Crochet Dress For Baby Pattern

This is an easy to follow pattern for a dress that can be customized to your baby’s size and whether you want the skirt in one piece or two.

 Any baby looks so precious dressed up in her pretty handmade clothes, and that dress will make mama smile long after it has been outgrown and stored as a keepsake. The fifteen crochet dresses in this collection include a variety of colors and styles for different newborns.

  • 01of 15Mina Baby and Toddler Dress Crochet PatternBaby and Toddler Crochet Dress Pattern Alicia PaulsonThis simple, sweet crochet dress is designed for the advanced beginner. The stitches are easy and the colorful yoke striping adds pizzazz. It is sized to fit ages 0 months to 4 years. Make it as a first dress, and keep making new ones as baby grows, or make a matching dress for big sis.Mina Baby and Toddler Dress by Alicia Paulson
  • 02of 15Cotton Candy Jumper Crochet PatternCotton Candy Jumper Crochet Baby Dress Pattern Crochet DreamzCelebrate texture in crochet with the fabulous use of post stitches on the bodice of this crochet jumper. This is one of the most fun dresses to make! Play around with different color combinations to make several versions of this newborn dress. This crochet pattern is sized to fit ages 0-2 years.Cotton Candy Jumper by Crochet Dreamz
  • 03of 15Little Princess Dress Crochet PatternLittle Princess Dress Crochet Pattern CrobyPatterns / EtsyThis dress has thick straps that give it a charming suspenders-inspired look. The crochet newborn dress pattern uses basic crochet stitches combined with working in the back loop only for added texture. It comes in two sizes to fit newborn babies up to age one.Little Princess Dress by CrobyPatterns, Etsy
  • 04of 15Daisy Crochet Baby DressCrochet Daisy Dress Pattern Jennifer Lynas, RavelryThis is another dress that has similar strap details, designed to look a bit like overalls. The top of the dress has a unique graphic design filled with daisy flowers. This crochet pattern comes in three sizes from newborn through one year.Daisy Dress Overalls by Jennifer Lynas, Ravelry
  • 05of 15Purple Baby Dress Free Crochet PatternPurple Crochet Baby Dress Free Pattern Lanas y OvillosThis is a very easy crochet newborn dress pattern worked from the top down. Instructions are provided in both Spanish and English and the pattern includes a free video tutorial to assist you in making it. This crochet pattern is designed in multiple sizes for ages 0-2 years. Beginners will find this to be a suitable crochet dress pattern to give a try.Purple Baby Dress by Lanas y Ovillos
  • 06of 15Halter Ruffle Dress Crochet PatternHalter Ruffle Dress Crochet Pattern Mon Petit ViolonThere are many different ways to construct a crochet dress. This one uses a ruffled halter at the top, which is a really unique design, and it is beautifully complemented by the ruffle at the bottom. It comes in two versions – short and long – and is sized for ages 0-5, so it’s a very versatile crochet dress pattern that can be used again and again.Halter Ruffle Dress by Mon Petit Violon
  • 07of 15Crochet Baby Romper / TunicCrochet Baby Romper Pattern TheFireflyHook / RavelryThis is another really smart crochet pattern design. It can be made into a baby romper, with closed legs, or left open as a dress. As a dress, it can be made to be worn alone or as more of a tunic top with leggings. The instructions for the romper pattern start at age 0 and go up to age 2, with additional tunic instructions for ages up to 8. This is definitely a crochet pattern to bookmark and use more than once.Crochet Baby Romper / Tunic by TheFireflyHook
  • 08of 15Red Crochet Newborn Dress Free PatternCrochet Newborn Dress Free Pattern Crochet CutiesThis crochet dress is a top choice for baby’s first Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Of course, that bright red color is also going to be the star of the show anytime that baby wears this dress. The pattern uses basic crochet stitches in combination with the crochet v-stitch for some extra detail.Crochet Baby Dress by Crochet CutiesContinue to 9 of 15 below.
  • 09of 15Watermelon Crochet Newborn Dress Free PatternWatermelon Crochet Newborn Dress Free Pattern Lovable Loops, RavelryLovable Loops, a crochet designer with patterns available through Ravelry, has a great collection of themed crochet newborn patterns. You’ll find a crochet unicorn dress, a crochet cupcake dress, and others including this crochet watermelon dress. This is the perfect newborn dress for summer, and it comes along with a matching crochet headband pattern.Crochet Watermelon Dress by Lovable Loops
  • 10of 15Crochet Summer Shift Dress Free PatternCrochet Summer Shift Dress Free Pattern Abigail Haze, RavelryThis is one of those staple pieces for a wardrobe: comfortable, cute, easy to wear. You’ll even want one as an adult! Although there isn’t an adult size for you, there are six dress sizes from preemie through age 3. Your newborn will wear this easily all summer long.Summer Shift Dress by Abigail Haze, Ravelry
  • 11of 15Candy Corn Crochet Dress Free PatternCrochet Candy Corn Newborn Dress Free Pattern Ball, Hank n SkeinThis simple crochet dress is designed as part of a candy corn costume. It’s definitely perfect for baby’s first Halloween or even Thanksgiving. However, you can also change up the colors to create a newborn crochet dress for any season of the year.Candy Corn Crochet Dress by Ball Hank n Skein
  • 12of 15Crochet Sundress Free PatternCrochet Baby Sundress Free Pattern Theresa Knapp, RavelryCrochet shells and post stitches provide detail and texture for this beautiful summer sundress. Enhance the detail with the crochet flower, a design that can also be used as an applique in other projects. This dress is available in seven sizes, starting with newborn and going through age 4. Summer Sundress by Theresa Knapp, RavelryContinue to 13 of 15 below.
  • 13of 15Crochet Shell Sundress PatternCrochet Shell Baby Sundress H​and Heart and Sole, EtsyCrochet shells can be used in different ways to create entirely different styles of dresses. In this newborn dress, the top is structured with simple stitches while the shells make for a flowing sundress-style skirt. This pattern comes in four sizes from age 0 – 2.Shell Sundress by Hand Heart and Sole, Etsy
  • 14of 15Crochet Dress and Cardigan Free Pattern SetCrochet Baby Dress and Cardigan Free Pattern Laura Tegg, RavelryWhy make just one cute crochet newborn dress when you can also make a crochet cardigan to go over it? This little set is so precious. The free pattern includes three sizes, starting with newborn. The dress can be worked as a simple shift dress or you can add a fuller skirt using the included instructions.Crochet Dress and Cardigan by Laura Tegg, Ravelry
  • 15of 15Butterfly Baby Crochet Dress PatternButterfly Applique Crochet Baby Dress Emily Spitzer / RavelryMake your baby and everyone around her smile with this crochet newborn dress. The poofy white dress is adorned with crochet butterfly appliqués in every color of the rainbow. The pattern is sold on Ravelry in four sizes, ages 0-12 months. The butterflies can also be made on their own for use in other projects.



  • Yarn: You’ll need a worsted weight yarn, as well as a thinner yarn of the same color. If you don’t have any extra yarn on hand, you can use a cotton or acrylic blend that is similar in thickness to the worsted weight yarn.
  • Hook: I used an F/5 crochet hook (3.75mm). It’s important that you use one size smaller than what is recommended on your label so that your stitches are tight enough to hold their shape when you’re blocking them later.
  • Needles: You will also need two double-pointed needles in US size 8 for sewing together seams and attaching buttons/eyesetters if desired (or if you prefer not to sew things together).


  • Ch = chain
  • Dc = double crochet
  • Sc = single crochet
  • Tr = treble crochet
  • Sl st = slip stitch


When you begin a project, it’s important to use the right gauge. Gauge is the number of stitches per inch in your work, and it’s determined by the yarn and hook you use. For example, if you use a 5mm crochet hook with sport weight (light) yarn, your gauge will be 10 stitches per inch.

To determine your gauge, make sure you cast on enough stitches so that there are at least 4 inches (10 cm) of fabric when blocked. Then work in pattern until this piece measures 4 inches (10 cm). Measure how many rows you completed during this time period and divide that number by the width of your swatch (in inches). For example: If I have completed 12 rows across my swatch but my finished piece was only 3 inches wide when blocked (5cm), then my stitch gauge would be 4 rows per inch since there were 3″/4″=75% of 12 total rows worked over 4″/5cm=80% of 6 finished pieces per inch

Body of the dress (skirt)

Start with a magic ring. Crochet in continuous rounds and do not join. Use a stitch marker to keep track of the beginning of each round. Increase evenly around the skirt until you have reached your desired width.

If you want more pattern options, check out my free crochet patterns for baby dresses and tops here!

Upper part of the dress (yoke)

  • The yoke of this crochet dress is made up of two parts: the neckline and the body. You will be working in rounds, so you need to join your yarn at the end of each row with a slip stitch.
  • Make sure you have some kind of marker to tell you which side is right side and which one is wrong side, because it’s easy to get confused when working in rounds!
  • When working on rows that make up the bottom part of your dress, don’t forget that if there are any increases or decreases at all (which there won’t be in this pattern), they go on what eventually becomes a “right” side row!

Finishing touches

  • Attach the sleeves. The last step is to join the sleeves to the body of your dress. You can do this by attaching them either with a slip stitch (sl st) or single crochet (sc).
  • Attach the collar. To attach it, you will need to sc around each side and across where you want your collar to lay. Once attached, single crochet (sc) or slip stitch (sl st) into place on both sides of where your buttonholes are going to be placed later on in this process.* Attach one end of a belt and weave in ends, then use buttons as closures for those ends.* Put buttons through eyelets over bow area so they will show up when bow is finished.* Attach flower with yarn tail left after joining sleeve piece

Get your hooks ready!

Get your hooks ready!

You’ll need a crochet hook and some yarn. For the best results, use an appropriate sized hook for the type of yarn you choose. The pattern will specify which size to use; if it doesn’t, consult a chart to find the right one (or just ask someone who knows). Most people prefer natural fibers like cotton or wool in their clothes because they aren’t too hot or scratchy on sensitive skin. You can also try acrylics if you have allergies—they don’t itch as much as wool or other animal fibers. If you’re looking for something more natural-looking but still soft enough for baby skin, try this wool blend from Lion Brand Yarn:


And there you have it! A beautiful and unique dress for the little one in your life. This is a great project for beginners and experienced crocheters alike because it’s easy to follow along with, but also has enough challenge to keep things interesting. I hope this pattern helps you slough off those winter blues with some sunshine-colored crochet and bright smiles all around!

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