Crinkle Paper For Baby

I find this toy, in particular, to be amazing for engaging a baby’s senses. Baby paper can comes in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns, engaging baby’s visual sense. The tactile sense is engaged through the fabric, and the stiffness created by the crinkling inside. The soft noise that comes from moving the paper around uses the auditory sense.

(Just a RIE note: baby paper is not preferred in a RIE setting. RIE professionals argue that baby paper isn’t ideal since babies cannot see what makes the sound. This is one area where I prefer a Montessori approach.)

Practically, I love that baby paper is as easy to grab on the go as it is for babies to mouth. It fits easily into a diaper bag, and is a nice, safe toy to provide in the car. I’ve also found that it’s entertaining to little babies and larger babies alike. To switch up the play, try mounting baby paper to the wall for kicking, or laying it under a baby’s feet. Sometimes it can also be hung like a tactile mobile. 

Baby paper is also really accessible to find and can easily be found in so many great shops online (Penelope’s is from here) (here’s another option) to match any theme. This is also a really easy DIY to make your own baby paper. 

Do your babies like baby paper?

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