Crafts For Baby Shower

If you’re hosting a baby shower, you might like to include some crafts in the activities. These are easy and fun, and they can also be used as decorations or gifts for the new parents-to-be.

Fingerprint tree.

In preparation for the shower, you want to make sure that you have all of the supplies ready. This is where this craft comes in handy. You can use a tree template like we did or make your own. Then, use an acrylic paint and a paintbrush to fill in the spaces of the tree with fingerprints! Once it’s dried, use a glue gun to attach them onto paper or cardboard and place them on display at your party!

The best part about this project is that it has no set timeline so you can do as many trees as needed for your event.. This makes it great for gifts too!

Initial frame.

If you want a craft that will be a keepsake for your baby, this is it.

You need:

  • A wooden frame with a mat (painters’ tape works well for this)
  • Clear glass to add the photo
  • Gold paint and paint brush to add the initial of your choice

Diaper cake.

  • Use a specific type of diaper. Your mother-in-law is probably going to have enough on her plate, so you don’t want to confuse her with this one.
  • Make sure you use the right amount of diapers. This will take some trial and error, but it’s important that your baby shower gifts don’t look sad or scared to be there, so make sure you have enough diapers piled up.
  • Tie them in a specific way, preferably using ribbon or string so they look neat and tidy while also being easy to open when needed by nervous parents-to-be who are likely feeling overwhelmed by all the excitement surrounding their impending additions – if only there were something that could help cut through all that noise!


This is the most obvious craft for a baby shower, but it’s also one of the best. All you need to do is hang clothespins from a clothesline and use them to hold the clothes up. You can hang as many different items as you want—it doesn’t have to be just baby clothes!

Decorate Baby Hangers

New moms need lots of hangers for all of those cute, tiny baby clothes. Set up an art station and let your guests paint wooden hangers or wrap them with fabric, yarn or washi tape, whatever you think they’ll enjoy. Your guests get a fun, creative activity, and the mom-to-be goes home with a practical gift. Win-win!

Say Yes

Decorate Shirts & Onesies with Bleach Pens

This simple, four-step DIY gives guests creative freedom in how they decorate a onesie. All it takes to make them is colored onesies (Carter’s, Target and Walmart always have these in stock), freezer paper and bleach pens. The creator of this too-cute DIY, blogger Liz Stanley from the Say Yes blog, suggests that you either give onesies to guests in advance with a request to decorate it prior to the party, or that you turn it into a party activity. Visit Say Yes for the full step-by-step.


Positively Oakes

DIY Bow-Making Station

A baby girl can never have too many hair bows, and this craft station will help the mama-to-be get a good start. With a mix of supplies, including elastic, ribbon, buttons, a glue gun and a few other easy-to-get items, you’ll have your very own bow-making station. Find out if the expectant mom has any preferences of color or style, and then let the bow-makers go to work. If a baby boy is on the way, switch out the hair bow-making station for a bow tie creation booth. Get more inspiration on Positively Oakes.

A Girl and A Glue Gun

An ABC Book for Baby

A is for apple, B is for ball. Task shower guests with decorating 26 pages for every letter in the alphabet to create a one-of-a-kind ABC book for baby. Lay out lettered pages on a table along with markers, colored pencils, stamps and stencils. Inviting more than 26 guests? Add numbers zero through nine to the book so every guest has their own page. See the ABC book inspiration at A Girl and Glue Gun.

Driven by Decor Blog

Diaper Decorating

In the early months, babies can go through 10-12 diapers a day. Help the parents-to-be prepare for this task by decorating diapers for them. From much-needed encouragement (“You can do it! One diaper closer to potty training!”) to funny phrases (“I’ve got a surprise for you in my diaper…”), these diapers will add some fun to a task that isn’t always pleasant. Have lots of diapers on hand so guests can do more than one. Find out more about how to set up your own diaper decorating station on the Driven by Decor Blog.


A Plus Life Blog

Hand-Decorated Burp Cloths

Babies go through lots of burp cloths, so help Mom and Dad out by filling up their supply. This fun craft project allows each guest to create a totally unique burp cloth, whether it’s adorned with a design, a quote, a message, etc. As the host, you can go all out by providing all kinds of decorating materials, like fabric markers, fringe to glue on and more. Get more ideas from A Plus Life Blog.

Canary Street Crafts

Framed Scrapbook Collage

The gals at Canary Street Crafts designed this sweet idea: Every guest decorates a page and include all of the pages within this collage-style frame. What makes it even more fun and special is that each guest writes a note to the baby on the back of the page, so he or she will know who made each one. You can find frames like these at Target, Hobby Lobby and most other craft stores. If you can get intel on the nursery color scheme in advance, you can pick out a frame that matches (or spray-paint the frame a complementary color). Get the scoop on this idea at Canary Street Crafts.

A Subtle Revelry

Onesie Painting Station

Get guests in a festive mood with a onesie painting station inspired by Victoria of A Subtle Revelry. Guests can create something fun for the baby to wear (and we all know babies go through so many onesies, you can never really have enough!). With a variety of supplies, materials and colors for the paint and bodysuits, it will be a blast for guests to put on their fashion designer caps. Helpful tip from Victoria: “Be sure to provide a hanging rack and hangers to allow the onesies to dry and the mom-to-be to thumb through them ohhing and ahhing over her favorites.” Get the full tutorial at A Subtle Revelry.


A Plus Life

A Book of Well Wishes

Record those dreams, well-wishes and hopes for Mom and baby by giving each guest a sheet of wishes, and then bind the pages together in a keepsake book. To help the book last through years of wear, tear, drool and potential ripping, laminate each page, then bind it or use a three-hole-punch to put it in a binder. You can offer your guests blank pages or, like Courtney from A Plus Life blog did, give guests a page with prompts, like “I hope you become __________,” for guests to fill in the blank. See more on the book of well wishes from A Plus Life.

Baby Mine/Hither and Tither

The Bib-Decorating Challenge

Another great decorating station to incorporate into a baby shower? Bib customizing! Ashley from Hither and Tither says this was the perfect activity for a co-ed baby shower. She describes the bib decorating station as a “great activity that was low-key, low-embarrassment and a lot of fun.” Guests will love showing off their final product. 

—Jane Putnam

Food ideas.

There are two basic categories of food for a baby shower: finger foods and dessert. Finger foods can include vegetable platters, fruit trays, cheese-and-cracker boards, and simple sandwiches (like PB&J). Desserts can be cupcakes, cookies or bars—anything you want to make!

Keep in mind that your guests will likely be holding babies and balancing plates on their laps as they try to eat. Because of this, it’s best to stick with lighter fare with no messy ingredients like whipped cream or chocolate syrup. Also remember that not everyone eats meat so be sure to have vegetarian options available if needed.

For drinks at the table: water is always an option but if you want something special try making lemonade or sparkling water with fresh mint leaves added in while it’s still cold out of the fridge—it will create a delicious bubbly drink perfect for cooling off throughout summertime!

If you’re hosting a baby shower, you might like to include some crafts in the activities

Crafts are a fun way to get to know the guests, and they’re also a great way for you and your friends to get involved in the party. If you’re hosting a baby shower, try including some crafts in the activities. Here are some ideas:

  • Make paper flowers using construction paper, ribbon and glue sticks. Give each guest an assortment of colors of construction paper squares and let them create their own flower shapes by folding over two corners of each square on top of each other (think origami), then gluing them together into petaled shapes. You can even add multiple layers for larger flowers!
  • Tie-dye t-shirts with fabric dye kits or tie-dye kits with fabric markers (available at craft stores). This is best done outside—the smell won’t be as overpowering that way! We recommend having all color options out on table so guests can choose whatever combination they’d like before tying their shirts up tight around their waists.


Hopefully, you now feel a little more confident about crafting activities for your baby shower. If you’re hosting one and would like to include some crafts in the activities, then we hope these ideas will be helpful.

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