Crochet Edging For Baby Blanket Patterns

You could crochet an entire blanket, but adding an edging will make it more beautiful.

There are so many different types of edgings that you can make for your baby blankets! From scallops to shell stitches, there are so many different options that it’s hard to know where to start. Here is a list of some of our favorite patterns for this project:


  • Crochet a circle around the edge of the blanket.
  • Use double crochet stitches.
  • Use a large crochet hook; for example, if you are working with worsted weight yarn, use an H hook and make sure it’s not too small for your project (smaller hooks will result in tighter stitches and a firmer edging). For a thinner edging that is easier to pick up, use an F hook instead.
  • If you don’t know how to crochet but want to try making your own edging, check out [this tutorial]( from Molli Makes Haven or [this video]( by Yarn Along With Us!


Chain stitch is a simple stitch that can be used to make a border or even a blanket. It’s very easy, and you can make the chain stitches as long as you want. You can use the chain stitches to make a blanket for your baby!

You will need:

  • A crochet hook in medium size (I like using an H/5mm)
  • Yarn in any color of your choice (I like cotton because it’s soft)
  • Scissors


This edging is the easiest of all. It’s worked in single crochet and half double crochet, which means you’ll be able to complete it quickly.

The edging is worked around the entire edge of the blanket. The first row is done in single crochet stitches, and every other row uses half double crochets instead, alternating between them on each row.

To begin working this edging: Ch 3; turn (counts as first hdc). Work 1 hdc into side of each st across (36 sts).


Crocheted fringe is a classic edging for blankets. To make it, cut several strands of yarn about 12 inches long. You can use the same color as your blanket or contrast it with another color to make the blanket stand out from its borders.

In most cases, you can simply attach the fringe directly to the edges of your blanket by weaving it through each row’s stitches. If any strands get tangled up in knots, pull gently on them until they come loose again and proceed with attaching them to each edge as usual.

You don’t have to stop at just one row of fringe—you can add more rows if you like! Just keep adding rows of fringe until they reach an acceptable length for all four sides of your baby’s new comforter…or until he starts pulling them off in no time flat!


The shell pattern is one of the most popular edging patterns. It works well for blankets, but also for all kinds of projects.

The shell stitch is made by working 5 dc stitches in the same stitch or space (1). Then, work 2 dc into each of the next 2 stitches or spaces (2). Repeat 1-2 until you reach your desired number of rows/rounds, then fasten off and weave in ends.


  • Make a chain of the desired length.
  • Single crochet in each chain stitch, working in rounds.
  • Work in a spiral: start on any loop and join with a slip stitch at the end of every round, until you reach your desired size.



Use these instructions to make your own crazy quilt heart edging. You’ll need:

  • Size 10 thread in any color (I used red)
  • A size G hook (4 mm)
  • Scissors and tapestry needle for finishing off the edge.


You will also need a size H (5.0 mm) crochet hook and some yarn for your edging.

First, work the cluster flower pattern as follows:

Make 3 cluster flowers with a chain of 5 stitches between each flower. Make sure to skip 2 stitches between the first and second clusters and make a slip stitch in the next stitch. The third cluster should be worked directly into an existing slip stitch made in step 1 above.


Crochet Edging Pattern #4: Floral and Leaf Border

This is a crochet edging pattern that uses a combination of flowers, leaves, and vines to create a beautiful border. The pattern calls for the use of three strands of yarn at once in order to get the full effect. You can use any color combination you please to make this edging design yours!

What You Need:

  • crochet hooks in sizes D3/3.25mm, E4/3.5mm, and F5/3.75mm
  • yarn in desired colors (this tutorial uses Vanna’s Choice)

Baby blankets can be made more beautiful with these crochet edging patterns.

Baby blankets can be made more beautiful with these crochet edging patterns. The following designs are easy to follow, ideal for beginners and can be used on other projects as well.

  • “Crown of Thorns Stitch Pattern” is a simple yet beautiful stitch that looks great on any afghan or blanket. It also works well with a wide range of colors creating an elegant look for your baby blanket.
  • “Shell Edging” is another great option if you want something simple but stylish for your blanket project. The shell edging pattern is created using single crochet stitches and shells which makes it very easy to learn and use in various projects such as hats, scarves and sweaters too!

These two crochet edgings will add an elegant touch to your favorite baby blankie projects!

Lace Edge Crochet Baby Blanket

via CaliChic

We’re kicking off our round up with this stunning lace edge baby blanket pattern that is perfect to test your skills on.

There is a lovely open weave and scalloped, layered edges that make it extra special. Who wouldn’t want to receive this as a gift?

Claire Baby Blanket

via CaliChic

This gorgeous baby blanket pattern has a lovely Victorian-style edging that is the perfect gift. It’s a great heirloom too.

You can change up the colors, or use the same lovely blue and white palette as the creator did here.

Iris Crochet Baby Blanket

via CaliChic

This precious crochet blanket pattern features 3 layers of edging that creates a lovely flouncy look.

It’s cuddly and warm and there’s a reason it’s a best seller.

Foxy Wrap Baby Blanket Pattern

via CaliChic

One of the simpler patterns, this ruffle-edge blanket is a perfect pick for beginner crocheters.

According to reviews, the pattern is very easy to follow and we love the oversized ruffles around the edges.

Crochet Viola Baby Blanket

via Cali Chic

Another very pretty crochet baby blanket with scalloped edges, it looks completely adorable in every color you can imagine.

Freesia Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

via CaliChic

Known as the Freesia Crochet baby blanket pattern by CaliChic, this stunner features more of an open stitch.

This makes it a great blanket for summer or warmer days.

Double Laced Edge Baby Blanket

via CaliChic

This Victorian-style pattern is another best seller for the creator.

This one features beautiful lace that’s made using a softer, bulkier yarn. We never tire of frills.

Crochet Baby Blankets

via Cali Chic

Hooded Baby Blanket Pattern

via CaliChic

Another very popular pattern for CaliChic is this adorable hooded baby blanket that comes complete with a cute set of ears.

Crochet Baby Blanket

via Little Monkeys Shop

Very popular for Little Monkeys is this delicate crochet baby blanket that has a wonderful texture and gorgeous edging.

Pemberley Baby Blanket

via Ambassador Crochet

This pretty pattern is tied with a bow! The scalloped edging is laced with ribbon, while the blanket has dainty stitches.

This pattern is great for advanced beginners and beyond.

Crochet Baby Heart Afghan

via Crochets4u

This cute baby blanket pattern features little bobble-stitch hearts that look just perfect inside each square. The lacey edging adds a wonderful finishing touch too.

You could make this blanket all in one color, or do varying colors in each square for a pretty effect.


Baby blankets are a great way to show off your love for sewing and crafting. However, they can be quite plain on their own. One way to spruce up your blankets is with some crochet edging patterns. They’re easy enough for beginners and look great when paired with any kind of blanket pattern. Try out these different types of crochet edging today!

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