gal soon became a Hollywood image, thanks to celebrities like Annie Oakley and Lucile Mulhall.

Not long after, rodeo fashion became the new ‘in-thing,’ thus transforming the traditional cowgirl into the ‘ranch girl.’ 

What Are Some Popular Cowgirl Outfit Ideas?

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

Fashion has a knack for creating sub-categories of various aesthetics. In terms of Western-style, finding the best cowgirl outfit ideas requires specifics.

For instance, are you looking to exude that 1800s prairie aesthetic? If not, how about the 2000s-esque rodeo gal? 

Over the years, the cowgirl aesthetic has evolved into multiple niches, which include mash-ups with disco, the color pink, and the ‘90s.

For those looking for a crash course in this particular trend, we’ll share some cowgirl outfit ideas that are definitely worth considering. 

5 Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

To some, the cowgirl aesthetic isn’t just for looks. Herding cattle is hard work, which requires a practical change of clothes. 

If you favor functionality over fashion, consider this ‘cowgirl outfit ideas’ contender a mix between the two. Featuring a pair of brown trousers, a loose button-down shirt, a wide-brimmed hat, and suede boots, it’s the perfect look for galavanting throughout the farm. 

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

Romance and rebellion are common attitudes associated with Western fashion. Case in point, this ‘cowgirl outfit ideas’ option exudes the right amount of swashbuckling finesse. 

Composed of a red midi dress, a multi-colored shawl, a neck scarf, and a pair of boots, this iconic ensemble definitely screams ‘stylish outlaw.’ The cowboy hat and the matching belt are a must in order to complete the look. 

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

Not a fan of conservative silhouettes? If so, this sultry number definitely exudes that ‘save a horse, ride a cowgirl’ kind of aesthetic. This outfit features a pink mini dress, a sequin hat, and a pair of white boots.

Designed to be flirty and fun, this is the kind of ensemble to wear bar-hopping with the gals. 

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

If you want to exude an air of mystery, you can never go wrong with black. Composed of a cropped jacket, a bralette, a mini skirt, and a tasseled hat, this ‘cowgirl outfit ideas’ contender manages to marry goth with rodeo. Luckily, the end result is a cohesive look. 

Due to the bizarre cut-outs, this avant-garde ensemble seems to be geared to disco parties instead of cattle herding. 

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

Coachella is prime-time for Western-inspired clothing. If you’re getting ready to watch Harry Styles or Shania Twain on stage, then this ‘cowgirl outfit ideas’ guide highly recommends this ensemble.

Comprised of sheer cow-print pants, a pink bralette, a metallic hat, and a pair of black boots, this OOTD will help you keep cool and chic in Indio, California. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Cowgirl Outfits

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

Out of the cowgirl outfit for women ideas we’ve featured so far, we made sure to include some traditional silhouettes and iconic staples throughout our lineup.

While you’re free to experiment with your OOTD, there are some fashion faux pas to be aware of. Care for a head’s up? If so, here are some general tips to avoid when it comes to cowgirl outfit ideas. 

  1. Chaps: Unless you plan on going to Coachella, this particular garment should stay under lock and key. Plus, it’s not the most breathable piece of clothing if you intend to wear pants underneath. 
  2. The Halloween costume: If your outfit resembles Jessie’s from Toy Story 2, it’s time to start from scratch. This includes getting rid of excessive tassels, sequins, overdone Americana, and the presence of a plastic gun. 
  3. Spurs: Trust me, your cowboy boots are better off without them. Also, your ankles will thank you later. 

Best Places To Buy Cowgirl Outfits

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

Are you in the mood for a pink cowgirl outfit? If not, how about a rustic number? Whichever aesthetic you choose, this ‘cowgirl outfit ideas’ guide will share some recommendations for you to consider. 

When you’re ready to start shopping, here are a few retailers you can check out:

  • Dolls Kill 
  • Nordstrom 
  • Nasty Gal 
  • Reformation

Final Thoughts

5 Cowgirl Outfits Ideas

From mini dresses to high-rise jeans, there’s definitely no shortage of cowgirl outfit ideas on social media. This particular aesthetic has dozens of sub-categories, including disco, the ‘90s, and even goth.

So, if you’re not fond of the conservative vibe of rural fashion, don’t worry. You’re bound to find a niche that aligns with your current vibe

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