Craft Ideas For Baby Showers

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You’re having a baby shower, and you want it to be the best one ever. The only thing that can make it even better is a craft station where guests can make their own baby-themed crafts! These are just a few ideas that will inspire your guests to get creative and have fun at your next baby shower.

Onesie Station

  • Purchase a variety of onesies in different sizes and colors, then arrange them on a table or other display.
  • Include markers, paint and glitter at the station so guests can decorate their chosen onesie to match the theme of your shower (i.e., if it’s a boy, include blue items; if it’s a girl, include pink items).
  • Include stickers or other embellishments that can be added to the onesie after painting or drawing has taken place so that you don’t have to worry about adding them yourself later on when you have more important things like cleaning up from dinner!


Centerpieces can be very simple or very elaborate, but they’re always pretty and fun. The simplest ones are made from flowers and candles; the more complex ones involve fruit and food.

How to make a candle centerpiece:

  • Pick out five candles in different colors that complement each other. You can use one color or many colors (just don’t go overboard with more than three). Make sure they are all the same size and shape, so that if you stack them on top of one another you get a nice straight line across your tablecloth. You don’t want to have crooked stacks here!
  • Get some decorations for your candles—these could be anything from flowers, plastic figurines or toys, pine cones etc… Make sure that these look good together with your chosen colors of candle too! This step will add texture which looks great when it catches light off those flames dancing around inside those jars up there on display for everyone’s enjoyment 🙂 Also consider what type of foliage works best for this project before buying anything else; some materials might not hold up well under heat/light exposure whereas others are fine as long as they’re kept away from direct flame contact when lit up at night parties throughout fall season during harvest time when everyone gets together during winter holidays like Christmas Day celebrations throughout America where families come home after work then gather together around dinner tables eating turkey throughout holiday parties until midnight which means midnight is past midnight yet again so please keep track whether we’ll be sleeping at nightfall where everything goes dark because there’s no sunlight left anymore tonight either way nightfall happens right now

Picnic Baskets

Picnic baskets are a great idea for baby showers. They’re easy to make, and you can use them to hold everything you need for your picnic.

  • Put in some blankets and pillows. You’ll want enough for everyone so that people can sit down comfortably without having to sit directly on the ground or grass.
  • Add snacks! Sandwiches, fruit, juice or water are all great options depending on how long you plan on staying outside (and how many people will be there).
  • Don’t forget to include books and toys too! That way everyone can have fun while they wait for food to cook at home before heading out again later on

Baby’s Breath

  • Baby’s Breath: This is a flower that you might see in fresh floral arrangements, or even in bouquets at the grocery store. It’s sometimes referred to as Gypsophila (or “baby’s breath”) and it comes from the same family as carnations and snapdragons. A single stem of baby’s breath can be used to create a simple centerpiece for your shower; just add some greens along with it, like curly parsley or mint leaves, then make sure everything is centered on the plate or bowl of your choice.
  • Baby’s Breath Wreath: Create this wreath by using ribbon to attach several stems together into a circle shape. Then add some more ribbon around where you’ve attached them so that they look more uniformed together when finished! You could also use floral wire instead if you don’t want any sewing involved here; just wrap it tightly around each stem before attaching them all together in one big circle shape like we did above (this works especially well if there are gaps between each individual piece).

The other option would be mounting your flowers onto foam core board instead—just cut the foam core into circles first before gluing down each individual piece on top so that they’re evenly spaced apart from each other! This gives an extra dimensionality effect to what would otherwise look flat against any wall surface without having anything else added into place with color combination choices ranging from neutrals such as white/creamy yellow tones mixed with green foliage accents; pastels like pink/purple flowers mixed with blue-green leaves; or bolder combinations using bright reds combined with oranges.”


Tutus are the perfect craft for a baby shower. They’re easy and fun to make, you get to use your imagination, and they’re great for kids or adults! You can make them out of tulle, fabric or yarn depending on the look you want. A tutu is also a great way to jazz up your little one’s dance skills at her next recital. No matter who ends up wearing it, this whimsical creation is sure to be an adorable addition to any outfit!


  • Wreaths are a great craft to make, as they can be made from so many different materials.
  • Wreaths can be hung on the wall or used as a centerpiece on a table.
  • This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some ideas for making wreaths:
  • Use your favorite magazine pages that have been cut into strips and then punched with a hole puncher!
  • Use colored paper clips to create an interesting texture in your wreath.
  • Make an ombre effect by taking different colors of tissue paper and rolling them into balls, then placing them side by side until they form a circle that’s just shy of the size of your pot/flowerpot/container (you’ll have some extra). Then open up each ball slightly at one end so it looks like a tube; secure this with glue or tape (if using tape, don’t get any on the tube itself). Now take another piece of tissue paper and wrap around both ends—this will cover up any messiness from when you opened up those tubes! If you want even more color variety, try using gold foil stickers instead of plain white ones!

Shaped Diapers

If you want to get really crafty, try making shaped diapers. You can fold the diaper into a heart shape or a star, or even make it look like a mouse! To make this easier, use a diaper punch. You can also decorate the diaper with ribbon or yarn to create cute designs and patterns.

Pacifier Bouquets

Pacifier bouquets are a fun and easy way to add some personality to your baby shower. They’re also perfect for the mom-to-be who is having trouble choosing between using natural materials or plastic ones.

How to make a pacifier bouquet:

  • Choose your ribbon and pacifiers. The best part about these is that there are no rules! You can use any color ribbon, any type of pacifier (nipple, orthodontic, etc.), and any type of flower (they even look cute with fake flowers). You can even add some ribbon in between the flowers for extra interest!
  • Cut off about 18 inches of ribbon for each bow—this will depend on how big you want them to be at their fullest point (you could also use multiple bows instead if you don’t have enough material). Tie on as many bows as needed until they reach the desired length—it should look like an overgrown daisy when done correctly—and trim them so they’re all even lengths with each other but still long enough so they can hold onto those precious little items without falling off too easily!

Frame Station

To make a frame station, you need to find some frames. Ideally, you want a frame from each room in the house—the baby’s room and the parents’ room. You could also use frames from other rooms in the home, if there are any photos or paintings that mean something special to either parent or grandparents.

You might choose to use one of these frames as an option for guests to write messages on cards or notes. You can also have pens at each table so people can write directly onto their cards if they’d like!

Get crafty for your next baby shower!

Craft ideas for baby showers are a great way to add some personality and creativity to your shower. You can make it personal, unique and memorable! These craft ideas will help you save money while making the most of what you’ve got.

  • Create a fun photo display board with clothespins that have photos glued onto them.
  • Embellish bowls and cups with paint or stickers in bright colors that match the theme of your party.
  • Make an “I’m Here!” banner using clothespins on a string and some decorative paper from the dollar store.


We hope you enjoyed these craft ideas for baby showers! What we’d like for you to take away from this is that it’s not hard to find ways to make your next baby shower memorable—all you have to do is get creative. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our other posts on DIY projects and baking recipes.

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