Cow Outfit For Baby

Cow outfits are the best. They’re also a great way to make fun gifts for baby showers, birthdays and holidays. If you need some inspiration for making your own cow outfit, read on!

Brown, white and black

Here are a couple of outfits in this theme:

  • Brown pants, white hat, and black boots.
  • A brown cow onesie with a white collar and black cow print on the sleeves.

Brown pants and hat

  • Brown pants
  • Brown hat
  • Any other accessories you want to add!

White cow onesie

Baby’s first outfit should be comfortable, durable and cute. In order to avoid any unfortunate accidents with your little one’s clothing, we’ve put together our recommendations for the best baby outfits:

  • Make sure that the clothes you choose are 100% cotton. Cotton is not only soft for baby’s skin; it also lasts longer than blends or synthetic materials.
  • Ensure that the clothing does not have any loose strings or other small pieces that could get stuck in baby’s mouth or throat.
  • Consider what type of fabric will be most comfortable for your child (cotton, fleece, etc.). If you are buying a pajama set or onesie with feet attached, make sure they aren’t too tight around their legs nor do they slide up when worn over pants (this can lead to diaper leaks).

Black boots

Black boots! You can get them in cow print, too. They’ll match your outfit perfectly.

A cute cow outfit for baby boy or girl

You can find a cute cow outfit for baby boy or girl. The brown, white and black outfit will surely make your little one look adorable. The brown pants and hat with the white cow onesie paired with black boots is just what you need!

This outfit page features some truly adorable and cute baby cow costumes for Halloween. A cute little plush suit makes a great choice of outfit for many dressing up events and even photo shoots.

This is a unisex theme which means both boy and girl infants can have fun dressing as their favorite barnyard friend. It could be just the perfect choice for practicing those moo sounds and it should also look adorable for October 31st and other dressing up occasions.

A cow costume for babies makes such a sweet and cuddly choice of outfit for an infant to wear. You’ll find a cute selection of themed costumes and outfits on this page to suit little ones from newborn up to young toddlers.

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Make Your Little One Look Adorable and Sweet with These Baby Cow Costumes for Halloween

baby cow costumes for halloween infant girl in cow print outfit next to pumpkin

I love how this baby girl cow costume has been made to look even cuter with a pink flower accessory on the hood.

Image Credit: Shared by Drew Valadez on Flickr with a CC License

???? This outfit could turn any infant into their favorite barnyard animal for Halloween and other fun dressing up occasions. What a super looking and sweet design of a plush cow costume for a baby boy or infant girl to wear.

It appears to have a soft black and white material or fabric along with the distinct hide print spots all over the design. The hood with a pretty pink nose has a large and friendly looking pair of ears. It has been made to look even cuter with the addition of a pink flower accessory on the hood.

Baby Cow Infant Toddler Halloween Costume

UK Readers get a Cow Costume for Babies from

Here’s a sweet looking black and white costume for little ones to wear with cute patches and spots and adorable design pink ears and horns on the hood. This chenille infant suit fastens at the back with Velcro.

Velcro fastenings should make it easy to take on and off for outfit changes. The soft look chenille fabric is quite different to the usual plush faux fur designs that I normally see.


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of cow baby outfits! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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