Crochet Kit For Baby Blanket

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this crochet kit is the perfect gift for the new mom (or mom-to-be) in your life. It has everything you need to make a cozy handmade baby blanket — no experience necessary!

1 ball of chunky yarn

1 ball of chunky yarn

This part is very important, so pay attention! You need to get the right kind of yarn. The color is up to you, but try not to get anything that’s too dark or too light; this will make it hard for your baby to see where he or she is going. Also, make sure it’s washable because babies are messy! And remember: high quality is key.

8mm crochet hook

While the pattern calls for a 6mm hook, an 8mm hook is also a great choice for beginners. The difference between the two sizes is that the larger hook will make your work go faster, but it may be harder to see and handle. If you are new to crochet or have poor eyesight, I would recommend starting with an 8mm hook so you can keep your hands close together and focus on what you’re doing.

An even better option would be using two different hooks—one larger than the other—to make either a bigger blanket or smaller blankets in multiple colors! This method allows you to try different stitches without having to purchase more supplies (or learn how). Just remember: if you’re using multiple strands of yarn at once, they’ll need one extra loop in each stitch so they don’t tangle together while working through them all at once (and they look nice enough!).

suction cup or clothespin

The suction cup is a circular piece of plastic with a rubber ring around the outside edge. You secure it to your work surface and use it to clamp down the yarn strands as you crochet, preventing them from tangling.

The clothespin works similarly: it’s an open-ended pin that can be attached to any surface, including tables and walls (though they will leave marks). Clothespins are best used by people who need more control over how tightly they hold their yarn because they allow for more variation than suction cups do—they can be adjusted by sliding them apart until there’s enough space for your yarn strand to pass through but still keep it secure.


  • Scissors: You can buy a pair of sewing scissors or use your household scissors, but make sure they’re sharp. If you’re using a sewing machine, you’ll need a sharp pair of scissors to cut the thread.
  • If you are making a buttonhole, you will need small, sharp scissors for cutting out the hole itself.

You’ll have everything you need to make a cozy, handmade baby blanket.

You’ll have everything you need to make a cozy, handmade baby blanket from scratch. It’s the perfect gift for new parents and can be made in any color scheme or pattern you choose.

  • You will need:
  • Yarn (for this project we used Caron Simply Soft)
  • Crochet hook size H-8 (5 mm) or size needed for gauge/tension/project; US sizes G-6 (4 mm), D-4 (3 mm), E-3 (2.5 mm), F-2 (3mm), HDC Hook Size 5mm; Needle Sizes 7mm & 8mm – Double Pointed Needles; Tapestry Needle; Scissors
  • Make a magic circle with 6 sc sts in center of ring, pull tight and join with sl st in first sc st made to complete round 1 segment 2 of pattern instructions
  • Round 2: Ch 3, *(hdc into next stitch then hdc into next 2 stitches)* repeat *to* across entire round until last 3 stitches remain before turning point at end of row where it says “turning ch” – do not turn work at this point because we’re just continuing back toward beginning again so keep working around one more time onto itself until reaching starting edge where it says “ch 3” again – repeat steps 4 through 10 consecutively until working up through all rows of pattern instructions once again reaches its end point which should correspond directly with starting point from where you began stitching earlier on next row


We hope you enjoy making this baby blanket. We think it’s a great project for all skill levels and ages, so don’t be afraid to start today!

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