Cowboy Outfit For Baby Girl

If you’re a proud parent of a baby girl, you’ve probably already imagined what she’ll look like as an adult. If you’re anything like me, that image is always accompanied by the thought “She’s going to be so cute!” And her cuteness factor will only be amplified if she dresses up in an outfit that matches her personality and interests. This week’s blog post is all about how to dress up your little cowgirl!

Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat is a must. It should be made of felt or straw, and it should have a wide brim to keep your baby’s face shaded. The hatband should be leather and adjustable, allowing the fit to grow with your baby. Most importantly, there should be a chin strap so you can secure the hat on little ones who aren’t quite big enough for their own hats yet.

Western Shirt

  • The Western shirt is a short-sleeved shirt with cowboy embroidery on the front. It can be worn by both baby girls and boys, but it’s not necessarily a gender-specific item.
  • This shirt will come in either blue or pink (or sometimes both), so you’ll have to decide whether you want your child’s first cowboy outfit to be blue or pink before buying it.


Booties are another great way to keep your baby’s feet warm. You can choose from a variety of materials, including leather, suede and wool.

If you’d prefer not to make your own booties or if you don’t have time, there are plenty of adorable booties available for purchase online or in stores.


Bandanas are a type of neckerchief. They are usually worn around the neck, but they can also be used to tie back hair. Bandanas are not just for cowboys! They can be used for many different things, including:

  • Hairstyles
  • Fashion accessories


If you’re looking to make your little girl look like an actual cowgirl, there are two pieces of clothing that are key to this outfit: the jeans and the chaps.

Chaps are short leather trousers that have been designed to fit over a pair of longjohns or other undergarments. In contrast, jeans are made from denim and may be either casual or dressy depending on where they’re worn.


The vest/belt is a piece of leather, suede or linen that’s laced together in the front and buckled on the back. It can be worn with or without a belt, depending on your taste and the look you’re going for. If you choose to wear one with no belt (which I recommend), it will have an open back with straps that tie around the waist with some extra material hanging down from the bottom edge. If you do decide to purchase one, make sure you get one that matches your outfit color and style!

What do you think your baby girl would look like in cowboy gear?

Cowboy gear is a popular choice for parents who want their babies to look adorable. Cowboy boots, hats, and bandannas are all great ways to dress up your little cowpoke into the cutest rancher in town. Take a look below for some of our favorite cowboy outfits for baby girls!

Cowboy outfit for baby girl

If you’re looking for an adorable outfit that will get your baby girl ready to ride off into the sunset, then this frilly pink cowboy shirt with puffed sleeves and a collar covered in hearts is just what you need! It’ll make her look like she’s ready to head down Main Street at high noon, so don’t miss out on this deal!

Cowboy outfit for toddler girl

If your little one already has their own horse but needs something cute and comfortable while riding around town all day long then check out these super soft brown booties with tiny silver stars along one side. They’re made from high quality materials so they’ll last through even the toughest rides across open fields full of fire ants (or whatever). Perfectly paired with any type of jeans or shorts because everyone knows cowboys love denim too!


So, what do you think? Which one of these outfits is your favorite and why? We hope you had fun trying them on. If nothing else, they’re sure to make a great addition to any baby shower gift list!

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