Crafts For Baby Food Jars

When you have a baby, there’s a lot of stuff to keep around the house. The fun part is trying out new crafts and recipes with your little one. In this post, I’ll show you how to make four different projects with baby food jars: bird feeders, snow globes, mason jar lanterns and candles.

bird feeder

  • Decorate the jars with paint and stickers.
  • Fill each jar with birdseed.
  • Hang from a tree branch, or attach a hook to the lid, which you can then attach string to for hanging.

snow globe

  • You will need: a baby food jar, glitter, water and a lid
  • Pour glitter into the jar
  • Fill with water
  • Put the lid on and shake until all the glitter is mixed in

mason jar lantern

This craft is easy to make and will look great in your home. It’s a great way to reuse those baby food jars, which we all have plenty of from making our own baby food!

You can use these mason jar lanterns for parties, camping, or just around the house as decoration or light sources.


Candles are a great way to decorate baby food jars. They’re easy to make, and you can use any candle wax with any baby food jar. You can also mix up your scent options by adding essential oils or fragrance oils into the melted wax before pouring it into the jar.

Candles are one of those things that everyone loves, but no one knows how they’re made! So, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Gather your materials together—scraps of fabric, wire hangers (if you want a shape other than round), candle wax (the kind from discs), essential oils/fragrance oils if desired—and put them on an old cookie sheet or baking pan that you don’t mind getting dirty;
  • Heat up some water until it starts simmering; then turn off the heat and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar; this helps remove any waxy buildup in your container so that when you pour in hot liquid later everything comes out cleanly without leaving behind residue;
  • Mix together 1 cup olive oil with about 5 drops each lemon juice & orange zest for scenting purposes; once combined completely add 1 teaspoon red food coloring if desired; stir until evenly distributed throughout mixture before setting aside briefly while prepping next step;

these baby food jars are very useful to keep around the house.

These baby food jars are very useful to keep around the house. Not only can they help you make all kinds of crafts, they can also be used to store and organize things in your home. Some people even use them as storage containers for their food, like baby food or leftovers. So whether you want to create an adorable and easy Christmas tree with your child out of craft supplies, or if you’re looking for a way to organize all those loose pens on your desk at work, these baby food jars are sure to come in handy!


  • When using glass jars, make sure you clean out the jar and lid thoroughly. 
  • Glass jars can be used in the oven if making a mini cake or pies in a jar just make sure you remove the labels.
  • Do not, however, put jars in the freezer, they may burst. 




Paint dipped baby food jars with white flowers in them

Photo by Beth Liebetrau for Apples & Onions

I love this set of paint dipped jars from Apples & Onions!  They are the perfect little vases for those white tulips. 

Wood plank hanging with repurposed baby food jars attached being used as flower vases and candle holders, on an outdoor wall.

Try making a Wood Vase and Candle holder like Make Life Lovely did! It’s totally gorgeous. 

Rosemary and Mint herbs in baby food jars

Plant some kitchen herbs in your jars! Herbs look beautiful on kitchen counter and you’ll never have to run to the store for some fresh rosemary or mint! 

Wheat grass planted in baby food jars from

Baby food jars can also be used for Planting Wheat Berries – I love this idea from See Jane Blog!


baby food jar crafts collage of ideas, unicorn slime, bubbles, minion candy jars, sippy cups for kids
  1. My kids would go crazy for this Unicorn Slime by the Best Ideas for Kids
  2. How cute are these DIY Bubble Party Favors from Chickabug
  3. Crafts by Courtney made these perfect Minion Party Favors
  4. Butterfly Sippers by Stay-at-Home-ista are perfect for a birthday party and you could personalize them to any party theme! 


mini desserts in jars collage, cheesecake, peach crisp, pumpkin butter, grasshopper pies
  1. We adore these Mini Cheesecakes. They look elegant but they are so easy to make! 
  2. Gimme Some Oven shared these Mini Fruit Crisps and I can’t think of a more perfect summer party dessert!
  3. Make some Homemade Pumpkin Butter and give it to friends (or keep it all for yourself, I won’t tell!)
  4. I love these no-bake Mini Grasshopper Pies from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
crafts with baby food jars

I love the idea of having Yogurt Parfaits  in mini jars like they did over at Hilldale House. They would be perfect for a baby shower or a brunch party. We recommend having a Yogurt Toppings Bar to go along with little jars of yogurt! 

For mini rainbow cakes made in repurposed baby food jars with white frosting on top and rainbow sprinkles

As I mentioned you can bake with these jars, just remove the labels so it doesn’t burn. I love these Rainbow Mini Cakes by Make Life Lovely! 


Mini pin-cushinos made from baby food jars or mason jars with buttons and pins, storage for craft room

These mini pin cushions are from Seasoned Homemaker adorable. Perfect use for your baby food jars AND fabric scraps!

baby food jars screwed onto the underside of a shelf and used as small craft supply storage

This under the shelf storage from Craftiness is Not Optional is, well, crafty! I love to see ways to use space that would otherwise be wasted.

Baby food jars painted colors and crayons sorted into them in a white lazy susan - organized crayons!

This color coded crayon organizer from Monkey See, Monkey Do is awesome! 


Useful crafts to make with baby food jars
  1. These Gel Air Fresheners by Dream a Little Bigger are so cool! I had never thought of making my own.
  2. I love this Nail Polish Remover Jar by the genius One Good Thing by Jillee
  3. How cute are these Picture Magnets by Oh How Crafty
  4. These Mason Jar Oil Lamps from A Piece of Rainbow are gorgeous and you could totally make miniature versions with baby jars!

Kids Bath Paint

Easy three ingredient bath paints you can DIY in a few minutes. Kids and toddlers will have a blast painting during bath time and they’ll even get clean in the process!


Mini jars are the perfect size to make bath paint in and the best way to store it, too! 


Baby food jars painted to look like pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns for halloween decoration.

These Halloween Pumpkin Jars from Make It – Love It are absolutely adorable. They can be decor or hold treats in them!


mini jars with painted lids and toy turtles glued on top for Valentines with candy inside and printable Valentine's Day tags

I am impressed by these Turtle-y Awesome Valentines at Consumer Crafts. Clever and fun!

Pink legos and red legos in jars with minifigures glued to the lids - cute toy Valentine idea

These Lego Valentines in Jars are genius. This idea could carry over for other holidays too! They’d make great Christmas gifts for friends or even be great for Easter! 

Valentines candy (red and white) in baby food jars with cupcake liners for lids

Love these simple Valentines from So Festive!


Easter Jars decorated to look like bunnies and chicks from

We love these Easter Candy Jars by our friend Amber at Crazy Little Projects

Topiaries with jelly beans in little baby food jars with yellow felt flowers

These colorful Topiaries with Jelly Beans in them from Sugar Tot Designs make a fun decoration or Easter gift! 

mini easter jars painted white with bunny ears and faces for decoration.

And these Bunny Jars from Making Life Lovely are so cute! All you need is paint and some white felt. 


Baby Food Jar Christmas Crafts collage

Baby food jars are perfect for Christmas crafting because they are the perfect small size for DIY gifts! Try making some Christmas neighbor gifts or DIY ornaments with your little jars!

White Christmas candle in a small baby food jar with vinyl label 'Merry & Bright'

DIY Candles

How to make DIY candles in baby food jars with soy wax and essential oils. These candles make great Christmas neighbor gifts or party favors!


Making your own candles is easier than you think. We love these for neighbor gifts! 

DIY Cranberry body scrub gifts on a tray, baby food jar Christmas craft by Alicia Costa

This Cranberry Body Scrub gift idea from Alicia Costa is so smart and I imagine it smells really good! I have this on my list of baby food jar Christmas crafts for this year. Watch the full tutorial on Youtube. 

Christmas treat jars decorated to look like rudolph, snowman and santa.

My kids would love decorating these Christmas Treat Jars from Amber at Crazy Little Projects.

Mason Jar lid ornaments with vintage snowman and santa clause from salvage sister and mister

These easy Mason Jar Lid Ornaments from Salvage Sister could easily be made with baby food lids! 

Baby Food Jar Luminaries from Taryn Whitaker Designs

 This Luminary Advent Calendar from our friend Taryn Whitaker Designs is ALL THAT. So classy and creative! 

Snow globe from a baby food jar with a gold ornament next to it.

This snow globe made out of a jar by Craftaholics Anonymous is so awesome! You could make a bunch of these and give them out as neighbor gifts. 


I cannot get over this Chandelier by Mother Earth Living.

colorful dyed glass jars with candles in them

Or make these Dyed Glass Luminaries from Inspired by Familia – how great would they be out on the patio for summer? 

Foam lighthouses with baby food jars and tea lights

How creative are these Foam Lighthouses from Crafts by Courtney? They would be perfect in a beach house or if you have a nautical vibe going on in your home decor! 

That’s it! All of these crafts are really clever.  I’m feeling very inspired. You will probably be seeing more baby food jar crafts here at Pretty Providence. Happy eating to babies everywhere!


  • When cleaning out the jars, make sure you remove the baby food labels while they’re wet. It’s much easier to remove then.
  • Glass jars can be put in the oven, just make sure the labels are already removed.
  • Do not put jars in the freezer, glass can break when frozen.
  • Acrylic paint works best when painting glass.


The baby food jars can be very useful in the house, they can be turned into bird feeders, snow globes and candles. It is also a great way to recycle them as well so you don’t have to throw them out when they are empty.

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